Friday, May 31, 2013

Sunday, August 22, 2004

We have a gorgeous day.  I'm sure summer will arrive once school arrivs.

I like my new mattress a lot.  Yesterday I got a bedspread at Bon Ton -- quilt type, and a blanket at KMart.

This is Kim's last week before school starts.  She saw her schedule & is unhappy.  She had a full schedule & 1 study hall.  (Kim got it changed.  The other Phy Ed teacher will teach another class.)  The other Phy Ed teacher has 3 study halls each day.  And in her health class she will have 35 students.

Talked to Denise Johnson in church today & she has problems.  They all started when Jim S. broke up with her (my thoughts).  She should have finished her nursing training then.  She married an older man, had a son & he turned out.  Will.  First husband died.  Married again. Bad mistake.  Second husband has been sick most of the time.  2 daughters.  Oldest is fine.  Youngest a problem.  They are at Beaty & the younger girl hits Denise who has bad knees & she goes for the knees.  Denise thinks they'll have to put her in a group home. Denise can't take it anymore.  I think she's made poor decision in the men she married.  I feel sorry for her as she deserves better.  She had a chance to be a school nurse at Beaty if she finished her studies at Pitt. Bradford.  Having the girls interrupted her studies.

Now that the sewing machine is out of Barb's room, she'd like a small desk for that little space.  And I'd like something for my stuff.  Tomorrow we plan to go to Jamestown.  Barb looked in the telephone book & found 2 places we'll look.  I saw something I liked in Penney's home catalog.  A group of 5 baskets in a stand.  Something like that would be nice.  Time will tell.  Barb is looking for unfinished furniture.

I'm watching golf on TV.  But once 4 pm comes I'll turn TV to watch the Mets at San Fran.

Gen called yesterday.  She was alone -- John was away for his job.  He found someone to make meals for her but she resent anyone coming in.  Says she can do it herself but she can't.  They eat out most of the time.  She was hard to talk to yesterday -- she couldn't follow thru on what she wanted to say.  I think she was lonesome also.

8/24.  The mail was late today & when I got it I noticed a letter, or should I say Epistle, from Paul.  Now it's 8 pm & I just finished reading it a second time.  I know you had a wonderful trip with so many interesting things to do & see.  Halifax must be a beautiful city with an interesting past.  Reading your letter was like a visit I could visualize.  The food sounded delicious.  Enjoyed the pictures.

Barb & I went to Jamestown yesterday, but we didn't find furniture we could afford.  Barb is looking for an unfinished desk.  Barb got a belt at Bon Ton & I found a navy purse on sale. Then some groceries at Wegmans & home in time for Barb to get a rest before she saw the Dr. at 3:45 pm.  She gets the "thing" out that takes the kemo into her body.  She gets it out next week but I don't remember the day.  Guess I don't always listen.

Marge Ristau from church (Molly's mom) thinks I've lost too much weight.  But I'm finding I don't need as much food as I'm slowing down.  I think my present weight is fine for me.

Yesterday we decided to eat lunch at the Mall -- at Subway's.  We both chose the roasted chicken sub & we liked it.  Mine on wheat & Barb chose a honey oat roll.

Thurs A.M., the 26th

I have a potato salad & a jello fruited salad in the fridge for tonite.  It will be a warm day so it will be a cool meal with fried chicken breasts & a zucchini dish for veggies.  Klondike cones for dessert.

Barb had an embarrassing instant yesterday, while she was taking "stuff" to Goodwill.  It was windy & the wind was to her back & it blew off her head covering revealing her bald head. The man didn't know what to think -- Barb told him she has cancer & kemo.

Barb found a book at the library she liked so she bo't one at the Mall Bookstore.  When she returned books to the library she made a mistake & returned the one she bought.  So far they haven't found it.  She hopes she won't be out 20.00 plus tax.  Who's forgetful!  Love to all.

Lar took your letter home to read.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

By now you are home after a nice visit in Eastern Canada.

Had a permanent this aft.  It's nice to have my hair shorter & more curl.

I started reading Emma's Secret by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  I was reading it but put it aside to start a letter.  She has so much description of house, rooms, what they eat, I got tired of it.  I like to get to the point of the store & go from there.  I probably won't read it -- it hasn't caught my interest.

Millie called Sun. nite to ask about Barb.  She said Larry's oldest son had a swollen knee & his mother finally got him to go to the Dr.  They finally decided he had lyme disease & has to take antibiotics for 28 days.  That is a dangerous disease.

Adelaide Welsh fell at home & broke her arm.  While she recovers, she'll be in a nursing home.

Yesterday Warren H. called & asked if I'd go to lunch with them.  We went to the Docksider at the Dam.  A beautiful spot to sit outside & have your lunch.  But the food is lousy.  I had a Reuben sandwich but they didn't have corned beef on it.  Some kind of ham.  I only ate 1/2 of it & the prices are high.  $7.95 for the sandwich.  But we enjoyed visiting & the surroundings.  They vacationed with their family in the Boston area.  Warren said he never believed he'd say this -- but he prefers the beauty of Western Pa -- the hills, etc. more than the ocean beauty of Mass.

Wed. the 18th

We went to the new mattress place in the old Betty Lee Bldg. but they were too expensive; at least those on the floor were.  So we went to Mattress & More in Pleasant Township & found a nice one there.  It will be delivered on Fri.  Just hope we can get the king sized one out OK.  Maybe it will bend enough to come down the stairs as it's over 20 yrs. old.  We went to the Mall & I got a mattress pad at KMart.  I should be able to get the sewing machine in my bedroom.  Barb got her set at the same place & she is satisfied.

Thurs the 19th

Lar & Kim were here but Kim had to leave to go to a doing.  It meets on Tues, usually, but this hostess chose Thurs. nite.  But we heard about the hurricane.  They were never in danger but still it wasn't a good experience.  The last one in this area was 44 years ago.  The neighbors of Kim's sister dint' have any problem.s  A neighbor stayed home during the storm.

The cook at the Crary home was fired after a 3 month warning.  Those in the home didn't like her or the food she prepared.  She was lazy & wouldn't bake cookies or dessert.  Just cold cereal for breakfast.  Never tried to make meals tempting.

Fri A.M.

I got my mattress & the bed is made.  I'm using my king-sized blanket for the time being.  My room isn't quite set as I want Barb's ideas as to where the sewing machine should go.  I might want a bookcase to hold some of my "junk".  It took awhile to move things & then move them back.  They took the old mattress out the little room door.  It was a hot job as it is cloudy & humid today.  I gave them a tip for the job -- it was wroth it to me.  The owner can't take tips but his young son helped so he got the $10.00.  My old sheets, etc. (still usuable) will go to the Goodwill.

