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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sun. I called Warren & Anna to say I wouldn't be going to Jamestown with them on Mon.  So Warren suggested having lunch in Wrrn.  He cracked the plate of his "uppers" (teeth) & had to see the dentists.  They picked me up at 11 A.M. & we went to Holiday Inn.  They have been refurbishing it -- building & menu.  We had a really nice lunch.  He hate a 1:30 appt to see the Dr.  Could it be repaired or would he need a new one.  If a new one, they might be back this coming week to pick them up.  It was fun to be together again -- they are good friends.  I had my last appt. with Dr. Vance.  It is much better but there is still soreness.

Dale had to go to a 1 day session close to Pittsburgh for schooling.  He left at 56:30 A.M.l or so & he should be home by 7 pm.  I have a crockpot meal for supper.  It is a cold but clear day so that's good.

Warren & Anna got a $380.00 gas bill for Dec.  They have a house built in 1957 & it has its cold spots.  Warren said he paid 40,000 for it 10 yrs ago.  What would he get for it now -- I said double?  No, he said $30,000 as there are 200 houses for sale in Ridgway.  We are reaping the results of Dad's hard work in replacing all the windows, 2 doors, some insulation, etc.

Too bad I didn't know you'd like a couple of Fox network Christmas tree ornaments.  I could have ordered a couple lfor you!!!!

Warren was telling about one of the pastor couples that used to get together with us.  The wife has been in the Kane Luth. Home for a couple of years with Alzheimer's.  Now she can't swallow & just lies there.  He grew up in Wrrn.  Sig Decker.  Warren preaches at a small church but like a Sun. off now & then & Sig used to help.  Now he tells Warren he can't think & can't prepare a sermon.  Has lost weight, etc.  Also said he has trouble figuring his check book.  Warren feels he has just given up & is concerned.  That is so sad.

Heard from Millie.  Sh e has a small tree & has decorated her apt.  Heard from Larry & Debbie.  Christmas Eve they'll be at Linda's & on Christmas Day they'll go to Allan's.  Millie is so happy at the retirement home & they have a lot going on there & she sees more of Linda & Larry's family.

I have the Weather Channel on & we could be getting a big storm. What a Dec. we've had so far.  Sure glad Dale didn't have to go to school on Thursday, & that today is a better travel day.

Thurs. the 15th.

Barb mailed the rest of my Christmas cards today & Ed's birthday cards.  Hope he gets them on time.  Kept forgetting to get Dale to sign his.

I've started our dinner -- pork tenderloin.  I'm trying a new veggie recipe -- creamed spinach taken from last Sat. paper.  Or was it Sun.  Barb tho't it looked good.  Pumpkin pie for dessert.

My day's duties are over & I'm watching Court TV.  Dale will go out & shovel the walks.

I have a couple more gifts to wrap but I need to go up in teh attic to find some boxes first & it's been too cold.  I'm glad I'm almost thru.  Then it is to decide what to have on Christmas Eve.  If I'm lazy I could order prime rib with baked potatoes, green bean casserole & rolls at BiLo.  No work for me except for salad & dessert.  Christmas Day I'll probably have a turkey breast & trimmings.  I'll have to make Danish -- 2 recipes -- for Dale for their pot luck at work. That is next week.  Can Christmas be that close.  Thurs. I have to have cookies for Barb to give to Lynn & family.  Th ink I'll make Russian Tea Cakes tomorrow.  The others on Wed. next week.  3 kinds.

When Dale went to school yesterday, Shults provides the car.  The small Subura & he didn't like it at all. Said it was uncomfortable & hard on his legs.  One the open road he used cruise control & then he could move his leg around.  They got a $106.00 bonus from Shults. Some expected more but there isn't a lot of profit in new cars -- more on used cars.  It's not really a bonus but profit sharing.  I think it includes all the agencies they have & the one in Warren does the best.

Kim has charge card with City bank & they said she missed a payment & charged her $40.00 int.  Even the bank called & said her check was cashed but they can't take their word.  They want proof & that takes time.  She has to fax the cancelled check before they'll change it.  Andy they werent' very cordial when called.

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