Thursday, July 28, 2011

Monday, April 17, 1995

I'm lazy today & don't feel like doing  much.  Could start spring cleaning but ---!

Thurs. we went to Erie - Kim, who drove, Barb & I & 2 friends of Kim.  We left at 9:45 A.M. & ate lunch as soon as we got there.  Then we had about 2 hours to look around.  They now have Barb's favorite store (where you got the sweatshirt) & we spent some time there.  Barb got a couple of tops & shorts.  They have so many nice things.  We also spent time at T. J. Max & PharMore Drug store.  Latter is where I like to look for things.  We were home about 5 pm./  Rained all the way home.

Barb took Thurs. & Fri. off.  After my hair appt. on Fri. Barb & I went to the Pastry shop for an early lunch & we shopped a bit.

Sun. Lar & Kim were here for a 5 pm Easter & Birthday dinner.  We waited to celebrate Dale's birthday. I'll think you for his card & book.  Both he & Lar enjoyed looking thru it.

About 10 days ago our pastor had a mini stroke & missed Palm Sun services.  The asst. to the Bishop was with us.  Then he was hospitalized due to an extremely high blood pressure count & they also found he has sugar.  He was in church on Sun. & preached but the Bishop's Asst. had the liturgy & communion.  Gary will have to take it easy for awhile.  He is 48, a dangerous age so he's had his warning.

Heard from Gen.  Edith, Edna & Frank would be at Gen's for Easter dinner.  Mon-Wed they have Swedish relatives on Ed's side.  They'll stay with  Edith & be at Ed & Gen's Mon. for dinner.  They'll sightsee, all be at Edith's for Tues. dinner.  Wed. they'll go out to eat & they leave at noon on Thurs.  Because of this visit, Millie's birthday luncheon is delayed.  Edna, Millie, Edith & Gen go out for lunch on each birthday.

Gen wrote Edna saw the eye Dr. & she's had some bleeding on one eye & will have some laser work on it.  I meant to call her last nite but forgot until it was too late.

Frank (cousin) is now at a Jewish home & seems to be doing better as they have more therapy there.  He invited Ed & Gen to a Seder dinner on Good Fri.  A prime rib dinner.  I'm anxious to hear more about it.  It's funny.  Gen is so concerned about Frank's clothes when he has to see a Dr.  She makes sure he should wear slacks, shirt, etc.  She'll wash his shirts if they look dirty.  He usually wears jogging outfits which is best as they are so easy to get on & off.

Ed found a kitten in their barn & fed it milk so now they have a cat.  Gen wrote come & meet her!  She knows I'm not fond of cats.

Gen likes the family picture.  Her's is the first I've heard after sending them.

Are you knee deep in taxes today, or have you already mailed your taxes.  There is a lot of "stuff" on T.V. today concerning late payments, resistors, etc.  Can be interesting to listen to.

There was an interesting cartoon in the paper last week.  It showed a man trying to resist watching baseball on T.V. & he couldn't resist.  I watched a preseason game on Sat:  Braves beat the Yankees & part of the Sun nite game on E.S.P.N.  We're ready to watch WWOR, ESPN, & TBS.  The 26th the Mets play at Colorado & I hope they show a lot of the new stadium - like they did in Toronto.  Part of ESPN's "triple play".  Aft it's the Yankees & late nite a coast game.

Better get busy - put clean clothes away.  Fun to be lazy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saturday, April 1, 1995

Barb will mail a letter I wrote yesterday & I feel like writing again.

The house smells good - Barb made banana muffins with the tiny choc. chips in them - good. She bro't home some over ripe bananas & she didn't use them all so I made banana bread & a coffee cake (not banana).

Yesterday it was a different day - made grilled cheese for lunch & was fixing one for Dale when the mail came & your letter so I started reading your letter until I smelled something burning - one side was black & then we had a burnt smell in the house. Prefer today's smell.

When we were at the Mall yesterday guess what I bot? "Angels in the Outfield" for the darling grandchildren. Don't know when I'll mail it. Grandmothers are allowed to spoil their grandchildren.

Mon nite is LCW & Patty (Welch) Phillip's boss, a lawyer, will speak on wills, etc. I plan to attend. Wed nite, at Lenten Midweek, our circle serves coffee after the service so I'll go. Haven't been going as I hate to always go to church alone. But I don't miss Sun. services.

Atlanta baseball is on T.V. Just finished watching tennis doubles - U.S. beat Italy but they had to work for it. I prefer sports & weather to O.J. and the constant repeats of the trial.

School will have Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun & Mon off for Easter vacation. Kim said she'd like to take us to Erie on that Thurs. Barb has asked to have Thurs. & Fri. off So we'll start making our lists of what we'd like to look for. We never get to Erie like we used to. Kaufman's called about our charge card & they reinstalled it so I can "charge" when we're there. They have nice merchandise. If you don't use it, you lose it!