Now it's for the kitchen seats to be recovered.  I hope it won't be too long before they can start on them.

Barb has a tickle in her throat & Dale has a cold.  I'm fine, "Knock on wood!"

Monday, May 27, 2013

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

How was your trip home.  I thought about all of you each hour on the hour -- figuring where you might be.

Today I called Tremblay Upholstery & got a figure for getting the seats in the eating area reupholstered.  He will put in better foam, etc.  He'll bring by samples tomorrow.  He's quite a guy & a talker.  I learned quite a bit about his life, etc.  He goes to St. John's in Pleasant Township, so we talked religion.  I probably could get a new kitchen set but these seats are comfortable to sit on & will be eve better after being fixed.

Barb didn't feel good yesterday -- headache & upset stomach.  But today she feels fine. Worked at Bert's this A.M. & then at Lynn's.

It was so nice having you here.  I enjoyed all the things we did together.

Gary Tremblay, who did the measuring, etc. said a couple of times that we have a nice home.

Yesterday was a beautiful day -- today was nice this A.M., but now it's raining.  Just what we need!

Larry & Kim must be in Fla. now.  It will be a short trip for them, but at least they get to spend a little time with Kim's sister & family.

I reread the letters I received last Sat.  I had more time to read them more carefully & digest the news.

Thurs. the 12th of Aug.

Barb & I went to Jamestown today.  We ate lunch at the Red Lobster.  I checked my double bed sheets & the fitted sheets won't fit the larger mattresses so I got 2 fitted sheets.  At Penney's & on sale.  One white, one beige to go with sheets I have.  I plan to look for a double bed mattress set to give me more space in my bedroom.  Also got a top & pair of slacks at Sears.  Blouse on sale.  Tomorrow we'll go to the Emporium, Valone's shoe store, & Blair's.

Wonder how Lar & Kim are enjoying their trip to Fla. with the storms Bonnie & Charles coming in.  Hope they'll be able to get home on Sat.

A week ago we looked forward to y our visit.  Now it seems like a dream -- a nice one as I enjoyed every minute of your visit.

Barb has a new gripe.  They're talking of putting a skateboard park at Beaty Field.  I know our church has "no skateboarding" signs up & the kids need a place.  I don't know why she lets these things bother her -- she can't stop it.  I figure "what will be will be" so accept it.  It can't be where they play football & gym -- when the days are nice.

We've chosen materials to have the kitchen seat recovered.  A medium tan.  I'm spending my children's inheritance with this project & the new mattress, bedding, etc.

I've started another jigsaw puzzle.

Bert only weighs 90 lbs & looks terrible.  She wanted a flat tummy so eats low cal food.  Her eyesight & hearing are bad & she can't stand very long.  She needs to gain weight.  Barb had to help her get out of the tub.

Now some of you are in Nova Scotia.  I know it was a good time seeing new friends again.

Fri the 13th

Barb said you called this A.M.  We've been wondering about Lar & Kim & plan to call Betsy to see if she's heard.  Too bad the weather isn't nice but now they know what it's like to be in a hurricane.

This aft. we visited the Emporium but nothing took our interest.  Then to Valone's & I bo't 2 pair of shoes.  One for walking, on sale & so comfortable.  Also got a pair of navy pumps for dress.  I'm really spending the money.  Our last stop was at a coffee place near Valone's. Barb had a piece of cake & I had cinnamon-caramel biscotti.  I've seen biscotti recipes but never tasted it.  Very good.  I had Guatemalan coffee -- the weakest of 4 flavors.  They added hot water so I enjoyed it.  It's a very nice place & we'll go there again.

This letter won't get mailed until tomorrow.

Almost forgot -- our last stop was the library.  I got 3 books:  Barbara T. Bradford's Emma's Secret; Kathy Reich's Deja Dead, a new author Ted Benson recommended & another new author Jill Marie Landis' Heat Wave.  Tho't it looked interesting.  Which gets the most attention -- books or puzzle.

I still forgot that we went to Blair's to look around but didn't buy anything.  Took a catalog & they ahve some interesting things.

Sat A.M.

I was up at 6:15 A.M., came downstairs, & read my book "Heat Wave" about a female P.I. It is so good so it looks like my puzzle will be neglected.

Good to hear from you.  Halifax must be a wonderful city to visit.

Want to get this mailed.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Here it is Thurs & I'm just starting a letter.  Sheila is going to the King of Prussia Mall tomorrow so I had my hair done today.  They are so busy they're working til 10 pm.  They hate to turn anyone away.  Last Sat. they had to turn down 3 perms.  They are looking for another girl.  Interviewed 2 girls but found them wanting.

Today Larry & Kim are going to a soccer game in Pittsburgh with another couple.  They will stay overnite & be home by noon tomorrow.  Betsy Griffin will take care of Torey -- also when they go to Fla.

Yesterday we went to the library & I got 2 books.  Finished Lavyrle Spencer's book Separate Beds & it was a good book.  Also got Some Pleasure There to Find by Elizabeth Rossiter. No good.  Then I went to the bank to cash a check & to Bilo's.

I sure hope that we will have less rain in Aug.  We need sunshine to dry things up.  Even the veggies aren't growing.

My order from Penney's came & I'm pleased.

Barb gets so sock from the chemo, that she decided to give it up, come what may.  I don't know what to think but it is her decision.  I don't like it, but what can I do.  Hope it's not a mistake.

I've written about Dale fixing the leak in the basement.  We had a heavy rain this past week &^ no water.  So it is fixed.  Now he's painting the wall.  It is to the 4 of you advantage to keep the house in good order & Dale is doing his part.

Yesterday Ted Benson called.  He & Pat would be in Warren & wondered if I'd go out to lunch with them.  I never say no.  We went to Perkins & had a nice visit.  She is in her 70's but had to have a hysterectomy but all is well.  No cancer.  She did have a lump removed from her breast 17 years ago.  She gets real upset when she has to see a Dr.  In the car she said "I can feel my blood pressure going down."  Next time they come to Warren, I'd like them to come to lunch here.  They always pay for my lunch.

I wrote a letter to Ruth to enclose in a birthday card.

Fri. A.M. 7:30.  All is quiet here.  Dale is at work & Barb is still in bed.  I just read the lessons for Sun. I like to think how the pastor might preach on the Gospel.

