Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Today would have been Edna's 86th birthday.

I mentioned to Dale that Andy wanted to be a blond.  Dale said "at least he didn't want to dye it red or blue."  Barb said that Lynn had Scott's hair highlighted & she likes it.  Guess I didn't keep a close eye on my children.  I can't remember you doing anything to your hair, as I don't remember.  Repeating myself.

After lunch I went to CVS for 2 prescriptions, returned 2 library books & cashed a check for next month's expenses.  Nice day for a walk.

Read a new (for me) author.  Hot Six by Janet Evanovich.  It was very different & I don't think I'll read any more of her books.  Also The Nightingale Legacy by Catherine Coulter.  That is more of the style I really like to read.

Bert is cold all the time but can't find a wool sweater.  Barb has some she knit she doesn't wear so she bro't one over to Bert & she paid Barb $25.00 for it.  She'd like Barb to knit her a white wool longer cardigan.  Barb found another bright navy cardigan she gave her.  She said she'd pay for it.

Last Thurs. Kim stopped over for coffee & a chat.  She asked if we'd like to go out for dinner Fri. nite.  I'm always ready to eat out.  We went to Nickel Inn.  I had the fish fry & lemon meringue pie.  Lar had lobster & steak.  We thought of Eddie & his love for lobster.  It is always crowded there & Kim & Larry knew a lot of people.  It is a popular place for Warrenites.  Kim & Barb had the fish fry & Dale had steak.  Lar & Dale also had dessert.

Someone is looking at Carey's house -- they have come down to $135,000 Lar said.  It's been 2 years on the market.  Mr. C told Lar he lost $100,000 on the stock market.  So have a lot of other people.

4 more days of August & I'm glad it's coming to an end.  No more Lynch TV ads!  Really overkill.  Mornings are darker now.  The summer flew by.

The teachers had special sessions Monday & Tuesday & tomorrow the kids go back to school.  At least it isn't hot & humid.

Back to blond hair -- Alex Keeney (Johnson's house) has colored his hair blond.  So has the sister who graduated from high school last June.  Alex starts Beaty now -- 5th grade.

I didn't get any library books today as I'm working on another puzzle with colored flowers so I sit a lot & study the colors & find a few matches.  It will come together in time & a little patience.

When Lar & Kim's friends in Pleasant Township sold their home Lar said to be sure & tell them he doesn't continue to tend their property.  The same when Carey's house sells.  He'd like to give up some of the trimming jobs he has -- the only way it will happen is, if they give up their homes.  Many are widows & they depend on Larry.

Did you notice my poor Mets finally won 2 games last week after losing 12 in a row.  I'm still a Met fan!

You'll have to send me a picture of the boys in their football gear or should I say uniforms.

Fri A.M.

Kim endured the first day with just one problem. An 8th grade girl didn't obey the dress code.  She got thru to the 8th period & Kim sent her to the office.  No other teacher cared to tell her.  That is the problem -- no one cares.  Kim has no gray period -- it's either black or white.  But she cares.  Oh yes she heard a 14 year old fellow, handsome, good student & athlete got a 20 year old gal pregnant this summer.  What was he thinking!  He wasn't.

Gen called.  All seems to be going OK.  She hopes to be able to get a car in the near future.  Poor John. I think they should take "the bull by the horns" & tell her she must see a Dr. & that they think she might have Altszimer's.  (I'll have to learn how to spell that.)  Or find out what the problem is & get medication.  They are afraid of her reaction.

In your letter you mentioned "mulligans" in connection to golf & I never heard that phrase.  Kim clued me in so I learned a new word!  I always thought it was a stew!!

I need to write to Millie, Gen & Darla.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The weather is ideal & I have my ambition back.

Lar will come to dinner tonite -- for 6 weeks they will come on Wed. as Lar prefers not to lay soccer after a meal on Thurs.  But Kim can't come tonite as she has another golf tournament & they close with a dinner.

The water is off for a couple of hours (10:45 A.M.) as they are putting a new hydrant up the street.

Dale came home after his late Tuesday & said "See what we will wear on Fridays".  A shirt -- NASCAR with Dodge, etc. on it.  Short sleeved, black with a red yoke front & back.  He doesn't like bright colors so I teased him a bit.

We've had corn a few times & it has been excellent.  Peaches have been good & local blueberries.  Big & sweet.  Dale likes them on cereal.

Millie said the funeral was well attended.  Gen held up OK both at calling hours & service.  I'll enclose what Millie sent me.

Yesterday Barb didn't have to watch Scott so she washed windows inside & out.  Downstairs windows.

I'm thinking about rearranging my bedroom but I'll wait til September when Dale takes another week's vacation so he can help me.

I wish we could put the TV in another spot but that means changing wires, etc. so I guess it will stay where it is.  I'd like to put the sofa on the wall where the TV is.  It would make the room look bigger.  At least I think so.

Next Sunday the service will be at Chapman Dam followed by a family picnic.  I wont' be going & I don't believe they should ever close the church on Sundays.

Best gets a perm tomorrow & on Friday we plan to go to Jamestown.

This school year Scott will eat lunch at school -- he takes the new medication -- so he doesn't have to take it at lunch.  Lynn doesn't like people to know he takes meds.  Scott hates taking the buss so now Barb will pick him up & be there til 4:30.  Marisa isn't reliable to watch him. They have rented their building to another trucking firm, offices & all.  They still have an office there & maybe part of the garage for repairs, so Bob keeps busy.

Today's paper said National Forge is up for sale.  If that goes Warren will really be a ghost town.

Thurs. the 22nd

When Torey first saw Dale last nite, Dale had his work uniform & barked at Dale.  Later on, when Dale had changed, he was begging Dale for the treats he buys for Torey.

Someone was conducting a survey -- whether you drink Pepsi or Coke.  I said neither.  He was surprised.

Barb is very pleased with her perm.  It looks so nice.

Had a letter from Darla today.  The grass has been planted around the house & should be ready to mow soon.  Gerald still has a lot of stuff to go thru but they are enjoying the house.  Easy to keep up.

They've had company -- their kids & Darla was busy cooking for them but happy to have them.

Charles & Sandy stopped by & she cooked dinner for them.

Carolyn & Jim were in Iron Mountain & they met them for dinner at Pine Mountain.  Afterwards they went to see their house & visited awhile.

Darla is working at the Hospital gift shop once a week. She enjoys getting out & meeting people.  Good for her.

We are expecting showers today -- but none so far.

