Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Saturday, October 15, 1994

...and ah feel your pain.

Thanks for the birthday cards & picture of Andy. A handsome grandson. He looks so good in that color. Can see he has changed over the year.

The flowers are beautiful mums. I water them everyday so they should last 2 weeks.

Ruth was on a ladder painting the D. R. window outside & the ladder collapsed & she fell & broke her left arm near the wrist so she's laid up for 6 weeks.

Stella is still with Dan & sees the Dr. Nov. 7. She is still weak and the pain is easing a bit.

Heard from my sisters. Millie went to the dog races & came out 1.00 ahead. Jerry's bro Tony & his wife take Millie out with them in the summer. They spend the winter in Fla. Millie keeps busy in retirement. Edna & Gen are fine.

We're watching Mich vs. Penn St. Go Penn St!

Enjoy your birthday.

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