Just made a menu for when Pat & Ted come to lunch -- probably in Sept.  Half the fun for me is the planning.

The new bridge is 10-14 days behind its schedule due to all the rain & they had to open the Dam to release waters & that didn't help.  Maybe a nice fall, hopefully, will help.  Suppose to open the middle of Nov.  21st, I think.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Monday, July 17, 2004

By now you should be over the big party & things are normal again. I know it was a great success.

I always read the USA Today state's news & saw a familiar name in Wisc. news.  Jon Erpenbach -- he introduced a bill to increase the fine on unwanted calls -- for ads, etc.

Barb is really losing her hair.  They have head coverings at the Cancer Center but Barb didn't car for the.  She got some materials & made 3.  They are really nice.  She will be bald soon. Lynn gave her a wig but Barb thinks it's a shade too light.  She bro't it to the beauty shop & they will see if they can darken it a bit.  She also had her hair cut short so there won't be so much hair around.

The roof at church has been shingled & is ready for the steeple.  It has to be painted first so it will be a couple of weeks.  We need rainless weather.  One of the members will paint it. People in the area miss the steeple.

The pastor told us she received an "arrest paper".  In Aug. she goes to "jail" at the Holiday Inn for an hour.  She asked for people to bail her out for muscular dystrophy.  She doesn't know who suggested her name but she's willing to help for a good cause.  I'm sure members will donate.  I will.

We've really have had some loud thunder blasts.  The A.M. one sounded like it was over the house.  I thought something was falling down.

The Buff. paper had a review of Sue Grafton's new book.  It sounds interesting, tho I haven't read any of her latest ones.

I sent, rather called in an order to Penneys.  For a sweater, & 2 tops.  I did it finally as of the 20th I could get free postage on an order of $25.00.  A cardigan sweater.  Getting ready for fall.  Also hope to find a suit -- maybe in Jamestown.

From 3-5 pm Perry Mason is on TV.  Most of the time you'll find me watching it.

Wed. the 21st

Barb is having treatment this A.M.  She had to be there at 9 A.M.  Kim picked her up.

I got the garbage ready & made applesauce from apples in the fridge   It was that or in a week or so, throw them out.  My "thrifty" side said "make applesauce".  Then I washed the floor.  Now I'm taking it easy before lunch.

Yesterday we got groceries & went to the Mall & CVS.  Both of us needed meds.  Barb has to take pills before & after her treatment.

Barb appreciated your card.  At a time like this cards help.

The elec. panel for the security system at Bert's must have been hit by lightning -- it was only a year old.  Mon. Barb was at her house from 8-12 waiting for a man to check it out. Ditto Tues. for the man to repair it.  Now Bert doesn't know when she'll be back as her eyes are bothering her.  She said she wants to drive when she's back in Warren but Barb thinks her driving days are over.

I always enjoy reading your library newsletter.  The library has a lot to offer.  I don't think our library has special activities for teens.  Barb wanted videos for when she is in bed so we went to the library last nite.  I got 3 books -- 2 by Sandra Brown & 1 by Catherine Coulter.  I might have read one of the Brown novels but they are very rereadable.  I didn't write down one new authors's and & now I can't remember it (her name) & it won't come back.  2 extra words -- a bad habit.

Barb was up for awhile, then went to bed.  Later she wanted a milkshake but it didn't stay down.

I fixed spaghetti & meat balls for supper.  Frozen meatballs.  Asked Dale how he liked them. Not so good -- not as good as last time.  They were meatballs I made.  What a surprise. They were a little spicy but I didn't think they were bad at all.

It's finally hot weather.  But we can't complain as so far we've had a cool summer & summer is about half over.  One more week in July then Aug. & nites get cooler in Sept.

Lar & Kim will fly to Fla.  They'll only go for 4 days but it gives them time to spend with her niece & nephew.  Never can remember which letter comes first in niece, I or E.

I started reading Best Kept Secrets by Sandra Brown.  Set in Texas & I'm enjoying it.

Thurs the 22nd

Kim & Lar were here for dinner  & then Lar & Dale installed a new Hunter Fan in Barb's room. The old fan was too noisy.  It's a nice one, the new one.

Tomorrow Kim will take me to my hair appt.  I had told Sheila I wouldn't be there this week, but Kim called to tell me she'd take me.  I know she has a busy schedule so if I miss a hair appt. that is OK.

Barb's recovery after chemo this time is much better than 3 weeks ago.  She is keeping food down & is up more.  She has to get a shot to help her blood -- so it stays normal.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Friday, July 9, 2004

I'm starting a letter early so I get the subject right.  Barb had a blood test today & her white blood cell count is low & that makes Barb's body defense against infection dangerous.  Tomorrow, Sat, she starts a series of 5 shots.  And to protect her from infection she can't go to the Mall or places where people are.

We went to the Mall but she stayed in the car.  On the way home we noticed Hatch Patch had fresh corn.  So I got some.  And yellow squash.  We have zucchini from the garden. Mixed they are so good.

I got my hair cut today & it feels so good to have it shorter.  Sheila was saying they are doing very good in their business.  With their own business almost a year old, they can see that Jerry wasn't very fair to his workers financially.  He is back doing haircuts  etc.  but isn't getting his former customers back.  He never bothered to let them know he was closing his shop.  Sheila & Sue "inherited" many of the customers & they choose to stay with S&^S. It's a dog eat dog world.

Are you as happy as Barb is with Kerry's choice of V.P. to be Edwards?  I mute ALL political ads.  Next in line is all the "Carb" ads.  The companies have to get on the band wagon & get more moola!

Barb has lost weight & hopes to stay at her present weight.

Did you notice the Mets might get a Cuban pitcher (if he passes his physical) & he could be ready before the end of the season.  23 years old.  Defected last year, I think.  They've agreed on a contract.

Kim was telling us about her sister in Fla.  She quit smoking & hopes it's for good.  She was smoking & blew smoke in her son's face.  He said, "Mom, you know I asked you not to blow smoke in my direction."  Both kids are anti smoke.  That nite her sister had a dream she quit smoking.  The next A.M. she had her coffee minus the cigarette.  She is keeping up on no smoking.  Kim hopes it really works this time.  Her husband smokes & wants to quit but he is overweight & wants to wait til he loses weight.

Sat. the 10th

In one week you'll be busy, busy, busy as well as the preceding 2 weeks.

We hope you'll be able to make it home.  I'm already dreaming about menus, etc  It is fun to make plans even if they don't come true.

