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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Ray Danielson preached in our church today & last Sun.  Next Sun. he preaches at Frost Luth & the last Sun. at St. John's.  I asked Eleanor what is happening at 1st Luth as Ray preaches there a lot.  It's over a year since their pastor left.  Guess they're too fussy.  One pastor said he would come but his wife got a new job & refused to leave.  Guess her will was stronger than God's Will!  How times have changed.

Last Fri. aft. Barb was at Lynn's & Lynn & Marissa had a big fight & both said words they will regret.  Marissa called Lynn a big fat bitch & Lynn told her to get out.  She wasn't suppose to take the car but she left in the car.  Both Barb & I wonder if she went home.  Went to a friend who has her own apt.  And she is back with the boyfriend nobody likes.  I hope they work it out.  Next year Marissa wants to transfer to a college away from Warren.  I hope she can get out of Warren.  Barb wasn't to tell anyone but I'll keep my mouth shut & you are too far away to spread the gossip.

Barb & I watched Buffalo beat St. Louis this aft.  Buff. put the rookie QB in after the other QB got hurt & he did a great job.  He started out in the beginning but made mistakes.  It was a little hard on this ego to sit  but he realized he still had a lot to learn.  He is the AB of Buff. future.    He has been interviewed on 5 pm TV & looks like a nice guy.  I hope he does well.

I started another puzzle -- one of pumpkins in a field.  I need to keep my hands busy so I won't snack.  Then the scale moves up & I don't like that.

No school tomorrow for students.  Barb & I plan to go out for lunch, do some errands & get groceries.

Tues p.m.

The moon is beautiful tonite.  It has been a cloudy day but late aft. it cleared up so we can see a full moon.

I dropped a hook behind the stove & when Dale went to look for it, he saw a lot of dust.  He moved the stove out, found the hook & cleaned up the accumulation of dust, etc.

Back to Marissa -- she was home for dinner last Fri.  Nothing was said -- both acted as if nothing happened.  The Dr. will increase Scott's dosage of his medication.  He can't have chocolate after 5 pm.  It is at nite when he gets really hyper.

Last night House Hunter was in Montreal & it was interesting.  Wife was pregnant & had the baby before the house deal.  They spoke English but I think they were speaking French to the baby.  It will be bilingual.

I got the turkey yesterday & most of the rest of the menu.  It was a big order & lots to carry in & put away.

I made a meatloaf for supper last nite, using a new recipe.  It was good so I'd better not misplace the recipe.  Made scalloped potatoes & green beans.  My favorite meal among others.

Barb just got a call from a friend & she told her that Max Yosten was shot & killed by her boyfriend.  In N. Carolina.  Jeff got divorced & followed his ex-wife to St. Louis so he can see his 2 daughters; Karen's husband died suddenly & now Max.  Poor Pete & Sylvia.  They weren't' married but lived together.  You never think that will happen to someone you know.  I'm sure more will be in the newspaper.

The news about Max knocked me for a loop & any ideas to put down on paper have evaporated.

Thurs A.m. the 17th.  Half of the month is gone already.

Didn't know what to make for dessert so I made a favorite of mine.  Graham cracker pie.  Van. cream filling & meringue baked to a beautiful light golden.  Looks delicious & it is.  I scraped the pan I made the filling in.  Never too old to lick a pan!

Scott isn't suppose to have any foods with MSG & he is mad.  All his favorite foods contain MSG.

Lynn went online & got news about Max's death.  She called 911 herself.  "I've been shot, I'm dying."  Such sad words.  She died on the way to the hospital.  With the life she lived & she lived a full one, maybe it was her fate to die like this.  When they drank they fought.  Nothing has been in the paper -- funeral notice, etc.

Scott told Barb he doesn't know why he has to go to school.  His future will be with motorcycles & "I don't need school for that."  I remember Dave Blair's mom being concerned because of some of the crazy ideas Dave had for a future.  Guess all kids go through that stage.  I can't remember any ideas you kids had.  But I remember being shocked when Barb came home & said she had signed up to go in the Navy.  Later she said she did that because of something that Max did to her.

She recently had some slides she took in Italy made into snapshots.  She enjoyed her time in Italy so I don't think she ever regretted her rash plan.  We never even had a glimmer of what she was going to do.  I know her 1st year at Robert Morris was related to partying & not much learning.

Hamburg, N.Y. has had 10" of now & it will continue all day.  Snow is in the forecast for us but as of 11:15 AM, it is clear but cold.  It was 25 when I put the garbage on the curb.

Every Fri. Sheila asks me, "What's new with you?" & I always answer "Nothing special".  Which is fine with me.  I can keep busy & I can loaf, & do a little of each.  But I'm satisfied with my life & that's all that matters.  I'm just happy I had 4 wonderful children & they fill my life with joy.  Plus JoAnna, Kim, Andy & Ed.  You all fill my life with happiness.  And I love your letters.

With that I'll end this letter.

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