Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just think in another month training for baseball & pitchers will be starting.  Happy Day.

The Steelers beating the Colts last Sun. was a thriller, but also hard on the heart, but the Steelers were the winners.  Can they go all the way -- only time can tell.

No school yesterday, a snow day, so Barb & I went to Jamestown.  Roads clear, no snow. Is this really Jan.  I found 2 stops at Sears, Land's End brand.  One a knit top & a blouse -- a nice print for spring wear.  And marked down a good amt.  At Bon Ton I looked at towels on sale.  Chose 2 large bath towels, a lite blue selling for 20.00, marked down to 9.99 plus 20% off.  They ended up coasting 7.50 each.  should have gotten 2 more.  I love nice towels but I don't use the3m for myself.  Bon Ton has some good sales.  If we go to our Mall alter this week, I'll look to see if they have the brand I got in Jamestown.  Towels, I mean.  Wish they had better blotching for older women.

I recognized Andy shooting from the free throw line.  Thanks for the paper.  Oh, in the Tues USA Today letter section, there is a picture of Sen. Russ Feingold with 2 other Dem. senators.  Nice to see a picture of someone I've heard about from you both.  A solid looking game man.  Guess sports is still on my mind.)

Last Sun. Alice Nasman called & said it was too cold for me to walk to church, so she would pick me up.  She wanted to drive me home, but I begged off, saying I needed that little walk as I would be sitting all aft. watching football.  Hope I didn't hurt her feelings.

Also yesterday I did my grocery shopping at Wegman's.  It is a large store & I still don't know where everything is, but it is nice to shop there because of lower prices.  Milk is much cheaper in New York.

This is Dale's long day.  Made lasagna for supper Mon. nite & we'll finish it tonite.  Dale says it tastes better the 2nd day.  I think it tastes good anytime.

This month we've watched a lot of movies starring Robert Montgomery & have enjoyed them a lot.

I just got some ironing accomplished & this AM, I washed the floor, so I wasn't completely lazy today.

Thurs, Jan. 19

My check book was off but I found my mistake so I feel better now.  It never tallies but this time it was off too much so I checked it out.

Tonite I made my favorite meal -- meat loaf, scalloped potatoes & cabbage.  Dale won't be home til later -- he's working on his winter car.  It's bad enough that sometimes I don't know what to make for supper,k but last nite I dreamed you folks were visiting & I couldn't decide what to make for dinner.  It was a dilemma for me. I woke up before I decided so I'll never know.

I'm watching a Humphrey Bogart & Lauren McCall Bacall movie & it is interesting.  Don't know the title as I came in after it started.

I want to mail this when we go to the Mall after I get my hair done tomorrow A.M.  No special news this time.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Saturday, January 7, 2006

Your letters are always a highlight of my day.  I chuckled when I read of your banana bread adventure.

Both Kim & I suffer from a crack in the thumb but only once so far this winter for me.  CVS advertised Burt's Bees cremes.  I got the cuticle cream & had cream & the cuticle cream helped to heal the crack & rough fingers as well as soften the cuticle.  The crack didn't fee sore as long as usual.

Alice Nasman called me this A.M.  I have to go back to New Year's Sun.  When I arrived at church I couldn't see anyone entering or any cars driving into the parking lot.  So I wondered if the holiday service had started at 10 A.M. & I didn't want to be that late so I returned home. Mon. at the Mall I saw Irma Thelin & she said someone saw me & wondered if I had gotten sick.  So I told her my story.  Then this A.M. Alice called & said she dreamed about me & woke up crying.  She thought I didn't go to church because I was made at her.  So I told her my story again.  I assured her I was not made at her & my not going to church was my fault entirely.  So we talked 45 min.  Twice she said "I'll let you go" & started in again.  I feel she needs someone to talk to so I let her talk & say yes, uh huh, etc.

The bare Christmas tree is still standing.  It is up to Dale to take it down & put it away.  (He did!)

When the car doors lock, one of them make a terrible noise.  The lock needs to be replaced. Dale ordered one at a cost of 39.00.  But if I had to take it to Shults to have it repaired, the cost would be 69.00 plus the labor.  So I'm lucky to have Dale do it.  I just pay for the lock.

This A.M. I used a ripe bananas & made ban. bread & also blueberry bread.  Th en a pumpkin pie to go with homemade beef-veggie soup, now simmering on the stove.  Our meal for tonite.

Kim & Lar will come on Wed. nite for awhile as Lar will be going to Lakewood with 5 other guys to play soccer.  For a couple of months or so.

The dishes from Lar & Kim were 3 boxes, service for 4.  2 of them are still under the tree. The big problem is where will they be stored.  Barb wants me to buy more shelving for the basement to store them there.  She loves the dishes & it was at her suggestion  they got them.  They are pottery & heavier to handle.

After lunch Barb came into the kitchen smelling very strong & Dale commented on it.  Of course that didn't go over with Barb.  What I'm trying to say is her perfume is very potent smelling.  Her response Dales does things I could complain about & then she does -- to me. I let it go in one ear & out the other.  Life is funny.

