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Sunday, August 22, 2004

We have a gorgeous day.  I'm sure summer will arrive once school arrivs.

I like my new mattress a lot.  Yesterday I got a bedspread at Bon Ton -- quilt type, and a blanket at KMart.

This is Kim's last week before school starts.  She saw her schedule & is unhappy.  She had a full schedule & 1 study hall.  (Kim got it changed.  The other Phy Ed teacher will teach another class.)  The other Phy Ed teacher has 3 study halls each day.  And in her health class she will have 35 students.

Talked to Denise Johnson in church today & she has problems.  They all started when Jim S. broke up with her (my thoughts).  She should have finished her nursing training then.  She married an older man, had a son & he turned out.  Will.  First husband died.  Married again. Bad mistake.  Second husband has been sick most of the time.  2 daughters.  Oldest is fine.  Youngest a problem.  They are at Beaty & the younger girl hits Denise who has bad knees & she goes for the knees.  Denise thinks they'll have to put her in a group home. Denise can't take it anymore.  I think she's made poor decision in the men she married.  I feel sorry for her as she deserves better.  She had a chance to be a school nurse at Beaty if she finished her studies at Pitt. Bradford.  Having the girls interrupted her studies.

Now that the sewing machine is out of Barb's room, she'd like a small desk for that little space.  And I'd like something for my stuff.  Tomorrow we plan to go to Jamestown.  Barb looked in the telephone book & found 2 places we'll look.  I saw something I liked in Penney's home catalog.  A group of 5 baskets in a stand.  Something like that would be nice.  Time will tell.  Barb is looking for unfinished furniture.

I'm watching golf on TV.  But once 4 pm comes I'll turn TV to watch the Mets at San Fran.

Gen called yesterday.  She was alone -- John was away for his job.  He found someone to make meals for her but she resent anyone coming in.  Says she can do it herself but she can't.  They eat out most of the time.  She was hard to talk to yesterday -- she couldn't follow thru on what she wanted to say.  I think she was lonesome also.

8/24.  The mail was late today & when I got it I noticed a letter, or should I say Epistle, from Paul.  Now it's 8 pm & I just finished reading it a second time.  I know you had a wonderful trip with so many interesting things to do & see.  Halifax must be a beautiful city with an interesting past.  Reading your letter was like a visit I could visualize.  The food sounded delicious.  Enjoyed the pictures.

Barb & I went to Jamestown yesterday, but we didn't find furniture we could afford.  Barb is looking for an unfinished desk.  Barb got a belt at Bon Ton & I found a navy purse on sale. Then some groceries at Wegmans & home in time for Barb to get a rest before she saw the Dr. at 3:45 pm.  She gets the "thing" out that takes the kemo into her body.  She gets it out next week but I don't remember the day.  Guess I don't always listen.

Marge Ristau from church (Molly's mom) thinks I've lost too much weight.  But I'm finding I don't need as much food as I'm slowing down.  I think my present weight is fine for me.

Yesterday we decided to eat lunch at the Mall -- at Subway's.  We both chose the roasted chicken sub & we liked it.  Mine on wheat & Barb chose a honey oat roll.

Thurs A.M., the 26th

I have a potato salad & a jello fruited salad in the fridge for tonite.  It will be a warm day so it will be a cool meal with fried chicken breasts & a zucchini dish for veggies.  Klondike cones for dessert.

Barb had an embarrassing instant yesterday, while she was taking "stuff" to Goodwill.  It was windy & the wind was to her back & it blew off her head covering revealing her bald head. The man didn't know what to think -- Barb told him she has cancer & kemo.

Barb found a book at the library she liked so she bo't one at the Mall Bookstore.  When she returned books to the library she made a mistake & returned the one she bought.  So far they haven't found it.  She hopes she won't be out 20.00 plus tax.  Who's forgetful!  Love to all.

Lar took your letter home to read.

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