My sleep schedule has changed.  I awaken around 5-6 A.M.  This A.M. I was up at 5:45. Got the table set & ready for breakfast.  I ate my cereal & decided to make coffee cake. Dale is on vacation this coming week but he said he could still have an A.M. snack.  Baked choc. chip cookies I started last nite & put the dough in the fridge.  Now I'm waiting for Dale to come so I can fix his Sat lunch.  Scrambled eggs, sausage links & English muffins.

Last Thurs I only had 3 dinner rolls & since it is a cooler day, I just set dinner rolls.  Have to bake when the weather is cool.  Suppose to warm up some.  T his summer is so much different for me.  Last year I was really lazy.  This year it is much easier to do my tasks.  Of course baking is fun work.  That fall must have done me in more than I realized.

Did the new furniture for the family room arrive.  You mention "and stretched out on the couch in the family room..."

I mentioned Dale is on vacation starting now.  He was asked if he'd like to go to school next Fri.  What was that person thinking?  Even if you don't  have special plans no one wants to give up a day of their vacation.  Naturally Dale said "No thanks!"

Mon. the 12th

Dale was up early as he needed to get a blood test before breakfast.  The Dr. tho't his cholesterol was a bit high & wanted to check.

Tues the 13th

I rained yesterday, really hard.  So Dale worked on his El Camino.  He's never finished it.

Today it is nice so this aft. he went to Jamestown.  Barb & I plan to go to Jamestown on Thurs.

Today Barb saw the Dr.  She didn't need the 5th shot.  Her blood is normal now.  She will have the 2nd chemotherapy on Wed. the 21st.  That way she'll have Mon. & Tues. if she wants to go to Bert's or Lynn's.  Bert called again last nite to see how Barb is.  S he isn't sure when she'll be home.  She is seeing her Dr. in NYC.

Kim & Lar won't be coming this Thurs. as they have other plans.

I started a puzzle -- a harder one.  I started it once & Barb finished it.  This time I'm sticking to it.  It is mostly tall tree trunks with red flowers at the base of the trees.  It will test my patience.  Barb is helping some.

Fri. A.M. the 16th.  Yesterday we went to the Mall in Jamestown or rather Lakewood.  Bon Ton was having a sale & I got a pr. of Capri pants & 3 tops, 1 was Barb's & had to wait in line at least 15 min. to pay for them.  Everyone as saying I don't really need anything but they stayed in line regardless.

Barb's hair is beginning to come out.  Now it will be more real when you lose your hair.

Lar & Kim want you to stay with them if you come.  Since Barb & I exchanged bedrooms there isn't much space there for bags, etc.  And for about 2 weeks Barb isn't that well & is in bed a lot.  But you would be here during the day for meals & we'd be together.  I want to see all of you as much as possible.

We've had so much rain.  Dale worked on his car & on a leak in the basement.  Not much time for sunning.  I hope these next 3 days will be nicer.

Hope your party had nice weather.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sunday, July 4, 2004

Am I happy!! The Mets won 3 games at Shea against the Yankees.  Won 4 of out 5 games & 2 were shipping the Yankees.  They only bad thing they were only on TV Fri nite.  Fox had the 2 Chicago teams on Sat. & when rain interrupted they switched to N.Y. so we saw parts of the game & luckily the conclusion.  Today I watched the Braves-Philly game & they showed scores at intervals so I knew what was happening.

Barb is doing better.  Hopes to go to Bert's tomorrow.  She said the lump is shrinking already.  Hope that means good news.  It's a tough thing to go thru.

I mentioned they had a potluck at work so that made Dale think they'd get Fri. off.  He was mistaken.  They don't even get Mon, tomorrow, off but they get paid for today.  He has a 10:30 A.M. Dr. appt. tomorrow.  They get time off for that.  I'm sure glad he continues to see the Dr.  The rolls went over big, even with carb diets.  Dale put $20.00 on my dresser for making the rolls.  He asked me how much I wanted.  I said nothing because he does a lot around the house & yard.  Now he's working on a leak in the basement under the stairs. Facing north.

Turned on the A.C. this aft.  It was very muggy outside.  Might as well use it & be comfortable.

Lynn called Barb this aft. & so did Bert who is in NYC.  She'll be home the 12th.  Her ankles are swelling so she is uncomfortable.  Bert didn't want to leave Warren, but her niece pushed her to go & Bert can't say no.

Our pastor was on vacation this past week.  Ray Forstrum preached today.  He is recovering from a kidney ailment.  He made a couple of mental errors but that happens as a retired pastor grows older.  Doug Decker was in church today.  He looks good & he is in the Atlanta area.

Mon. July 5

Dale will take a week's vacation this month & then he'll get a blood test.  He will have to fast as the Dr. wants to check his cholesterol.  I never realized how much the blood can tell a Dr. Not until I started having to get blood tests.

Did Andy enjoy his umpiring?  Seeing the game from a different angle.

While watching the Braves yesterday, one of the announcers said Chipper Jones has never missed the playoffs -- since Little League.  My heart bleeds for him!!! Ha! Ha!  They won't do it this year.  It's a cycle & they've been in the good cycle for a long time.  Hard to tell who will be on top.  The Astros are a disappointment.  The N.L. East isn't that good this year.  The Mets finally have a good  outfield.  They hit against the Yankees & I hope they keep it up. They "out homered" the Yankees & that's pretty good.  I'm not biased at all!

Tues July 6

Barb had to see the Dr. today but she didn't feel up to going.  She called them & they said it is necessary to test her blood.  (She wanted to call you tonite to tell you about it but I said you work Tues. nites.)  So she went & I went with her as we were going grocery shopping afterwards.  The new cancer center is really nice.  It turned out Barb was glad she went. When the Dr. examined her, she was amazed!  The tumor had been reduced 50%.  Barb thought it felt smaller.  T hose at the Cancer Center said kemo would never make it smaller & it should be removed.  We are all elated.  I called Gen & Millie to let them know as both are concerned.  When we got home Barb called Lynn & Bert & they were happy.  She was there 1 1/2 hrs & was concerned as I waited for her.  I talked to a woman who was waiting for a ride home, so the time went fast.  Just hearing the good news made Barb feel better.  And getting out helped as well.