Just finished talking to Gen first & then Millie.  Don't have much of a conversation with Gen but Millie & I talked quite awhile.  Both had nice holidays.  Millie is glad to be closer to Linda & sees a lot of her.  She was telling about a lady who is 106 years old living in an apt. there.  She is still very sharp.  Reads, knits, etc.  But she told Millie, she is getting tired.

Thurs A.M. Jan 12

This A.M. Dale said it seemed like Fri because Lar & Kim were her last nite.  I agree but it is nice to have a day without much to do.

Tues. Barb spent the day in bed because she didn't feel good.  Not the flu like Dale had.  Wed. she was OK./

It is feeling spring-like but we know it is only Jan & we can expect more cold weather.  We are enjoying it while it is here.

The young couple across the st. have finally moved in.  It is nice to see lights over there again.  The little house is still empty & not much work is being done on it.

Dale got the replacement lock & put it in, so now we won't have that noise when the doors lock.

We've been watching some good movies on TMC.  Don't recall all the titles but enjoyed Now Voyager a lot.  Think it starred Bette Davis.  Sunset Boulevard was on but I couldn't get interested in it, but Barb enjoyed it.  I did look to see Gloria Swanson for a bit.

Fri A.M. the 13!  The other nite I watched the end of Wi. at Minn. basketball & it was an exciting finish with a win for Wi.

Hope to mail this at the Mall this aft.  One more nice day -- will winter return?  I like it how it is now.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Monday, January 2, 2006

I'm watching the Wi-Auburn game & your team is ahead.  I hope they can keep it that way.

Yesterday Barb grilled steaks for our meal.  The meat was so tender & grilled just right. Tonite we're having pork chops & sauerkraut, Pa. lucky start of the New Year dinner.

When I got a letter from the church pension assn. I found I will have a little increase as well as a S.S. increase.  That is always nice.

This A.M. I got a perm & I really needed it.  They last 3 months for me with a hair cut after 6 weeks.

This A.M. Barb was looking thru her purse & found her keys in a pocket she didn't realize was in the purse.  Think I mentioned she was using my keys.

We didn't go for groceries today because it is raining -- and we wanted to watch football.

Whatever bug Dale had (in the chest) it lasted all last week.  He still worked but didn't feel that good.  But he is beginning to feel like himself again.

Did you get a new coffee pot?

I really like the Betty Crocker cooky cookbook.  It has all my favorites in it plus some new ones that sound interesting.  Soon I'll be ready to make cookies again -- for my coffee break!

I agree concerning the Weather Channel's programming for "It Could Happen Tomorrow".  I don't think it will make people more alert to make preparations for a bad storm.  They don't' appeal to me at all & besides I have other favorite programs in that time period.

Bet you were surprised to find a scarf among your gifts.  I liked the softness so much, I got one for myself.  I don't like cold air around my neck.

The next time we go to Jamestown I hope to find a bath mat set & maybe a matching set of towels.  Towels are a weakness of mine.  I miss D&K as they had great seconds of towels cheap.  You had to check them closely & the seconds weren't' bad at all.

Concerning Tom, the cat, you can get over the counter worm medicine for cats & dogs, according to Kim.  Betsy (your age) gets it for her cat.

Kim told us about something Betsy sues when she feels a cold coming on. Called AIRBORNE, "developed" by a school teacher who was tired of getting sick in the classroom. It is created using "a unique natural combination of seven  herbal extracts, antioxidants, electrolytes & amino acids that offer vitamins & herbal support for hours."  6.99 for 10 tablets.  Can be found in drug store or KMart, etc.  I plan to look for it.  (Got it at KMart for $5.99.  It is good.)

Thurs. A.M.  My chores are completed including a banana cream pie for dessert.  The 1st Thurs. of each month they have a lunch meeting.  It's nice to get a break, even if Dale makes his own sandwich.  His late week Tues is when I fix a good lunch for him & if we have some kind of toasted sandwich.

I heard on Buff. TV the 39 cent stamp doesn't go into effect til Sun. the 8th.  We'll have to get some 2 cent stamps.

I watched the first half of Penn State vs. Fla & was fast asleep when they won the game. Wasn't as interested in USC & Texas.  Watched a little of it.  Both were exciting games to watch.  Of course, we were elated PA. State came out on top.  The Ohio State game was exciting as well as the Wi. bowl game.

For 2 days Barb has been frustrated.  Why, you ask!  She couldn't get on the Internet.  She called each day & they said there was a problem at Penn State.  Finally this A.M., it came thru.  When she called the first day, they told her it was either the bill was over due or a power problem.  The bill is deducted each month from my acct. so it can't be that.  It was the power.  When she couldn't get on the Internet she started knitting a sweater for herself.  It is a type of angora like yarn in a peacock blue & it will be beautiful.  She is using large needles so it will go fast -- if she gets back to knitting.

Valentines are out already & I bo't 4 of them so I'm prepared.  When the months go by so fast, it won't be that long before they are in the mail.

Fri.   It's snowing out but not accumulating.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday, December 26, 2005

It sure is quiet today after the excitement of Christmas.  I didn't wake up til 6:20 this A>M. As I was going downstairs, I heard Dale's voice.  "I'm not going to work today.  I have congestion in my chest."  So he has been taking it easy.  Resting & he hasn't eaten that much.

