Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tuesday April 20, 1993

It was good to talk to you & the boys.  Andy was real talkative.

Today I was circle leader & no more turns for me til Fall.  Then we had Barb's birthday dinner - a carrot cake was her choice.   Now she is finding out her duties for the next week.  She'll be there from Wed. to Wed.  She packed her bag & took that over.  Should be an interesting experience.

Dale Earnhardt was on the QVC buying channel & I succumbed & got an D. E. shirt for Dale & he likes it.  We got him a denim jacket, light weight.  I got it in Feb. on sale 25% off & not the brand name that is well known.  He likes it.  Barb picked out a jacket also 25% off.  She bot slacks to match it so she has a nice outfit.  So they both got jackets for their birthday.  Kim & Dad & I are going together to get Lar a golf bag for his birthday.

They got a new refrigerator at the local Sears, which will be closing May 15th & they have appliances on sale.  Got a good deal on it.

Levina Karlson fell & broke her arm & was in the hospital.  She is very unsteady on her feet.  She is failing.

Last Fall Katherine Peterson took a bad fall & is finally able to get out.  She was at Circle today & is able to drive again.  She walks with one of those 4 prong canes if that's the correct term.  Her brother has finally convinced her to sell the house & get an apt.  She has her name in the Warren Apt. by the library.

The Mon. after Easter we had planned to wash the living room walls but I didn't feel that good with my cold.  But it will get done before June & company.

We've been going out for breakfast Wed A.M.  We go to Peppermill as you get the most & best for your money.

In rereading the letter it sounds as if all we had for dinner was carrot cake.  We had chicken.

Don Greendahl got one of those new drivers - they're suppose to help you hit the ball further out - so Dad sent for one thru some catalog he had.  It hasn't come yet - he called & there was such a demand it is taking longer but it will be coming.  They hope to play in May.  Dad's going to have to feel better.

I tho't I had a lot to write about but guess not.

Watching the Mets.  What else is new!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday, February 7, 1993

Ted & Pat Benson called & wanted to meet us for supper so we met at Noiban's, as you aren't rushed there. We sat & talked over 2 hours.  It was good to see them.

And we had a good time Fri. nite with Joyce & Gen.  Joyce is so funny so there never was a dull moment.  Had a pot roast dinner & brownies a la mode & it was good.

This A.M. (6:45) Barb woke us up saying, "Dad, the furnace is making a lot of noise."  He investigated & I got Dale up & it was that belt again & Dale was able to fix it.  We'll have to have it checked.  And I was sleeping so peacefully.

The van needs a fuel pump - the noise is getting louder.  Sat Barb & I were at the Mall & coming home, turning a corner the car slowed down & Barb tho't it was going to stop.  Dale has ordered a fuel pump but hasn't been in a hurry to fix it.  He will Mon nite.  Dad doesn't like to drive it.  We got a crack in the windshield so we got that repaired.  The furnace deal shook Dad up so he didn't go to church.

Dad got a letter from the Bishop concerning his 50th anniv. of ordination.  They are honored at Synod but Dad isn't sure he wants to go thru all that.  And after church Gary mentioned the 50th Anniv. & wondered how to celebrate.  He'd like Dad to preach but he'd never do that.  His medication is hard on his nerves.  They might have a coffee hour after church & I think Dad could take that.  50 years is along time.

Nascar racing is back.  Those who won the pole spot last yr. raced today.  It was a 2 part race & Dale Earnhardt won both of them & that made Dale very happy.  He had his Dale E. shirt on.  Next Sun is the Daytona 500 race.  I have come to enjoy the races.  Dale roots for those who drive Chevies or Pontiacs.  No Fords in his future!

Have you watched Dr. Quinn on Sat. nites.  We enjoy it.

Yesterday was cold & a good day to clean the freezer.  We put the food on the front porch while we defrost it & it's nice to have it clean & in order again.

I got my 5th snow globe.  It has 2 children on a sled with a dog beside them.  It is nice.  Never thought I'd start a collection but I can't resist.

Guess I've covered our news.

Dad talked to Ruth last nite & also Stella who is there for awhile.  Stella hopes to move to a Minneapolis retirement center when there is an opening.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Tuesday, January 26, 1993

I'll start a letter & add to it later on.  I'm watching "As The World Turns".

June has been in the hosp. for over a week.  Bad cold, fever, etc.  Her lungs are clear now, but she hasn't been eating right & they have to build her up.  One of the girls will come home & stay with June when she gets home from the hosp.