Lar & Kim are going to a soccer game the end of the month with Dr. Jay & Nancy.  Kim wanted to know the date & Lar couldn't find the tickets.  (Nancy has them.)  So he started to search thru his dresser drawers.  He didn't find the tickets but he found $500.00 he had squirreled away.  He couldn't remember putting it there.  He also has money in their attic (apt) with the flying squirrels.  Kim wont' go near the squirrels.  She made almost $200.00 on her garage sale.  There were 4 of them & together they took in $700.00.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Monday, June 28, 2004

I'll tell you why I'm thankful for strawberries!  Barb picked 4 qts.  2 for her & 2 for me to make straw. jam.  I got the jars ready, looked for lids & of course I'd forgotten to write it on my grocery list.  I saw I had a pkg but didn't really check.  So I got my berries ready, washed jars, etc. & then noticed the lids were for qts.  So I decided I'd have to walk over town & get some after lunch.  Went to the post office, to Crones to see if they carried canning supplies. They didn't.  Then I cashed a check for July exp., walked to BiLo & got my lids & 3 glazed donuts & a cup of coffee & rested a bit.  I divvied my money into budget envelopes, changed my clothes & started making jam.  Got 6 pints.  It's so much better than store bot.  I've been afraid to walk over town because of the time my knees buckled.  Today I was forced to face the monkey on my back & now I know I can do it.  I'm really happy over that.

Kim called around 2 pm to say Barb called.  She was scheduled for 9:30 kemo but she was about to start around 2.  Others were ahead of her, but why did she have to be there so early.

I did my regular chores today & have supper simmering on the stove.  Chop suey.  And I feel good.

Barb felt pretty good when she came home.  They found cancer in the lymph nodes but it hasn't gotten into the bone.  She had a catalog from the cancer society to order a wig & head coverings.  It takes about 2 weeks to start losing her hair.  After a couple of days she can drive.

I'm so happy for Cyndi & Albert and the new baby.  They waited a long time & now they have Joseph.

Tues. June 29

I'm moving slower this A.M.  After a shower I made my bed with clean sheets & have a load in the washer.

I overslept this A.M.  Woke up at 4:44 A.M., turned over & went back to sleep.  When I looked again it was 5:48 & Dale was already in the shower.  Didn't hear him get up.  Barb will take it easy today.  I'll work my 1000 pc puzzle & be quiet for awhile, meaning take it easy.

Wed. last day of June

Barb still isn't feeling good.  Can't keep food down -- not even medicine.

Lar called & Kim won't be coming Thurs. because she's working on her garage sale for Fri.

Dale got a $300.00 catalogue gift certificate from work.  He had to decide on something by the end of June.  He ordered a camera & I'm enclosing a sheet about it.  He showed it to me & I tho't you'd be interested.

I finished my puzzle today.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  And I didn't lose any pieces.

July 1

Barb feels a little better today.  I told her she should be up more but she didn't take my advice.

Kim was telling us about a party at Bones Blair's former house (estate) next to them.  They always have a 4th of July party -- fireworks, etc.  Kim & Lar's friends Dr. Jay & Nancy are always invited but never attend.  This year the Dr. thinks they should.  They've heard at the end of the party they exchange mates & "enjoy" themselves.  Nancy said to Kim, "if that happens I'm coming over to your place & watch soccer."  Lar & Kim are out there overnite. So that's how the "other half live!"  The host is a Dr. as well.  Came here from Pittsburgh.

Dale just came home for the Danish for his potluck at work.  He says they're all on "carbs" diets trying to lose weight.  But one of the gals there, Sherry, will take any leftover rolls.  She'd like me to make some for her, but I'm not getting into that.  I was up at 5 A.M. to get started.  Also make a strawberry pie & got the garbage out.  When I work, I work & when I'm lazy I'm really lazy so it evens out.

Dale doesn't work tomorrow, Fri, so he will take me to get my hair done if Barb isn't better.

Barb said she's feeling better & is able to keep food down.

I'm watching tennis.  Interesting matches.

Look for obit on Billie Foster. Said stepson Mike F. preceded her in death.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Finally a clear, humid-free day.  It will dry things out so Dale can mow the lawn later.  He's going to Jamestown this aft.

I'm watching golf.  Very interesting golf course.

Barb's body is sore but she's doing fine.  They put her in a room & she could hear the A.C. fan & some noises drive her crazy.  She knows she couldn't spend the time or night there. But she was better off in her own bed anyway.  Next it's the kemo.  Hope it all works out in her favor.

Last nite at the Mets-Detroit game they honored Mike Piazza for breaking the catcher's home run record.  Yogi Berra, Pudge (Boston & Chicago), & the kid, Met catcher in 80s (can't remember names) were there.  He got a yellow 300 HP sports car from a Chevy dealer, a watch & a bottle of fine French dessert wine from his fellow players, plus other things.  It was very nice.  He said to the Detroit catcher, Pudge Rodre* -- can't spell it, former Marlin catcher, "I hope I'll be at a doing for you after you've broken my record".  And the Mets broke a 2-2 tie in the 9th with 2 outs & 2 strikes on the one at the plate.   Mike Cameron home run. Exciting.

I learned how to spell "Rodriguez"  I'm watching the Mets & saw it in the line up.

The fall Penney's catalog (dream book) came yesterday & have enjoyed looking thru it.  I've seen a couple of things I'd like to order.

It's a beautiful day (Sun. June 20) 2 days in a row.

This A.M. I couldn't decide about going to church.  At 8:55 A.M. I was just getting dressed, but otherwise ready.  I decided to go even tho I coughed during the nite.  I was glad I did. There was a baptism -- the 4th daughter -- & she is a little doll.  And I didn't cough.  9:30 service.

Do you remember Linda Jacobson -- her brother your age -- she was in church today.  she is so attractive but way too heavy.  She teaches in Fla, has for a long time, and loves Fla.  It was in the hi 40s this A.M. & she felt the cold.

As soon as the Mets-Detroit game is over, I'll switch to golf.  Oh yes, the Mets are leading 5-1 in the 7th inning.  And Atlanta is losing.  Did Andy notice as of 6-20 the Mets are ahead of the Braves!  Hi Andy.  Hope they still are when this letter is read.

In golf Barb was rooting for Phil Mickelson & I was rooting for Retief Goosen (S. Africa) & my man won.  To me it seemed like overkill when the announcers talked about Phil.  I suppose they wanted an American to win, but that's the way the ball bounced.

When Charles & Sandy come we'll eat here.  Barb find it hard to work on her hair & wouldn't care to eat out.  Will have steaks, pot. salad, green beans, salad, rolls & a strawberry dessert.  Barb said she should be able to cook the steaks.