I did my regular duties of washing 3 loads & making Dale's bed with clean sheets.  After lunch Barb & I went grocery shopping.

We had a nice Christmas & Santa was very good to all of us.  The 2 silver trays you gave me are very pretty & I like them a lot.  We all got the regular run of gifts.  The dishes from Lar & Kim are very pretty & looked so nice on the table.  The biggest problem is where do I store them.  Barb says we'll have to look for a shelf for the basement to store them.  Barb was so pleased the boys liked their gifts.  She fretted over them once she had ordered them so was happy to hear they were pleased.

I didn't get last week's letter mailed until today & most likely it won't go out til tomorrow.

It's been trying to snow today but it is still mild.  Dale gave me a new outdoor thermometer & put it up on the font porch.  One that is easier to read.  He also gave me an oven (meat) thermometer & I used it on the turkey breast for Christmas.  Worked fine.

Last Fri. at Shults they had a pot luck lunch at noon.  They  had prizes & Dale finally won something -- $50.00.

Heard from Gerald & Darla.  Chance is in the 5th grade & doing well.  They were expecting one of her sons & family for Christmas.

At the grocery store today, I noticed a jump in some of the prices of groceries & meat.  Must be the high price of transportation.

Thurs. I don't have to fix dinner so as will be going to Lar & Kim's.  They'll put the queen sized mattress in the guest room.  It isn't that old so should be more comfortable the next time you visit.  The king-sized bed will provide more room for Kim as Torey sleeps with them now.  They hate to push him off when he is getting old & slower.  It will be a sad day when they have to put him to sleep.

Barb has been using my car keys.  She can't find hers.  She has looked thru her jacket & no keys.  They must have dropped somewhere.

There was an article in today's paper concerning churches are hurting because the high cost of heating bills.  Churches like First Methodist are most likely wishing their church was less cathedral like now.  People don't want to sit in a cold church.

Made a date bread for Christmas breakfast & Kim really like it.  It is a favorite of mine.  I didn't get any Bond Ost cheese this year as only Larry & I like it.  It is quite pricey now.

Sheffield is losing 2 companies due to them closing or moving away.  Kim thinks that could affect the Sheffield schools as she thinks people will have to move away.  If the schools should close she would have seniority & "bump" a new teacher.  She wouldn't care to go to the high school as her friend teaches there & said the kids are bad.  Barb always thinks Sheffield is so bad but I say all the schools have problem kids.  "Oh, Sheffield is worse."  So it pleased me to hear Kim say because Warren is larger, they have more problems.  She'd go there if she had to, to continue teaching, but would prefer the younger grades.  It won't happen tomorrow, but it is on her mind.  When you kids went to school there never was an asst. superintendent.  Now there is with a hefty salary.  That could be a savings.  The school population is much smaller now.

Tues. the 27th

Dale went to work today.  He told me he was scared -- maybe he thought it was heart pains. But wasn't.  He dozed a lot all day.  At times he had a blanket around him because he felt chilled.  Can't remember if I wrote John sent pictures of their wedding.  Took 22 hrs. to get to Manila.  His best friend was with him as he also has a Phillipino girlfriend.  Fe must come from a well-to-do family judging by the pictures of her home & of the wedding.

I sit here wondering what I should do.  Can't do much until we take the tree & decorations down for another year.  It's easier just to be lazy!

My next letter will have an increased postage stamp on it.

Thurs A.M.

We went to the library on Tues. & I got 5 books, 2 of them new authors.  Read Thunder Creek by Jill Gregory, set in Wyoming & enjoyed it a lot.  Will look for more of her books. Read Double Shot by Diane Mott Davidson.  It was OK but not enough to make me read another of her books.  The 3 old faithfuls -- Twilight Whispers by Barbara Delinsky & The Bailey Chronicles by Catherine Cookson.  Both sound so good.  I can't decide which to read first.  Then White Kat by Sandra Brown.  I'll read that last as it sounds familiar but I like her.

We never got Eddie's latest school picture.  Didn't he like it?

It is nice to have a Thurs. when I don't have to plan a meal.  Or make a dessert.  My New Year's resolution is to fill each daily square with a meal plan so I will be prepared.  Hope I'm successful as that is my downfall.  One of them anyway!

Fri. A.M.

We had a nice time at Lar & Kim's last nite.

The Bailey Chronicles by Cookson is such a good book.  I'm enjoying it so much.  550+ pages.  almost finished.

Barb & I are going out to lunch.  Her treat for me making cookies for Lynn & Bob & family.

P.S.  Your Christmas letter was such a great idea & so much fun to read.  Thanks for including it.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's a sunny day finally.  This A.M. I wrapped the rest of my gifts after finding boxes.  I have to get another gift for Kim -- she likes candles so maybe I can find something interesting like that.  She suggested clothes for Lar so that was easy.  And Barb & Dale like clothes.  Only Barb has to choose hers so I get the right thing.  Dale & I went together & got her a jacket from L. L. Bean.  It's very nice.

The end of Nov. I got 4 candles & 4 Christmas dishes to hold them.  Used 2 of them & put 2 away.  And of course I can't find them.  I'm sure they are in the dining room.  But I did find the Anniversary Towel Barb has for you & couldn't find.  I found it on the top of the buffet in the dining room.  (I found the plates.)