Genevieve will also have tests for 5 days in Madison Hosp. to find out what is causing her problems.  Think she is there now, or it could be the 1st week of Feb.

Thanks for the cards & letters & the darling pictures.  They are all so good.

Mr. Curtin (remember him from Jr Hi) is now at Sheffield Hi & each year he takes students on a trip to Europe.  Next year he'll take them to the Scandanavian countries & asked Kim if she'd like to be a chaperone.  It would cost $1800.00 & thinks it would be too expensive.  Lar thinks she should plan on it, and so do we.  Time will tell.

I'm fixing a turkey for our anniv. dinner tonite & Sat. nite all of us are going out to dinner.  Lar & Kim come for dinner Tues. nites.

Lar & Kim will come over here Sun to watch Buffalo beat Dallas, I hope I hope, I hope.  I'll have food to munch on.

Sam, Dale's friend, wanted to buy a  convertible & wanted Dale to buy his black '79 Z28 Camaro for $700.00.  And Dale wanted it & decided to get it.  So Sam got what he wanted & Dale already is working on the Z28, as it needs a few things & Sam doesn't go for that but Dale loves it.  He went to the junk yard & found things he needed for only 10.00.  It will be his winter car & he hopes to sell the present one for $350.00.  He has it in good running order.

I got my 3rd & 4th snow globes & ordered a 5th.  I can't resist them & now I hope to get 8 of them - one for each of my "heirs".  Late in life to start a collection but I guess "better late than never".

Your weekend sounded great.  The surroundings were really perfect.

Taury, Lar's dog, is getting bit & is settling down some.  Kim is working hard to train him to obey.

Dad & I faithfully use the treadmill & really appreciate it.  In the winter it is hard to walk outside & now it's so easy to go to the basement & get our walking in.  So it is getting lots of good use.  No dust will gather on it.

Thanks for the telephone call - it's always good to talk to you.

I'm enclosing some newspaper articles you might be interested in.

Thursday, January 7, 1993

We took our tree down today & cleaned the house so everything is back to normal again.  Even made rye bread the old way as we were out of bread.  It's so good!

We have a Little Caesar's Pizza so tomorrow nite Lar & Kim will come over & we'll try their pizza (have already & we like it).  Will be the first for Lar & Kim.  We'll also play some games.

Kim said Janet Smith (your class, Paul --Note:  actually think it's Janet's younger sister, whose name escapes me, class of '69)  is getting a divorce, moving back to Warren with her children & will interview for a job at Blair's.  Her Dad is retired & her mom goes to Kim's classes.  Lar & Kim are friends with one of the Smith's, one of the sons & his wife.

Dale said that New Years Eve, he was with a date when another girl he dated saw him & must have gotten made so she threw a drink in his face.  He tho't it was funny.

Barb hopes for snow so she can ski with Lar & Kim at their place.

Lar & Kim bot a gas drier.  They want to finish teh laundry as soon as possible so they won't have to go to teh basement all the time to wash.


[Pics from December visit to Warren.]

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friday, November 20, 1992

A brief not to tell you what's going on here.  The city is rife with gossip concerning Blair's & Masterson's.  Someone high up was fired from Blair's & then the rumors started.  The article will tell you -- I don't know that much about it.  Just a little excitement.  Barb hears about it from Lynn whose family owns Masterson's.

Last Sun. we talked to Braders after church & on Tues Bill was dead from a heart attack & complications as he had diabetes.  The funeral was yesterday & we attended.  Gen is holding up OK.  Denny was home, has lost some weight & looks good.  Mary Whiteshot & family (boy & girl) were there as well as Judy W.  Judy has 3 children & the oldest moved home as she can't make it on her own.  She expects to have them all home by next June & she said their home isn't that large.  Rent & car payments to take their toll so they move home.

Lar & Kim bro't the dog home last nite & stopped by & he is darling.  So cute -- wondered how last nite was -- if the dog was lonesome for the other puppies.  So far they have gotten ride of 5 of the 10.

This A.M. we're going to the new Blair's Outlet store.  They say it's nice.  So is the remodeled downtown store.  The parking area across the way is lovely.  You'll see it.

We just got a few flurries -- Erie got it all -- about 18" of snow.

Have a nice Thanksgiving.  We'll put our tree up Fri. the 28th & start wrapping gifts.  Greets to all.

Friday, November 13, 1992

Dear Andy,

The leaves are all down from the trees & the hills are bare.  It was fun raking them. Next, we will be shoveling snow.  They say we could get 2-4 inches this weekend.

