Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sunday, January 20, 2002

Maybe you're wondering what mom is doing this Sun. aft.  Watching the Steelers run over Baltimore Ravens.  Last nite I watched N.E. vs. Oakland play in the "Snow Bowl" in New England.  What terrible playing conditions.  When N.E. tied the score (11:15 pm) I went to bed.

After church today, we had the annual meeting of the congregation.  We had it downstairs where there was coffee & juice.  Everything went smoothly but there is a lot of work ahead to get back to where we should be.  Then sandwiches, chips, ice cream cups & cookies were served.  We have a good group of members.

Last Fri. I found another 1000 pc. puzzle.  It has lots of color so it should keep me busy for awhile.

Barb got her permanent & she thinks it is too curly but I think it looks nice.

Thus. nite Kim didn't feel good & had a raspy cough.  Sat. Lar walked Torey & came over here so Lary could shovel Carey's walk.  Kim was taking it easy but they went out to eat Sat. nite.  How do I know:  Fran Decker saw them & spoke to them.  She had called me about being one of the hostesses for LCW in April.  Naturally I will.

I thought my company was coming this Fri the 24th but it's not until Fri. Feb. 1.  I am glad for the extra time.

Barb defrosted the freezer last nite so it is in good order now.  For how long, I won't tell!

Tues. Jan 22

I was thinking of going to a 11 AM Bible Study at church but I'm changing my mind. I don't seem to get going this A.M. & it's a pot luck lunch afterwards.  This is Dale's late week & I like to give him a good lunch rather than just a sandwich.  Feb. mtg. should be the early week.  And we get groceries today.

I see the Mets made another trade.  The Brewers got Glendon Rusch who was great in 2000, shaky at times in '01.  Maybe a change will be good for him.  In about 3 weeks the pitchers start spring training.

You'll probably notice Dorothea Lundahl died at the age of 98 years.

After gazing at my floral puzzle I manage to put a piece or two together.  Many shades of pinks & purples really have me puzzled!  I'll be lucky if it's done before my friends come.  But I won't give up. I ican push it back into teh corner & put the rocking chair in front of it.


Gen called last nite.  Just wanted to find out how things are here.  She always sound good on the phone.  I almost called you folks Sun. nite but I didn't want to "rub salt into the wounds" after Green Bay lost & Pittsburgh won!  I'm hoping they can beat New England in Pittsburgh.  Of course Gen & Ed are rooting for New England.  They watched the game Sat nite.  Got to get this mailed.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunday, January 13, 2002

Thanks for the pictures of Eddie.  Been wondering when they would come.  Nice family pictures of the Richards.  Are Andy's shoulders as broad as they look in the pictures.  I like the looks of your "Swedish" bathroom.  It really looks nice...and bright.

It looks like Green Bay will win the game.  I know you are all rooting for them to win.  It's been a good game.  They got a touchdown so it's a win!

We've had a couple of inches of snow today.

Thurs. I made dinner rolls but they didn't turn out that good so I made another batch yesterday.  Also I made veg. beef soup & an apple pie.  It came out good.  I was glad as I never am sure if it will be good when I make apple pie.  Will have to get the same apples every time.  Used Ida-red apples.

The first Fri. in Feb. we were to go out & eat at Wolf's Den as it is a little closer for the Schaffers who are in Ohio.  But Ted Benson called & said they can't make it so they wondered about the Liberty St. Cafe in Warren.  But I said I'd like them to come here for lunch as a think you for thinking of me & picking me up.  Benson's, Hollertz's, & Ray & Eleanor have all picked me up.  So they'll come here & I already have planned the menu.

It will be chicken as they all like that & pork or ham doesn't agree with Anna H.  A jello salad, cardamum rolls & dessert but I haven't settled between a couple of dessert recipes.  It's between a chicken-rice casserole that comes out good or a cheesy chicken casserole that it tasty with mushrooms & munster cheese.  But then I'd need potatoes & would use a frozen potato casserole that is good.

Fri. we went to Jamestown & I found a puzzle I liked & started it Fri. nite while watching skating on TV.  Michelle Kwan came out on top.  U.S. has some excellent up & coming skaters, both male & female.  The puzzle is waiting for me & I have a little time before meal preparations.  We're using the new G. Foreman grill with thicker steaks from Schwann's.

There is something I want to write but it wen as fast as it came to mind.

They're already advertising NASCAR on Fox.  Dale is ready for it.

Mon. after supper Jan 14

I read your library newsletter from page to page & it is always interesting.  Hard to find books at our library as they are working in the area where the book shelves are.  I think they are removing the aspestos (can't find how to spell it in the dictionary).  I hope it's soon done as I'm ready to read again. There are a few books in the entry as well as the check out desk.

Got the Penney's spring & summer catalogue last Fri.  Fun to look thru but not much took my fancy.

Tonite I watch TLC channel & Trauma: Life in the ER & then Maternity Ward.  From 8-10 pm.

In the Sun. paper there was an interesting article on Jerry Orbach.  It said Law & Order was renewed for another 5 years! Jo. Orbach has been on a few "Murder, She Wrote" programs & I always like him.

I like my pan & pot holder over the stove but it gets dusty & doesn't look good.  With company coming I cleaned it today.  Scrubbed it as it was oily dirt & dust.  Looks better.  Also brushed the walls, corners, etc. to take away any cobwebs.  Couldn't see any but that doens't mean they aren't there.

Barb is counting calories -- wants to lose 5 lbs.  She still had a piece of apple pie.

Here it is Tues & this letter is not in the mail.

I'll mail it tomorrow -- walking to 5th Av. to mail it.

Been looking over dessert recipes.  I want to serve something light & easy to fix.  Maybe an angel food dessert.  Or a frozen pie I can make ahead of time.  I have the Mud Duck pie recipe.  And peanut butter pie.  Both could be made earlier in the week.

Finished my puzzle.  2 pieces are missing & I can't find them.  I check the floor on my hands & knees but they blend in too well with the rug.

Barb saw a sale catalog from Nordstrom's at Lynn's & saw a couple of things she liked & sent for them. They came today. A pretty blue velvet shirt-like top that is so pretty.  A dressy sleeveless top in blue.  Don't know where she'll wear it.  And an oversized shirt in coral.  Very pretty.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday, January 6, 2002

It's trying to snow but so far it's not succeeding. Lar & Kim want snow so they can cross country ski. Their friends Nancy and Dr. Andress got snow shoes for Christmas.Barb got a hair cut -- out of necessity.  She's been trimming it herself & one side got shorter than the other so she called for an appt.  She chose where Scott gets his hair cut.  It is short & looks so nice.  In 2 weeks she has an appt. for a perm on the top.  I'm so glad she got it cut by a pro as it looks so good.

I'm getting a perm on Tues. & really need one.

Dale put up some new shelving in the basement.  Just as you go down by the stairs near the bathroom.  It faces east.  He moved the telephone to by the window facing Carey's.

Your little bathroom sounds nice.  Naturally, I like the colors!