First Day of Summer & I've been busy.  In addition to 4 loads of laundry, (Dale turned his mattress & put the mat. pad in the wash) I made Dale's bed & cleaned the bathroom.  Made the batter of a sugar cooky & baked them after lunch.  Cleaned di the dishes, etc.  Sampled the cookies with a cup of coffee.  Then I washed the kitchen floor.  Why the extra activity? Barb isn't feeling up to snuff & has a hard time fixing her hair so she didn't want to eat out.  I called Kim today & forgot to wish her Happy Birthday.  she tho't it would be too much for me but I told her I have the menu (I'm repeating myself) all planned.  Steak, pot. salad, green beans, veggies for salad, rolls (I have to make them), strawberry shortcake for supper dessert.  They didn't know when Charles will be in.  I said send them over & we can sit (hopefully) on the porch & talk & have lemonade & cookies.  That's why I had more jobs today.

Tomorrow we'll get groceries & I'll make dinner rolls.

Wed A.M., I'll get everything all ready so I can visit with them.  We won't eat til 7 p.m. to give Lar an extra hour to work.  He's getting behind in his after work jobs.  Weather hasn't helped either.

I said to Barb I'll have an easy to fix supper.  She said order pizza & make salads.  Good idea.  That is what I'll do -- order pizza.

We didn't eat til about 6:15 & I cleaned up.  I can't seem to make the right choc. chip cooky. Think I found the right one & made a batch of C.C. cookies.  They taste good to me so I hope it's the right one.  I'm soon ready for bed that will watch Cleveland vs. Chicago White Sox for awhile.

Tues. June 22

Got dinner rolls made & went to the Mall & Quality Mkt.   Got strawberries at Hatch Patch. They are so good.  Joyce O'Connor called this A.M. & asked if Barb would need a ride to the hosp.  I said Kim would help.  She said be sure to call if we needed help.  Bev's son's wife had a son last Oct U& Barb's daughter Melissa had a son Dec. 23.  Both are growing fat.  So Joyce is a great grandmother.

Thurs the 24th

Charles told Lar they'd be here the 23rd or 24th but settled on the 23rd.  We waited & waited -- no call, no Charles.  We had our dinner & Kim's birthday.  At 8:15 I got a call from Lar. Charles had called & would be here around noon.  They'd go out for lunch.  But I had already sprayed the oven & racks & I can't stop now.  So I said I'd skip lunch & they'll come over this aft.  What a mix up.

For Kim's birthday, I got her a box of golf balls & cash to equal 50.00  She said I'm not your daughter so you shouldn't give me as much.  I said my daughters-in-law get the same as my children.  I consider both Kim & JoAnna as daughters & love all of your equally.  Kim said she'd get a new golf glove.  She doesn't eat dessert so I fixed a few strawberries in a small bowl & put a candle in one so she had a candle to blow out.

I sprayed the oven & racks at 89 A.M. so it is almost time to get going.

Charles, Sandy & Lar came over about 3:15 p.m. & we had a nice visit.  Sandy loved our porch.  I think Charles has mellowed a lot.  Maybe Sandy is good for him.  I'm glad we had a chance to visit with them.  Lar can work this aft.  Char. & S. left to start on their way home. Want to be home Sat. nite.  Saw pictures of their home & grandchildren -- 2 boys.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunday, June 13, 2004

I went to church this A.M. & had a coughing spell during the sermon.  Nothing helped, but I finally stopped.  We have had some leaking around the steeple so we had a meeting after services.  Before the vote, the leak was explained as well as what needs to be done.  They will take the steeple off, fix around the area, & put the steeple back on a cushion of some sort.  They also said some thought we shouldn't put the steeple back & the floor was opened for comments.  I said we need the steeple or it will look like a motel.  (Someone once wondered if it was a motel.)  It will be fixed & the steeple put back on.  I don't usually speak up, but to look complete, the steeple is needed.

Warren's graduation was bad.  Some years ago, they bro't beach balls to outside graduation. Now they added a blown-up penis (a nurse popped it) & water filled balloons. Some parents encouraged it.  One of Kim's friends, a teacher at Warren, refuses to go to graduation.  It's a farce.  The parents don't even dress up.  After graduation, Sheila cut one kids hair.  She said to him, "You guys didn't act very nice at graduation" -- he said don't include me in "you guys".  So not all kids like that kind of humor.

Sheffield's principal is transferred to Youngsville.  Kim didn't always see eye to eye with him, but she hates to see him go.  He put into practice orders from Central office & they (others) don't always do that.  They refuse to.

As usual, I'm watching the Mets vs. Royals.  Mets 3-0.  I'm holding my breath to see if they can be ahead in the 9th.  They need to win at least 1 game!!!!

Kim plays golf every Tues. A.M.  A woman's league (Blueberry) & Kim made 46 for 9 holes. She was pleased.  Kim had low net of 31, whatever that means.  I know par, birdie, & eagle & that's about all.  She was pleased.  If the Mets weren't on TV, I'd be watching golf.

This year Barb planted lettuce in pots.  Last year the in ground lettuce was bitter.  She likes it better in pots & tastes better.

They said Art Howe shouted at the Mets after their bad plays.  I can't imagine him shouting -- he seems like a gentle man.  I think it's paying off -- now it's 5-0.

Dale got his muffler in his car after work yesterday.  He noticed he needs a new tail pipe -- was disgusted with himself for not noticing it as then he could have put a new one on at the same time.

We went to Jamestown but didn't find anything special  We had a fish dinner at Davidson's. Barb did find a birthday gift for Kim.  And we got groceries at Wegman's.

Tues A.M. the 14th of June

Yesterday the pastor called & wondered if I'd serve on the stewardship committee.  I told her I was 83 & didn't care to.  She couldn't believe I'm 83.  Also I had a coughing spell on Sun. but I hated to miss church.  I'm still coughing but I hope it's better by Sun. next.

Thanks for the pictures of your beautiful yard. That's a really big tree.  Yardwork is a good hobby.  I can see that Ed is really changing.  Hearts will get broken by your sons! Handsome guys!

Did you get the sports jacket you had your eye on?

Wed. the 16th

Barb will start kemo the 28th of June.  They wanted her to start June 21, but she wanted another week.  It's not something  person looks forward to.

One Sun. Lar, Kim & Betsy M & her husband, in their Miatas, went on a little ride to Salamanca, N.Y. &^went to the Indian Casino there.  They tired the slots but no big winners.

Thurs. the 17th

Made a strawberry pie & it looks delicious.  We're having chicken & biscuits.  Homemade biscuits.  And lettuce salad from the garden.