Barb got her hair trimmed today & the back looks very nice.  The top is in curlers as she doesn't like how the gal styles it, so I will have to wait to see the results.

I have a schedule made up for the week.  Mon reg. duties & grocery shopping.  Tues. I must wash the kitchen floor for one thing.  Wed. I start 2 kinds of cookies to chill overnite.  Thurs. bake cookies plus a bar cooky.  Set 2 recipes of rolls.  Fri. up early to bake rolls.  Get hair done.  After that frost rolls for Dale.  Barb will deliver them.

I plan to order the prime rib dinner for Christmas Eve.  It includes the meat, baked pot., rolls & bean casserole.  I'll add salad & dessert.  Christmas Day I'll fix breakfast & then we open our gifts.  Dinner between 4 or 5 pm.  I'll fix a turkey breast with the rest of the goodies. Haven't decided on dessert.  That is easy to do.

Had a card from your folks, JoAnna, & they enclosed a picture.  Very nice.  They wrote "we celebrate our 50th next y ear."  Please send me the date of their anniversary.  I'll write it on the calendar & send them a card.

Mon. Dec 19

Heard from Dick today.  He is (helping) - working at Michigan Molecular Inst. doing consulting work.  Also started to write another book on spectroscopy & hopes to finish it in '06.  Heard from Shirley Carlson (Don) & she had seen David.  He had 2 operations on his back.  Has graduated from a walker to a cane.  He has retired & they are raising alpacas.  I think she said they have 17 of them.

Last nite I watched some of the Chicago game on ESPN.  I sure wouldn't want to sit in that cold weather to watch a football game.  But the people were well wrapped up even to covering their faces.

Last nite I woke up & was cold.  No heat in the blanket.  The connection had come loose.  I fixed it & in no time had a warm blanket & went back to sleep.

Today is Eddie's 14th birthday.  Another year & he can think about driving.  Does it seem possible.

Dale cleaned out his closet -- got rid of 4 shirts & I'm having him check over his sweaters. Someone can make use of them.  Especially in this cold weather.

The Buffalo Sun. paper had an article about 2 reporters doing Christmas shopping in the thrift stores.  It was very interesting -- the buys they found, etc.  They describe them & the cost. One item was never used.

Dale didn't get home til close to 7 pm.  He gave the car a good cleaning inside the shop.  It really looks nice out the kitchen window with lights off.  It really shines.

We ordered the prime rib & Barb will pick it up on Sat before the close at 5 pm.  I got a turkey breast for Christmas Day so I'm set for food.  Haven't decided on desserts tho.

Dale just brought down a large bag full of clothes he won't wear.  I'm sure they will make someone else happy.  It is hard for him to give things up.

Tues A.M. the 20th

I can't do much until Barb gets up.  The job on schedule is the kitchen floor.

It was 7 when I got up at 6:10 A.M.  What will Jan. be like after this cold spell in Dec.  We need a respite.

Larry said he did the Sudoku puzzle in the USA Today & solved it.  So Barb decided she had to try & she solved it & enjoys doing it.  Me, I just stick to the crossword puzzles with the help of my puzzle dictionary!!  Something you don't approve of.  But I've memorized some of the answers & that's good for an old lady!

Thurs. 22 of Dec.

Got the cookies baked & some out of the freezer & Barb made up a nice plate of cookies for Johansons.  Lynn doesn't bake -- maybe Pillsbury cookies.

Also set 2 batches of rolls for Dale.  Have the baking sheets all set to go; the table set for breakfast so when I get up at 5 AM I'll be set to go.  Would like to get them frosted before I get my hair done.

Lar & Kim were here for dinner.  Didn't make a dessert but had fruit & cookies.  Fruit could be salad or dessert.  Worked out fine.  Kim was a little late as some of the teachers met after school for a drink.

By the time you read this Christmas will be over.  Hope it was a nice one for you all.  May your New Years be filled with many happy & successful times in your lives.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sun. I called Warren & Anna to say I wouldn't be going to Jamestown with them on Mon.  So Warren suggested having lunch in Wrrn.  He cracked the plate of his "uppers" (teeth) & had to see the dentists.  They picked me up at 11 A.M. & we went to Holiday Inn.  They have been refurbishing it -- building & menu.  We had a really nice lunch.  He hate a 1:30 appt to see the Dr.  Could it be repaired or would he need a new one.  If a new one, they might be back this coming week to pick them up.  It was fun to be together again -- they are good friends.  I had my last appt. with Dr. Vance.  It is much better but there is still soreness.

Dale had to go to a 1 day session close to Pittsburgh for schooling.  He left at 56:30 A.M.l or so & he should be home by 7 pm.  I have a crockpot meal for supper.  It is a cold but clear day so that's good.

Warren & Anna got a $380.00 gas bill for Dec.  They have a house built in 1957 & it has its cold spots.  Warren said he paid 40,000 for it 10 yrs ago.  What would he get for it now -- I said double?  No, he said $30,000 as there are 200 houses for sale in Ridgway.  We are reaping the results of Dad's hard work in replacing all the windows, 2 doors, some insulation, etc.