2 pm

This A.M. I did it -- I changed my bed to under the windows.  Now I'll only wash my sheets every other week.  One week I'll sleep on the left side & the right side the next.  This way it is a little easier to get up during the nite form either side.  I put a belt around each wheel of the frame & pulled.  I don't have any aches of pains so I guess I didn't hurt myself.  I got half of the room cleaned.  That's all I could manage today.  Got rid of dust & vacuumed where the bed was.  I also found some summer tops in a box between (watching TV) under the bed.  I still have a few things to put away in my room so I'll sign off for this time.

Dale looked nice in the Dodge NASCAR shirft.  The short sleeves are also red.  A bright red.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I called Millie last nite as I can get answers from her. Tonite (& this aft.) are calling hours.  Almost over by now.  Funeral tomorrow at 11 A.M.   Then burial at Hillcrest Cemetery & back to church for lunch.  Linda & Allan will go with Millie.  Last Sat. Ed had another stroke & heart attack so the family was called.  Ed died about 7:30 pm but Gen had gone home at 7 pm.  Edith & John were there til the end.  Edith is taking it very hard.  Only 2 months illness.  It is hard to believe.  Sounds like the Chinese fellow will stay on.  Gen said they can't push him out now.  We'll see what will happen.  I know they are worried about Gen.

Dale is on vacation this week.  Monday he went to Seaman's Auto Junk Yard.  Today he is working on the El Camino & trying to remember where he put a part he needs.

I'm watching San Fran. at Atlanta & in the 3rd inning San Fran is 3-0.  The Mets aren't on TV for us but already they are behind 4-0.  Soon football will take over.

We're having more hot weather & not much improvement in sight.  Tonite we had deli beef sandwiches.  I sauteed onion, green pepper & mushrooms.  Heated the beef & topped the onion, etc. with melted cheese.  It was good.  Also had potato salad 7 fruit.  Later on I had a Klondike bar -- a choc. peanut one.  It is new & very good.

I'm working on another 1000 pc. puzzle.  Today's USA's puzzle is a hard one so I got very few of the words.  It is a tricky one & today I wasn't up to tricks!

Mon A.M.  Dale had on the new tan shorts I got him with a new shirt he got thru work.  Knit shirt with a collar.  He got 3 of them.  He looked so nice & I told him he did.

Tomorrow Lar & Kim go with their friends to the soccer game at Columbus, Ohio.  They leave at noon & will be home Thurs. aft.  Lar will be here for dinner but Kim won't.  One of the girls in having a picnic on her patio.  Torey will be here.  We'll have steak & corn on the cob.  Maybe peach shortcake for dessert.

Thurs A.M. the 22nd 15th.  Getting ahead of myself.  It goes fast enough.

We've had showers during the nite & so far this A.M.   Warren hit 91 yesterday.  Will it ever end.  I don't do much during this heat, even with the AC I fell so lazy but I keep things in order so the house looks O.K.

Are Albert & Cyndi at their new base yet?  Julianna must be a real little doll.

Barb will pick up steaks &^ she'll look for shortcake at BiLo.  Too hot & muggy to heat the oven to 425.  If there is no shortcake, the 2nd choice is frozen pound cake.

How is your veggie garden.  It is nice to have tomatoes & cucumbers from the garden.  Dale has one little sunflower growing.  His specialty.

Thurs. edition of our paper has the Spotlight and on the back page they tell of tours you can take -- Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Cape Cod potato chips, Celestial Seasonings tea factory & Jelly Belly in Pleasant Prairie, Wi.  A 30 min. ride on the Jelly Belly Express telling its history, how candy is made & samples.  I don't know where Pleasant Prairie is in the state -- it's right near Kenosha so that isn't close to you.  It sounds interesting but I prefer spiced jelly beans, not fruit flavors.

Last Sat. Lar & Kim were invited to a 50th birthday celebration of Lar's classmates.  A boat ride on the Chautauqua Maid from 7-10 pm.  Started at Mayville, went as far as the new bridge & back again.  Food, a trio provided music for dancing, drink.  A fun time.  A large group & the husband footed the bills & it was a surprise for his wife.  She was Jill Berdine -- don't know if you know her.  His name is Fasenmeyer, Randy I think.  They enjoyed the soccer game very much.  It didn't rain until the game was over.

Guess this is all the news.  I'm switching between San Fran. vs. Atlanta & Designing for the Sexes, a favorite of ours.

How is football practice for the boys.  Any aches & pains.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monday, August 5, 2002

Andy pitching at Reedsburg baseball tournament (1st of 4)

Another hot, humid day.  They keep saying a break is coming & I hope they are right when they say it's tomorrow.  Low overnite temps & daytime in the 70's.  I can hardly wait.  The Weather channel tells how many days over 90 for Boston, NYC, Phila, and D.C.  Phila about 32 days & around the same for D.C.  Glad for the AC.  But it doesn't do much for upstairs.  Same in the winter-- I have a cold bedroom.

I meant to send you an article on the Rigas with a Buffalo flavor & I forgot.  Used the wrong envelope.  Will try to remember this time.

The beans didn't work out in the garden.  But the zucchini & cucumbers give up plenty to eat.

Last Sat. was suppose to be cooler so I was up at 6 A.M. & made a cake, a coffee cake, banana bread (to use overripe bananas) & zucchini bread to use extra zucchini.  The early start helped but I was hot by the time I leaned it all up.  Not mad hot, just hot hot!  It tastes good & nice to have on hand.  This week I'll have to replenish my Danish for the freezer & make another zucchini bread.  It's really a recipe I like.

Barb has been sanding the rail on the porch by the little room.  She will paint it & also the roof part which has peeled.  Dale will take a week off in August & he plans to plan the garage door.

James Lynch will have some competition after all.  A woman, Sheila Brooker, will run against him.  Put up by the Dem. party in place of the one who resigned.  I'll vote for her.   We still have to live thru his TV ads.  Lots of people are getting sick of him & his picture is always in the paper.  What an ego!

Tues the 6th

Yesterday I finished work by 10 A.M. & it was till hot & humid so I read a book by Judith McNaught & finished it by 4 pm so I had a really enjoyable day & read a great book.

Yesterday late aft. It cooled off & it was a good sleeping nite.  This A.M. I( dusted my bedroom & cleaned the bathroom.  After cleaning up & phoning in 2 prescriptions I walked to the library, got 2 books & picked up 2 meds.

Buffalo paper reviewed a new book by Diane Mott Davidson.  3 of her books were on the shelf, but not the new one, so I chose Killer Pancake.  The write up said recipes are included in her books so that is a nice extra.  Also got 2 book (last Fri.) by Ralph McInerny who writes Father Dowling & Andrew Broom mysteries.  So I read varied themes & enjoy them all.  I wrote down the names of the Madison author you mentioned & will look & see if I can find her book.

