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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Dale decided the van needed new tires so he ordered them thru Shults, got them yesterday & put them on last nite.  Barb is happy & so am I with the weather we're having good tires are a necessity.  He put them on right after work & Barb was home by 6:15.  Dale didn't get home until 7:30 -- he had to put his tools away & clean up.  He's the only one willing to clean up  -- my extra fussy son.

Yesterday I finally went to the chiropractor & will go again on Thursday.  When you're older the adjustments he makes are easier.  It's still sore when I have to straighten up but getting better.

Barb said Scott's meds were increased & it makes him better.  Nicer personality & he is more willing to do his homework.  He's hoping  for a real gun for Christmas but Lynn says no to that.  Guns & motorcycles are his interests.

This is Dale's late work day so this A.M. I set my sweet rolls & hope they can be ready to bake in awhile.  Also have cooky dough chilling.  And I'm out of dinner rolls & should make them tomorrow.

This A.M. I wrote 3 notes for cards for Auburn & Bainbridge Island & one for Mont.  Also heard from Gene Hasselquist & got his card ready to mail.  Still have notes to add to cards for relatives & hope to get them set to go.  Just a few words to let them know how we are. Then cards for the Warren area.  Have you even started to think about Christmas greetings!!! Time flies, you know.

Thurs. nite Dec 8

Warren Hollertz called & said they are going to Jamestown Mon. the 12th to get Swedish food for Christmas.  Would I want to go along.  Told him about my sore back but he talked me into going.  But my back is still sore & stiff so I'm going to have to call & say I can't. Can't take the riding as Warren goes around Lake Chautauqua from west to east.  Stops at a Swedish store that sells Swedish shirts, etc. & then to the grocery store.  And they spend quite a bit of time looking around.  (Can't finding the word I meant to use in the small dictionary.)  And standing around a lot tires me so it's better to stay home.

We have old strings of light & Barb put a set around the mantle & it looks nice.  Then she put another set in the dining room by the windows & we like how that looks.

Dec. 9 Fri. AM

Just got back from having my hair done.  Started a load of wash; then a cup of coffee to warm me up.  It is cold & blowing outside.  The weatherman says we are getting Jan. weather early this year.

My back is still sore but improving, I hope.  Hope to start wrapping gifts today.

Made a recipe of Andes mint choc. cookies but only baked 2 doz.  Froze the rest of the dough for later baking.  It seems I'm the only one eating them -- don't ask how  many are left! Just a few.  They are so good with a cup of coffee.

Kim was telling about 2 of her 7th grade boys.  They weren't behaving during a basketball game so finally Kim made them sit on the bleachers & that meant writing them up.  During this time, they were continually using the "f" word.  One kid started to cry & said "My dad will kill me."  Parents are notified when written up.  The next day the kid apologized to Kim; call the kids to come & did the same to the kids.  Then the father comes in & asked if his son apologized sincerely & she said yes.  "Did he apologize to the class as well?"  "Yes," Kim replied,  Kim thanked him for his support -- the first time that ever happened to her.  Kim says he is a good kid but a follower & will do what the others do, even when he knows better. Kim said the father didn't call the son by his first name, but said Mr. last name.  Wonder if he is too much of a disciplinarian -- more fear than love, and that is sad.

I'd better get busy.

Sat A.M. the 10

It's 8:20 & no paper yet.  I have a coffee cake in the oven & it smells good.

Last Sun. the pastor announced the Christmas services.  Christmas Eve 8 pm & Christmas A.M. at 10 o'clock.  Then she said be sure to come as that is the only time we'll sing the carols.  There is so much emphasis on Advent, usually 4 Sun. & no carols can be sung & then Christmas comes & goes with little celebration.  I prefer the old way -- I thought the birth of Christ was the important subject.  Who am I to say.

When getting the Christmas ornaments I could never find the stocking holders.  This year Barb looked & brought down the ornaments & lo & behold, she found the stocking holders missing for 2 years.  They add so much.  Barb is going to the post office -- till next time.

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