Did JoAnna have success in looking for spring clothes.

I'd like new bedding for Dale's bed. Noticed in KMart's ad they have some on sale & if they have the one pattern that would look nice in his room, I'd get it. Many are too juvenile or too feminine.

Millie will be 80 on April 17th in case you'd like to send her a card:

M. Guagliardo
70 Plumtree Circle
Spfld. 01118

Now it's Monday. Hooray - will have regular baseball starting Apr 26th.

Walked over town this A.M. & saw Joyce O'Connor & we chatted. Asked about Bob. He is in computer work. His oldest son should have graduated from Hi school last June & he flunked. He has a job as manager of a Pizza Hut so he doesn't need a high school diploma. [son's idea] Crazy kids. Bob never comes to visit Joyce, even tho they come here & they don't remember her birthday, etc. Bev's oldest son & girlfriend are coming over Easter so Joyce can meet her & she is looking forward to that. Fixing up a bedroom - plastering, refinishing woodwork, etc.

Meant to get this off today, Tues, but forgot.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Friday, March 31, 1995

I got my hair done this A.M.; came home & started vegetable soup for supper as it is still cool here.

Thanks for your letter.  When you have children you have to expect a few headaches along the way.

[Here's what Mom is referencing.

Andy asked if he could go over to Meaghan’s house once we got home.

“You need to be home at 6 o’clock,” I told him. That gave him 45 minutes to play.

At 6:01 Andy had not yet returned home. No surprise. Six minutes later I called Meaghan’s. Her mom told me that Andy and Meaghan were at Nick’s house, so I called there. Nick’s grandfather said Andy was in the back yard playing ball. I waited a long 30 seconds for Andy to come to the phone.


“Andy, what time is it?”

“Six o’clock.”

“Actually, it’s six-oh-seven. You should be home by now.”

“But I want to play until six-thirty.”

“All right.”

JoAnna called about five minutes later to announce that she’s on her way home. I turned up the burner under a pot of water for cooking noodles, the bed for our Campbell’s stroganoff. JoAnna put a package of stew meat and two cans of cream of mushroom soup in the crockpot before going to work.

Still no sign of Andy. I looked out the kitchen window, expecting to see him turn into the driveway on his bicycle. After another couple minutes, I called Nick’s house again.

“He’s on his way,” Nick’s grandfather reported.

It should only take him a couple minutes to ride his bike home from Nick’s house, I thought. Somebody is in trouble.

I walked outside and looked down the street. No sign of anyone. I retraced my steps five minutes later. This time I saw two small figures across South Avenue. Meaghan must have walked to Nick’s house, so Andy was being a gentleman and walking her part of the way home. Once we returned home, I told him he couldn’t play outside after school until daylight savings time arrived. (Not that far away, actually.)

The menu for supper didn’t appeal to either of the boys. Eddie was practically traumatized by the french-cut green beans on his plate.

“I don’t want them on my plate,” he cried, a few tears streaming down his cheeks.

JoAnna told him he could eat his dinner or go to his room. He chose the second option. Within a minute, we heard a theatrical wail of sorrow. He soon rejoined us, probably because he was afraid to be in a room by himself, a behavior he has exhibited quite regularly over the past few months. He picked at the food on his plate, but then he had eaten a bowl of cereal minutes after we returned home. Andy actually found the chunks of stew meat tasty, and he’s always like noodles. He didn’t eat everything on his plate, though. I should have asked him if he had anything to eat at Nick’s. Snacks seem to be easy to come by there.

While JoAnna washed dishes, I ran the boys’ bath water. Eddie informed me that the water was too hot.

“No, it’s not, Eddie. Look at your brother. He’s in the tub and not complaining.”

Eddie persisted with his whining. Someone’s a tired little guy, I surmised, but before he goes to bed, he’s taking a bath. I picked him up and forced him to take a seat in the tub. He resisted, but I insisted. I wet his hair, lathered and rinsed it, then wrapped it in a towel and handed him to JoAnna, since that’s who he was calling for through his tears.

“I want my mama.”

Fortunately, the evening ended on a very positive note. The boys and I snuggled together on one of the captain’s beds and Andy read two books he had brought home from school., Clifford’s Puppy Days and The Runaway Teddy Bear. Andy’s a very accomplished reader for a first grader. He’s made tremendous progress in his reading skills since the beginning of the school year.]

Finished reading Sue Grafton's "A is for Alibi".  Finally found it at the library.  Now I've read all except for her latest.

We'll be losing our neighbors, the Willis' (Rose Pelligrino) as he has taken a job with the Cumberland Valley School District starting May 1st.  He's been bldg. & grounds super.  I noticed last Sun. they were cleaning out their garage & painting the roof over the sun room.  Imagine Rose will be here til school is out.

