Saturday, November 20, 2010

August 1985

A note to tell you of our change of plans.  We won't be coming to Oshkosh.  Dale totaled the Olds last Sat. on the way to the junkyard.  He called from the hosp. for Dad to get him.  Had some stitches on his face & a black eye so he was lucky.  Going too fast according to State police.  So the 4 of us will drive together, leaving early Fri. aft & go as far as Toledo & stay overnite.  That way we'll get to the lake by late afternoon.  Otherwise Lar would have to drive his truck & he'd rather not.

Today Dad went to see Tom Scarcella & we bought a Celebrity Station Wagon.  A good deal.  Had been used as a rental car - 5600 mi. on it.  Light gray & gray interior.  More on it than usual - power windows, extra seats in the back so we can all go in one car when we go out to eat at the lake.  Even the carrier on car roof.  Difference is 6237.00 plus Dad got the guardian service for 381.00 for 4 years.  The difference for our present car was 7636.00.  We got 1000.00 off as a used car plus a good deal.  So by next Mon. we'll be driving at S.W.  It will give us more room for luggage when we travel.  We took it for Lar & Dale to see & they thot it was OK if we did it.

Naturally Dale is sick that his beloved car is a wreck.  He'd just put something new in it Fri. nite costing 160.00.  He put a lot of money into it.  Sam is taking him to work & Marcy is still coming & picking him up.

Tomorrow we go out to dinner with Hollertz, etc.  We're going to a place in Clarion, Pa.  That's closer for Schaffers who are now in Ohio.

The play last Thurs was good.  Almost a full house on the 4th.  This Thurs we'll see "They're Playing Our Song".  Last week on George M. Cohan.

Just a little note to tell you of our change of plans.

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