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Saturday, July 27, 2002

It's a cloudy A.M. & I'm baking a crust for a peach pie.

Thanks for the recipe.  They sound good -- minus the garlic for me.  I have ground turkey & corn tortillas on my grocery list.  Am wondering if your chicken recipe could used canned milk in place of whipping cream.

That was some letter about things at the library.  You don't know what happened in the "real world".  My world is very small  Did you sign up for the computer course.

How are Jack & Boxer getting along.  I mentioned Kim's friend Nancy has a new cat.  It has cat's upside down illness.  Something to do with the ears & makes it want to be upside down.  they give the cat ear drop medication to heal.

Do you recall Lauri Heckler -- Jefferson St. -- she had a beauty shop.  Their house was for sale & finally sold so they could pay their back taxes.  They bot an old farm house out Pleasant Dr.

Just made a peach pie.  I found out that Kim makes her strawberry pie using strawberry jello in the filling.  I found a peach pie recipe using peach jello along with sugar, cornstarch & water.  After the last 3 ingredients are boiled clear you add the jello, cool a bit, add the fruit, pour into the shell.  And I have peach pie for dessert.

I just watched The Black Squadron on the History Channel & enjoyed it.

Tues. 7:40 A.M., July 30

I'm waiting for the freezer to be delivered the first thing this A.M. & I'm all set for it.  They called yesterday & asked if I would wait a day & I sad yes.  If they had a lot of deliveries scheduled it would probably be late aft. & my working hours are nil by then.

Kim stopped by.  They plan to start the garage at camp this fall & Kim asked if Dale would help & in return he could store his car free for the next 15 yrs.  They want everything ready when they make it their permanent home.  They will contact "Bones" Blair to see if he would sell them 100 feet of land so they can have more space for a double garage.  That is Kim's idea -- then they can place it even with the house.  Lar knows he should have the cement floor poured professionally in order to keep the small animals out of the garage.  Dale is willing to help.

Then Kim told us she was online to check out her hours as every 5 years they have to have 150 hours of extra work for their jobs -- workshops, etc.  She was interrupted by ads & the bottom one was porn for children.  She investigated & was so made & disgusted at what she saw.  She is ready to "junk" the computer but Lar needs it for his work -- bills, etc.  He told her she shouldn't have entered it.  But that's Kim -- we all say should have been a police woman.

We've had about 2" of needed & welcomed rain.  It is also very warm & humid.

Sunday I woke up to a cloudy, showery day & I was thinking of excuses not to go to church but then my conscience took over.  "You'd go to the Mall if Barb said "I'm going to the Mall", so I went to church & was glad I did.

Wed. last of July.

This A.M. I walked to the library carrying 3 books.  I told myself 3 are too many to carry even if one was smaller.  So what did I do but get 3 more books.  Also went to the bank, got the garbage ready & that's all I've done today.  It's very warm this aft. so I've been working on my puzzle & took a little nap.

Our new freezer is working & Lar took the old one on Tues. aft. after his regular job & before his extra job.

Turned the calendar to August & noticed Saturday is Ruth's birthday.  Good I had cards on hand so I got one ready & wrote a note & walked to Fifth to mail it.  Should have looked before I went over town.

I think Madison is having a Drum & Bugle competition & Betsy Moran's husband follows them so they will be in Madison.  Kim remembered the Farmer's Market, told Betsy they must go to it.  Her husband goes to it, wherever it is, every year.  I think it is yearly.

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