Walter Johnson is in the Rouse Home so I imagine that house will be sold in the future.  Emma died a couple of years ago.  Paul is the only one around & he lives in Youngsville.

Dad is having headaches & the Dr. doesn't know what is causing them.  Probably Dale's situation.

Signe called last nite at 11:05 our time & we were in bed.  Dale was still up & answered the phone.

She is now living with Carolyn & Jim.  She wants to fix a den in the basement so she has a place her things, etc.  Jim isn't working & she'll help them with expenses.  They paid 600.00 a mo. for their retirement apt.  She has her own phone.  Said Stella isn't that good.  Wonder if she'll ever get back to I. Mt.  Wonder if she can live alone.  She is paying rent on her apt.

Don't think I mentioned I bot a spring dress thru Penney's catalog & am very pleased with it.  A blue & white print (not navy).  Had to shorten it as it was too long for my taste.

We had a late anniv. card from June.  She said Sharlynn's daughter Nikki had her 2nd baby, a son & she didn't want to write about the situation.  She wasn't married when the 1st came, a girl & maybe she still isn't married.

Gen called the other nite - she never writes - well, hardly ever.  I got 5x7 pictures of the family (one you like) to send to all the sisters in an Easter card.  June has been asking for pictures.  Larry & Kim paid for everything so you can settle with them.

Careys have been in Fla. the last 2 months.  Lar has checked the house.  They should soon be back & it will be nice to see them come & go again.  He is fully retired now.  The girls would like them to move to the Phila. area but Mary Ann like her home here.  Time will tell.  Paula is engaged to a lawyer so they have 1 more wedding to go thru.

Time to think about lunch.

Enjoyed the article re: rural churches.  Seems like the best answer to a difficult problem.

Dale got the miniature Corvette to go with a Corvette plate he ordered.  Now he ordered a Bel Air Chevy.  Like the cars you collect.

[New York Times article.]

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 14, 1995

Received your "epistle" yesterday & we enjoyed your writing so much.  With a letter one can read & reread it so we appreciate your efforts.

After attending the Republican doings were you glad to get back to being a Dem, not that you ever left it.  I'm enclosing an item from the Buff. Sun. paper concerning the Martini drink - have you given them up as well as coffee!!!!

Once Dad gave money to the GOP & the letters for more are ever increasing.  Recently we received a photo of Dale & Newt.  Tho't of sending it to you but figured you'd just put it in the circular file as we did.

I have the box ready to mail but I might have to mail it from the P.O. as UPS isn't in walking distance & they are closed by the time Barb gets home.

This weather is great - walked to the bank yesterday & cashed a check.  Will walk again to mail this.

Sent an order to Penney's & it came yesterday.  A med. blue & white print dress & it fits & looks nice.  Also a pr. of shorts & 2 tops.  More variety in the catalog.  Bon Ton has lost their "taste" when it comes to choosing dresses.

Tonite Dale goes to Rochester for classes tomorrow.  One day only.  He's seen a lawyer but I haven't asked any questions.  The results will come soon enough.  He went out last Sat.  He hooked up the old T.V. in his room.  Barb got a Zenith V. C. R. for upstairs as the old one wouldn't work.  Dale has tried to fix it.

Heard from Millie from Fla.  She spent 10 days with Jerry's brother Tony & his wife.  We got a card from Disney World.  Also a letter from Edna.  Did I mention Aunt Esther fell & broke her hip.  It has healed & she uses a walker.  But she is very mixed up in her mind & sometimes doesn't know Edna, Millie or Gen.

Dad isn't up yet this A.M.  He was too dizzy when he tried to get up.  His head has bothered him a lot lately.

We think the pictures are good.  They are in the pkg.  The boys are just darling in the picture of the 2 of them.  I think the group picture came out good for so many. 

Guess I've covered most news - all I can think of.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, February 13, 1995

Wrote a letter last week but it never got mailed.  See what I can do about getting this mailed.

Now we're looking forward to summer & seeing how the air conditioning works.  This is our vacations & oversea travels!  Each to his own.

But spring must be near as next Sun. is the 1st Nascar race of the season at Daytona Beach.  Dale Earnhardt has 2nd place in the race.  Sheila (she does my hair) & her husband are taking a vacation & will be at the race.  So I'll hear all about it on the 24th.  They leave tomorrow, the 14th.

Notice "The Lion King" comes out in March so I tho't I'd get it as an Easter gift for the boys if that's OK with you.

Dad see 2 Drs this week as well as the dentist.  He had his teeth cleaned & checked & they found 1 cavity.

I had to move stuff around in the basement so the men would have room to work.  Now there is stuff I'd like to get rid of - Lar said he'd do it but when is my question.  It could look nicer & I hope it will sometime in the future.