Just wrote a note to Ruth.

The hosp. called.  Barb had to be there at 7 A.M.  Around 10 the hosp. called.  They injected a dye & it takes time so she would soon be going to be operated on.  So maybe she's there now.  Kemo next.  Hope it all works out.

Cold is gone, but I'm still coughing.  SOon it will be over.  Otherwise all is fine here.

At 5:30, the hosp. called & said Barb wasn't able to come home yet.  The anesthesia & pain pills don't agree with Barb.  At 8:15 Barb called & said she wanted to come home.  Kim picked her up & Barb said she told them she felt better, but to Kim she said I don't really. Under her chin, she has a bandage patch.  I think she'll fell better in her own bed.  This reaction was worse this time than last operation.

Fri.  Barb is feeling better.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday, June 6, 2004

Yesterday we were a lazy bunch.  I don't know why colds set me down on Sat. & Sun.  I'm not in church because of my cough.  Dale had a headache yesterday & Barb is taking it easy -- I think she overdid things by cleaning at Lynn's too soon.

That is interesting concerning the number 62 in your life.  I don't have a lucky number but life has been good to me.  Carl chose me & we had a good life together.  We were able to live in the great Northwest visiting in Seattle & Tacoma.  Then living in the plains county of Mont. Finally settling down in Warren.  I have no worries in retirement financially so I'm a pretty lucky person.  On top of that I have 2 lovely daughters-in-law & 2 "great" grandsons.  What more could I ask for -- maybe 2 more in-laws, one female, on male! And of course 4 wonderful children.  What more could I ask for.

I guess the Minn. wedding trip turned out to be an expensive one.   You made it more interesting by going to the The Mall of America & the Zoo.

Larry called -- they had heard from Charles & they changed their plans & will stop on the way back from Syracuse.  It will be Wed, June 23.  Larry suggested we go out for dinner.  They will stay overnite with Lar & Kim.  I want to ask Charles if they sold the house in Beloit. I wouldn't think they'd want it left vacant.  That area has gone down in value.

It is suppose to warm up this week -- in the 80's.  It has been cold for this time of the year. I'm wearing a sweater to stay warm & here it is June.

I'm hoping the strawberries will be ripe by the middle of June.  Then I could fix strawberry shortcake & we could have it after we go out to eat on the 23rd.  That way Charles & Sandy (is that right) could be here for awhile.

Yesterday we watched the horse race to see if "Smarty Jones" could win the Triple Crown. He couldn't, but it was exciting.

I'll be eagerly waiting for more excerpts from "the books about the N.Y. Mets, of all things!" You are privileged, special, etc. etc. to read about such a worthy subject, The Mets!!  I recognized all the names of that worthy bunch!  Think I have that year book of the Mets -- or one of that group.  Wonder why he chose the Hooter waitresses or singled them out.  Aren't they mostly a southern concern.  Must be the short skirts.

When I saw the Dr. I got a good report.  Blood work good, blood pressure very good.

We went to the library & I got another book "The Edge of Town" by Dorothy Garlock.  Setting -- small Missouri town after W. War I.  Excellent.  Took one that looked interesting "Cold Day in July" by Stella Cameron but  I'm not sure I'm going to like it.  Had to get interested in.

We're watching golf in Ohio -- Jack Nicklaus' tournament.  The cicadas are so noisy over the TV.  A regular hum.  It bothers Barb but you can't do anything to stop it.  You could mute it but then you miss the "flavor" of the tournament.

Mon the 7th

I've finally warmed up.  After lunch, we went grocery shopping.  Finally all is put away & I'm watching my "soaps".

Barb has 3 Drs. to see.  One this aft. concerning the breast.  Next Mon. to check on the operation & I'm not sure when she see the 3rd Dr.  She received a card from Ruth written by Mim.

Barb will be starting kemo soon.  They wanted her to start Fri. but she wanted a little more time after having her ovaries out.  They are hoping the kemo will shrink the tumor & then they could get it out, if necessary without taking the breast.  They do it a different way now.  From what she said they don't use the veins but implant something & the kemo entered that way. She can't drive after having kemo.  Lar or Kim will help.

When Dale came home from work he said "Oh hum."  I said what's wrong.  "Guess I'm getting old,"  He isn't so "gung ho" about cars anymore.  He wants a new muffler for the Monte Carlo but he has a hard time getting started.  He ordered some mufflers but returned them.  Said they were junk.  Think he found some he likes.

Thus. June 10

They have local strawberries at Hatch Patch, so we're having shortcake tonite.

We had 2 days of hot weather.  Today it's cloudy & humid but cooler.  These are hard menu days.  It was Dale's long day yesterday   I made salads with tuna & that was enough after a hot day.  He had waffles, sausage & scrambled eggs for lunch.

Tomorrow Barb & I will be going to Jamestown.  Probably the last time for awhile as the kemo should start soon.

My 3 new rose bushes are blooming & they are beautiful.  2 different red (one more pinkish) & a light apricot   Gorgeous!  Did you try dahlias this year.  We have the small ones in pots & I like them a lot.  Wine & a rosy pink colors.  Barb plants lettuce in pots & one tomato plant in a pot.  4 others in the ground.

I'm feeling sad for myself -- since I had the cold, cough in Apr., why do I have it in June. It wakes me up during the nite.  Cough medicine helps but I Hope it goes away soon.  They only difference, I didn't lose my voice in Apr.  It's OK now.

I'm watching Braves vs. Detroit.  When I started watching, the Braves were in the lead.  By the end of the 7th, it's Detroit 7, Atlanta 4.  Keep it up Detroit.  If the Mets can't win I don't want Atl. to win!  An aft. game.  Rain out Wed pm.  I was wrong.  Today's game was scheduled for 1 pm

Torey is still here.  Lar had work to do & Kim went out with teh girls.  Gen called again  to ask about Barb.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monday, May 31, 2004

Last day of May!

Sat. & Sun. were sunny days but cool.  Today has been cloudy & rainy.  I read Barbara Taylor Bradford's book.  It was OK.  Lots of description of the library, drawing room, etc. but not much "meat" to it.

Now at 7:30 I'm watching the Mets at Philly.  It started at 1:00 pm but 2 long rain delays. Mets are ahead, with 6 outs to go, so I'm "holding my breath".  Can they win.  Mike Cameron finally had a 2 run hit.  He's been below the Mendoza line (however you spell it).

