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Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I called Millie last nite as I can get answers from her. Tonite (& this aft.) are calling hours.  Almost over by now.  Funeral tomorrow at 11 A.M.   Then burial at Hillcrest Cemetery & back to church for lunch.  Linda & Allan will go with Millie.  Last Sat. Ed had another stroke & heart attack so the family was called.  Ed died about 7:30 pm but Gen had gone home at 7 pm.  Edith & John were there til the end.  Edith is taking it very hard.  Only 2 months illness.  It is hard to believe.  Sounds like the Chinese fellow will stay on.  Gen said they can't push him out now.  We'll see what will happen.  I know they are worried about Gen.

Dale is on vacation this week.  Monday he went to Seaman's Auto Junk Yard.  Today he is working on the El Camino & trying to remember where he put a part he needs.

I'm watching San Fran. at Atlanta & in the 3rd inning San Fran is 3-0.  The Mets aren't on TV for us but already they are behind 4-0.  Soon football will take over.

We're having more hot weather & not much improvement in sight.  Tonite we had deli beef sandwiches.  I sauteed onion, green pepper & mushrooms.  Heated the beef & topped the onion, etc. with melted cheese.  It was good.  Also had potato salad 7 fruit.  Later on I had a Klondike bar -- a choc. peanut one.  It is new & very good.

I'm working on another 1000 pc. puzzle.  Today's USA's puzzle is a hard one so I got very few of the words.  It is a tricky one & today I wasn't up to tricks!

Mon A.M.  Dale had on the new tan shorts I got him with a new shirt he got thru work.  Knit shirt with a collar.  He got 3 of them.  He looked so nice & I told him he did.

Tomorrow Lar & Kim go with their friends to the soccer game at Columbus, Ohio.  They leave at noon & will be home Thurs. aft.  Lar will be here for dinner but Kim won't.  One of the girls in having a picnic on her patio.  Torey will be here.  We'll have steak & corn on the cob.  Maybe peach shortcake for dessert.

Thurs A.M. the 22nd 15th.  Getting ahead of myself.  It goes fast enough.

We've had showers during the nite & so far this A.M.   Warren hit 91 yesterday.  Will it ever end.  I don't do much during this heat, even with the AC I fell so lazy but I keep things in order so the house looks O.K.

Are Albert & Cyndi at their new base yet?  Julianna must be a real little doll.

Barb will pick up steaks &^ she'll look for shortcake at BiLo.  Too hot & muggy to heat the oven to 425.  If there is no shortcake, the 2nd choice is frozen pound cake.

How is your veggie garden.  It is nice to have tomatoes & cucumbers from the garden.  Dale has one little sunflower growing.  His specialty.

Thurs. edition of our paper has the Spotlight and on the back page they tell of tours you can take -- Ben & Jerry's ice cream, Cape Cod potato chips, Celestial Seasonings tea factory & Jelly Belly in Pleasant Prairie, Wi.  A 30 min. ride on the Jelly Belly Express telling its history, how candy is made & samples.  I don't know where Pleasant Prairie is in the state -- it's right near Kenosha so that isn't close to you.  It sounds interesting but I prefer spiced jelly beans, not fruit flavors.

Last Sat. Lar & Kim were invited to a 50th birthday celebration of Lar's classmates.  A boat ride on the Chautauqua Maid from 7-10 pm.  Started at Mayville, went as far as the new bridge & back again.  Food, a trio provided music for dancing, drink.  A fun time.  A large group & the husband footed the bills & it was a surprise for his wife.  She was Jill Berdine -- don't know if you know her.  His name is Fasenmeyer, Randy I think.  They enjoyed the soccer game very much.  It didn't rain until the game was over.

Guess this is all the news.  I'm switching between San Fran. vs. Atlanta & Designing for the Sexes, a favorite of ours.

How is football practice for the boys.  Any aches & pains.

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