I got a small rolled lamb roast for us & we had it last nite.  It wasn't as good as a leg of lamb but they usually are too large.  I was disappointed.

Andy is really growing.  Size 13 shoe that is large.  He can't wear your shoes.  Dale wears Dad's shoes when we go out to eat & he doesn't care to wear sneakers or whatever they are called today.  Is Eddie happy with his new jacket.  Wonder who ended up with his old one.

I'm watching the Steelers vs. Cleveland play in the snow & they are tied.  Steelers better win this Sun.  Noticed Green Bay is leading.

I've been putting my 1000 pc. puzzle together & it's just about completed.  Will finish it today.  A couple of pieces are missing & I can't seem to find them on the rug.  They blend in too much.

Fri. we went to the Mall & got Christmas warp & bows half price.  KMart had a lot of leftover wrap.  Otherwise we didn't see much that interested us.  Nothing at Bon Ton.

Barb will have less hours for Lynn.  Lynn will be picking up Scott for lunch.  Barb will pick him up after school.  She will still do some cleaning.  Bert finally got home on Sat. from Atlanta.  She hopes to be in Warren for awhile.  She did cancel a Dr. appt. in NYC as she didn't want to have to travel again.

Mon. Jan 7th

Bert got home Sat. nite but Barb didn't see her until today.  And Bert said friends call her but no call from Barb.  She was disappointed because Barb is "family".  Barb was surprised.

We have snow and enough to shovel.  Dan, next door neighbor, does our walk with this blower.  It's nice as Dale doesn't get up early enough to shovel before work.

Just talked to Millie.  Linda has been after her to get a check up.  Her blood pressure was high.  Medication has bro't it down.  Linda started in on Millie during Thanksgiving break.  After Millie tho't about it she got an appt.

Jerry's brother & wife always go to Fla. after after the holidays.  They drove down & he got sick during the trip.  When they reached Fla he went to the hosp. & died.  He was 85.  His wife didn't want to go back to Mass. so he was cremated & when she returns they will have a memorial service.  Now Millie is thinking about cremation & so is Linda.  They have graves where my folks, Edna & Jerry are buried & one for Millie.  Ed & Gen have theirs also.

Gen is in the early stages of Alzheimer's.  It's sad for me to think of that.  She has a hard time getting meals or getting anything done.  Ed doesn't want her to drive & that makes her mad.  One time she was going to drive to the store & couldn't remember how to start the car.  My dad's youngest brother Wilfred & his wife Myrtle both had Alzheimer's disease.

Plan to mail this tomorrow when I get my permanent at 12:30 pm.

All is well with us.  We send our love.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2001

I'm sure you've heard a lot about Buffalo's 7 ft. of snow & Erie has had at least a foot.  Hard to believe we only have an inch or two.  We are away from the lakes.  It has been cold & the furnace is running a lot more than it did in Nov.

Last nite we went to Liberty St. Cafe & it is so nice after the fire they had.  Nicer tables & chairs.  Never liked the booths they had.  A "real" chef owns it & they serve excellent food.  Maybe a little more expensive but worth the ambiance.

Afterwards we went to Kim & Lar's for dessert.  We were to go there for dinner but they wanted us to experience the Liberty St. Cafe.  They have been there before.  Lar & Kim's apt. is really "Christmasy".  Big tree, little trees, lots of candles & Christmas lights.  We got to see all her Santas & she must have 100 Santas & likes every one she gets.  Lar gave her a patriotic Santa with a flag.  So many varied Santas.  They also have a small "soccer tree" -- a soccer Santa by it & a few soccer ornaments which Kim says are hard to find.

New Year's Day they won't be here but with Lois & Dave, who live across from Lar & Kim, along with another couple they are with.  New Year's Eve they will be at Betsy (Moran) & husband's home.

I'm ready for a slower pace U& I need to get back to a schedule & that means weekly cleaning chores, etc.  Taking teh tree down will get me started.  It has been a nice Christmas and we all were well remembered with many packages under the tree.

I'm seeing a new style on TV.  The hostess has mid-calf slacks on & over it a matching coat dress with trim matching the slacks.  Different but it looks nice on her.  Dress was knee length, just below the knee.

Our library is doing some remodeling -- haven't been there over the holidays but I'm ready to do some reading again.  And once the tree is down, I have a new puzzle to put together.

Bert (Barb's boss) was home a few days from N.Y.C. & then she went to Atlanta to visit her niece & family.  She really didn't want to & now she can't fly into Buff. so it will be the end of the week before she gets back.

I notice that it will be cold again when the Packers play Chicago today.  Soon football season will be over, & I'll be looking forward to hearing about spring training in Fla.  The Mets have been making a lot of changes & I hope they are all good ones.  T hey have to be better than last season.

We're watching Cincy vs. Steelers.  Do you think the Steelers might make it to the Super Bowl.  We are hoping!  Be like the old days when the Steelers were good.

I bo't a small ham & planned to have it today but Barb fixed herself a good lunch so she asked if we could have it tomorrow.  I don't' mind.  We'll have an easier meal -- chicken & spaghetti which both Dale & I like.

I didn't hear from Ruth this Christmas or Roland & Linda and Carolyn & Jim.  Second year for Carolyn.  Or a friend in Gt. Falls.  I could still hear form her as she is often late in sending cards.

Mon. the last day of the year.  I'm ending it right with ambition.  It's 7:30 A.M., Dale's early week.  I'm dressed & have a load of wash going.  Barb is still sleeping so I'll be quiet for awhile. Plan to clean the bathroom after she showers.

I'm rereading your letter, I thought -- too bad the Krispy Kreme donuts weren't in last summer.  I've read about them & would love to taste one.  Have you gone there yet?

We watched a Rosalind Russell-Gary Cooper movie last week but I don't remember the title.  It was a comedy & fun to watch.  MacDonald Carey was in it & he later became one of the "soap opera" characters.

I'm remember stopping at Schreiner's, with Dad, to our stay in Iron Mt.  We always enjoyed it & it was always crowded.

When I read the part about Andy calling you during the nite, it reminded me of Lar, Kim & Torey.  Torey came in the bedroom & started making noises.  Larry said "Kim, Torey wants you."   What he wanted was to sleep on their bed & he takes up Kim's space.  So she got up, got Torey on the bed & she went to finish her sleep in the back bedroom.   Torey is 10 years old.

Barb is up so I'll finish this & get on with my chores.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Friday, December 21, 2001

Paul Nelson, Mim Benander Warren, Carole Benander Hultgren, Carolyn Swanson Masterson, Don Carlson, Curt Nelson, Gerald Nelson, Roland Swanson

This A.M. I decided to wear my new brown slacks & new blouse.  Saw the Dr. this aft. & all is well.  Blood pressure going down.  So I decided to change clothes & as I was hanging up my slacks (charcoal gray) I saw the brown slacks in the closet.  I took the wrong slack but they matched OK.  Who is getting old!  It was dark when I picked them out this A.M.