Too bad I didn't know you'd like a couple of Fox network Christmas tree ornaments.  I could have ordered a couple lfor you!!!!

Warren was telling about one of the pastor couples that used to get together with us.  The wife has been in the Kane Luth. Home for a couple of years with Alzheimer's.  Now she can't swallow & just lies there.  He grew up in Wrrn.  Sig Decker.  Warren preaches at a small church but like a Sun. off now & then & Sig used to help.  Now he tells Warren he can't think & can't prepare a sermon.  Has lost weight, etc.  Also said he has trouble figuring his check book.  Warren feels he has just given up & is concerned.  That is so sad.

Heard from Millie.  Sh e has a small tree & has decorated her apt.  Heard from Larry & Debbie.  Christmas Eve they'll be at Linda's & on Christmas Day they'll go to Allan's.  Millie is so happy at the retirement home & they have a lot going on there & she sees more of Linda & Larry's family.

I have the Weather Channel on & we could be getting a big storm. What a Dec. we've had so far.  Sure glad Dale didn't have to go to school on Thursday, & that today is a better travel day.

Thurs. the 15th.

Barb mailed the rest of my Christmas cards today & Ed's birthday cards.  Hope he gets them on time.  Kept forgetting to get Dale to sign his.

I've started our dinner -- pork tenderloin.  I'm trying a new veggie recipe -- creamed spinach taken from last Sat. paper.  Or was it Sun.  Barb tho't it looked good.  Pumpkin pie for dessert.

My day's duties are over & I'm watching Court TV.  Dale will go out & shovel the walks.

I have a couple more gifts to wrap but I need to go up in teh attic to find some boxes first & it's been too cold.  I'm glad I'm almost thru.  Then it is to decide what to have on Christmas Eve.  If I'm lazy I could order prime rib with baked potatoes, green bean casserole & rolls at BiLo.  No work for me except for salad & dessert.  Christmas Day I'll probably have a turkey breast & trimmings.  I'll have to make Danish -- 2 recipes -- for Dale for their pot luck at work. That is next week.  Can Christmas be that close.  Thurs. I have to have cookies for Barb to give to Lynn & family.  Th ink I'll make Russian Tea Cakes tomorrow.  The others on Wed. next week.  3 kinds.

When Dale went to school yesterday, Shults provides the car.  The small Subura & he didn't like it at all. Said it was uncomfortable & hard on his legs.  One the open road he used cruise control & then he could move his leg around.  They got a $106.00 bonus from Shults. Some expected more but there isn't a lot of profit in new cars -- more on used cars.  It's not really a bonus but profit sharing.  I think it includes all the agencies they have & the one in Warren does the best.

Kim has charge card with City bank & they said she missed a payment & charged her $40.00 int.  Even the bank called & said her check was cashed but they can't take their word.  They want proof & that takes time.  She has to fax the cancelled check before they'll change it.  Andy they werent' very cordial when called.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Dale decided the van needed new tires so he ordered them thru Shults, got them yesterday & put them on last nite.  Barb is happy & so am I with the weather we're having good tires are a necessity.  He put them on right after work & Barb was home by 6:15.  Dale didn't get home until 7:30 -- he had to put his tools away & clean up.  He's the only one willing to clean up  -- my extra fussy son.

Yesterday I finally went to the chiropractor & will go again on Thursday.  When you're older the adjustments he makes are easier.  It's still sore when I have to straighten up but getting better.

Barb said Scott's meds were increased & it makes him better.  Nicer personality & he is more willing to do his homework.  He's hoping  for a real gun for Christmas but Lynn says no to that.  Guns & motorcycles are his interests.

This is Dale's late work day so this A.M. I set my sweet rolls & hope they can be ready to bake in awhile.  Also have cooky dough chilling.  And I'm out of dinner rolls & should make them tomorrow.

This A.M. I wrote 3 notes for cards for Auburn & Bainbridge Island & one for Mont.  Also heard from Gene Hasselquist & got his card ready to mail.  Still have notes to add to cards for relatives & hope to get them set to go.  Just a few words to let them know how we are. Then cards for the Warren area.  Have you even started to think about Christmas greetings!!! Time flies, you know.

Thurs. nite Dec 8

Warren Hollertz called & said they are going to Jamestown Mon. the 12th to get Swedish food for Christmas.  Would I want to go along.  Told him about my sore back but he talked me into going.  But my back is still sore & stiff so I'm going to have to call & say I can't. Can't take the riding as Warren goes around Lake Chautauqua from west to east.  Stops at a Swedish store that sells Swedish shirts, etc. & then to the grocery store.  And they spend quite a bit of time looking around.  (Can't finding the word I meant to use in the small dictionary.)  And standing around a lot tires me so it's better to stay home.

We have old strings of light & Barb put a set around the mantle & it looks nice.  Then she put another set in the dining room by the windows & we like how that looks.

Dec. 9 Fri. AM

Just got back from having my hair done.  Started a load of wash; then a cup of coffee to warm me up.  It is cold & blowing outside.  The weatherman says we are getting Jan. weather early this year.

My back is still sore but improving, I hope.  Hope to start wrapping gifts today.

