Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 1994

It's a rainy Sat. A.M. & I have a good library book to finish but I'll drop a note. Fall is here - we put the elec. blanket on the bed & it feels good.

Found a new author. Patricia MacDonald & I read "Mother's Day" and enjoyed it.

We watched Larry King interview Angela Lansbury last nite & she is quite a lady. We enjoyed it. Also enjoyed all 9 sessions of the Baseball Series.  I lived thru some of that & yet didn't realize it was going on. Some of it isn't very complimentary to the white race.

Last Mon nite I planned to make Pasties with a recipe I found.  No trouble making them but we never got to taste them as my oven gave me trouble.  You were to bake them at 375 for 15 min.  Before the time was over, I could smell them burning.  Even the smoke alarm in the upstairs hall started ringing.  We had to get a new sm. alarm & it is noisy.

So on Tues. A.M. I went over to Turners & got a new stove.  We repaired the other stove once & didn't care to spend anymore on it.  Chose a G.E. - just for basic needs.  It has a clock (digital) & timer & I like that.   It was delivered Wed A.M. & it is very nice.  White & it works good.  Made a cake this A.M. & noticed a nut bread recipe I'll try later as I plan an oven meal.  So now I can bake without bad results.  It cost 429.99 - on of the cheapest 30" wide.

Dad's friend Dan Greendahl called this A.M.  He has been having problems - having to go to the emergency room during the nite go get relief so he'll have to have a prostate operation.  He was hoping prayer would bring a miracle.  Myrt Wallin's husband has the same problem & is also depending on a miracle.  Time will tell.

It's soon lunch time.  Not much happening here but I like to write letters.

A Mon A.M. P.S.  Dad called Ruth & she is to have a cataract removed this week.  Mim's new home (to them)( is 3 blocks from old one.  They're remodeling basement or an office for Tom.  It is a brick home - 1 floor.  Stella still has pain & will be with Don & Shirley a couple of more months.  They wonder if she can ever live alone again.

Frost predicted for tonite (Mon).  Will have to gather tomatoes.

[Andy's 1st grade picture]

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