Barbara is the one who works a lot with Scott so she went to the M.D. with Lynn & Bob to hear what he thinks - he said some children don't talk til a later age so no worry.  She also had to sit in on a conference with the speech therapist.  He is speaking words & understands when spoken to.  Lynn was older when Scott was born & it was a hard delivery & she worries a lot.

Last week I roasted the turkey Dale got from work.  Sure am glad I invested in the Nesco Roaster.  A week ago I defrosted the freezer so for awhile it is clean & free of frost.  It gets done once a year during a cold freeze.

Hope Andy feels OK today & didn't miss his perfect attendance record.

I'm hoping for an early spring so I can start walking again & get out of the house.

Things are as usual around here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, January 30, 1995

This is letter writing time - no soaps thanks to O.J. on T.V.

I had thank you letters to write.
1)  My sisters for flowers & Gen for 50.00.
2)  Arlene Hornstrom for 25.00.
3)  Betty Casey for flowers - a basket of spring flowers.
4)  Hessel Valley Luth. Ch. for a beautiful bouquet of large yellow mums & lilies.
5)  Carol Anderson for a gold trivet with white enameled flowers on it.  It is so pretty.
6)  This was past due.  Kim's Aunt Connie paints & from a winter scene she painted she had Christmas cards made & sent us some thru Kim.  They came too late for5 '94.  They are pretty & I finally sent a note.  

So with this I've written 9 letters & notes with 2 to go.  Seeing Stella is in Beloit I can cover Stella & Lila & family with 1 letter.

I have to write to Ruth & Ruthie.  Signe called & her card will be late & we haven't heard from June yet. We received $115.00 in cash gifts.

Signe will be moving in with Jim & Carolyn.  He will be 62 or is 62 & hasn't found work.  Signe pays 500.00 a mo. in rent so she can help them out instead.  I think it's probably for Signe's good also as she is getting so forgetful.   Paul has her car.

I got the quilt & bed skirt on & it looks so nice.  Makes our room brighter.

Barb bot an anniv. cake & she tho't it might be too large but every crumb was gone by Sun.  Got it at Comet & it was delicious.  Kim & Barb made the events at t his end very nice so we have good memories.  We received 50 cards.  Some each day last week & 4 today.

I took pictures of the 5 different bouquets.  Keep them watered daily so they should last 2 weeks.  Yours is very pretty.  None are similar.  All came from Ekey's - 2 at one time.  Yours & my sisters.

We are the 3rd ones of the Nelson siblings to celebrate 50 years.  Gen & Ed might make it as they celebrated 45 last Oct.

Howard Ford's were married Jan 26th a year later so their 50th is next year.

We "dog sat" Taury last Sat. while Lar & Kim went to a soccer game in Buffalo.  He was good.  Nancy came & took him for a romp with their dog & was to take him to Lar & Kim's but she couldn't unlock the door so we got him back for awhile.  So he got a taste of our supper & more spoiling.

Thanks for your part in making our anniversary such a nice one.  Quiet but even at Lar's, Dad was anxious to get home.  We were there til after 9.  Dale had to go to Rochester the Mon. before but only for 1 day this time so he was with us after all.  He tho't, at first, it would be later in the week.

I'm putting together a 1000 pc. puzzle & it's calling!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, December 1994

I'm making an easy supper - Betty Crocker's Hamburger Helper Swedish Meatballs.  Looks good.  I want an easy supper as I have 4 kinds of cookies chilling in the refrig & plan to bake them tonite.

2 suggestions for Dad & me.

For me.   Video.   Gaslight or 42nd St.

For Dad:  The Great Caruso.

You can call using 800#.  I'll enclose pages, etc.

Sometime later - the cookies are all stored away for munching & the meal was good.  Barb doesn't care for meatballs but these had a sauce with noodles & it was tasty & so simple to make.  She surprised me by eating the meal.

On Mon nites I enjoy the pregame activities on ESPN.

Lar & Kim will come for supper tomorrow (Tues) nite instead of Thurs. as they are going to the soccer banquet at Holiday Inn.  Warren had its first soccer season & did well.  It is supported by parents & friends.  School has no money for it.

It looks like Buffalo will be the loser tonite & Dale will be happy.  We're going to look for a radio controlled car for Andy at Radio Shack.  T hey are advertised in their ads.  I'll mail this after tomorrow as Barb gets off early on Tues. & we'll make a quick trip to the Mall.  (We got a smaller one for Eddie - we figure he'd want one, too.  Got a more expensive one for Andy.)

Back from a quick trip to the Mall.  Got the Game of Life & Snow White.  Saw the video Black Beauty & think I'll get that too.  Next time we'll have more time & then I'll look for for Jr. Blue at the Toy Store.

Tonite after supper we decided to check out the cars to make sure they work OK.  Both work fine.  But Taury didn't like them.  Eddie's just goes forward & backward but Andy's turns & does more things.  Lar made the car go in circles & so was Taury & he was barking & I was laughing so hard.  Barb & Lar said we didn't get gifts like these when we were kids.  With just 2 grandchildren we can do a little more - for the time being anyway.

