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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

How was your trip home.  I thought about all of you each hour on the hour -- figuring where you might be.

Today I called Tremblay Upholstery & got a figure for getting the seats in the eating area reupholstered.  He will put in better foam, etc.  He'll bring by samples tomorrow.  He's quite a guy & a talker.  I learned quite a bit about his life, etc.  He goes to St. John's in Pleasant Township, so we talked religion.  I probably could get a new kitchen set but these seats are comfortable to sit on & will be eve better after being fixed.

Barb didn't feel good yesterday -- headache & upset stomach.  But today she feels fine. Worked at Bert's this A.M. & then at Lynn's.

It was so nice having you here.  I enjoyed all the things we did together.

Gary Tremblay, who did the measuring, etc. said a couple of times that we have a nice home.

Yesterday was a beautiful day -- today was nice this A.M., but now it's raining.  Just what we need!

Larry & Kim must be in Fla. now.  It will be a short trip for them, but at least they get to spend a little time with Kim's sister & family.

I reread the letters I received last Sat.  I had more time to read them more carefully & digest the news.

Thurs. the 12th of Aug.

Barb & I went to Jamestown today.  We ate lunch at the Red Lobster.  I checked my double bed sheets & the fitted sheets won't fit the larger mattresses so I got 2 fitted sheets.  At Penney's & on sale.  One white, one beige to go with sheets I have.  I plan to look for a double bed mattress set to give me more space in my bedroom.  Also got a top & pair of slacks at Sears.  Blouse on sale.  Tomorrow we'll go to the Emporium, Valone's shoe store, & Blair's.

Wonder how Lar & Kim are enjoying their trip to Fla. with the storms Bonnie & Charles coming in.  Hope they'll be able to get home on Sat.

A week ago we looked forward to y our visit.  Now it seems like a dream -- a nice one as I enjoyed every minute of your visit.

Barb has a new gripe.  They're talking of putting a skateboard park at Beaty Field.  I know our church has "no skateboarding" signs up & the kids need a place.  I don't know why she lets these things bother her -- she can't stop it.  I figure "what will be will be" so accept it.  It can't be where they play football & gym -- when the days are nice.

We've chosen materials to have the kitchen seat recovered.  A medium tan.  I'm spending my children's inheritance with this project & the new mattress, bedding, etc.

I've started another jigsaw puzzle.

Bert only weighs 90 lbs & looks terrible.  She wanted a flat tummy so eats low cal food.  Her eyesight & hearing are bad & she can't stand very long.  She needs to gain weight.  Barb had to help her get out of the tub.

Now some of you are in Nova Scotia.  I know it was a good time seeing new friends again.

Fri the 13th

Barb said you called this A.M.  We've been wondering about Lar & Kim & plan to call Betsy to see if she's heard.  Too bad the weather isn't nice but now they know what it's like to be in a hurricane.

This aft. we visited the Emporium but nothing took our interest.  Then to Valone's & I bo't 2 pair of shoes.  One for walking, on sale & so comfortable.  Also got a pair of navy pumps for dress.  I'm really spending the money.  Our last stop was at a coffee place near Valone's. Barb had a piece of cake & I had cinnamon-caramel biscotti.  I've seen biscotti recipes but never tasted it.  Very good.  I had Guatemalan coffee -- the weakest of 4 flavors.  They added hot water so I enjoyed it.  It's a very nice place & we'll go there again.

This letter won't get mailed until tomorrow.

Almost forgot -- our last stop was the library.  I got 3 books:  Barbara T. Bradford's Emma's Secret; Kathy Reich's Deja Dead, a new author Ted Benson recommended & another new author Jill Marie Landis' Heat Wave.  Tho't it looked interesting.  Which gets the most attention -- books or puzzle.

I still forgot that we went to Blair's to look around but didn't buy anything.  Took a catalog & they ahve some interesting things.

Sat A.M.

I was up at 6:15 A.M., came downstairs, & read my book "Heat Wave" about a female P.I. It is so good so it looks like my puzzle will be neglected.

Good to hear from you.  Halifax must be a wonderful city to visit.

Want to get this mailed.

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