Made a recipe of Andes mint choc. cookies but only baked 2 doz.  Froze the rest of the dough for later baking.  It seems I'm the only one eating them -- don't ask how  many are left! Just a few.  They are so good with a cup of coffee.

Kim was telling about 2 of her 7th grade boys.  They weren't behaving during a basketball game so finally Kim made them sit on the bleachers & that meant writing them up.  During this time, they were continually using the "f" word.  One kid started to cry & said "My dad will kill me."  Parents are notified when written up.  The next day the kid apologized to Kim; call the kids to come & did the same to the kids.  Then the father comes in & asked if his son apologized sincerely & she said yes.  "Did he apologize to the class as well?"  "Yes," Kim replied,  Kim thanked him for his support -- the first time that ever happened to her.  Kim says he is a good kid but a follower & will do what the others do, even when he knows better. Kim said the father didn't call the son by his first name, but said Mr. last name.  Wonder if he is too much of a disciplinarian -- more fear than love, and that is sad.

I'd better get busy.

Sat A.M. the 10

It's 8:20 & no paper yet.  I have a coffee cake in the oven & it smells good.

Last Sun. the pastor announced the Christmas services.  Christmas Eve 8 pm & Christmas A.M. at 10 o'clock.  Then she said be sure to come as that is the only time we'll sing the carols.  There is so much emphasis on Advent, usually 4 Sun. & no carols can be sung & then Christmas comes & goes with little celebration.  I prefer the old way -- I thought the birth of Christ was the important subject.  Who am I to say.

When getting the Christmas ornaments I could never find the stocking holders.  This year Barb looked & brought down the ornaments & lo & behold, she found the stocking holders missing for 2 years.  They add so much.  Barb is going to the post office -- till next time.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday, November 27, 2005

This A.M. I was musing should I go to church.  My back is bothering me & tomorrow I'll have to call the chiropractor for an appt.  Getting up out of a chair hurts.  But the decision was made for me.  Marie Mathis called & said there is no heat at church.  It is a pretty new furnace so it shouldn't act up but it does.  So I'm sitting with the heating pad on my back.

Your packages -- 2 -- are about ready to send to you.  They'll come UPS.

We didn't go to the Mall on Black Fri. but we went on Sat. & we didn't have to wait in line to pay for our purchases.  Only in K Mart did we wait.  All 4 or 5 registers were opened with waiting customers.

All Barb's gifts are wrapped but not mine.  I'll get busy when my back feels better.  Think I was lazy & carried in more groceries than I should have.  After that my back started in.

Both Barb & I sent cards to Pete & Sylvia Yosten.  Barb also wrote a letter.  She read it to me & got emotional reading it.  She & Max were good friends in high school but drifted apart as they went their separate ways.  Max is the reason Barb joined the Navy.  One nite Max & some girls were going to Jamestown & Max told Barb there wasn't room for her.  The next day she went & joined up.  And after that Max decided to join the Army.  Barb told me that.

Tues. evening

Dale put the tree up on Sun.  Mon. Barb brought the decorations from the attic & I started to decorate the tree.  Barb put on the finishing touches & we have a lovely looking tree.  Barb's pkg are under the tree.  I still have to wrap my gifts.  We've also put decorations around the house.  Next I'll start in on Christmas cards -- glad my list gets smaller each year.

I'll enclose a check.  The boys want money for the Xbox so there will be 75.00 for each of you -- 1 $300.00 check.  As long as I'm able each one gets 100.00 spent on them.

Called Lar & Kim late this aft. to see how Torey is doing.  It was a long Mon. for them & Torey is doing fine.  Has a covering on the ear that he doesn't like & Lar & Kim didn't get much sleep last nite.  Torey does have an enlarged heart.

Dale saw the Dr. in Erie today.  We had a lot of rain & he said the Blazer drove really well.

Enjoyed reading your letter.  I'm so glad I'm not having babies today.  Suppose because of being sued so much goes on today.  IV's, tracking the heart, etc.  When Lar was born it was only the Dr. & me.  No nurse & afterwards he wheeled me to call Dad & tell him he had another son.  I was very lucky -- my deliveries were fast.

You could "read" when you were very young.  You could tell the name of each record & we never knew how you recognized them.  We expected a lot form you.  We didn't see it in high school.  But moving to Wi. was the right move & you have fulfilled your capabilities.  Better late than never.

I think First. Eng. in Gt. Falls bought the houses nearly the church.  Seems like I heard that.

Had a greeting from the pastor & wife who followed us in G.F.  He became a prof. at Augustana.  Now retired they lived in Arizona.  They decided to relocate to Seattle area as they have a son there.  They sold their home in 1 day.  Now living in an apt. on Bainbridge Island.  Dad's classmate Gordon Loren was pastor in Bainbridge Island.  We saw a lot of them when we were In Auburn.

Gene & Gladys Hasselquist were good friends.  They ended up in Minnesota.  Now retired. Gladys died a couple of years ago.  Also their son died.  Gene is still active & winters in Texas.  He could be a great grandpa by now.

Fri A.M. Dec. 2

It is snowing & adding up.  We were going to the Mall after I got my hair done but changed our minds.  Will go Sat. A.M.

