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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

This is a short week due to Memorial Day.  Last Sat. nite we went to Lar & Kim's for a cookout.  I hadn't seen what had been done since I was last there -- the stones by the wood stove & Lar started with the new siding.  It does the trick -- the squirrels don't like it.  He started by the front door & around the deck to the back.  He plans to paint it when he gets time. Shingled the top gable & they add a lot.  Is gable the right word.

Mon. Barb cleaned the front porch -- I sat out there reading last nite.  Found a new, to me, author Katherine Stone.  I like her books a lot.

Last Thurs & Fri Dale had to go to school again so he was 5 days away from the job.  He enjoyed this session a lot.

I called Gen last nite & Ed was still in the hospital.  He had an MRI to see why he had blood in his head.  He has a strong will to get well.  Gen thinks they'll have to study what their future will be.  Thinks they need a smaller place, one with much less work required.

Sent a card & memorial money to Shirley C.  Need to write to Stella but haven't gotten to it yet.

Both Kim & Lynn have Hoover wind tunnel vacuum & they like them a lot.  Barb uses it at Lynn's & both Barb & Kim find it gets the animal hair up.  Lar said maybe it needed to be emptied or the bag could be in the wrong way.

Both Kim & I have "Mr. Coffee" makers & I know they are apt to leak but I find if I pour carefully & not too fast it doesn't leak when I put water in the opening.  Have to have a few problems to keep one on their toes!!

Did I say we now have 4 rose bushes & Barb picked one for a bud vase.  I just love them.  She also planted some veggies -- plants & seeds.

Enjoyed reading the article on Nordic culture.  Amused when one returnee said, I think it was Finland, the country was too Americanized -- they all spoke English.

Wed. baseball on ESPN & L.A. vs. Milwaukee.  Milwaukee fans must be very disappointed.  I'm disappointed the Mets are so up & down in scoring & winning games. 

A week from today Kim  & teachers will be happy.  Only 1 1/2 days left then.  Imagine Andy & Ed are looking forward to vacation & sleeping in.

It is Thurs. aft so I'd better finish my letter to mail tomorrow.  I spilled my coffee & some drips got on my letter.  I'm watching TV in my chair in the living room when it happened.

Was sorry to hear of Stella's death but it is also a blessing.  She was 92.  I'm really glad that Ruth is giving up her home.  Once she gets settled she'll be very happy.

Took the electric blanket off my bed today.  Think the cold weather is in the past.

We're having Andy's favorite meal tonite -- stuffed pork chops.  Planned to make a banana cream pie but the bananas didn't last -- didn't buy enough so I made a pecan pie.

I saw a Hoover wind tunnel vac in the For Sale ads in the paper.  $40.00.  Someone else didn't like theirs.

Bert has ha lady that sleeps overnite so Bert won't be alone.  Last week Elsie Mae came in about 11 pm & was tired so went right upstairs to bed.  Bert didn't realize that & tho't she hadn't come in & was concerned.  About midnight she called Dave & Lois & then called Lar & Kim waking both couples up.  Finally she found out Elsie Mae was asleep upstairs & was embarrassed.  She told Barb she'd give Lar & Kim a bottle of wine for the interruption.

I guess I've exhausted any thoughts I had to share with you.  So I'll sign off for this time.

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