We're just about set for Christmas.  Mon. they have a pot luck at Shults & Dale always has to bring the Danish rolls.  So Sun. aft. I'll start 3 batches & finish them Mon. A.M.  54 rolls will have to be enough.  Sherrie, the one who works out the financial end of buying a car, loves them & she'll take home any that are left over.

Barb fixed a nice fox for Lynn & family.  A dozen rolls & 4 kinds of cookies & a few sugar cookies Scott loves -- the ones Eddie likes.  Lynn doesn't bake so they appreciate them & I love to make cookies.

A Home Depot has opened in Jamestown.  In an ad (USA Today) Dale saw something he'd like & plans to go in tomorrow.  We have a little snow on the ground & it is more like winter.  I still walked home from the Dr.   Last nite Lar & 2 neighbors went to Home Depot & Kim was out with the girls, so they left early (last nite).

Usually I'd buy little things to put in the stockings but this year Barb & Kim decided we should draw names to fill a stocking.  A few years ago I didn't get gifts for the stockings & they were disappointed so I went back to it.  It's nice this year but I had already gotten a few things.

I have my meals planned for Christmas Eve & Day but not the dessert, if I want something special.  Can fall back on Viennette & cookies.  I had that last nite.  I've seen a recipe for an egg nog dessert.  Maybe I'll try that.

Bi Lo has been enlarged & fixed up.  Barb says it is really large.  On Wed next, we will go to Bi Lo as Barb thinks I should see it.  I've been making a list but I'm not sure of how things have been rearranged.  Barb says they have changed things around.  More walking & some elderly people don't like it.

I heard from Mim & Tom & got a picture of Jack.  He is so darling & bright looking.  They will be in Beloit for the Holidays.  I'm sure you know that.

I sent money for a memorial for Genevieve to her church.  They have a foundation & the gift was acknowledged.  It said it will be used for something designated by the family.  I'm sure they have special funds but I don't know that.  Dad's memorial money went into "the pot" & I don't know how it was or is used.  That should change.  People should have a say.

Saw Lilith Johnson at the Beauty Shop.  She said Arlene Hornstrom is in Buffalo with John.  She likes to sleep til noon, doesn't take her medications, etc.  She doesn't want to be with Julie or Beth because the husbands make her get up, get dressed, take her medications, etc.  That is too bad.  She has sugar & must take her medicine regularly & on time.  She doesn't care any more.

Today is the shortest day of the year & soon the days start getting longer.  In our area it means it is day light longer.

A nice sunny Sat, the 22nd.

Got your letter today.  That was a nice tribute Mim wrote for Genevieve.

A nice picture of the cousins.  You all look good.  My Christmas card for Charles was returned.

I can't believe how Andy is changing.  He is growing up.  He'll be shaving before long!  Did Eddie ever find his jacket.  You should be able to find one on sale.  Seems like everything is on sale nowadays.

Had a card from Albert, Cyndi & Julianna with a picture of Julianna in a red dress & hat.  Adorable.  It was nice to hear from them.  Albert must be back from overseas.

Your tree looks very nice, and the table as well.  And the fireplace.  Very festive.

We're having veg. soup & pumpkin pie for supper.  Decided on a dessert for Christmas Eve.  It's a lemon pie but different.  You add 1/2 c. sour cream & whipped cream to the pudding once it has cooled.  Lemon is my favorite & since no one came up with ideas I'll choose my favorite.  No meringue but it should be good.

I think St. John Luth. was the church Min & Lila went to.  When Gen was older she decided to go to Our Savior's & joined there.  Sang in the choir & was active.

I'm watching New England vs. Miami & N.E. is ahead & I'm for N.E.

When you wrote about Eric, I wondered why he would have so much money in his wallet.  Maybe he got paid & went to the party.  Someone must have known about the cash & his weakness & set him up.  Guess it 's the same in all generations.

Mon. Dec., oops it's Wed. Dec. 26th.  A mixed up week because of the holiday.

This A.M. Barb & I went to Bi Lo's & it surely is a nice store now that it is remodeled.  They sent out a coupon worth 10.00 if you spent 50.00 or more, & it is easy to do that.  I got steaks to try our new grill.  Gen called just after you did last nite & she had gotten one from Ed.  Millie has one & likes it a lot.  Millie had a check up & she has high blood pressure.  There is something else but Gen wasn't sure about it.  I'll call her & find out.  Gen has problems making a meal -- getting everything ready on time, etc. but she said getting Christmas dinner went pretty well.  Things seem to bother her more now.

Today I'm wearing my blue shirt.  It is very nice & I like the other blouse & the gloves.  Thanks so much.  We were all very well remembered.  Dale got clothes & he likes them.  I got him jeans, a size larger 34-36 (my pens are going dry).  He was pleased with all he got.  So were Barb, Kim & Lar.  Our tree is holding up very well.  I water it every day.

Received a lovely red poinsettia from Lynn & Bob -- a thank you for the cookies.  When Lynn came by, she thanked me.  Bob came by with a check for Barb & he thanked me.  It wasn't that much & I have fun doing it.

The lucious lemon pie I made didn't turn out so lucious.  Too tart.  Lar ate his piece, but I didn't finish mine.

I didn't know if Kim & Lar had plans for Thurs. but they don't so they'll come as usual.  We're going to their house either Sat or Sun nite for dinner.  Most likely Sun. as they have plans for Fri nite & Sat they hope to go to the Home Depot shopping for the tool set.  Dale loves it & Lar was impressed with it.

My work schedule is upset.  Washed towels & a dark load today but I'm taking it easy.  The dust will wait for me.

Fri A.M. the 28th.  Kind of a mixed up letter.  It's 24 this A.M.  After I get my hair done, I'll have to cash a check for Jan. expenses & go to CVS.  We haven't been to the Mall yet.  Maybe tomorrow.  There should still be some sales.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2001

Today Barb picked 2 pansies she saw blooming.  The middle of Dec!

This A.M. I made a coffee cake & started making the regular choc. chips plus Spritz & Russian Tcakes.  But I forgot to add the egg to the Spritz so they are crispier. Will have to make another batch on Mon.  They taste OK & will get eaten. Plan to make 2 more recipes besides the Spritz.  One dessert will be Viennetta & cookies.

Yesterday we went to the Lakewood Mall in the rain.  It was rain needed.  I found a pr. of brown slacks which color I haven't had for ages -- at Sears.  At Bon Ton I found a cotton blouse to go with them.  A stripe with a tan background.  With coupons & mark down, it cost $11.88.  I took a "lg." but it is a little "roomy" but since it is 100% cotton, I expect it to shrink.

I sent a card to Joyce & it came back -- wrong address.  I don't have Joan's latest address either.

It seems that Eddie must like playing in the school band.  Hope he keeps it up.  And his Cub Scouts group sounds very active.  That is nice.  He will be old enough for Boy Scouts.  Hope he keeps it up.  I know Larry really liked scouting.  Bruce being active in Scouting made a difference.  And Mr. Myers was a good leader.  He is in the Rouse home now.

I'm watching golf and what a beautiful section of Calif. they are playing in.  Southern Cal. in the mountains.

