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Monday, May 24, 2004

This aft. I went to the dentist.  Cleaning & a checkup.  No cavities -- happy day.

Tomorrow Dale goes to school with another fellow.  Near Pittsburgh so it will be a long day for him.  They leave at 5:30 A.M.  The other fellow said he didn't have any money in case they needed gas along the way.  I asked Dale what about lunch.  He said he'd probably have to treat.  Payday is Wed.  This fellow isn't married but spends his time in bars.

We've had some ants in the kitchen.  While I was watching TV, I could hear him in the kitchen cleaning.  He told me he cleaned the sink good & around it so there are no crumbs for ants.  He should be a husband.

Tomorrow A.M., early I hope, we'll get groceries.  It is Bible Study at church & I want to make a fruit salad for the pot luck but I don't have all the ingredients I need.  It's at 11 A.M. for an hour & then lunch.

When I talked to you on Sun, I forgot to mention the game Tom Glavine pitched.  Almost a no hit.  I was rooting for one but it was a one hitter.  I watched & rooted for Arizona's Johnson when he pitched his no hit against Atlanta.  It was great.  The Mets hit the 500 mark.  Hope it stays that way & goes up.  I can dream, can't I!

Wed. May 26

Barb got home about 5:30 after outpatient surgery.  Only the fibroids (ovaries) were removed. Lar took her for an 8:30 appt & Barb had his cell phone & called him.  They don't decide til 5 pm if the patient can go home.  Kim got a prescription of pain pills for her.  She has to see the Dr. in 2 weeks.  She hadn't had any thing to eat so I made her a peanut butter jelly sandwich -- her choice.  Lynn called & I told her what happened.  Barb wasn't up to talking now.

Larry received a call from Charles S. last weekend.  They are going to Syracuse & will stop off in Warren & take us out to lunch.  I don't know if they are looking to stay overnite -- maybe Lar & Kim could invite them.

Went to the library last Fri. (paid my $10.00 membership dues) & got 4 books.  Read 2 of them & enjoyed them.  A new author Dorothy Garlock's Mother Road.  Other authors: Barbara Taylor Bradford, Mary Baloch, & Lilian Jackson Braun, "The Cat Who Brought the House Down".  I've read her before & like her books once in awhile.

I used the crockpot for swiss steak.  I left it going so Dale won't have to zap his dinner.  Then I'll clean up.

When we got groceries yesterday I had a big order.  Dale would take me if I needed something & Kim said if I needed anything on Sat. she'd get it for me when she shops at BiLo.

There are no restrictions on Barb.  She can do things as she feels better.  Work, drive, etc.

The one rose plant Lar planted has buds on it.  I'm anxious to see the color.  The only flowers needing water are the hanging baskets   The rest have plenty with all the rain we've had.  We're suppose to have a nice weekend but maybe rain on Memorial Day.  We don't have anything planned for the holiday.  I'll watch baseball.  Tonite ESPN 2 has Boston vs. Oakland.

Dale needs new mufflers for his Monte Carlo but can't find any he approves of. He ordered some locally but returned them.

It has really surprised me that Mass. has allowed same sex marriages.  Never thot that would happen.

Dale was telling me about Randy Swanson's stepson.  He's really good on the computer & was in one of the southern states but has returned home.  Is living at home with his "boyfriend"!  Dale says "Poor Randy".

Thurs the 27th.  Last nite Dale was talking to our new neighbor.  He is comptroller at the Forge.  They are doing well & he told Dale the Forge is a gem.  I'm glad they are successful so we won't lose jobs.  Some slackers weren't rehired when the owners took over.

Barb is doing OK but she hasn't been able to keep anything down.  She said later she'll have some fruit.  She showed me her tummy & they went thru the navel & 4 other spots covered with a bandaid. Gen just called last nite so I told her about Barb.  Now I should call Millie. Gen will probably call her & tell her about Barb.

I'm trying a new chicken recipe that sounds interesting.  You flatten a chicken breast U& put a spinach filling in it, fold it over & fasten with toothpicks.  You add onion, cracker crumbs & parsley to the spinach.  Marinate the flattened chicken in Ital. salad dressing.  Almost forgot that so I'd better start pounding so they can marinate 2 hrs.  It's just mid A.M., so I have plenty of time.  Bake the chicken & pour a cheese over the individual pieces of Lar & Dale don't really like sauces so I might omit that.

Barb had her ovaries and fallopian tube out.

Fri the 28th

Dale said the new neighbor wondered if the El Camino went with the house as he saw it parked in Carey's garage when they looked at the house.

Last nite Lar said he wondered if he'd have much extra work this summer & he will.  He just got another landscape job & he won't be able to do it til fall.

Back to the El Camino, when Dale talked to the new neighbor, he wanted to look at the El Camino closer.

Will be anxious to hear about the wedding.

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