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Monday, June 10, 2002

I'm sitting on the porch watching Dale paint the step's railings.  He sanded them on Sat.  It took most of the day because he's so fussy.  Yesterday he put the undercoat on & tonite he's putting the first coat of light tan on.  It looks really nice.  He was saying maybe he didn't have to be so fussy.

Today I hung sheets & underwear outside.  Also washed one of Dale's blankets & put it away for the summer.  They dry fast outside.

Elise Yaegle's sister died -- she had a brain tumor.  She was born in May 1920 -- my age.  Arlene Hornstrom is back in Warren at the nursing home in Pleasant Township.  This way friends can visit her.

What is a Silpat baking mat.  I've never heard of it.  Maybe I should watch the Cooking Channel.  Lately when nothing interests me, I turn to the History Channel & enjoy watching it. 

Lisa Carey & her 2 daughters were home this weekend as well as Paul & John.  The gossip is that they (Carey's) found a house in Buffalo, near Paula & John & will spend the summers there & winters in Fla.  No interest for their house here, altho people have looked at it.

Barb took 2 bike rides Sun. & today.  She's testing to see if her body can take it.  One ride equals 10 miles on the bike path & home Conewango Ave.

Today I mailed a card to Gen & a memorial for Stella to Shirley.  I hope she doesn't mind but I didn't want to wait any longer.  She can get in touch with David.

It's Wed. the 12th & it's hot & humid.  Yesterday I was at church so I put off cleaning the bathroom until this A.M.  The 2 Tues. A.M. mtg. always fall on Dale's long day.  He likes the Stouffers chicken pot pie or the ravioli & garlic toast so lunch is taken care of.  Just has to choose one.

I just watched "The Golden Girls" & had a lot of laughs.

I tried a new cooky yesterday.  Date & nut bars -- the dates are hard to find -- but it is a good cooky.  The brand name won't com\e to me but I also got the iced cooky you like.

Got my new Taste of Home Quick Cooking & plan to try a cooky recipe when it cools off, probably Sat.  Toffee Oat Cooky.  Contains oats & English toffee bits or almond brickle chips, plus sugar, flour, etc.  Tried them.  Very good

Scott is going to summer school at Jefferson for math.  There are 6 boys in the class & he likes it.  Tues, Wed & Thurs.  Barb will take care of him & clean for Lynn. When Marisa & Scott are together, they fight like cats & dogs.  Lynn said he likes it.  He told Barb he didn't.

Thurs A.M. is always a busy A.M.  I have to get the garbage out before 8:30 & I have to get a shower first & get dressed.  I'm usually up at 6 A.M. & this A.M. I got a fresh blueberry pie made.  1/2 of the berries are in the sauce I make & it is poured into a baked shell with 2 cups of fresh berries.  Can you understand my thoughts.  Then I got the dirty dishes, etc. cleaned up & started a load of clothes.  So most of my work is done expect to get dinner.  Yesterday I told Barb I was thinking of having a chicken noodle casserole & that didn't appeal to her.  So I said tell me what you'd like.  She chose the chicken with mushrooms & muenster cheese.  Then I said what about dessert -- maybe I'll have gingerbread, knowing she didn't like it.  Her suggestion was blueberry pie & offered to go to BiLo for the cheese & berries.  She also got a bottle of wine.  So we should have a good dinner.

This is the weekend Kim & gal friends go to Pittsburgh for a weekend of golf.  Seeing they dont' get back til late Sun. aft., they came for dinner.  We have celebrated her birthday on that Sun. but seeing her birthday is Fri. this time, we'll celebrate on Thurs.  Excuse my mistakes but I'm watching CNN & the Paula Zahn show & it's interesting & my mind is on 2 things & it doesn't help to write -- when distracting -- (I'm really mixed up) when I'm distracted by an interesting section of the program.  It's Oreo's 90th birthday today & it was fund to watch that section.

Gen called last nite.  Ed is in a nursing home & getting therapy.  She doesn't seem to really know what is going on.  I'll have to call Millie.  They go to lunch today for Gen's birthday & Edith will know about it.  Ed had a little operation but Gen didn't know much about it.  John took the day off & was with Ed.  John won't be taking the trip to Sweden.  John got a new car -- a Mercedes -- a silver color.l  Maybe that will attract a girl!

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