Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monday, May 31, 2004

Last day of May!

Sat. & Sun. were sunny days but cool.  Today has been cloudy & rainy.  I read Barbara Taylor Bradford's book.  It was OK.  Lots of description of the library, drawing room, etc. but not much "meat" to it.

Now at 7:30 I'm watching the Mets at Philly.  It started at 1:00 pm but 2 long rain delays. Mets are ahead, with 6 outs to go, so I'm "holding my breath".  Can they win.  Mike Cameron finally had a 2 run hit.  He's been below the Mendoza line (however you spell it).

Barb still has soreness but she is doing fine.  On Sat. we went to the Mall as she needed some things.  A quick trip.  We thought about getting groceries today but the Mets came back on & I had to watch the game.  We'll go tomorrow.

I washed today but other than that I didn't do much.

Mets won!

Wed June 2.  Not much on TV.  Could watch the Yankees vs. Orioles but they don't interest me.  I'll see what the Pirates are doing vs. St. Louis.

The one nice thing about our cool weather is I can use the oven & it doesn't overheat the kitchen.

Barb got Marisa's graduation pictures.  I haven't seen her for a few years & she sure has changed.  I wouldn't recognize her if I saw her.  Barb was going to make an afghan for a gift but she didn't like how it came out.  She got her another gift.

Fri. June 4.

It was really cool this A.M.  I see the Dr. this aft.  I managed to get a cold with a chest cough & I have laryngitis.

Graduation services today.  The last day of school is Mon.  Kim said each period is about 16 min. & all you do it babysit.  A lot of kids will stay home, making today the last day.  The winter snow days mixed things up.

Last week I didn't get my hair done as Barb couldn't take me, so it felt good to have it done today.  Barb woke up with a headache so she is taking it easy.  I am, too.  Didn't sleep too well last nite & the Mets are on TV tonite & I'll have to watch them. They are back at .500.    They are keeping up with the Braves.

Kim thinks she might visit her sister in Fla.  Lar won't go.  Last Sun. Kim played in a golf tournament for SPCA.  Her first time out this year.  At Blueberry.  She usually plays in a women's league on Tues. at Blueberry.  Lar & Kim like to play on some Sun. afternoons.

Nothing special going on here.  Barb is doing fine & the rest of us are OK.

Last nite I got up about 2 A.M., went downstairs & the moon was shining in the eating area windows.

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