Lynn's folks celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary & all the family was home for it.  Now they are on a trip to Italy & then will take a cruise.

Thurs. the 8th

The past few days have been super days so we can have an oven meal.

I have to say "thank you" to Paul & you ask "Why?"  Yesterday I fixed chop suey for supper & as I was finishing a book & then doing my crossword puzzle, the liquid ran out & the meat started to burn before I smelled it.  I was able to save most of the meat &wondered what liquid to use.  Went looking for beef broth & noticed I had a beefy mushroom soup on the shelf.  And that is why I'm thanking you Paul because in one of your letter you mentioned using that soup.  It sounded good to me so I got some & id did the trick.  My dinner was rescued.  I had never noticed it before on the store shelf.  It is on my shopping list.

Fri A.M.  Ready to eat breakfast but wanted to sign off & send out love to all.

Just wrote checks for the house tax & personal tax & the newspaper.  That's off my mind now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saturday, July 27, 2002

It's a cloudy A.M. & I'm baking a crust for a peach pie.

Thanks for the recipe.  They sound good -- minus the garlic for me.  I have ground turkey & corn tortillas on my grocery list.  Am wondering if your chicken recipe could used canned milk in place of whipping cream.

That was some letter about things at the library.  You don't know what happened in the "real world".  My world is very small  Did you sign up for the computer course.

How are Jack & Boxer getting along.  I mentioned Kim's friend Nancy has a new cat.  It has cat's upside down illness.  Something to do with the ears & makes it want to be upside down.  they give the cat ear drop medication to heal.

Do you recall Lauri Heckler -- Jefferson St. -- she had a beauty shop.  Their house was for sale & finally sold so they could pay their back taxes.  They bot an old farm house out Pleasant Dr.

Just made a peach pie.  I found out that Kim makes her strawberry pie using strawberry jello in the filling.  I found a peach pie recipe using peach jello along with sugar, cornstarch & water.  After the last 3 ingredients are boiled clear you add the jello, cool a bit, add the fruit, pour into the shell.  And I have peach pie for dessert.

I just watched The Black Squadron on the History Channel & enjoyed it.

Tues. 7:40 A.M., July 30

I'm waiting for the freezer to be delivered the first thing this A.M. & I'm all set for it.  They called yesterday & asked if I would wait a day & I sad yes.  If they had a lot of deliveries scheduled it would probably be late aft. & my working hours are nil by then.

Kim stopped by.  They plan to start the garage at camp this fall & Kim asked if Dale would help & in return he could store his car free for the next 15 yrs.  They want everything ready when they make it their permanent home.  They will contact "Bones" Blair to see if he would sell them 100 feet of land so they can have more space for a double garage.  That is Kim's idea -- then they can place it even with the house.  Lar knows he should have the cement floor poured professionally in order to keep the small animals out of the garage.  Dale is willing to help.

Then Kim told us she was online to check out her hours as every 5 years they have to have 150 hours of extra work for their jobs -- workshops, etc.  She was interrupted by ads & the bottom one was porn for children.  She investigated & was so made & disgusted at what she saw.  She is ready to "junk" the computer but Lar needs it for his work -- bills, etc.  He told her she shouldn't have entered it.  But that's Kim -- we all say should have been a police woman.

We've had about 2" of needed & welcomed rain.  It is also very warm & humid.

Sunday I woke up to a cloudy, showery day & I was thinking of excuses not to go to church but then my conscience took over.  "You'd go to the Mall if Barb said "I'm going to the Mall", so I went to church & was glad I did.

Wed. last of July.

This A.M. I walked to the library carrying 3 books.  I told myself 3 are too many to carry even if one was smaller.  So what did I do but get 3 more books.  Also went to the bank, got the garbage ready & that's all I've done today.  It's very warm this aft. so I've been working on my puzzle & took a little nap.

Our new freezer is working & Lar took the old one on Tues. aft. after his regular job & before his extra job.

Turned the calendar to August & noticed Saturday is Ruth's birthday.  Good I had cards on hand so I got one ready & wrote a note & walked to Fifth to mail it.  Should have looked before I went over town.

I think Madison is having a Drum & Bugle competition & Betsy Moran's husband follows them so they will be in Madison.  Kim remembered the Farmer's Market, told Betsy they must go to it.  Her husband goes to it, wherever it is, every year.  I think it is yearly.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sunday, July 21, 2002

Eddie fogs the yard in preparation for Bastille Day

I enjoyed reading about your party.  It was a busy week & few days before the party but I know it is well worth the effort.  Were any of the relatives there -- Mim & Tom & Carolyn & Jim.

I got one of Judith McNaught's books & it was good reading.  At first I couldn't find the "Mc" but asked for help.  I remembered seeing Ed McBain's book but have never read any of them.

Today the Mets can't do anything vs. Cincy.  It is suppose to have reached the 100's.  It has been nice here but it is getting warmer.  Time for the AC I guess.  Dale is sitting in the sun & he has a nice tan on his body.

Kim enjoyed her trip to Fla.  She enjoyed being with the niece & nephew.  They've had nice weather for their weekend trip.  Torey is staying with her friend Nancy & family.  They have Torey's sister.  Kim was upset as they had a new kitten & Torey doesn't like cats.  She said her twin aunts in Fla. have 30 cats & when you go into their new home all you smell is cats.  They have a couple of dogs.  All stray animals.

I'm on the front porch now -- there is a breeze so it's not bad sitting outside.

Jim Lynch is up for reelection for State Representative & for about a week he's had ads on cable TV & they seem to run every 15 min.  He's been good for Warren but this is too much of a good thing.  He doesn't have any opposition.*  To make matters worse the phone rang & Dale answered & it was a message from Jim Lynch!  And his picture is always in the paper.  Enough is enough.  *No Democrats are running.

In July we have had 1/2" of rain.  It is so dry.  Rain is forecast but it never comes.  Rain is suppose to come this week & we hope it it true.  Barb waters the garden so the plants are producing veggies for us.

My mind is a blank -- nothing happening here so that means nothing to write about.

In August Barb & I are going shopping at the Grove City Outlet Mall.  It is big with lots of stores & that means lots of walking.  We went once with Kim but it was new to us -- this time we'll know what to expect & which stores to go to.  Time goes fast at the outlet stores & I get tired.  It will be something different for us.  We plan to go on a Mon., hoping it won't be as crowded as later in the week.