The Mets have been busy with trades.  They should have an extra special infield.  Think Eddie will have to wait until baseball season to get the shirt & hats he wants.

Got a card from Sylvia Yosten today.  Pete has prostate cancer -- he is having treatments.  Sometimes they work & sometimes they don't.  Jeff has moved to Kansas City, Mo. to be close to his 2 daughters.  The divorce hit him very hard.  Max is still in N. Carolina.  Karen married Bill Weldon & they are grandparents.  2nd daughter has a baby & no husband.  Lives at home.

This week Dale got his regular wage; vacation pay he didn't take, plus a day for not taking the 3rd week & a bonus check.  Think the bonus check was $800.00  Now they balance out what the 4 agencies make & divide by the workers.  Warren has the best record so other groups complained when their bonus wasn't as big so they came up with dividing it this way.  No smoking, no drinking, living at home, he doesn't spend much -- except at Big Lots & that's cheap spending -- so he should have a nice saving acct.  Not even car payments.  Some parts are costly but he does OK. He's happy & nice to have around.

Sun the 16th

Harry Johnson who owned the Johnson Hotel died age 94.  Wife Ethel and 2 daughters were in church today.   Kris was y our age Paul.  She lives in Fla. & I'm sure Ethel said they had an ice cream or some sort of food franchise & it looks like it.  She has gained weight.  Other daughter, whose name (Karen, maybe) I can't remember lives in Warren & looks good.  She left the church for a Pentecostal church.  Then she divorced her husband & I don't' know if she goes to any church now.

Other news -- Masterson's will close the end of Dec. but will keep the warehouse & storage lockers they have.  So far it won't mean they won't need Barb to work taking care of Scott.  They didn't have to declare bankruptcy -- they saw the writing on the wall.  That is valuable property.

Maybe you read Loranger's declared bankruptcy.  The oldest son bo't the other 3 out so he was the lone owner.  One married Chris Cataldo -- 2nd for both --  one is in Calif. -- he married Chris Lundahl.  And one has the old Walker Dairy bldg. on the West Side for another part of the business that is successful.  Loranger's has a business in Hungary & that is still a going concern.  Sometimes the sons can't carry on the business left by the father.  This is tough on Warren as far as jobs goes.

[A repeat]  Barb picked a couple of pansies yesterday.  Imagine flowers in Dec.  They don't' know what is happening.  Neither do we!  No snow for Christmas.

Imagine Eddie is looking forward to his birthday & Christmas vacation.

I know you'll have a wonderful Christmas.

Merry Christmas & Best Wishes for a healthy & Happy New Year.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Saturday, December 8, 2001

Looking a lot like Christmas in Middleton, too.

We have our tree trimmed and it looks so nice.  Have a few decorations up so it's "beginning to look a lot like Christmas".

I have a folder Dad fixed for you of the King's visit to Hessel Valley.  Programs & 2 pictures.  The picture of Dad & the King leaving the service shows the man following are FBI.  There were also Swedish reporters with the party.  Barb said to tell, people expecting the king to come from Jamestown painted the parts of their house that would be visible to the King & the road was fixed so it wasn't bumpy.  Then the weather didn't cooperate so he came in from Bradford.

Lar got stones to place on the wall by their wood stove so the heat wouldn't harm the walls.  He also got some cement siding to put by the side facing the creek to present the squirrels from gnawing teh siding.  He will cover it all eventually.  It better work.

The Dr ordered a new pill for me to take & this coming week I get another blood test.  Then I see the Dr.

I just have a few odds & ends to get & then I will be ready for Christmas.

I'm not making many cookies as they don't get eaten.  Barb wants Spritz, Dale the Tcake rolled in pow'd. sugar.  I'm making the choc. cooky you ice with Andes Mints.  This time I'm going to use the cherry Andes Mint.  It sounds good to me & should be pretty as well.

We've seen a few snow flakes & it's cooled down.

I took a time out -- couldn't keep my eyes opened so I closed them & napped.

Last year, after Christmas I got tree decorations 1/2 price at KMart.  Found them but need hooks & we don't have any.  Will use ribbon.  Can't find the stocking "holders" but they have to be around.  More looking.

We're having an easy supper -- pizza, ordered form Pizza Hut.  An easy meal after running up & down stairs for tree decorations.

In rereading this letter, I forgot to mention that Lar moved the window close to the front door, closer to the door so he'd have the room he needed for the wall covering by the wood stove.

This year they had both doe & deer hunting at the same time.  Many don't like that & because of the warm weather, butchers have been so busy cutting up the animals, people couldn't get theirs cut up and lost the meat.  Schools still closed Mon for doe hunting, so they have a long weekend.

Sun the 9th.  We were suppose to have snow this weekend but it skipped us.

Dale put a new stainless steel burner in the grill. It should cook the meat better now.

Dale went shopping yesterday & spent $100.00 at Big Lots.  He has a check coming this week, plus vacation money for a week not taken & I'm not sure if they get a bonus this year.

We have a new way to turn on the  Christmas tree lights.  Kim found it at Big Lots and it is for the foot to turn on -- no more bending except to give water & I haven't done that yet today.  On TV I noticed someone watering the tree thru a pipe or hose but I just got the tail end of what was happening but it looked good.

Was watching ice skating & now I'm back to Gr. Bay vs. Chicago & the Packers are ahead.  Some good games to watch today.

I never liked the Advent season because the sermons were always on the "ills" of the season. Being caught up with gift buying, decorations, baking, etc.  This year we are hearing inspiring messages of the season.  That's the way it should be.  The interim pastor was in church today.  To see how the service progresses, etc.  I'm sure the people will like him.

I made a cranberry apple crisp & it was good.

Do you realize the last week of March is Holy Week.  Will that make a difference.

Better bring this to an end so it can get mailed.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunday, November 11, 2001

I smiled when I read the part of your letter telling what the boys gave you for your birthday, & how Andy wore one to school. Guess you aren't an "old fogey".  I'm glad you liked the shirt & sweater.  I didn't think you were conservative in your shirts.  If you are, what is Dale, who doesn't go in for bright colors.  I like the shirts they sell today.

I called Rose this past week & found out that Rick asked Karen for a divorce, after 21 years.  She said Karen wants to move to Toronto.  Rumor has it, she has a "friend" up there.  Kerstin goes to school there & loves Toronto.

Last Fri. Barb & I left at 10 AM for Erie & we ate lunch, first of all at the Olive Garden.  it's on the right hand side of the road & that is why we ate first.  We enjoyed it.

Then to shopping & we did pretty good.  Got home about 4:30 pm.  Sat. Barb started wrapping gifts & she will send her own box separately.  It is filled up & I'm not finished shopping.  I'll let you know when to watch for it.

Yesterday we went to our Mall & found a few more things.  At KMart I got a 36" imitation tree with lights.  I've always wanted one for the dining room window seat & now I have it.  It has white lights.