Grandpa & I went to Mr. Donut for coffee & a doughnut this morning.  Don't tell you Dad!! HaHa

A window got broken in our garage so Grandpa is fixing it.  Someone in the school yard must have thrown something so it got broken   Lots of times we get balls in our backyard & we have to throw them back.

We have our bird feeders up & I've seen the blue jays feeding.  I hope to see a bright red cardinal.

Love to all.

Thursday, November 12, 1992

It is a windy, rainy evening.  It is to turn colder & then that 4 letter work SNOW.

2 weeks & Thanksgiving will be about over.  Have our turkey in the freezer.

I'm writing a note as I want to send the article of the enlarged K-Mart.

Holiday Market, upper Conewango Ave, was sold to Linda Dies & now it is a Dance Studio.  Naturally a lot of remodeling went on.  Many in that area miss the store & rumor has it the elder Mrs. Loringer would have bot it, if she had known, & kept it for a store.

Next Sun-Tues Lar will drive Mike Brindis's car to Philadelphia while Mike drives a U Haul truck.  His folks died within a short time of each other & his sister wants some of the furniture.  Mike lives in the family home.

Next week Lar & Kim will have an "addition" to the family.  A dag, part Labrador part ?  One of Bob & Claudia Thelin's dogs (they have 3, plus 2 cats) was in heat & one nite it kept Claudia awake so she let it out.  It came home 3 days later & in time gave birth to 10 or 11 puppies.  Claudia is trying to get rid of them so they chose a male & Lar named it Taurus (his birth), Tory for short.  Another friend is taking one for her 4 girls.

This fall I got the Penney's catalog & have used it a lot - also the Sears catalog.  We don't even get to Jamestown - hardly at all anyway.  Last Sat Barb & I drove in as she wanted yarn for a sweater.  She just finished one for herself & it's beautiful.  Now she's making another one for herself.

Earlier today it was beautiful, up to 67, so I returned a book to the library & got more to read.  Next Tues. I'm Circle leader but I have the lesson well in hand.

Katherine Peterson has been working part time for the counseling office - she went to the file for something & the bottom drawer stuck & then after a hard tug, it came opened & threw her on the floor.  She was cut in the head & couldn't get up.  No one heard her but after an hour, she was found.  An ambulance was called & she ended up having 2 pins put in a broken hip.  So she will be laid up for awhile & I bet she'll have to go to a nursing home while she heals as she can't be alone.  Tough luck & she's had other health problems, too.

Oh Denise Johnson Winslow had her baby 3 months early.  Another girl & the baby is up in Buffalo & I suppose will be there awhile.  She had to have a Caesarian delivery - her blood pressure was very high & kidneys bad.  She also had her tubes tied.  Last Sun. 8th, he dad took her to Buffalo to see the baby.

Better end this.


Wednesday, November 4, 1992

I know you are happy today after last nite's elections, esp. when Feingold defeated Kasten.  Pa. had some close elections, esp. for the state house.  Bowley the Dem. was defeated this time by the Rep. candidate.  But it took them 3 elections to defeat him.  We voted for Bowley.  Election day was beautiful weatherwise.  At 9 AM we were #239 + 240 for our ward.

Can you believe that Dale dressed up for a Halloween party.  He has a new "friend" but we don't know her name yet.  33 yrs. old, divorced with a 6 yr. old daughter.

You should see our bedroom - boxes are piling up as a good share of my Christmas shopping is completed.  Got my Christmas Club check last week & put it to good use.  But my list has no suggestions for Paul or JoAnna.  Take that back, 1 idea from Paul.  Do you want a family gift or personal.  Think it over - we'll call some time to find out.

Today was so nice with no irritating election commercials.  Some were terrible.  I watched the news again.

Barb really enjoys her job & likes the family a lot.  She knows Lynn from hi school.  They have a nice home on Quaker Hill.  The 6 yr old daughter is still a little jealous of Scott & they have to watch so she won't get too rough with him.

Dale is getting his "winter car" ready for the road.  No snow or salt can touch his summer car.

Not much new here.  All is fine.


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday, September 19, 1992

It's a beautiful day, a big change from the hot, humid days this past week.  But Dale enjoyed them as he was on vacation this past week.  He slept in, worked on his car & sat in the sun.  He chose a good week - no rain until last nite.

For 3 weeks Barb baby sat 4 girls ages 3-8 & they are a handful.  What one can't think of, the others can.  Quite an experience.  Today she is sitting for the family she starts working for next Mon.  8-4.  The girl is in school all day so it's just the baby.  Time has changed to 4:30 or 5.