Eddie with Jack, the newest member of the family

Noon time Wed. the 24th.

Finally cool weather & I took advantage & did some baking.

Made zucchini bread (does it have 2 "c"?) & finally found a recipe I like.  Most recipes call for 2 c. sugar -- this one only calls for 1/2 c. sugar, & 1/2 c. B. sugar.  And the 21 plants in the garden are really producing as well as the cucumbers.  Made c. c. cookies, pie crust & brownies.  Like to have pie crust in the freezer in case I want to make a pie.

We had a little rain yesterday & then it cooled off & it is suppose to last a couple of days.

I'm putting together another puzzle.  It keeps me more upbeat than just sitting & I do a lot of that when it's hot & muggy.  I get lazy in humid weather.

Have you noticed some of the Mets are coming alive -- esp. Mo Vaughn.  Fun to watch him run.  They are getting closer to the wild card.  Too bad the Braves can't stop winning.  Will there be a World Series?

Kim talked about making a peach pie.  I'm not sure if I am that fond of peach pie but I'd like to trying making one.  Maybe one for next Thurs.  Have a recipe I'll try.  This week we're having hamburgers & corn on the cob.  Might make a pecan pie -- one of my favorites.  Guess I'll roll out a crust.

Thurs. the 25th.  It's reallyl cool -0- I could have had an oven meal but we're having hamburgers, etc.  Barb got corn to have.  I made a pecan pie.

Kim & Lar had an enjoyable weekend.  They came home Rt. 6 & saw Pa.'s Grand Canyon & thru Coudersport & saw the new bldg. that Riga built & no one uses it.  The homes, etc.  He supported the town so you wonder what the people will do now.  Why do they have to live like kings.  Kim thought the bldg. had gold trim.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I'm sitting on the front porch & decided I'd better start a letter.

Yesterday was a busy day.  Got my usual Mon. jobs accomplished & got a perm at 11 AM.  I really needed one -- long & not much curl.  What a relief to have curl again.  In the aft. we went grocery hopping.  Got it out of the way.;  Barb works for Lynn. Tues. Wed & Thurs aft so it's after 4 before we can go grocery shopping.

Imagine you are a little relieved your big party is in the past.

Your Wed. family outing sounded very interesting.

I tried an author new to me.  Karen Robards.  It took me a few pages to want to continue but I really enjoyed it.  Another author I plan to check out is Judith McNaught.  Robard's books have a southern flavor.  I'll get more of her books.

Paul, don't you know the grass is always greener on the other side of the street in reference to Middleton vs. Cross Plains.

Kim comes home today.  We'll hear about her trip on Thurs.  I know she played golf a couple of times & they would visit her twin aunts who live close to her sister.

Torey won't be happy this weekend as Kim & Larry will leave on Sat & stay overnite, coming home sun nite.  With Betsy Moran & her husband, whose name I can never remember, they will drive their Miata to Corning, N.Y. & stay overnite there.  Betsy's husband had to heave a Miata convertible after he saw Larry's.  His is navy blue.  It should be a fun time for them.

Last nite Dale went out on Sam B's boat at the Dam. They swam & had a good time.

Twice today the same people looked at Carey's house.  It is taking a long time to sell. Don't know if they have come down on the price.

I mentioned Bert's relative, 10 yr. old Courtney, was here for dinner.  She seemed to enjoy herself.  She is very talkative & can be funny.  It was nice.  She ate everything on her plate.  After miniature golf they got ice cream.  Both Bert & Courtney's mother like to drink & it doesn't take many drinks to affect them.

I got nowhere with USA's puzzle today.  It was harder than usual.

I can't believe it -- the Mets are playing winning ball.  Bo Vaughn & Jeromy Bernitz are hitting finally.  Maybe they can climb the ladder a bit.

Wed. nite

Dale is reading the book on NASCAR you gave him for his birthday & finding it very interesting.

It's a hot day -- AC is on -- & when I finished the dishes I watered the flowers in pots & the rose bushes.  They are blooming.  Lar doesn't think the soil is that good for roses.  We'll see. He planted roses for Careys & they are going good.

Barb saw that Hatch Patch had corn & bo't some & it is delicious.  We're lucky to have Hatch Patch.

Dale is home shortly after 4 pm & gets into shorts & sits in the yard & reads.  It's good to relax.  He had a headache yesterday.

Gen hasn't called so I called her last nite.  She said Ed is better & looks better.  Her impressions are different from Millie's.  he told me she is tired all the time.  I asked her if she's seen the Dr.  She told me she has her checkup in Aug.  It is hard to know what is going on when I'm in Pa.  Luckily Edith is a good sister in law & helps Gen.

We're hoping for rain tomorrow -- Thurs -- as it is in the forecast.  The lawns are so brown & the soil is cracking in places.  Barb keeps the veggies watered.  I saw a recipe for zucchini bread that calls for only 1 c. sugar & I want to try it.  They & the cucumber are ready to pick & we've enjoyed them.  We have green tomatoes on the vine.

Fri.  I'll get this finished.  Kim enjoyed her tip but was glad to be home. Tonite Lar & Kim are attending one of the plays at the Library Theater.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sunday, July 7, 2002

I'm home from church & changed my clothes.  No paper yet so I'll start a letter.  Today the asst. to the Bishop preached.  He seems like a very nice person & preached a good sermon.  The service lasted just 1 hour.  I also remember a pastor saying it's no good preaching when the congregation has said "Amen" in their minds.  Afterwards they were having strawberry shortcake so people could visit with him.  I didn't stay.  Lar & Kim are coming for dinner (6 pm) to make up for last Thurs.  I was up at 6 A.M. (because I didn't make the pie crust, I mean form the crust into the pan), so I did that this A.M. & made a strawberry pie.  I'm having an easy meal.  Steak & baked pot. & salad & pie.  Forgot to get green beans.  I do the inside preparations & Barb or Dale do the steak & fix mushrooms & onions if they want them.

Dale didn't work Sat - his early week so he went to his shopping "meccas".  He couldn't pass up a volt amp tester for car batteries.  New it would cost between $600-800.  He paid $125.00 -- he couldn't pass it up.

Kim stopped by Sat. & I mentioned about getting a frost free freezer.  She asked what will we do with the present one.  Do you want it.  She said yes & she'd pay us for it.  When I told Barb that, she said we don't have to wait.until cold weather.  We can move it & plug it in elsewhere & then fill up the new one & defrost & clean the old one & they can pick it up.  Sears' flyers had a sale on freezers so off Barb & I go to Sears on the west side & get one.  It won't come til the 29th but we can wait that long.  Same size as we have. It can't be wider but I would have liked it taller but they don't come that way.  So soon we'll have a frost free freezer.