Don't know if you remember where the telephone was in the basement. Dale moved it to beside the window at the foot of the stairs.  Reason -- he's putting up some shelves for more storage.  Dale admits he is a pack rat.  I'm trying to get him to go thru his closet & get rid of some of the clothes he can't wear anymore.  He's decided he needs a 33 or 34 waist for pants.  Can't tuck his shirt in comfortably.

I'm watching the Steelers at Cleveland & Cleveland is ahead.  They are a much improved team.  Also watched a little of New England vs. Buffalo.  Buff. tries but doesn't do too well.

Your bedroom sounds nice.  I can visualize the arrangements.  I like to rearrange furniture but it's hard in my bedroom & in the living room because of the fireplace & TV arrangement.  So I have to be satisfied.  Anyway it's too heavy for me to move furniture now.

My eyes started to close so I took a little nap.

Lar has been over here.  He plowed (not really but can't think of the word -- here it comes, rototilled) the leaves into the garden & replaced a small tree that died, by the D.R. side of the house.  It's been in the 30s all day but now the sun is out & I can see blue sky.

Still can't find the "curl" book by Landvik but found another new author Elizabeth Lowell & the 3rd book of a trilogy "Pearl Cove".  Very good but I would find the4 3rd book first.  Was in a hurry so didn't check inside.

Read every word of your library "The Bookworm".  Very interesting.

6:20 p.m.

We ate at 5 pm.  Lar called & asked if he could bring Torey over while they went to dinner at Mike B's house.  Naturally the answer was y es.  Tor is here.  I finished cleaning up, poured a cup of coffee & went into the L.R.  AS I went thru the D.R., I saw what I tho't was a kleenex I had dropped.  It wasn't.  Fri. nit3e Tor bit the stitches out of his tail.  So for the 3rd time the vet fixed it again.  So that is why Tor is here -- they're afraid he'll do something to his tail again.  And he had removed the bandage.  I didn't know what to use, so I covered it with kleenex & Dale taped it with duct tape.  I told him he was a bag boy & to leave his tail alone.  I'm keeping my eye on him & he has been good.

No school tomorrow but a visitation for parents to see teachers.  Lar goes to the Y for soccer so Tor will come over again.

11/13.  Now it's Tues. A.M. & I'm having a coffee break.

Yesterday Barb didn't have to take care of Scott, so we went to Jamestown & got more shopping done.  I'm not wrapping gifts yet.  Last Sun. I got my Christmas cards addressed.  The hard part is coming -- writing notes on many of them.   I was glad we were able to go to as next Fri. Barb works for Barb Jacobs (she was here at Thanksgiving one time when you were here), next weekend will be the or one of the busiest Fri, & the 30th is lunch with Benson's, Hollertzs, etc.

Shults Auto group has a newsletter "Auto Group Scoop" & they list the worker's anniversaries (yrs worked) & Dale's is enclosed in a little box.  The 21 is written but I didn't have time, I mean room!

Another beautiful day.  Tomorrow I have to have a blood test.  Showers are forecast but not til later in the aft.  Even the leaves are down from the try (I'm listening to "Murder She Wrote") tree out front.

Guess I've covered all the news for now.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2001

Thanks for the pictures.  They Thanksgiving table as beautiful.  If I were 11 or 14 I would be very interested in your handsome sons.  I envy the girls!  They look so good.

Yesterday I went out to lunch.  9 of us.  Ted & Sue Schaffer were able to join us.  They are in E. Ohio.  Ted Bensons picked me up & I rode home with Hollertzs in their new Buick.  Very nice.  Reason I didn't ride home with Benson's -- they were taking a clock to Sugar Grove to be repaired & they could get there by taking another road.

Dale took your pkg. to work as UPS picks up there but they do not weight it -- they'll do it at UPS Kane & put it on Shults acct. & then Dale will get charged.  Anyway, it is on the way & I hope it arrives in time for JoAnna's birthday.

This A.M. I bro't 2 pies (pumpkin & peanut butter) to church for the soup & pie luncheon & Cooky Walk.  It looked so nice.  Red table covering & decorations.  They had 135 doz. cookies to sell.  I've always made pies but next year I might make 3 doz.  That' what they ask for.

Torey's tail is much better & he doesn't pick at it as much.  To keep him from picking at his tail, they had him sleep with them.  But he slept on Kim's side and he took all the room, so Kim either didn't sleep or went to the other bedroom. But since his tail is better, he doesn't have to sleep with them.

I'm just about finished with my Christmas shopping.  Just a couple of little things needed.  Just wrapped 1 gift -- Barb's -- & that was to keep her from peeking.  She knows what it is, but not the coloring, etc.  An angel she liked--  she liked several.

I never got to get my blood pressure checked as it rained a lot.  I plan to go on Mon. as it will be OK for walking home.

Don't know if you got the Warren paper telling of Sherman Burdick's death.  I'm sure he was an acquaintance of yours.  He was 50 -- Oct 27.  Cancer.  Had worked in Portland, Ore.  Buried in Warren.  He went to Eisenhower but I know the name is familiar to me.

I recognize the pictures by the plate.  I have always like that picture so much.  Take before we left Auburn, I think.

I had planned to write 5 notes a day this past week for my Christmas cards.  I wrote 2.  I'll have to get busy as I hope to mail my distant cards on Fri the 7th.  I had a letter greeting from Gene Hasselquist in Minn, formerly Mt.  His wife Gladys is in a nursing home -- sometimes she know them, most times she doesn't.  How sad.  And how lucky I am to be in good health & keep up in baking, house, etc.  This A.M. I made a pie (pumpkin) for us & cookies, choc. chips, for us & Dale's snacks.

I have Penn State vs Virginia on TV.  What a turn around for Penn St.  They might even get a minor bowl invitation.  They are ahead 14-13 so they need to get going.

I think I mentioned I took a name from the Salvation Army for Christmas gifts.  I got elastic waist jeans & a blue striped knit shirt, PJs, underpants & T shirt underwear.  They are so cute & so small.  2T.  At Big Lot I found a stuffed animal in his favorite color, blue, & it was only 3.99.  Then at KMart we saw a soft, plush, blue teddy bear & Barb bo't it as it is so soft & cuddly.  9.99.  Then I weakened & got a farm truck.  Not the one suggested but it looked good for a little boy.  It's fun to do but it dos add up.  One way to bring happiness to a little boy.

Sun A.M.  I'm ready for church with time to spare.

Scott loves the sweet rolls I make & Barb usually takes 3 when I make them. One for Scott, one for Marisa, one for Bob.  Scott thinks he should have all 3.  Then Barb told him they can be frozen.  So he wants 300 for Christmas so he can freeze them & have one when he ants to.  No way will that happen.

We have several large bags of clothes to take to the Salvation Army.  One from Dale plus the suit he had for high school graduation.  A good jacket of Dad's or 3/4 length coat.  Lar took his jacket he wore when he cross-county skiied -- how do you spell it?  One i, too lazy to look it up at the moment.

The church's social hall looked so festive yesterday when I brought my pies over.  Mon. nite is LCW meeting -- a dinner and Eleanor Ristau & Marge Ristau are providing the meal, Janice Carlson will pick me up.  Maybe the husbands were cousins.  Marge's daughter Molly is Dale's age.

