Thursday, July 21, 2011

Monday, February 13, 1995

Wrote a letter last week but it never got mailed.  See what I can do about getting this mailed.

Now we're looking forward to summer & seeing how the air conditioning works.  This is our vacations & oversea travels!  Each to his own.

But spring must be near as next Sun. is the 1st Nascar race of the season at Daytona Beach.  Dale Earnhardt has 2nd place in the race.  Sheila (she does my hair) & her husband are taking a vacation & will be at the race.  So I'll hear all about it on the 24th.  They leave tomorrow, the 14th.

Notice "The Lion King" comes out in March so I tho't I'd get it as an Easter gift for the boys if that's OK with you.

Dad see 2 Drs this week as well as the dentist.  He had his teeth cleaned & checked & they found 1 cavity.

I had to move stuff around in the basement so the men would have room to work.  Now there is stuff I'd like to get rid of - Lar said he'd do it but when is my question.  It could look nicer & I hope it will sometime in the future.

Barbara is the one who works a lot with Scott so she went to the M.D. with Lynn & Bob to hear what he thinks - he said some children don't talk til a later age so no worry.  She also had to sit in on a conference with the speech therapist.  He is speaking words & understands when spoken to.  Lynn was older when Scott was born & it was a hard delivery & she worries a lot.

Last week I roasted the turkey Dale got from work.  Sure am glad I invested in the Nesco Roaster.  A week ago I defrosted the freezer so for awhile it is clean & free of frost.  It gets done once a year during a cold freeze.

Hope Andy feels OK today & didn't miss his perfect attendance record.

I'm hoping for an early spring so I can start walking again & get out of the house.

Things are as usual around here.

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