Barb still has soreness but she is doing fine.  On Sat. we went to the Mall as she needed some things.  A quick trip.  We thought about getting groceries today but the Mets came back on & I had to watch the game.  We'll go tomorrow.

I washed today but other than that I didn't do much.

Mets won!

Wed June 2.  Not much on TV.  Could watch the Yankees vs. Orioles but they don't interest me.  I'll see what the Pirates are doing vs. St. Louis.

The one nice thing about our cool weather is I can use the oven & it doesn't overheat the kitchen.

Barb got Marisa's graduation pictures.  I haven't seen her for a few years & she sure has changed.  I wouldn't recognize her if I saw her.  Barb was going to make an afghan for a gift but she didn't like how it came out.  She got her another gift.

Fri. June 4.

It was really cool this A.M.  I see the Dr. this aft.  I managed to get a cold with a chest cough & I have laryngitis.

Graduation services today.  The last day of school is Mon.  Kim said each period is about 16 min. & all you do it babysit.  A lot of kids will stay home, making today the last day.  The winter snow days mixed things up.

Last week I didn't get my hair done as Barb couldn't take me, so it felt good to have it done today.  Barb woke up with a headache so she is taking it easy.  I am, too.  Didn't sleep too well last nite & the Mets are on TV tonite & I'll have to watch them. They are back at .500.    They are keeping up with the Braves.

Kim thinks she might visit her sister in Fla.  Lar won't go.  Last Sun. Kim played in a golf tournament for SPCA.  Her first time out this year.  At Blueberry.  She usually plays in a women's league on Tues. at Blueberry.  Lar & Kim like to play on some Sun. afternoons.

Nothing special going on here.  Barb is doing fine & the rest of us are OK.

Last nite I got up about 2 A.M., went downstairs & the moon was shining in the eating area windows.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Monday, May 24, 2004

This aft. I went to the dentist.  Cleaning & a checkup.  No cavities -- happy day.

Tomorrow Dale goes to school with another fellow.  Near Pittsburgh so it will be a long day for him.  They leave at 5:30 A.M.  The other fellow said he didn't have any money in case they needed gas along the way.  I asked Dale what about lunch.  He said he'd probably have to treat.  Payday is Wed.  This fellow isn't married but spends his time in bars.

We've had some ants in the kitchen.  While I was watching TV, I could hear him in the kitchen cleaning.  He told me he cleaned the sink good & around it so there are no crumbs for ants.  He should be a husband.

Tomorrow A.M., early I hope, we'll get groceries.  It is Bible Study at church & I want to make a fruit salad for the pot luck but I don't have all the ingredients I need.  It's at 11 A.M. for an hour & then lunch.

When I talked to you on Sun, I forgot to mention the game Tom Glavine pitched.  Almost a no hit.  I was rooting for one but it was a one hitter.  I watched & rooted for Arizona's Johnson when he pitched his no hit against Atlanta.  It was great.  The Mets hit the 500 mark.  Hope it stays that way & goes up.  I can dream, can't I!

Wed. May 26

Barb got home about 5:30 after outpatient surgery.  Only the fibroids (ovaries) were removed. Lar took her for an 8:30 appt & Barb had his cell phone & called him.  They don't decide til 5 pm if the patient can go home.  Kim got a prescription of pain pills for her.  She has to see the Dr. in 2 weeks.  She hadn't had any thing to eat so I made her a peanut butter jelly sandwich -- her choice.  Lynn called & I told her what happened.  Barb wasn't up to talking now.

Larry received a call from Charles S. last weekend.  They are going to Syracuse & will stop off in Warren & take us out to lunch.  I don't know if they are looking to stay overnite -- maybe Lar & Kim could invite them.

Went to the library last Fri. (paid my $10.00 membership dues) & got 4 books.  Read 2 of them & enjoyed them.  A new author Dorothy Garlock's Mother Road.  Other authors: Barbara Taylor Bradford, Mary Baloch, & Lilian Jackson Braun, "The Cat Who Brought the House Down".  I've read her before & like her books once in awhile.

I used the crockpot for swiss steak.  I left it going so Dale won't have to zap his dinner.  Then I'll clean up.

When we got groceries yesterday I had a big order.  Dale would take me if I needed something & Kim said if I needed anything on Sat. she'd get it for me when she shops at BiLo.

There are no restrictions on Barb.  She can do things as she feels better.  Work, drive, etc.

The one rose plant Lar planted has buds on it.  I'm anxious to see the color.  The only flowers needing water are the hanging baskets   The rest have plenty with all the rain we've had.  We're suppose to have a nice weekend but maybe rain on Memorial Day.  We don't have anything planned for the holiday.  I'll watch baseball.  Tonite ESPN 2 has Boston vs. Oakland.

Dale needs new mufflers for his Monte Carlo but can't find any he approves of. He ordered some locally but returned them.

It has really surprised me that Mass. has allowed same sex marriages.  Never thot that would happen.

Dale was telling me about Randy Swanson's stepson.  He's really good on the computer & was in one of the southern states but has returned home.  Is living at home with his "boyfriend"!  Dale says "Poor Randy".

Thurs the 27th.  Last nite Dale was talking to our new neighbor.  He is comptroller at the Forge.  They are doing well & he told Dale the Forge is a gem.  I'm glad they are successful so we won't lose jobs.  Some slackers weren't rehired when the owners took over.

Barb is doing OK but she hasn't been able to keep anything down.  She said later she'll have some fruit.  She showed me her tummy & they went thru the navel & 4 other spots covered with a bandaid. Gen just called last nite so I told her about Barb.  Now I should call Millie. Gen will probably call her & tell her about Barb.

I'm trying a new chicken recipe that sounds interesting.  You flatten a chicken breast U& put a spinach filling in it, fold it over & fasten with toothpicks.  You add onion, cracker crumbs & parsley to the spinach.  Marinate the flattened chicken in Ital. salad dressing.  Almost forgot that so I'd better start pounding so they can marinate 2 hrs.  It's just mid A.M., so I have plenty of time.  Bake the chicken & pour a cheese over the individual pieces of Lar & Dale don't really like sauces so I might omit that.

Barb had her ovaries and fallopian tube out.

Fri the 28th

Dale said the new neighbor wondered if the El Camino went with the house as he saw it parked in Carey's garage when they looked at the house.

Last nite Lar said he wondered if he'd have much extra work this summer & he will.  He just got another landscape job & he won't be able to do it til fall.

Back to the El Camino, when Dale talked to the new neighbor, he wanted to look at the El Camino closer.

Will be anxious to hear about the wedding.