Now it's later in the day --= Sun -- & you'll have to be my "sounding board".  Joyce Rohlin sat by me in church today & we visited a bit & we share the same feelings concerning things at church.  She compared the letter we got in July (on a very small basis) to what happened 9-11-01.  NYC work the nation up & the letter woke many of our members up.  They remember planning, raising money & building our new church & the energy that took.  Then to talk about closing the church -- that was the last straw.  She has the same feeling I have -- more energy in the church, members coming back and we know things will work out.  Some of the council met with the interim pastor & were favorably impressed.  He has been divorced & they adopted 2 younger children.  But I don't know his age.  Since Dec. is taken care of, he won't start til Jan 1.

Dale got the outside lights put up but he was upset as if 1 light goes out they all do.  But he must have found the bad light.

I'd better get to my cards.  Wonder if Gerald & Darla are in their home by now.  I never can read her writing but they always send a card.

Later-- cards are close to completion.

I'm enclosing a check so you & JoAnna can buy what pleases you.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2001

First of all -- be on the lookout for a pkg. from Barb.  She mailed it this A.M. third class.  I'm not ready yet but hope to get it mailed by the end of the week of the 26th.  It might be the 1st week of Dec.  Before the lines get too long at the P.O.

We had a nice Thanksgiving.  I roast my turkey in an oven bag & it comes out nice.

Thanksgiving came too fast for me.  I usually send cards to my sisters & sisters-in-law as well as the boys.  Millie sent me a card & that woke me up but it was too late.  Hope the boys got their notes today.  Tues. nite I called Millie to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving.  Linda comes home & they go to Allan's for dinner.  Linda needed a new car & got a Toyota Highland.  Off the floor but the color wasn't her choice but she needed it immediately.  Her old one was 10 yrs old & needed work.  A red color.

Talked to Gen yesterday -- she had Thanksgiving at her house.  Just 4 of them -- John & Edith.  It's a big job for Gen to make a meal so the others wanted to go out to eat but Gen wanted leftovers.  She just had a turkey breast.

I packed a lunch for Dale today because of the parking situation.  But he came home at noon to get his T.V. from our garage so they could watch the last NASCAR race in N.H.  It was postponed because of 9-11-01.  In 10 weeks they're back to racing in Fla.  Dale said parking wasn't that bad.

Wed. nite the 3 Luth. churches have a Thanksgiving service & it was our turn to be host.  Janice Carlson called & volunteered to pick me up.  They serve pie & coffee after the service so she had to be there at 6 pm.  The service was at 7.  I said I'd walk over & she could take me home.  I hadn't planned to go.  But my conscience got the best of me & I went.  And I was glad I did.  It was a fine service & I enjoyed the fellowship over coffee.

We didn't go to the Mall today.  Barb wasn't interested.  But we did go to Home & Garden as I saw a couple of things in their flyer that I wanted.

I noticed in the state news in USA Today that Wi. governor's race will spend the most money in history of that office.  True or false. I always read the notes on Mass, Conn, Mont, Pa. Wa, & Wi.  States I've lived in or you live in.

Tonite we'll have leftovers for supper & tomorrow I'll make turkey soup.

Sat aft. the 24th

It looks like Wi is going to lose against Minn.

This A.M. we went to the Mall & got more of our shopping done.  But when I look at my list, there seems to be something I forgot to think about.  Mon we're going to Jamestown (1st day of deer hunting, no school & Barb will be home) & I hope to be finished.  I haven't done any wrapping yet.  The pkg. must be in Wi. for Dec. 6th!

Temperatures are still in the 50's.  Hard to imagine wearing a spring jacket in Nov.  Last year the boys went sled riding at Beaty & it was cold.

I have my turkey soup ready for supper.  And leftover pie from Thanksgiving.  And Bond Ost cheese.  The broth is in the fridge cooling so I can skim off the fat.

Sun the 25th

Last nite Barb & I played 3 games of Scrabble & she won 2 of them.  The 2nd game I won only because Barb gave me a broad hint so I could win.  But it's fun to play.   I did stump her on a word DUENNA.  I remember that from novels I've read.

This A.M. in church we heard that we have an interim pastor.  A retired man from Erie.  From a book Dad had, I noticed h was in Phila.  He will come at least 1 day during the week for calls & confirmation classes.  He will only preach 2 Sun. a month.  I wish it would be every Sun. so there is more continuity.  Also we have an "angel tree" at church with names of needy children sponsored by the Salvation Army.  I was lucky to find a 2 year old with suggestions & sizes for clothes & he'd like a monster truck or a teddy bear.  I'll start looking as the gifts must be at church by Dec. 9.  They gave us 5 names & they were going fast.  I don't know if it's just me, but I think there is a bitter feeling at church.  And if it takes awhile to get a pastor, we don't have his salary to pay & should build up a little extra money.  They had to have someone look at the furnace.   A&B Heating did it & they also signed an agreement for a twice a year check.  It started to leak around the steeple & that got fixed thanks to Ron Passinger who got someone to fix it.  Guess they used foam to seal it.  So things are getting done.  These projects needed attention & usually it depends upon the pastor to push.This week I have to get my blood pressure checked.  I walk home & I'll stop at the bank & cash a check for Dec. expenses.  I have envelopes for food, hair, church, birthday,s etc.  I have a apge for each month & make out a list to find how much I'll need.

This coming Fri. I go out to lunch with pastor friends.  We're going to the hotel in Pittsfield, now the Acock Inn & the food is good.

Above I left out money for me to spend!

Want to gete this mailed on Mon.  Want to get going on Christmas notes.

I love to make plans so I can start thinking about your March visit.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2001

Tom and Mim Warren, Rachel (holding Will) and David Morriessy, Ruth Benander, Carole and Arland Hultgren

Another lovely day, altho showers are predicted this aft.

Marv Gustafson was chosen chairman of the Church Council.  They met with the new Bishop & he said he was impressed with him.  Will be very easy to work with.  Quite different from Paull Spring.  So far no vice pastor has been appointed.

I was so thrilled last nite with the Ariz win over the Yankees.  Now if only they can do it today & win the Series.  I hoped Schilling can get the best of Clemens.  His bubble needs to be punctured!

I have a 1000 pc. puzzle on the card table & I should finish it tonite while watching the game.

I'm sending you a picture of Sheila, Sue & friends on Halloween.  Sheila & Sue came by on Halloween & I had cookies for them.  Also I'm enclosing pictures Ruth sent me.

Genevieve Stark, Lila Stark, Mim Warren, Ruth Benander

Barb wants to go to Erie Fri, next, the 9th.  It has to be a nice day -- mostly cloudy weather is forecast.

Your info on the libraries was interesting.  Nice to see how others are doing it.  You guided a new library to be built, & Dad guided a new church.  Good experience.

I'm watching Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore.  Pitts. is doing better this year.  They lost.