Today I'm making veg. beef soup for supper.  Also homemade rye bread & choc. cake (box) for dessert.

I'm back after taking time out for exercise on the stepper.  A 15 min workout.  Now I'm going to have coffee!

Kim is enjoying teaching very much, also the paycheck!  They want to visit her sister in Fla. & grandmother in Atlanta during the Christmas holidays.  But they want to spend Christmas here, so they're hoping they could get a Christmas aft. or early pm. flight to Fla.  If that works out I'd plan a turkey dinner for Christmas Eve & a special Christmas breakfast, & then the 4 of us would just snack the rest of the day.

K Mart is going to be so nice & large for this area.  As you enter to the left you see at the far side the shiny stainless of Little Caesar's pizza.  They have a few tables & chairs & they have other things -- like cookies & coffee.  Opposite that where the flower shop (plants, etc.) used to be are the TVs, radios, etc.  It should be completed by Nov.  Also the music store (tapes, cassettes, etc) has enlarged to take in the empty bldg by its side & it is so bright & beautiful.

Warren football is 3-2 this season after a few seasons of 30-1.   They beat an Erie team in the 1st game & last nite beat St. Mary's & both happened in the final seconds.  Exciting!

The Christmas Club check should be here in about a month or so & I'm making lists.  I'd like you to think about gift ideas for the boys.  I tho't a boy for each - something special they'd like & clothes.   So I need hints & sizes.  I'd appreciate hints for Mom & Dad, too!

We watched the Brewers beat Baltimore today.  Barb is rooting for them.  Now we're watching Atlanta & Houston.  Maybe it's the Pirates turn to win this year seeing Atlanta's catcher Olson was hurt.  Dale roots for the Pirates.

Talked to Gen last week & all is well there.  Gen, Ed & another couple are at Nantucket until Wed.  Ed & the other man are doing some carpentry work for a couple who live on the island.  It's a vacation for the gals. The couple are on vacation so Gen & Ed, etc. live in their home while they work.

All is well here.  I told you didn't I that Dan & family moved back to Utah.  He needs more training to pass to be a chiropractor in Utah so they were going to move back to Mich. again.  Stella & June had a meal already & waiting & they never showed up.  So Stella called Dan's father-in-law & was told they changed their mind as as Dan was driving a truck.  They never told Stella & she was ready for a meal for all of them.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday, July 24, 1992

The rains came on Mon. aft. & onward.  At 9 p, Dale came home & said the road to Jamestown was closed & flooding was bad.  Dad & I walked to the 3rd Ave bridge & Beaty Field was covered & Conewango Creek overflowing.  The tennis courts are covered with silt; playground closed; & 5th Ave bridge still closed off.  The highway to Jamestown has been closed but might be opened now.  Sides washed away & if trucks used it, the vibration would undermine the road.  So there has been a lot of work to do.

Victor Ave (N. Warren) home were hard hit.  One widow from church had water in her house & she had just gotten a new davenport.  Russell was a disaster area - it really must have rained there.

Saron Luth[eran Church], Youngsville had water in the basement - covered the stoves in the kitchen & got into the classrooms.  T hey had flood insurance but the Co. said it wasn't a flood so it wouldn't pay.  They should get a lawyer to see about that.  7/58" of rain so far in July.  Wed. was a beautiful day but then more clouds & raindrops.  Newspaper articles will tell more.

Oh yes - Lar had 7 ft. water in basement at camp.  But it didn't get into the 1st floor.  He has a sump pump but the elec was off overnite.  Some of the bank eroded away - the big log across the stream was swept away & some of the trees & brush in the area where we park cars.  But he intended to clear that area so he didn't  mind that.  We haven't gone up there yet to see it.

Kim applied for a teaching job.  Phy. Ed. for grade schools.  Of course someone in the system might want it but eventually there should be an opening, so we are all hoping for the best.  Starting salary is 22,000 & that would be a big boost for them.  She would have to give up her business but Wrrn isn't big enough to make it pay, esp. with the U.M.C.A. offering similar events.  At least she gave it a try, & got it out of her system.

Want to get this in the mail & nothing else special is happening here.  Dad hopes to play golf today.

We had our first "Hatch Patch" corn last nite & it is delicious.  Makes meal planning easier for awhile.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

March 1992

It's a beautiful day -- has been all week.  Saw my 1st robin today.  I've started walking & Dad has to walk.  Next week he should be able to drive in the car -- rather ride.  He can't drive for another 2 weeks.

