Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The weather is ideal & I have my ambition back.

Lar will come to dinner tonite -- for 6 weeks they will come on Wed. as Lar prefers not to lay soccer after a meal on Thurs.  But Kim can't come tonite as she has another golf tournament & they close with a dinner.

The water is off for a couple of hours (10:45 A.M.) as they are putting a new hydrant up the street.

Dale came home after his late Tuesday & said "See what we will wear on Fridays".  A shirt -- NASCAR with Dodge, etc. on it.  Short sleeved, black with a red yoke front & back.  He doesn't like bright colors so I teased him a bit.

We've had corn a few times & it has been excellent.  Peaches have been good & local blueberries.  Big & sweet.  Dale likes them on cereal.

Millie said the funeral was well attended.  Gen held up OK both at calling hours & service.  I'll enclose what Millie sent me.

Yesterday Barb didn't have to watch Scott so she washed windows inside & out.  Downstairs windows.

I'm thinking about rearranging my bedroom but I'll wait til September when Dale takes another week's vacation so he can help me.

I wish we could put the TV in another spot but that means changing wires, etc. so I guess it will stay where it is.  I'd like to put the sofa on the wall where the TV is.  It would make the room look bigger.  At least I think so.

Next Sunday the service will be at Chapman Dam followed by a family picnic.  I wont' be going & I don't believe they should ever close the church on Sundays.

Best gets a perm tomorrow & on Friday we plan to go to Jamestown.

This school year Scott will eat lunch at school -- he takes the new medication -- so he doesn't have to take it at lunch.  Lynn doesn't like people to know he takes meds.  Scott hates taking the buss so now Barb will pick him up & be there til 4:30.  Marisa isn't reliable to watch him. They have rented their building to another trucking firm, offices & all.  They still have an office there & maybe part of the garage for repairs, so Bob keeps busy.

Today's paper said National Forge is up for sale.  If that goes Warren will really be a ghost town.

Thurs. the 22nd

When Torey first saw Dale last nite, Dale had his work uniform & barked at Dale.  Later on, when Dale had changed, he was begging Dale for the treats he buys for Torey.

Someone was conducting a survey -- whether you drink Pepsi or Coke.  I said neither.  He was surprised.

Barb is very pleased with her perm.  It looks so nice.

Had a letter from Darla today.  The grass has been planted around the house & should be ready to mow soon.  Gerald still has a lot of stuff to go thru but they are enjoying the house.  Easy to keep up.

They've had company -- their kids & Darla was busy cooking for them but happy to have them.

Charles & Sandy stopped by & she cooked dinner for them.

Carolyn & Jim were in Iron Mountain & they met them for dinner at Pine Mountain.  Afterwards they went to see their house & visited awhile.

Darla is working at the Hospital gift shop once a week. She enjoys getting out & meeting people.  Good for her.

We are expecting showers today -- but none so far.

2 pm

This A.M. I did it -- I changed my bed to under the windows.  Now I'll only wash my sheets every other week.  One week I'll sleep on the left side & the right side the next.  This way it is a little easier to get up during the nite form either side.  I put a belt around each wheel of the frame & pulled.  I don't have any aches of pains so I guess I didn't hurt myself.  I got half of the room cleaned.  That's all I could manage today.  Got rid of dust & vacuumed where the bed was.  I also found some summer tops in a box between (watching TV) under the bed.  I still have a few things to put away in my room so I'll sign off for this time.

Dale looked nice in the Dodge NASCAR shirft.  The short sleeves are also red.  A bright red.

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