Will get this on the way & bring it to a close.  I'm waiting for suggestions.  Hint!  Hint!  Hint!

[Christmas photo card poses.]

Monday, July 18, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 1994

Finally a chance to sit down.  I'll tell you what we got for the boys so far.

Andy - raincoat & walkie-talkie toy.

Eddie - Luma sketch in color.  And I thought I'd look for Frontier Building Sets - they are logs to make cabins, etc.  The recent toy catalogue from Penney's shows them.  Barb got him View Master Super Show projector.  Projects on a wall - like a flashlight.  Would Andy like another Geo Safari 20 lesson
expansion pack.  I tho't he might like games to play with his friends but there are so many & don't know which to choose.  Please help me out.  Would you two like a family gift, plus something personal.   Did you ever get a picnic basket?

Dad saw a different Dr. & he increased one of his medications so I hope that helps.  Betty Jean Holder works for this Dr.  Her daughter graduated from college a year ago & is engaged to be married.  The son is a soph. in college.

Last Tues. Dale had another spell at work.  Bumped his head when he passed out.  They called 911.  This time they gave him medication & he has another test next Fri. Nov 4.  Can it be Nov. already?

I've read a couple of books by Robin Cook & enjoy them & I'm reading one by Hilary Norman now.  It is so good.  Glad I like to read.  Barb & I both bot puzzles today.  So when I finish my book I'll put a 1000 pc. puzzle together. . I'll add more later.

This past summer when it was so warm, Kim suggested they get us a ceiling fan for the dining room for Christmas & we agreed that would be a great gift.  Lar would also install it.  We want them to follow thru on that idea.

[Monday - 6 AM]

When I got up I tho't it was 6:50 AM & when I went to get the paper I wondered what happened as it wasn't there.  What happened is I don't think I changed my clock to standard time!  So things are all set for breakfast so your letter will get finished.

Shults, the elder, was bot out by his sons who also own the Jamestown business.  And starting Jan 1 Dale signed up for a retirement plan.  He'll save 40.00 every 2 weeks & they match it.  40K program.  We're happy they introduced that.

We're suppose to have a wet Halloween, altho it isn't raining yet.  Maybe we won't have as many kids out.  Hours are from 6-8 p.m.  Barb got 2 Halloween plastic bags (orange with a face in black) & she filled them with leaves & placed them on each side of the front door.  We still have leaves on the one tree.  Barb & I have raked.  They collected on the opposite side of the st. but not on our side.

Watched the Pittsburgh-Phoenix game last night but didn't see the finish as it ended in a tie.  Pitts didn't play well at all & they lost.

Forgot to ask what the boys would be wearing for Halloween.

T.V. just said Penn State is #one again.  That was a great game on Sat.  Dad says sometimes the excitement of football is too much for him - hard on his nervous system so he has to change the channel.  NASCAR racing affects him the same way.

When Barb was with you she got a sweat shirt at Northern Reflections at the Mall.  It is pink with a duck on it.  She likes it a lot & if you want to suggestion she'd like another one in size Medium.  Not necessarily pink.  Just an idea.

We have Ambulance coverage & just found out that anyone living with us is covered so that will help Dale.  Good we found it out.  Will walk to 5th mailbox to get this mailed.  Love to all.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sunday, October 23, 1994

We just watched Dale Earnhardt win the Nascar race today & he is the big points winner for the year - his 7th championship, tying Richard Petty.  He is Dale's favorite so you know our Dale is very happy.  He is doubly happy as Pittsburgh Steelers also won today, beating N.Y. Giants

Kim collects Charles Dickens Heritage Collection of houses, etc. so yesterday I got her Christmas gift.

Dale wants the Nascar year book of racing & they also have a book for the first Nascar race at Indy so I ordered that also so that just about takes care of his gifts.

Have you had any discussions concerning gifts suggestions for Paul, JoAnna, Andy & Eddie?  I hope so!

Since Dad doesn't get out it isn't possible for me to say "Let's go to the Mall.  I have to depend upon Barb & she isn't around days.

Last Fri. she cut herself on a soup can & it was bad.  Luckily Fri. is Bob's day off so he could take Barb to the emergency room.  They took 4 stitches & gave her a tetnus shot.

Gen & Ed celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary today.  I tried calling but no answer.  I sent flowers to them.  They weren't planning anything special - dinner out.

I'll enclose a letter from Lila as she tells about Genevieve.  Nice to have birthdays as then we hear from them.  The Round Robin got wounded somewhere along the line so unless we call we don't hear any news.

Lar & Kim gave us a cordless phone & it's right by Dad's chair so he can answer the phone easier.  He has a hard time getting up out of the chair.  Love to all.

