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Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's a sunny day finally.  This A.M. I wrapped the rest of my gifts after finding boxes.  I have to get another gift for Kim -- she likes candles so maybe I can find something interesting like that.  She suggested clothes for Lar so that was easy.  And Barb & Dale like clothes.  Only Barb has to choose hers so I get the right thing.  Dale & I went together & got her a jacket from L. L. Bean.  It's very nice.

The end of Nov. I got 4 candles & 4 Christmas dishes to hold them.  Used 2 of them & put 2 away.  And of course I can't find them.  I'm sure they are in the dining room.  But I did find the Anniversary Towel Barb has for you & couldn't find.  I found it on the top of the buffet in the dining room.  (I found the plates.)

Barb got her hair trimmed today & the back looks very nice.  The top is in curlers as she doesn't like how the gal styles it, so I will have to wait to see the results.

I have a schedule made up for the week.  Mon reg. duties & grocery shopping.  Tues. I must wash the kitchen floor for one thing.  Wed. I start 2 kinds of cookies to chill overnite.  Thurs. bake cookies plus a bar cooky.  Set 2 recipes of rolls.  Fri. up early to bake rolls.  Get hair done.  After that frost rolls for Dale.  Barb will deliver them.

I plan to order the prime rib dinner for Christmas Eve.  It includes the meat, baked pot., rolls & bean casserole.  I'll add salad & dessert.  Christmas Day I'll fix breakfast & then we open our gifts.  Dinner between 4 or 5 pm.  I'll fix a turkey breast with the rest of the goodies. Haven't decided on dessert.  That is easy to do.

Had a card from your folks, JoAnna, & they enclosed a picture.  Very nice.  They wrote "we celebrate our 50th next y ear."  Please send me the date of their anniversary.  I'll write it on the calendar & send them a card.

Mon. Dec 19

Heard from Dick today.  He is (helping) - working at Michigan Molecular Inst. doing consulting work.  Also started to write another book on spectroscopy & hopes to finish it in '06.  Heard from Shirley Carlson (Don) & she had seen David.  He had 2 operations on his back.  Has graduated from a walker to a cane.  He has retired & they are raising alpacas.  I think she said they have 17 of them.

Last nite I watched some of the Chicago game on ESPN.  I sure wouldn't want to sit in that cold weather to watch a football game.  But the people were well wrapped up even to covering their faces.

Last nite I woke up & was cold.  No heat in the blanket.  The connection had come loose.  I fixed it & in no time had a warm blanket & went back to sleep.

Today is Eddie's 14th birthday.  Another year & he can think about driving.  Does it seem possible.

Dale cleaned out his closet -- got rid of 4 shirts & I'm having him check over his sweaters. Someone can make use of them.  Especially in this cold weather.

The Buffalo Sun. paper had an article about 2 reporters doing Christmas shopping in the thrift stores.  It was very interesting -- the buys they found, etc.  They describe them & the cost. One item was never used.

Dale didn't get home til close to 7 pm.  He gave the car a good cleaning inside the shop.  It really looks nice out the kitchen window with lights off.  It really shines.

We ordered the prime rib & Barb will pick it up on Sat before the close at 5 pm.  I got a turkey breast for Christmas Day so I'm set for food.  Haven't decided on desserts tho.

Dale just brought down a large bag full of clothes he won't wear.  I'm sure they will make someone else happy.  It is hard for him to give things up.

Tues A.M. the 20th

I can't do much until Barb gets up.  The job on schedule is the kitchen floor.

It was 7 when I got up at 6:10 A.M.  What will Jan. be like after this cold spell in Dec.  We need a respite.

Larry said he did the Sudoku puzzle in the USA Today & solved it.  So Barb decided she had to try & she solved it & enjoys doing it.  Me, I just stick to the crossword puzzles with the help of my puzzle dictionary!!  Something you don't approve of.  But I've memorized some of the answers & that's good for an old lady!

Thurs. 22 of Dec.

Got the cookies baked & some out of the freezer & Barb made up a nice plate of cookies for Johansons.  Lynn doesn't bake -- maybe Pillsbury cookies.

Also set 2 batches of rolls for Dale.  Have the baking sheets all set to go; the table set for breakfast so when I get up at 5 AM I'll be set to go.  Would like to get them frosted before I get my hair done.

Lar & Kim were here for dinner.  Didn't make a dessert but had fruit & cookies.  Fruit could be salad or dessert.  Worked out fine.  Kim was a little late as some of the teachers met after school for a drink.

By the time you read this Christmas will be over.  Hope it was a nice one for you all.  May your New Years be filled with many happy & successful times in your lives.

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