Kim ordered a pair of bike riding pants for Barb.  Lar bro't them over when he walked Torey.  I asked Kim the cost & she wasn't sure.  Barb was picking more strawberries so she wasn't here.  Kim said if Barb picked 8 qt. of strawberries for Kim, she'd call it square.  So Barb will pick 8 qts. for Kim & that will pay for the pants.  Kim will have to freeze some as she leaves for Fla. Wed.  She'll leave a couple of Larry to munch on.

It's amazing how ignorant I was when you kids were growing up, from the tales I hear about now.  I never knew about your sun stroke.  I thought I was pretty good knowing what went on with my children.  At least we all lived thru it.

Both Hollertzs and Bensons are dieting & have lost some weight.  With Pat B., it is a must as she was in the hospital because of her heart.  She is taking more medication -- blood thinner, etc, but all of them could lose 50 lbs..  Pat says they're hungry all the time & even a little testy at times.  Pat has a hard time walking & uses a cane.

Bert (Barb's lady) on the other hand is too thin & that can cause problems.  So it's OK for me to be a little overweight as I can get around, walk, etc.  But I would like to lose a few pounds as some of my clothes, esp. skirts, are too tight around the waist.  Do I have the will power to give up my "coffee and" breaks.  I don't' know.

Yesterday we checked the Martha Stewart roses at KMart.  They were under $10.00 so I got 2 more plants & then Barb went back in the afternoon and got 2 more as she wanted 8 altogether.  They are blooming - the first 4 -- and are so pretty.  Finally I have my rose garden.

When we were kids in order to get to church, which we did every Sun. we'd take a bus downtown, have a transfer & usually had to wait 20 min. for the bus we needed -- the schedules didn't click -- & in the winter it was a cold wait.  We did it because it was the thing to do.  That was for Sunday School at 10 A.M., followed by church at 11 A.M.  So that was a long morning & we were starved by the time we got home.  My mother usually got a ride if the member was going to church.  She's bring us a roll to eat before church but I remember liking the idea of a roll but not eating it in front of people.  It would get eaten before we got into church.  Sometimes we were allowed to skip the Sun they had Communion as that would be a longer service -- but not too often.  If you remember anything about Springfield. the church was on King St. & Merrick Ave.  When they relocated they sold the church to a black congregation -- it is a black neighborhood now.  Just a little remembering of my Sunday School days.

I've been sitting on the front porch enjoying the beauty of the day.  And I remembered something Pat told me.  Gary Risher is now interim pastor of the Mt. Jewett church.  He visited Pat when she was in the hospital.  He talked a little about St. Paul & said Dad warned him of certain people -- troublemakers.  Who they could be I can't imagine since it's such a long time since Dad retired and he never had any problem with anyone.  Only when 3 families didn't like the idea of a new church & that was no big deal.  And one family came back.  He also told her he now has a convertible.  He was having trouble with his car.  Went back to the dealer, whom he knew & the dealer said we'll give you another car & he chose a convertible.  His cars were a sore spot with some members & he has several cars.

Tues. the 9th

We had an all day rain -- a nice one as it was a light rain that would sink into the ground.  It will only be in the low 70s for 3-4 days. I set dinner rolls & put them in the fridge overnite & will finish them in the A.M.

Mon. I had 12 rolls for Scott's birthday & today Barb informed me she invited Courtney for dinner Thurs.  Bert & her niece are going out to dinner & Barb will watch Courtney who is 10 years old.  She is really the niece's granddaughter but she calls her mother.  The son is the father but he messed up on drugs so the grandmother has raised her.  She's probably in her 50s according to Barb.  They will also go miniature golfing & to Beaty field.  They go back to Atlanta on Sat.  Courtney likes it here.  Courtney also likes Larry like all the little girls have.  I remember Paula C. coming over to see if "Wrarry" was home.  She lost the baby she was expecting.

I didn't watch any of the All Star doings last nite -- home run derby, etc.  Don't know if I'll watch much of the game tonite.  Maybe it will be good if it's the Braves vs. the Yankees -- no world series.

I guess this is enough to read at one time.

Called Millie last nite.  Ed isn't doing that good.   He is worrying about Gen & has other ills besides the stroke.  When you get to your 60s see your Dr. regularly.  Ed never did.  Gen is depressed because she can't drive & feels isolated.  She isn't taking her medication, won't wear her glasses & wants to sleep all the time.  Millie told her put on some peppy music & exercise.  Start & finish just 1 job & then do more.  She can't handle it.  It's so sad!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2002

Today has been a lovely day & I took advantage & did some baking.  Coffee cake, Danish rolls, & banana bread that will go in the freezer.  I was down to 3 Danish in the freezer.  Also made brownies.

Paul, I didn't forget!  Don't you remember before Lar & Kim's 15th wedding anniv. you called & wondered if I'd get them a 30.00 gift certificate from The Cafe & I did.  That is the $50.00 I was talking about.  You promised to send a check to me when you wrote!

Warren had a big fire you'll be reading about when you get the Wrrn. paper.  Conewango Club.  Started in the early A.M. hours -- roof fell in & parts of the porches came down.  Main parking lot was closed off as well as 2nd Ave. so parking was at a premium.  The library got some smoke but they don't it think it did any damage.  It was closed yesterday.

Too many distractions trying to write a letter on the porch.  So I'm inside now.

Mon. July 1.

This was the day I went to the dentist & I hope nothing happens before May 2003, my next checkup.   This aft. we went to the Mall & then grocery shopping.  Wanted to go today rather than tomorrow as it was will be more crowed crowded then.  (I'm watching TV again.)  And it is suppose to be hotter so I can stay inside.  Bad enough today.

Barb picked 8 qts of strawberries.  She froze 2 qt. for smoothies.  I used 2 qt. & made jam this aft.  Looks nice.  And we have berries for shortcake & maybe a pie.

Did I already write -- Lar & Kim will be at a friend's house on the 4th so they will come for Sun. dinner.  The following Wed. Kim will fly to visit her sister & family in Fla. for almost a week. Lar didn't care to take vacation then.

Tonite I made tossed salads with strips of chicken & rolls.  Mine was smaller than Dale's & it was tasty.  We also have left over pizza from last nite.  Dale said the heat doesn't make him that hungry so he prefers lighter meals & he likes salads.