Boys' 1st report card from 1994-95 school year.

Letter to Marion from Lila (October 13, 1994)

Happy birthday!  Hope you have a nice celebration.  We've been having beautiful autumn days.  Genevieve and I put up the storm windows on Tuesday.  Charles does quite a bit of substitute teaching in the Beloit schools, so he wasn't able to help us, as he was subing at the High School that day for the High School choir.  He really enjoys it.  He has also taught a Senior High English class.  He has subed in the grade, Jr. High & Sr. High schools, and also classes for slow learners.

We, Gen & I, went down to Rockford today to help Ruth.  Poor Ruth had an accident the other day.  She was pudding the dining room windows and as she got on the ladder it slipped and she fell and broke her wrist.  She will have to have her arm in a sling for 6 weeks.

Tomorrow I have my yearly checkup at the vacular lab.

On the 1st of September Gen had an appointment with her doctor in Madison.  Gen still feels that she does not want to have surgery on the brain and I feel the same way.  She takes Mylosin 3 times a day.  When she has a reaction, she stops what she is doing, just stands still and starts muttering (but does not fall or have a seizure) then she goes to the bathroom -- comes back to what she was doing.

When she saw the doctor Sept. 1, she told Genevieve of a program of "drug testing" that a Drug Co. does.  She is arranging for Genevieve to take a drug testing.  She has an appointment Dec 1.

I keep track of all her reactions.  After she left the Hospital Mar 10 - she had a reaction Mar 12, 15 & 17.  In April 3rd, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, & 19.  May 2, 3, 9, 15, 19, 29, 30, 31.  June 2, 8, 19, 20, 26, 29.  July 6, 10, 11, 14, 16, 18, `9, 22, 27.  August 10, 16, 27.  Sept 12, 16.  Oct 5, 7, 10, 13.

We continue to pray that the Lord will heal Genevieve of her affliction.

Our prays are with you, Carl, we pray the Lord will strengthen you each day and that new medicine will be found to heal you from your affliction.

When I sent Carl's birthday card I was in such a hurry I forget to enclose his check.  I guess he still didn't get the card on the 10th because no mail on Columbus Day.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 1994

...and ah feel your pain.

Thanks for the birthday cards & picture of Andy. A handsome grandson. He looks so good in that color. Can see he has changed over the year.

The flowers are beautiful mums. I water them everyday so they should last 2 weeks.

Ruth was on a ladder painting the D. R. window outside & the ladder collapsed & she fell & broke her left arm near the wrist so she's laid up for 6 weeks.

Stella is still with Dan & sees the Dr. Nov. 7. She is still weak and the pain is easing a bit.

Heard from my sisters. Millie went to the dog races & came out 1.00 ahead. Jerry's bro Tony & his wife take Millie out with them in the summer. They spend the winter in Fla. Millie keeps busy in retirement. Edna & Gen are fine.

We're watching Mich vs. Penn St. Go Penn St!

Enjoy your birthday.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 1994

It's a rainy Sat. A.M. & I have a good library book to finish but I'll drop a note. Fall is here - we put the elec. blanket on the bed & it feels good.

Found a new author. Patricia MacDonald & I read "Mother's Day" and enjoyed it.

We watched Larry King interview Angela Lansbury last nite & she is quite a lady. We enjoyed it. Also enjoyed all 9 sessions of the Baseball Series.  I lived thru some of that & yet didn't realize it was going on. Some of it isn't very complimentary to the white race.

Last Mon nite I planned to make Pasties with a recipe I found.  No trouble making them but we never got to taste them as my oven gave me trouble.  You were to bake them at 375 for 15 min.  Before the time was over, I could smell them burning.  Even the smoke alarm in the upstairs hall started ringing.  We had to get a new sm. alarm & it is noisy.

So on Tues. A.M. I went over to Turners & got a new stove.  We repaired the other stove once & didn't care to spend anymore on it.  Chose a G.E. - just for basic needs.  It has a clock (digital) & timer & I like that.   It was delivered Wed A.M. & it is very nice.  White & it works good.  Made a cake this A.M. & noticed a nut bread recipe I'll try later as I plan an oven meal.  So now I can bake without bad results.  It cost 429.99 - on of the cheapest 30" wide.

Dad's friend Dan Greendahl called this A.M.  He has been having problems - having to go to the emergency room during the nite go get relief so he'll have to have a prostate operation.  He was hoping prayer would bring a miracle.  Myrt Wallin's husband has the same problem & is also depending on a miracle.  Time will tell.

It's soon lunch time.  Not much happening here but I like to write letters.

A Mon A.M. P.S.  Dad called Ruth & she is to have a cataract removed this week.  Mim's new home (to them)( is 3 blocks from old one.  They're remodeling basement or an office for Tom.  It is a brick home - 1 floor.  Stella still has pain & will be with Don & Shirley a couple of more months.  They wonder if she can ever live alone again.