Do you remember Harry Nasman -- he died on Sat. just short of his 85th birthday.  Had a daughter Gretchen & can't remember the son's name.  First wife died, married again.  Son is Tom & they have a daughter Linda.

Mon A.M., the 5th

I'm on "cloud 9".  Last nite I stayed up until 11:15 or so & was so happy when Ariz. beat the Yankees.  What a 9th inning for Ariz.  I couldn't have been happier if it had been the Mets!  So many of the guys are in their 30s so it is great for them to get a World Series ring.  Ex Cub Grace doesn't mind the move now.

Howard Ford has been sick & after many, many years, he resigned as St. :Paul's treasurer.  He was treasurer when we moved here, I'm sure.  Or soon after.  It's a big job but the church sec'y does the counting, etc. so that is a big help.

Torey had to go back to the vet.  Lar had to change the dressing & he didn't wind the gauze or whatever & it came off & because he wags his tail so much, it started to bleed.  Kim isn't happy with the vet (this came about last Thurs. when they were here for supper) & Lar said "we're not changing vets."  That upset Kim & she was very quiet during the meal.  She left for her 7:30 Birthday Club.  I'm sure she'll get her way in the end.

This is Dale's early week so I was up at 5:45 after a short sleeping nite.  It was hard getting to sleep after the excitement.

We checked out waffle irons & they weight heavy so I think I'll send money so you can choose your own.  Will that be OK.   How's the list coming?  I need ideas for Eddie's birthday.

Just the usual happenings here.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2001

I've turned 2 clocks back to E.S.T.

We had about 1/2" of snow.  But Erie & Meadville had several inches & accidents as drivers forget they have to slow down.

Last Thurs. nite I had roast chicken & today I finished the leftovers with creamed chicken.  It was good & an easy meal to fix.

Also last Thurs nite, we were trying to get ideas for Christmas & Dale said "clothes".  Can you imagine that, Dale suggesting clothes.

We also got on the subject of smoking somehow, & Dale said he doesn't smoke anymore, thus saving $25.00 a week.  Kim was really pleased to hear that.  He didn't smoke on vacation & never went back to it.  We are all pleased.

I got my Christmas Club check today.

I called Gen on Wed.  The first time I called there was no answer.  Finally got her after 9 pm.  They had been to Edith's for an anniversary dinner, a day late.  Reason, our cousin Frank Carlson died.  He was a year older than I & he had been in a nursing home for several years after a stroke.  He had never married & was an only child.

I really enjoyed reading "The Bookworm".  Read it all.  I'm going to look for Patty Jane's House of Curl by Lorna Landvik.  It sounds so good.  The team Book of the Month sound interesting.  A very interesting newsletter.

Now I'm watching the World Series.  People think it would be good for NYC to win because of  Sept 11.  But I don't think it would be good for baseball.  I'm not that interested.

Oct. 30 - Tues.

I'm so glad you sent me a copy of the Library Newsletter as I found a new author.  The library had 2 copies of Lorna Landvik's books but I took only one as I haven't been reading lately.  I got the Tall Pine Polka & I really enjoy reading it.  Patty Jane's House of Curl wasn't one of the two but I'll keep looking until I find it.  Enjoy the Scandinavian background.  It's fun reading.

Sheila & Sue make a lot of Halloween & dress up.  They will be coming by tomorrow so I have to have some cookies for them.  And our choc. chips are soon gone so this aft. I'll bake.  They take the day off & have a lot of fun.  Sue is also a beautician at J.C.H.  She graduated with Dale.

I clean upstairs (my room & bathroom) Tues. A.M. & later in the aft. we get groceries.  A busy day.  Not much time to read but I got some reading in at breakfast.  Dale just left -- late week -- & I'm ready for a shower.

Upstairs is finished & I'll finish this & mail it when I go over to CVS.  Reason:  Yesterday I had my blood pressure checked.  I saw the Dr. in Sept. & it was higher than usual so the check.  It was still high.  The nurse called this A.M. & I'm to get new pills for a month to see how they work.  So I won't send for them.  In 2 weeks I have to have a blood test & then in another 2 weeks I have to have my b. pressure checked again.  The end of Dec. will be my regular appt. with the Dr.   Now I go every 3 months. Guess he wants me to live 'til 90!

So I'd better get my cookies going as after lunch I'll go to CVS.  Fix a bigger lunch for Dale as this is the Tues. he works til 8.  Usually pancakes or waffles or Fr. Toast & eggs & sausage.  So I spoil him but he is a good guy to have around.  He sees little things to do without being asked so it work both ways.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Be on the lookout for your birthday present.  Barb will mail it tomorrow.  (It's in the mail.)

And I haven't heard any suggestions for Christmas giving.  And Eddie's birthday.  I could buy part of the boy's gifts & if clothing is wanted, would you shop for me again, Paul.  That way Andy will get what he wants.

Today at church was our session with a layman representing the Synod.  Patty Phillips is busy taking care of the getting of pastors to preach.  So Beth Darling took care of the ballot & they had 10 willing people.  That was a big job.  I thought they might have to get all the people "from the floor" & it would take time.  These are all willing people so that is a good start.  But he warned us it won't happen tomorrow.  Some churches have been without a pastor for 3 years.   He complimented us on our church building & said that would be a good point. I feel a lot better now.  It will come but we'll need patience.

Dale had to go to school again.  He'll leave about 5 pm & will be gone Mon & Tues, coming home between 6-7 pm.  At least it's nice weather for travel.

Dale should be in the motel.  After he left, and the dishes were cleared up, etc., I decided to do some baking.  Set my Danish rolls to finish tomorrow.  Dale always takes a snack so he got the last of the choc. chip so I made choc. chips & molasses crinkle. When all was cleaned up, I sampled my cookies with a cup of fresh coffee.  Barb just went upstairs with a cup of tea and cookies.

I'm waiting for baseball to come on .  The Ariz.-Braves game should be a good one.

Did you shed tears over Sat. Wisc. loss & Green Bay's loss today.  We always think of all of you when we see those teams play.  Other times as well!

It's funny both the N.L. & A.L. teams are playing at the same time.  I have the Braves game on, but will switch during commercials to see how the Mariners are doing!

Mon. the 22nd.

Lar came over with Torey -- Lar raked leaves at Carey's & Torey was with me.  Lar closed a door at Crary's on Torey's tail & Torey spent some time at the vet's office.  It wasn't covered & Torey wags his tail a lot so it started to bleed so they took him back to the vet who wrapped it.  He had to have antibiotics and all.  He couldn't have anything to eat & he didn't eve beg for food.  I asked Lar what Kim said & she wasn't too  happy.  Accidents will happen.

Last nite I stayed up until 11:15 to see the final out that beat the Braves.   Andy was disappointed, but Grandma was happy!  I won't watch much of the Seattle-Yankees game as I'm tired.

Your lamps sound nice.  You didn't have far to go to find them.  I take it the house has been sold so there will be more new neighbors.

I'll call Ed & Gen tomorrow to wish them a Happy Anniversary and to see how Ed is doing.

It's Wed already so I must finish this.