Torey is OK, but Kim is a concerned "Mom".  Torey has taken to sleeping with them again & Kim gets squeezed out of bed.  Wed. nite she needed up on the floor.

I have to make 2 pies for church.  Finally decided to make a butterscotch meringue pie & maybe a strawberry pie.  Or a graham cracker pie with a vanilla filling meringue on top.

Yesterday I made Spritz & a sugar cooky.  I'll freeze some so they won't get stale.  If I want a cooky to go with coffee, I take one or 2 our of the freezer & put in the microwave & they are good.  I still haven to make rolls for Dale but only 2 batches.  If they have it on Fri baking them will be a problem as I can't miss my hair appt.  That always comes first.  I'll just have to get up early.

Barb & Lynn must be "sounding boards" for each other.  Lynn will tell Barb something & say "don't tell anyone!"  But Barb tells me as she can't keep it a secret.  And who would I tell so the secret is safe.

I didn't go to the Dr. for my back & I'm paying the price.  It is better but not healed.  Maybe I'll end up going next week.  It doesn't bother my sleeping.  Mostly getting up & down to sit.

Sheila knows the people who bo't Frank's house.  They've painted all the walls & woodwork, as they were maroon & blue.  Even the kitchen cupboards.  They would have had to do all of it twice.  The husband is anxious to move in as they are living with her parents.  It will be tough to move in the snow.  It will be nice to see lights there.

Dale is working on the outside Christmas lights.  Some are out & he had trouble finding the bad ones.  He finally worked out a system, bot' more lights & will soon have it ready to go.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Some good news to start this letter.  Patty Welsh Phillips is engaged.  I haven't met him but he is in church with her every Sun. U& he seems like a nice fellow.  I'm happy for Patty.

This is Frank's last day at the former Dunham home.  They sign papers tomorrow.  It went for $110,000.  They had to come down according to Gustafson's up the st.  So there will be little children on our block again.

I'm watching Pittsburgh lose to Baltimore & it is not a happy situation.

Barb & Dale went across the st. yesterday aft. to say goodby to Frank.  He said to Barb "Don't wash all the paint off the car" -- she was washing the van.  Bad weather is expected the middle of the week, so Dale has the Monte Carlo ready to put away for the winter & has taken the Blazer out.  He thinks we should get new tires for the van for winter driving -- he will look into it.

Nancy Bloom Davis is now a grandmother.  The oldest, a daughter Amy had a baby girl. Nancy went for a week to be with her in N. Carolina.  First grandchild for both sides of the couple.  So Irene Bloom is a great grandma.

Had a card from Millie.  She & Linda will go to Allan's for Thanksgiving & hope to see Gen sometime during the weekend.

Yesterday Larry called & said Kim will make 2 pies for Thanksgiving.  I used to order pecans from Texas & they always send info on prices, etc.  They had a recipe for Caramel Pecan Pie that sounds delicious.  You use brown sugar & milk, 1/2 c. B. sugar til it bubbles.  Then make a cream filling using 1/2 c. B sugar, milk, cornstarch, etc.  After it thickens you add egg yolks, & the melted B. sugar.  Meringue on top.  Sound luscious but sweet.  Maybe I'll try it.  You also add coarsely chopped pecans.  It said after the dessert your guests will be so sated & tired they'll heard for the nearest bed & leave you in peace!

Barb has all but 1 of her gifts wrapped.  I started wrapping yesterday.  We'll get the pkg. out in time for JoAnna's birthday.  By UPS.

My faith is restored -- Pitts. just tied the score 13-13.  5 min. left to play.  Other 2 QB injured & Maddox hasn't played that much.

Thanksgiving Day

We'll eat at 5 pm & the turkey smells so good.  All is ready or just about.  Green bean casserole & mashed sweet pots. ready to go into the oven -- about 4:15.  I made broth using turkey gravy broth wings.  Where is my mind -- on TV football game -- & have gravy made. Might add a few pan drippings to it.  Have to peel pot, etc. & finish the fruit salad by adding apples & bananas.  When we eat late it 's not so much of a rush.

We've had snow -- enough for Dale to shovel.  When I got up this A.M., the Weather Channel said 30 for Jamestown.  Now it's in the low 20's.  The snow has stopped but more is predicted.

Paul you'll have to get your scarf yourself.  We looked in Warren & Jtown & no light colors. All dark colors & not too many of them.

I miss not making a pumpkin pie but I'll make one for the weekend.

Poor Detroit they can't catch a pass.

The Mets got Carlos Delgado & lost an up & coming 1st baseman in the trade.  Wonder if they'll get the Boston outfielder -- the one with the big ego.

Finally there was an obit for Max & it was a very nice one.  She was well liked & loved & will be missed.  She didn't know how to pick her men.

Fri A.M.

I got a haircut this A.M. & it's nice not to have  it not hanging on my neck.

It was cold this A.M. -- in the teens & I needed to wear boots, mittens, heavy jacket.

Our thanksgiving dinner was very nice.  The food was good & we enjoyed each other's company.  Torey has to have an operation.  I think they noticed blood in one car, took him to the vet as one ear had blood in it.  They'll cut the length of his ear to remove the blood.  He will go under.  First he had to have a complete check-up, including a urine sample to see if he can take it.  Heart, etc.  First call cost $96.00 & the operation will be a lot more.  That's their baby.  Kim hoped it would happen today but for sure on Mon.

