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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

By now you are home after a nice visit in Eastern Canada.

Had a permanent this aft.  It's nice to have my hair shorter & more curl.

I started reading Emma's Secret by Barbara Taylor Bradford.  I was reading it but put it aside to start a letter.  She has so much description of house, rooms, what they eat, I got tired of it.  I like to get to the point of the store & go from there.  I probably won't read it -- it hasn't caught my interest.

Millie called Sun. nite to ask about Barb.  She said Larry's oldest son had a swollen knee & his mother finally got him to go to the Dr.  They finally decided he had lyme disease & has to take antibiotics for 28 days.  That is a dangerous disease.

Adelaide Welsh fell at home & broke her arm.  While she recovers, she'll be in a nursing home.

Yesterday Warren H. called & asked if I'd go to lunch with them.  We went to the Docksider at the Dam.  A beautiful spot to sit outside & have your lunch.  But the food is lousy.  I had a Reuben sandwich but they didn't have corned beef on it.  Some kind of ham.  I only ate 1/2 of it & the prices are high.  $7.95 for the sandwich.  But we enjoyed visiting & the surroundings.  They vacationed with their family in the Boston area.  Warren said he never believed he'd say this -- but he prefers the beauty of Western Pa -- the hills, etc. more than the ocean beauty of Mass.

Wed. the 18th

We went to the new mattress place in the old Betty Lee Bldg. but they were too expensive; at least those on the floor were.  So we went to Mattress & More in Pleasant Township & found a nice one there.  It will be delivered on Fri.  Just hope we can get the king sized one out OK.  Maybe it will bend enough to come down the stairs as it's over 20 yrs. old.  We went to the Mall & I got a mattress pad at KMart.  I should be able to get the sewing machine in my bedroom.  Barb got her set at the same place & she is satisfied.

Thurs the 19th

Lar & Kim were here but Kim had to leave to go to a doing.  It meets on Tues, usually, but this hostess chose Thurs. nite.  But we heard about the hurricane.  They were never in danger but still it wasn't a good experience.  The last one in this area was 44 years ago.  The neighbors of Kim's sister dint' have any problem.s  A neighbor stayed home during the storm.

The cook at the Crary home was fired after a 3 month warning.  Those in the home didn't like her or the food she prepared.  She was lazy & wouldn't bake cookies or dessert.  Just cold cereal for breakfast.  Never tried to make meals tempting.

Fri A.M.

I got my mattress & the bed is made.  I'm using my king-sized blanket for the time being.  My room isn't quite set as I want Barb's ideas as to where the sewing machine should go.  I might want a bookcase to hold some of my "junk".  It took awhile to move things & then move them back.  They took the old mattress out the little room door.  It was a hot job as it is cloudy & humid today.  I gave them a tip for the job -- it was wroth it to me.  The owner can't take tips but his young son helped so he got the $10.00.  My old sheets, etc. (still usuable) will go to the Goodwill.

Now it's for the kitchen seats to be recovered.  I hope it won't be too long before they can start on them.

Barb has a tickle in her throat & Dale has a cold.  I'm fine, "Knock on wood!"

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