It is 9:15 A.M. & Barb isn't up.  I wash the kitchen floor this A.M. but first I must vacuum the rugs & floor.  I did get the garbage all set for tomorrow's pick up.

Last nite, in bed, as I was reviewing the day, I remembered I forgot to call Gen.  You'll probably celebrate your birthday on Sun. so I plan to call to wish Paul Happy Birthday.  That is, if I don't forget!

Last nite we had ribs cooked in the crockpot & they were very good.  I probably could have been a little more generous with the sauce.  Next time I'll know.

We've had a lot of rain so I hope to get this mailed between the showers.

Dale got back about 6:45 pm & said it was a good session.  On the elec. systems & Dale said no one realizes how complicated it is.  He drove home in the rain.  Something is missing when he's gone.

I hear Barb is up so I'll finish this & get back to work.

New Council members.
Kelli Moore 1 yr.  Susan Gustafson's daughter.
Linda Ekey.  1 yr.  Was a Lyle.
Cindy De Chano.  1 yr.  Joined during Dad's time.
Nancy David.  3 yrs.-  former Bloom.
Rick Moore.  2 yrs. - originally from Sheffield.
Marvin Gustafson - up the St.
John Check - 2 yrs. - choir director
David Woods 3 yrs - joined during Dad's time
Jennifer Koebley 1 yr. John's daughter (Check)
Fran Decker 3 yrs.  old timer - faithful member

Friday, June 1, 2012

Sunday, October 14, 2001

I'll have to tell you what happened in church this A.M.  As I entered to go to my east, Jack Bjorkquist came over & said it's your birthday tomorrow.  I said yes & he started singing "Happy Birthday" to me & the early comers were in church & clapped when he finished.  I was so surprised & after the service different people said Happy Birthday.  And Carol Andersen had the altar flowers & she always has me take one bouquet home.

Last nite the 5 of us went to dinner at Chiodo's on the West End.  Can't remember the former name -- it had been closed until Chiodo's opened it.  Lou C. & his brother Frank.  Lou is a pharmacist at the State Hosp. & Frank is the chef.  It opened earlier in the year -- Lar & Kim recommended it.  Lou is manager -- cashier, etc. Seems to be doing very well.  Dale, Lar & I had Prime Rib & it was delicious.  Barb had the fish platter & Kim had eggplant parmesan..  She's had it before & it's her favorite.  Our waitress was Sylvia Yosten's granddaughter.  Parents are Ken &. & Bill Weldon.  Tara is tall like Karen & very attractive.  They must make good tips as it is very busy weekends.

We came home for (BiLo) birthday cake & ice cream.  Torey gave me a set of sheets for my bed.  Last summer Kim got them on sale at Blair Outlet & wondered if I'd like them.  I said to save them for my birthday or Christmas.  Barb gave me a pair of earrings I mentioned I liked & she took the hint.  She & Dale gave me a coat sweater, floral design on black background, that will look good with black slacks or a skirt.  It was a nice day.

We've had a very warm fall so far.  It was 67 this A.M. but now (aft) it is raining & heavy winds.

Had a birthday card & letter from Millie.  She had a leak in her oil tank (furnace) so she had to have a new one put in.  She is having a hard time getting rid of the oil smell in the house.  The only good thing -- it didn't happen in the dead of winter.  The tank is in the basement & they had a hard time getting it in (the basement) -- they had to take a door off & a wall down to get the tank down the stairs.  They cut up the old tank to get it out.  So it was a mess for awhile.

Millie said the cast is off Gen's wrist & now she can drive again.  She couldn't drive with the cast one & she is used to getting out every day.  Ed has cataract surgery tomorrow, Mon.  He wasn't looking forward to it but I told Gen it isn't that bad.  No problem at all.

Baseball playoffs aren't happening as I want them to.  Maybe Seattle & Oakland can win today.  I'm an A.L. fan this year.  So far it's been raining in Cleveland but the fans are there & it is suppose to clear up.

Mon's weather is suppose to improve & I'm glad about that.  I plan to get my new left lens.  Barb takes me over & I walk home.  The left eye needed to have a stronger lens.  Right eye OK.

Wed. Ted Benson called & wondered if I knew the group was getting together for lunch at Peek n Peak.  I didn't & had a perm. appt. for 10:30 & that is usually 1 1/2 hours.  They said they would wait & I was home home by noon & they were waiting for me.  A 1 pm lunch date & we were there by 1:05.  Just 5 of us.  Hollertz, Benson's, & me.   We always have a good time.  Eleanor (Youngsville) gets her hair done Fri at 1 pm so they couldn't come & Deckers from Kane weren't there as Carol D. hasn't been feeling well & they can't seem to find the reason.

Guess I'll work on my jigsaw puzzle.  More later.

Mon Oct 15

Got a note from Ruth today & a picture of the group when baby Jack was baptized.  Mim, Tom, baby & parents, Ruth, Carole & Arland.  A nice picture.

Ruth was very upset because of Sept 11th doings.  She found out her hemoglobin was low & she will be seeing a specialist Oct 25th.  She was also upset because Joan & daughter Sharon went to see Joan's ex mother-in-law in Md.  While there, they visited the ocean & on the way home to mother-in-law's, there was an accident.  Sharon was driving & Joan in the back seat & they had to cut off the car's roof to get her out.  She had 2 or 3 broken ribs on her left side.  Later she passed out & they found that her spleen was bleeding & she had 2 transfusions.  They got another car & are home safe & sound.  As a result Ruth had chest pains but it wasn't a heart attack.

Tues the 16th.

Gen called just after you last nite.  Ed had his surgery today & they were apprehensive.  He had to get a report from his Dr. to say his heart was OK to protect the hosp. from the possibility they would sue if something happened.  They thought the eye would bleed but there is no blood.  It's really a very simple thing.  I couldn't feel a thing & it is a very short operation.

Heard them talking about flu shots on the Erie channel.  So I wondered, Paul, now that you're past 50, will you get a shot!!!!  Couldn't resist that "jab".

I'm watching the Braves vs. Arizona.  It will be old news when you read this, but Johnson has a 1 hitter (8th inning) so far & they lead 2-0.   Against Maddux.  Keep up the good work.  Was sorry the Yankees had to win & I hope Seattle will play their best against them.

Been hearing about the Madison school board & the "under God" & using "god in the schools.  They had to change their minds.   Since Sept 11th the flag & God have become most important  Funny how several movies have to postpone their shows because of violence, etc.

Wed A.M.  No school in Sheffield today.  Suspicious substances found in a delivery to Sheffield schools.

Oh yes, Dale goes to Rochester for a one day session.  He and another fellow worker.  They'll leave right after work & eat on the way or in Rochester.  Be home for Thurs dinner.  The other fellow is a Trowbridge & grew up in Warren & works here but lives in Jamestown.  Is divorced.  His brother Rusty graduated with Barb.

When Dale was set to leave this A.M., I heard him say "Oh no".  It was a skunk by the back door.  It wandered up the st.  Hope school kid don't meet it.