Dale doesn't come home for lunch today -- doesn't want to lose his parking spot.  I make him turkey sandwiches but forgot to include the yogurt he has each lunch day.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ray Danielson preached in our church today & last Sun.  Next Sun. he preaches at Frost Luth & the last Sun. at St. John's.  I asked Eleanor what is happening at 1st Luth as Ray preaches there a lot.  It's over a year since their pastor left.  Guess they're too fussy.  One pastor said he would come but his wife got a new job & refused to leave.  Guess her will was stronger than God's Will!  How times have changed.

Last Fri. aft. Barb was at Lynn's & Lynn & Marissa had a big fight & both said words they will regret.  Marissa called Lynn a big fat bitch & Lynn told her to get out.  She wasn't suppose to take the car but she left in the car.  Both Barb & I wonder if she went home.  Went to a friend who has her own apt.  And she is back with the boyfriend nobody likes.  I hope they work it out.  Next year Marissa wants to transfer to a college away from Warren.  I hope she can get out of Warren.  Barb wasn't to tell anyone but I'll keep my mouth shut & you are too far away to spread the gossip.

Barb & I watched Buffalo beat St. Louis this aft.  Buff. put the rookie QB in after the other QB got hurt & he did a great job.  He started out in the beginning but made mistakes.  It was a little hard on this ego to sit  but he realized he still had a lot to learn.  He is the AB of Buff. future.    He has been interviewed on 5 pm TV & looks like a nice guy.  I hope he does well.

I started another puzzle -- one of pumpkins in a field.  I need to keep my hands busy so I won't snack.  Then the scale moves up & I don't like that.

No school tomorrow for students.  Barb & I plan to go out for lunch, do some errands & get groceries.

Tues p.m.

The moon is beautiful tonite.  It has been a cloudy day but late aft. it cleared up so we can see a full moon.

I dropped a hook behind the stove & when Dale went to look for it, he saw a lot of dust.  He moved the stove out, found the hook & cleaned up the accumulation of dust, etc.

Back to Marissa -- she was home for dinner last Fri.  Nothing was said -- both acted as if nothing happened.  The Dr. will increase Scott's dosage of his medication.  He can't have chocolate after 5 pm.  It is at nite when he gets really hyper.

Last night House Hunter was in Montreal & it was interesting.  Wife was pregnant & had the baby before the house deal.  They spoke English but I think they were speaking French to the baby.  It will be bilingual.

I got the turkey yesterday & most of the rest of the menu.  It was a big order & lots to carry in & put away.

I made a meatloaf for supper last nite, using a new recipe.  It was good so I'd better not misplace the recipe.  Made scalloped potatoes & green beans.  My favorite meal among others.

Barb just got a call from a friend & she told her that Max Yosten was shot & killed by her boyfriend.  In N. Carolina.  Jeff got divorced & followed his ex-wife to St. Louis so he can see his 2 daughters; Karen's husband died suddenly & now Max.  Poor Pete & Sylvia.  They weren't' married but lived together.  You never think that will happen to someone you know.  I'm sure more will be in the newspaper.

The news about Max knocked me for a loop & any ideas to put down on paper have evaporated.

Thurs A.m. the 17th.  Half of the month is gone already.

Didn't know what to make for dessert so I made a favorite of mine.  Graham cracker pie.  Van. cream filling & meringue baked to a beautiful light golden.  Looks delicious & it is.  I scraped the pan I made the filling in.  Never too old to lick a pan!

Scott isn't suppose to have any foods with MSG & he is mad.  All his favorite foods contain MSG.

Lynn went online & got news about Max's death.  She called 911 herself.  "I've been shot, I'm dying."  Such sad words.  She died on the way to the hospital.  With the life she lived & she lived a full one, maybe it was her fate to die like this.  When they drank they fought.  Nothing has been in the paper -- funeral notice, etc.

Scott told Barb he doesn't know why he has to go to school.  His future will be with motorcycles & "I don't need school for that."  I remember Dave Blair's mom being concerned because of some of the crazy ideas Dave had for a future.  Guess all kids go through that stage.  I can't remember any ideas you kids had.  But I remember being shocked when Barb came home & said she had signed up to go in the Navy.  Later she said she did that because of something that Max did to her.

She recently had some slides she took in Italy made into snapshots.  She enjoyed her time in Italy so I don't think she ever regretted her rash plan.  We never even had a glimmer of what she was going to do.  I know her 1st year at Robert Morris was related to partying & not much learning.

Hamburg, N.Y. has had 10" of now & it will continue all day.  Snow is in the forecast for us but as of 11:15 AM, it is clear but cold.  It was 25 when I put the garbage on the curb.

Every Fri. Sheila asks me, "What's new with you?" & I always answer "Nothing special".  Which is fine with me.  I can keep busy & I can loaf, & do a little of each.  But I'm satisfied with my life & that's all that matters.  I'm just happy I had 4 wonderful children & they fill my life with joy.  Plus JoAnna, Kim, Andy & Ed.  You all fill my life with happiness.  And I love your letters.

With that I'll end this letter.