Wed. the 3rd

Just wrote a note to Ruth.  Got ambitious.

Barb helped me finish the puzzle. I'll probably start another one.  In this hot weather I need a puzzle to work on.

The rabbits have been eating the beans Barb planted so she'll use a wire fence to protect them.

She says the bifocals work great for knitting & watching TV.  Wish I liked to knit.  She does such nice work.

Kim stopped over yesterday -- she drove.  Too hot for Torey to walk.  She walks AM's when it's cooler & not as long walks -- Torey is getting older, too.

When I saw the Dr. my blood pressure & thyroid were fine.  And I don't need a blood test before my next appt.  And the tooth that broke off is fixed so I'm fine for awhile.

The freezer we have isn't frost free & the frost accumulates & builds up on the food.  So next winter when it is cold I'd like to get a new one & it has to be frost free!  In fact, Sears has them on sale now but there is no way to store the frozen food.  I told Dale of my idea, thinking he would say you don't need another one, but he agreed with me.  You have to be careful or the door doesn't completely close & then things melt & that isn't good.  So when the temp is 0, we'll get one, store the food on the porch & wait for the delivery.

Nothing special happening for us on the 4th.  We'll have a cook out & enjoy the day.

Fri. Ted & Pat Benson will pick me up & we go out to lunch at 5 Forks Restaurant on the way to Tionesta.  It is buffet & salad bar with good desserts.  On rt. 62  It will be nice to see everyone as I missed the last get-together.

We've been watching tennis from Wimbledon -- it's been interesting.

July 4th

We were awakened at 6 A.M> with 6 "BOOMS" going off to signal the start of the Fourth.  They Jaycees are still in charge but like everything else the manpower is slim & how much longer they'[ll be in charge is a question.

I made a potato salad this A.M. & we'll have hamburgers.

It's too hot to sit on the porch so I'm inside.  Dale is tanning outside.  My rose bushes are blooming.  I love them.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Monday, June 24, 2002

Barb just left for a bike ride before work.  And it's warm.  The AC was on yesterday but not during the nite.  Will turn it on soon.  Have a load of wash going & Dale's bed has clean sheets.  It is too humid to do a lot -- at least for me!

The strawberries from Hatch Patch are so good.  3.00 a full qt.  They haven't allowed the public to pick yet.  Barb plans to.  I want to make a batch of jam.

Barb had her eyes examined after 4 yrs.  She got 2 pairs of the new prescription & one is bifocal.  When she knits & watches TV she needs the bifocals.  She also has the old pair darkened for sun glasses.

At work Sam B. has a fan & he told Dale "with all your money, you could buy a fan".  Yesterday Dale went out & bo't one.  Paid 30.00 for a standing fan.  Dale doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, doesn't go out so he's saving his money.  Living at home helps.  He is in for a shock when he lives on his own.

Rain & storms have been forecast all week but no rain.  Suppose to rain today & I hope it does.  I hope it's true that cooler air will come in by the end of the week.

Last Sat. Barb & I were on the way to Jamestown at 8:20 A.M>  Why you ask -- to shop at Penney's sale -- Barb for tops she liked & on sale.  Me for underwear.  2 girdles I like and cotton underpants for around the house.  We were home by 11 A.M.

Dale didn't have to work last Sat. but he took the El Camino to work to check it out.  He found he needs something but it didn't register to me.  With that he'll be more satisfied with the muffler as it won't be so noisy.  He said it "drives like a dream".  He's always going to give up one of his cars but he won't.  When he drives the Monte Carlo it's perfect as well as the Blazer in the winter.  (Never can remember the names.) 

Now it's Wed. the 26th & I've been busy cleaning.  Mon. I had my blood test & Tues was the mtg. at church so they were days I didn't work.  Just have to dust downstairs but I'm resting & watching Murder She Wrote.

This week I can watch the Mets every nite, either on ESPN or the Braves channel & Fri. nite on the Mets channel.  Sometimes I wonder why I subject myself to watching the Mets.  But last nite I was happy because they won.  Hope they can win some more games this week.

We haven't had any rain yet but maybe today.  It's been great having the AC.

Barb found another 99 cent 1000 pc. puzzle so I started doing it while watching the game.  It has darker colors so will take awhile.

Got library books again & another author I've never read.  Jayne Ann Krentz & I enjoyed reading "Absolutely Positively".  She as well as Katherine Stone live in the Seattle area & their books reflect the area.  I like that.

I hear thunder so maybe it will rain.  Barb said it would rain today because last night she waxed the van.  She used a product Dale had gotten & said it was so easy to put on, wait 10 min. & then rub it off.  She was very pleased with the results.


We had 1/3" of rain on Wed. & more showers are called for today.  Still warm so I'm having an easy supper.  Chicken cooked on the G. Foreman grill, rice pilaf made in the micro, fruit salad, rolls & raw veggies.  And ice cream bars on a stick & their name won't come to me.  We've not had them before & they were on sale plus a 1.00 off coupon in the Sun. paper.

Doesn't seem possible July 4th is next week.

Last Sun. Kim invited Dave & Lois (their neighbors) for a cook out.  Kim felt sorry for Dave -- he'd been on vacation all week with a long list of things to do from Lois.  Dave has to get meals if he wants a meal.  Lois doesn't cook.  They played Bocce with their new set.  Usually Lois wants to leave as soon as they've eaten but stayed later this time.  Kim said sometimes she doesn't understand why Dave stays around.

Kim see things differently -- during this heat Kim just eats salads but cooks a hot meal for Larry.  She said I spoiled him so she has to continue to spoil him.  That's what I tell Kim, she continues to spoil him.  I just made meals as was the custom for me plus desserts & cookies.  Influenced by my generation

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

It has warmed up so I'm sitting on the porch.  Earlier in the day I set dinner rolls, which I refrigerated & choc. chip cookies.  After supper I baked the cookies & enjoyed one with a cup of coffee on the porch.  Tomorrow A.M. I'll bake the rolls.  Suppose to be in the 80's the end of the week. 

The people across the street, corner house, are having their late roof power washed.  They took a tree down on the north side & the roof on that side was covered with moss.  It looks so nice but it also has taken paint off the house so it will have to be painted again.

Thanks for the pictures.  I like the new cupboards & the different arrangement of the L.R.-D.R. area.
And what an improvement in the floor of Andy's room.  It looks so nice.  Would Eddie's room have the same kind of floor.

Kim enjoyed their golfing weekend but this is the last time to go there.  This year a couple of gals backed out the last minute & they had to find subs as they had to pay for them regardless.  Next year they might go closer to home -- like Peak 'n' Peek & just stay 1 nite.