Frost predicted for tonite (Mon).  Will have to gather tomatoes.

[Andy's 1st grade picture]

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, September 25, 1994

My work is completed - I'm having a coffee break so will start a letter.

Barb & Scottie just stopped by on their way to BiLo.  On Thurs. aft. she takes Scottie to the therapist to encourage him to talk.  He goes twice a week - Lynn takes him on Tues & Barb on Thurs. & then Barb gets to drive the Ford Bronco.

Had my yearly physical & blood test & all is well.

We've had a beautiful Sept.  Clear days with blue skies.  We'll take all we can get.  Rain could be in the future.

We have to get our kitchen rug cleaned & we'll try a new cleaner.  Kim said different ones say this cleaner does a better job.  Owned & run by women!

We've been watching the series on Baseball & find it so very interesting.  I like the historical part.  Finding out that some of the early stars weren't very nice players - dirty players.

It doesn't seem possible but in 3 months it will be Christmas.  I've tho't about it a little.  First Halloween & Thanksgiving. 

The rug will be cleaned Oct. 11 at 2:30 p.m.

Dad hasn't gotten out to get a hair cut so he asked Lar to trim his hair.  They come for supper tonite so maybe he'll do it then.  He can't work as long as it gets dark by 8.

Not much happening here but wanted to send you the e3nclosed newspaper clipping. 

Love from all to you all.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday,September 4, 1994

We just about have a pkg. ready to send for Andy's birthday.  We found the video you suggested & probably will get the Ducks video for Christmas, unless you come up with another choice.

After church today, I walked over town to get the Buffalo paper & some things at C.V.S.  The weather is just perfect - not too warm so you enjoy a walk & it's clear & crisp with beautiful blue skies. 

Fri. Aug 26th Barb didn't have to work so we went to Jamestown.  I didn't find anything.  But the next day we went to our Mall & Penney's, as they had sent a discount card & I got a blouse, purse & wallet.  I'd also sent an order to Penney's from a sale catalog & I got a dress I really like & it was half price.  Had to shorten it - it's a navy blue, button down the front shirtwaist.  So when the Penney's bill comes it will be higher than usual.

I found an author new to me, Judith McNaught & her books are so good.  Have read Paradise & Perfect.  I'll have to look for her earlier books.  She also has a new one out & I see by today's paper that S. Paretsky has a new one.  I've been going to the library on Tues. & again on Fri. after I get my hair done.   A good way to get out.  Dad decided to go to the bank this past week but he said he wouldn't be able to drive much further.  One time I cashed a check for him on a Fri.  So he's not getting out.  So it's good to have Barb home & I told Dale he has to help out also. 

Pat & Ted Benson stopped by this past week on the way to the Mall so we had a nice visit.  Learned about their youngest daughter's wedding in June; more about the home they will be building & about Pat's knee operation.  So we caught up on the news.   Pat has to have the other knee operated on the end of Sept.  They are waiting for the foundation to be completed then the parts go up.  It is a prefab.  Ted retires next June.  Pat was just 65 & Ted will be 65 in Feb.  A garage has been completed.  They asked us to meet them for lunch but Dad doesn't care to eat out.

Called Edna on her birthday & all is well. 

Had a letter from Gen.  She thinks Ed keeps too busy on carpenter jobs.  Linda took a trip to Morocco where they treked up the mts. with bare necessities.  The 10-day trip ended with a stay in a Madras hotel.

Guess I'll answer Gen's letter.

P.S.  Forgot to mention Bill Blair bot that lot next to Lar & Kim's camp for $80,000.00 & will build next spring.

Another P.S.  Saw Barb L. at K Mart last week.  She was picking up photos & she showed me a couple of pictures of the boys in the tree.  Saw more tree than boys.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 1994

Just finished breakfast dishes.  Dale is asleep on the davenport - he comes home, lies down, turns on TV & goes to sleep.  When I come down in the A.M., I turn off the T.V. & go about my duties & he sleeps on.  Barb stayed overnite at Johanson's to babysit Scott & won't be home til after 2 pm.  Then at 6 pm she has to baby sit.  Mary Ann Carey called for a friend & even tho Barb didn't want the job, she didn't want to refuse Mary Ann.  But she isn't too happy about it.

Carey's got new garage doors & Lar got the old ones.  He hopes to build a garage at camp & would use those doors.

Thanks for the pictures - they are great.  Barb got hers developed & was disappointed in the results but a few were good.  The one that Eddie posed for at camp, by the house, is adorable.  He's in his Pirate outfit.

This has been a hard week for Dad.  Has been feeling lightheaded & stiffness in his neck & shoulders.  Thurs. he spent most of the day in bed.  Thurs. nite was "showery" so Lar couldn't work so he trimmed the shrubbery by the house & it looks so nice.  Our tomatoes are starting to show color & the rain we are getting & got last nite should help as it's been so dry.

