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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

I'm sitting on the front porch & decided I'd better start a letter.

Yesterday was a busy day.  Got my usual Mon. jobs accomplished & got a perm at 11 AM.  I really needed one -- long & not much curl.  What a relief to have curl again.  In the aft. we went grocery hopping.  Got it out of the way.;  Barb works for Lynn. Tues. Wed & Thurs aft so it's after 4 before we can go grocery shopping.

Imagine you are a little relieved your big party is in the past.

Your Wed. family outing sounded very interesting.

I tried an author new to me.  Karen Robards.  It took me a few pages to want to continue but I really enjoyed it.  Another author I plan to check out is Judith McNaught.  Robard's books have a southern flavor.  I'll get more of her books.

Paul, don't you know the grass is always greener on the other side of the street in reference to Middleton vs. Cross Plains.

Kim comes home today.  We'll hear about her trip on Thurs.  I know she played golf a couple of times & they would visit her twin aunts who live close to her sister.

Torey won't be happy this weekend as Kim & Larry will leave on Sat & stay overnite, coming home sun nite.  With Betsy Moran & her husband, whose name I can never remember, they will drive their Miata to Corning, N.Y. & stay overnite there.  Betsy's husband had to heave a Miata convertible after he saw Larry's.  His is navy blue.  It should be a fun time for them.

Last nite Dale went out on Sam B's boat at the Dam. They swam & had a good time.

Twice today the same people looked at Carey's house.  It is taking a long time to sell. Don't know if they have come down on the price.

I mentioned Bert's relative, 10 yr. old Courtney, was here for dinner.  She seemed to enjoy herself.  She is very talkative & can be funny.  It was nice.  She ate everything on her plate.  After miniature golf they got ice cream.  Both Bert & Courtney's mother like to drink & it doesn't take many drinks to affect them.

I got nowhere with USA's puzzle today.  It was harder than usual.

I can't believe it -- the Mets are playing winning ball.  Bo Vaughn & Jeromy Bernitz are hitting finally.  Maybe they can climb the ladder a bit.

Wed. nite

Dale is reading the book on NASCAR you gave him for his birthday & finding it very interesting.

It's a hot day -- AC is on -- & when I finished the dishes I watered the flowers in pots & the rose bushes.  They are blooming.  Lar doesn't think the soil is that good for roses.  We'll see. He planted roses for Careys & they are going good.

Barb saw that Hatch Patch had corn & bo't some & it is delicious.  We're lucky to have Hatch Patch.

Dale is home shortly after 4 pm & gets into shorts & sits in the yard & reads.  It's good to relax.  He had a headache yesterday.

Gen hasn't called so I called her last nite.  She said Ed is better & looks better.  Her impressions are different from Millie's.  he told me she is tired all the time.  I asked her if she's seen the Dr.  She told me she has her checkup in Aug.  It is hard to know what is going on when I'm in Pa.  Luckily Edith is a good sister in law & helps Gen.

We're hoping for rain tomorrow -- Thurs -- as it is in the forecast.  The lawns are so brown & the soil is cracking in places.  Barb keeps the veggies watered.  I saw a recipe for zucchini bread that calls for only 1 c. sugar & I want to try it.  They & the cucumber are ready to pick & we've enjoyed them.  We have green tomatoes on the vine.

Fri.  I'll get this finished.  Kim enjoyed her tip but was glad to be home. Tonite Lar & Kim are attending one of the plays at the Library Theater.

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