When we got groceries this aft. we tried the corn on the cob -- 5/2.00.  It was pretty good.  We noticed Hatch Patch had strawberries but we didn't stop.  Probably 2.50 a qt.

The Mountain Laurel in the front of the house is in full bloom.  The first time so all of the rain must have helped.  It's pretty. 

I talked to Millie.  Ed's throat & one side are paralyzed so he can't swallow.  They had to put a tube in his stomach to feed him.  But he can talk.  John & Edith are very worried about Gen staying alone.  John disconnected something in the car so Gen can't drive & John would say he's too busy to fix it.  They are afraid of her reaction if they tell her she can't drive.  So she up & called AAA to take the car where they bot it & have it fixed.  When John heard that he told them not to touch it & tow it back.  It's tough when both of them are ailing.  I know Gen would hate to leave her home.

Yesterday I went to the dentist & he filled 1 tooth.  July 1, I go again for the tooth that broke off.

Tomorrow I go to get a blood test as I see Dr. McNett next week.  I'm taking care of myself.

I was very happy last weekend when the Mets took 2 of 3 games with the Yankees.  Doubly happy when Moe Vaughn hit a home run when his hitting has been zero.  If the team could start hitting it would be good.

I've been looking for a peanut butter brownie recipe & finally found one in one of my books.  They came out really good.  Just made a half recipe & they went too fast.

Golf was interesting last weekend.  A noisy crowd.  I was rooting for Tiger but Kim & Barb wanted Phil N. to win a major.

Wed. the 19th.  I got my dinner rolls baked & in the freezer.  Barb took me to get my blood test.  On the way home I stopped at the post office & got the new 37 cent stamps plus 3 34 cent stamps.  The new stamps start on the 30th of June.

We got the Fall-Winter Penney's catalogue so it's been fun looking thru it.  Not too much appeals to me, tho.

Wed. aft. baseball - Texas vs. the Cubs.  Beautiful day to watch a game at the park or field.  Will you get in on any of the All Star game to be played in Milwaukee?

Did Andy get his new bicycle?

Thurs. aft.  In the mail today, I got Ruth's new address & phone number.  Was glad to get it.

I'm all set for Kim's birthday dinner.  We're having steak, pot. salad, fruit salad (cantaloupe, watermelon& green grapes, all on sale this week), fresh beans, rolls & strawberry shortcake.  Barb stopped at Hatch Patch for berries.  2.00 for a very full qt.  The ladies at church said BiLo's shortcake is very good but Barb didn't see any so we have homemade shortcake.  New recipe, made in cup cake tins.  Looks good.

It's warming up but I haven't turned on the AC yet.  No humidity so far.

Did you forget I put out $50.00 for you!

Until next week love to all.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Monday, June 10, 2002

I'm sitting on the porch watching Dale paint the step's railings.  He sanded them on Sat.  It took most of the day because he's so fussy.  Yesterday he put the undercoat on & tonite he's putting the first coat of light tan on.  It looks really nice.  He was saying maybe he didn't have to be so fussy.

Today I hung sheets & underwear outside.  Also washed one of Dale's blankets & put it away for the summer.  They dry fast outside.

Elise Yaegle's sister died -- she had a brain tumor.  She was born in May 1920 -- my age.  Arlene Hornstrom is back in Warren at the nursing home in Pleasant Township.  This way friends can visit her.

What is a Silpat baking mat.  I've never heard of it.  Maybe I should watch the Cooking Channel.  Lately when nothing interests me, I turn to the History Channel & enjoy watching it. 

Lisa Carey & her 2 daughters were home this weekend as well as Paul & John.  The gossip is that they (Carey's) found a house in Buffalo, near Paula & John & will spend the summers there & winters in Fla.  No interest for their house here, altho people have looked at it.

Barb took 2 bike rides Sun. & today.  She's testing to see if her body can take it.  One ride equals 10 miles on the bike path & home Conewango Ave.

Today I mailed a card to Gen & a memorial for Stella to Shirley.  I hope she doesn't mind but I didn't want to wait any longer.  She can get in touch with David.

It's Wed. the 12th & it's hot & humid.  Yesterday I was at church so I put off cleaning the bathroom until this A.M.  The 2 Tues. A.M. mtg. always fall on Dale's long day.  He likes the Stouffers chicken pot pie or the ravioli & garlic toast so lunch is taken care of.  Just has to choose one.

I just watched "The Golden Girls" & had a lot of laughs.

I tried a new cooky yesterday.  Date & nut bars -- the dates are hard to find -- but it is a good cooky.  The brand name won't com\e to me but I also got the iced cooky you like.

Got my new Taste of Home Quick Cooking & plan to try a cooky recipe when it cools off, probably Sat.  Toffee Oat Cooky.  Contains oats & English toffee bits or almond brickle chips, plus sugar, flour, etc.  Tried them.  Very good

Scott is going to summer school at Jefferson for math.  There are 6 boys in the class & he likes it.  Tues, Wed & Thurs.  Barb will take care of him & clean for Lynn. When Marisa & Scott are together, they fight like cats & dogs.  Lynn said he likes it.  He told Barb he didn't.

Thurs A.M. is always a busy A.M.  I have to get the garbage out before 8:30 & I have to get a shower first & get dressed.  I'm usually up at 6 A.M. & this A.M. I got a fresh blueberry pie made.  1/2 of the berries are in the sauce I make & it is poured into a baked shell with 2 cups of fresh berries.  Can you understand my thoughts.  Then I got the dirty dishes, etc. cleaned up & started a load of clothes.  So most of my work is done expect to get dinner.  Yesterday I told Barb I was thinking of having a chicken noodle casserole & that didn't appeal to her.  So I said tell me what you'd like.  She chose the chicken with mushrooms & muenster cheese.  Then I said what about dessert -- maybe I'll have gingerbread, knowing she didn't like it.  Her suggestion was blueberry pie & offered to go to BiLo for the cheese & berries.  She also got a bottle of wine.  So we should have a good dinner.

This is the weekend Kim & gal friends go to Pittsburgh for a weekend of golf.  Seeing they dont' get back til late Sun. aft., they came for dinner.  We have celebrated her birthday on that Sun. but seeing her birthday is Fri. this time, we'll celebrate on Thurs.  Excuse my mistakes but I'm watching CNN & the Paula Zahn show & it's interesting & my mind is on 2 things & it doesn't help to write -- when distracting -- (I'm really mixed up) when I'm distracted by an interesting section of the program.  It's Oreo's 90th birthday today & it was fund to watch that section.