Had a nice letter from Millie & she has had a busy summer visiting Linda & Larry & his family.  She plans to do volunteer work this fall.  She is Dad's age.  She is a great grandmother - Allan's grandson married & had a son.  Jerry's brother & wife take her out so she keeps busy.

Did the boys "perform" at JoAnna's family reunion.  Too bad you didn't have your camcorder with you here.  We still talk about Eddie's "Ladies & Gentleman" - wonder where he picked that up.

Kim is ready for school when it starts Aug 29th.  She went to Erie last Thurs with a friend & found bargains for phy. ed. wear.  She also cleaned (housecleaned) the apt. last week.

It's cool so I should do some baking.  Aug has been cool & another cool spell is on the way.  I prefer it this way.

No baseball.  Wonder if it can be settled quickly - hope so.

Panoramic views of Warren from July 1994

Beaty Field

Beaty Field

Fourth Avenue at East Street

Liberty Street

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 1994

Soon we'll see all of you in person & we can hardly wait!

Lar & Kim left at noon last Sat & hoped to be at her sister's by noon today.  They are running into a storm so I hope they make it OK.  It's a long trip for a week.  They'll make a quick overnite stop in Atlanta to see her aunts - on the way  back.  Will be back Sun the 10th.

Barb has been working in the yard to make things look nice for your visit.  She is off this week as Lynn took the week off.

Will enclose a letter from Ruth & one from Edna so you can read their doings.

We're in for another warm week of temps in the 90's starting on Tues.

Church starts at 9:30 in the summer & Dad has a hard time to feeling up to getting out & going.  He always gets dressed to go but again isn't sure he will make it.

The people across the st. are busy fixing up the house both inside & out.  It's nice to have people care for their property.  Next door (Conaways) Willises have done a lot of landscaping & it looks so nice.

Dad called Stella yesterday.  Don & his wife were there for the weekend.  June will deed the lake property to the boys.  Gerald will have the house on the hill & plans to put in a log cabin.  The present house hasn't been keep up & Stella says it is sinking.  Darla doesn't like the North.  Maybe after all their steamy hot weather she'll appreciate a change for a couple of weeks.  June sent pictures of the girls & their families.  You'll see them when you're here.

Soon time for church.  I'll mail this when we go for a paper.

See you soon.

Saturday, June 4, 1994

This A.M. I was sitting on the porch & Viola Seaquist walked by & came & Sat for an hour while we talked.  Vi Lilja has her name on the Watson Home list.  She had to give up her apt. & is at the Penn Laurel Motel.  They turned part of it into a retirement home.  She hates it there as most of the people have Altshymers (spelling) & aren't normal very often.  She is 87 but still get out.  Different ones pick her up.  I should have a few of them over for lunch.

Viola got going on the church & pastor & said there are those who are disgusted with him.  It shows as attendance is way off & so is the money.  Glad we are retired.

Memorial Day we were at Lar & Kim's along with Jay, Nancy, the 4 girls & Nancy's mom, who was with us at Thanksgiving.  The girls had fun in the creek & they plan a day to be out there when you're here.  Kim suggested you might like to stay out there one nite.  It's such a nice spot.  On Sat Barb & I helped Kim clean the cabin.

Adelaide Welsh is retiring from her job as "Janitoress" at church and they'll have a coffee hour after church to honor her on Sun the 5th.

Lar & Kim plan to go to Fla the week of the 4th to visit her sister.  She is anxious to see their new home.

Dave Blair is now living on Redwood St.  According to the real estate transfer he must have bot it from the others.  Lar & Kim heard Jim Blair, one of the twins, bot the lot next to theirs on Valentine Run &U plans to put up an expensive home.

Last nite we were suppose to meet our pastor friends & eat out.  But we had to cancel as Dad doesn't feel well.  I doubt he'll make the 9:30 summertime service at church.  It's also hard for him to eat - hands are stiff - hard to lift arms.  Tough to get old.

Last weekend we planted flowers so they add a little to the scenery.  Larry plowed & planted the garden.

We got your nice letter & pictures today.  Fun to see how the boys have grown.  It will be so nice to have you all here for a week.  You really are busy with Andy's activities.  It's so nice you are making great memories for the boys with your family activities.

This aft. Barb goes to babysit Marisa & Scott so they parents can get work done at the cottage on Lake Chautauqua.  She'll be there until sometime late Sun aft or early evening.  Scott is such a rascal they can't get anything done except watch him.  She is well paid so she doesn't mind. 

Knox Harper died after a lengthy illness.  Thank you know their daughter or was it the son.

The people who bot Dunham's house are spending a lot of time fixing it up.  It looks so much better outside & they are working on the kitchen.  They have 2 dogs like Carey's.