Gen called last nite.  Ed is in a nursing home & getting therapy.  She doesn't seem to really know what is going on.  I'll have to call Millie.  They go to lunch today for Gen's birthday & Edith will know about it.  Ed had a little operation but Gen didn't know much about it.  John took the day off & was with Ed.  John won't be taking the trip to Sweden.  John got a new car -- a Mercedes -- a silver color.l  Maybe that will attract a girl!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sunday, June 2, 2002

It's Sunday June 2nd so I'm starting early.  In the last letter I knew there was something I wanted to write but it wouldn't come to mind.  Not that important but I'll tell you.  About 3 weeks ago LeRoy Schneck wasn't on the radio A.M. news.   Finally remembered to ask Kim & she said he had a stroke.  He's not back yet -- Jim Gibson takes his place.  One of the daughters came home but didn't know which one.

Rose S. was in church today.  Betty Gustafson Mailhot picked her up.  It seemed good to see her sitting in her regular place.  The high school seniors were honored -- among them Ben Morelli who will go to the U. of Vermont.  8 graduates & as far as I know 6 of them will be going to college.

I bet your living room looks really nice.  I like the color.  Good to have it all clean from floor to ceiling.  I have had to dust a few cobwebs from our L.R. walls.  Haven't done any hard cleaning -- just try to keep things up.

Sat. & Sun. have been nice days so Dale has been tanning in the sun.  Yesterday I enjoyed reading on the porch & drinking coffee with freshly made rolls in the A.M. & freshly made molasses cooky & a peanut butter bar cooky in the aft.

Tonite Barb & I are having salmon & Dale will have a tenderloin steak -- from the grill.  This aft. I made a broccoli salad to take to LCW picnic tomorrow nite.  It needs to be refrigerated overnite.  Recipe from Kim & we all like it.

Now it's Thurs A.M., June 6 -- June's birthday.

The garbage is out for collection; a banana cream pie is in the fridge & I'm showered & dressed.

We had over 1.2" of rain yesterday.  It hit Tidioute & Youngsville hardest.  Trees down, electricity off.  In fact no school today in those areas -- still no elec.  It will be beautiful for Fri. graduations.

Suppose you noticed the Mets played 4 games in Atlanta. One was washed out, Braves won 3 & I'm hoping the Mets might win this aft. game.  They have to get hot sometime, I hope!  Braves' sports writers are not nice in print to the Mets.  Bobby V. keeps changing the outfield line up & I don't think that is a good idea.  Guess they (mgmt) think he's a good manager.  Barb & I don't agree.

Last Mon. nite was LCW & of course there is always "talk".  One lady knows someone in Mt. Jewett where Gary Risher is preaching on Sun.  Comment was "They wouldn't want him for a preacher."  They've been without a pastor for about 3 years.  That's where Ted Benson was.

Many years ago, after Dad retired, he preached at First Luth. for about 6-8 weeks while their pastor had a hip replacement.  Again this spring he had to have another replacement operation.  Recently while he was putting his sock on, he felt something.  A piece of the bone separated & now he has to have another operation.  Football injury.

I have to go to CVS for prescription medicine & to the library to return books & get more.  All is well here. 

Haven't heard from Gen who said she'd call.  Gen will be 80 the 13th.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wednesday, May 29, 2002

This is a short week due to Memorial Day.  Last Sat. nite we went to Lar & Kim's for a cookout.  I hadn't seen what had been done since I was last there -- the stones by the wood stove & Lar started with the new siding.  It does the trick -- the squirrels don't like it.  He started by the front door & around the deck to the back.  He plans to paint it when he gets time. Shingled the top gable & they add a lot.  Is gable the right word.

Mon. Barb cleaned the front porch -- I sat out there reading last nite.  Found a new, to me, author Katherine Stone.  I like her books a lot.

Last Thurs & Fri Dale had to go to school again so he was 5 days away from the job.  He enjoyed this session a lot.

I called Gen last nite & Ed was still in the hospital.  He had an MRI to see why he had blood in his head.  He has a strong will to get well.  Gen thinks they'll have to study what their future will be.  Thinks they need a smaller place, one with much less work required.

Sent a card & memorial money to Shirley C.  Need to write to Stella but haven't gotten to it yet.

Both Kim & Lynn have Hoover wind tunnel vacuum & they like them a lot.  Barb uses it at Lynn's & both Barb & Kim find it gets the animal hair up.  Lar said maybe it needed to be emptied or the bag could be in the wrong way.

Both Kim & I have "Mr. Coffee" makers & I know they are apt to leak but I find if I pour carefully & not too fast it doesn't leak when I put water in the opening.  Have to have a few problems to keep one on their toes!!

Did I say we now have 4 rose bushes & Barb picked one for a bud vase.  I just love them.  She also planted some veggies -- plants & seeds.

Enjoyed reading the article on Nordic culture.  Amused when one returnee said, I think it was Finland, the country was too Americanized -- they all spoke English.

Wed. baseball on ESPN & L.A. vs. Milwaukee.  Milwaukee fans must be very disappointed.  I'm disappointed the Mets are so up & down in scoring & winning games. 

A week from today Kim  & teachers will be happy.  Only 1 1/2 days left then.  Imagine Andy & Ed are looking forward to vacation & sleeping in.

It is Thurs. aft so I'd better finish my letter to mail tomorrow.  I spilled my coffee & some drips got on my letter.  I'm watching TV in my chair in the living room when it happened.

Was sorry to hear of Stella's death but it is also a blessing.  She was 92.  I'm really glad that Ruth is giving up her home.  Once she gets settled she'll be very happy.

Took the electric blanket off my bed today.  Think the cold weather is in the past.

We're having Andy's favorite meal tonite -- stuffed pork chops.  Planned to make a banana cream pie but the bananas didn't last -- didn't buy enough so I made a pecan pie.

I saw a Hoover wind tunnel vac in the For Sale ads in the paper.  $40.00.  Someone else didn't like theirs.

Bert has ha lady that sleeps overnite so Bert won't be alone.  Last week Elsie Mae came in about 11 pm & was tired so went right upstairs to bed.  Bert didn't realize that & tho't she hadn't come in & was concerned.  About midnight she called Dave & Lois & then called Lar & Kim waking both couples up.  Finally she found out Elsie Mae was asleep upstairs & was embarrassed.  She told Barb she'd give Lar & Kim a bottle of wine for the interruption.

I guess I've exhausted any thoughts I had to share with you.  So I'll sign off for this time.