At the Mall they have a car show & we saw a bright red Dodge van & Barb said that's the car for JoAnna.  26,000 plus.  It's beautiful.  We also saw a Plymouth van with the child's seat.

Barb finished her sweater & it is beautiful.  A design in 4 colors.   Tan, light & dark blue & pink.  She started another summer sweater -- a salmon color.  Think she said she made JoAnna one in the same pattern.

Dad is getting a little bored as there isn't much he can do for awhile.

How are the children liking their new day care?

I'm enclosing some newspaper articles that I tho't might interest you.  The house plan is something else & fun to look at.  I enjoyed the short story Steinway to Heaven.

Signe & Geo. called & they sold their home.  Had to come down on the price.  And they decided on an apt. rather than the house at the same complex.  And it is only 10 minutes from Carolyn & Jim.  So they should be settled in awhile.

Not much to say.  Dad is coming along fine & we'll all be glad when we can get out again.

We love talking to Andy on the phone.  Soon Eddie will have to have a turn -- in a couple of years!

Sunday, April 12, 1992

Did you go to church today & get your palms???

This aft we watched the Mets lose again.  Hope things will change.  I'm ordering their yearbook.  Tonite we're watching Texas at Minn.  Texas has improved.  Their mgr. is a former Met!

Dad saw the Dr. on Fri & Mon. he starts treatments.  It only takes a few moments & he has to have them everyday for a month.

Fri. Dale was 35 yrs old & we went out to dinner at the Holiday Inn.  They serve excellent food & we enjoyed the outing.  They sang Happy Birthday & took a picture with a Polaroid camera & served a small birthday cake.  When we picked up Lar & Kim we went early so we could see the finished addition.  It is so nice.  You'll be surprised at what was accomplished.

JoAnna have you come down to earth yet?  You worked hard for your victory & we are proud of you.  It will be interesting to hear all about it when you are here.

I'm enclosing an article on the situation in Salamanca.  They are also a matriarchal society.  Thought you might be interested in the situation.

Allie Peterson died last week & was buried on Thurs.  Born in 1892.  She was a widow since 1932.  That was a long time.  The pastor also had a funeral earlier in the week for a 4 yr. old boy killed in an auto accident on a snowy nite.  Mother was badly hurt but is improving.  2 broken ankles.

And Cindy Andersen Farnham is dying of cancer.  Could be anytime.  2 daughters - Jenny who is in the 2nd year of college & Christie who is a senior in high school.   It's so sad.  Martha Andersen's daughter.

You should have the pkg. Dad mailed last Sat.  Hope the clothes fit OK.

We had a touch of summer & Dale is driving his El Camino again.  He doesn't drive it in the winter.  Can't be touched with salt.  He is so proud of that car.  It is really cold tonite but I hope we have a nice Easter.

Looking forward to your trip & having you home for awhle.

Did I say Signe & Geo. sold their house & will move in this week even tho the closing (house) won't take place until the 24th.

Friday, February 10, 1992

Time for another letter. The storm missed us this time & we’re happy. N.Y.C & Boston sure have been hit as well as many other areas. We watch N.Y. news & they are at a standstill & don’t know where to put all the snow.

Had an eye exam last week, needed a change so got new glasses. Should have them next week. Dad had an exam today & he’ll be getting new glasses. He doesn’t blink his eyes enough & that causes the eyes to dry out & give him trouble.

We love our new R.C.A. 26” T.V. Got it in time for the Super Bowl & now for the Olympics.

The tub & surround are in the bathroom, otherwise it’s bare as Lar is putting in a new floor. Next will be sizing the walls, paint the ceiling, wallpapering so it shouldn’t be too much longer. Lar is doing a wonderful job.

When I exercise I like to read, etc. as time passes faster. Decided to memorize the Nicene Creed & surprised myself by getting it done in a week. When I was at A.I.C. I was suppose to memorize a Psalm as Bible was a course you had to take & I didn’t do a very good job. So I decided to prove to myself that I can do it.

Lar & Dad are carrying up to the bathroom the new cabinet. It’s going to be so nice. Not quite as big as the one we had & won’t hold as much. I’ll have to go over my towels, etc. & get rid of worn ones.

Tori has been here quite often & I let him up on the davenport (cloth over it) & he likes to stand up & look out the window. When he goes upstairs to see Lar he also like to jump on our bed (watching T.V. also).

Tues A.M. Breakfast time.

Heard from June – she is in Texas. Anita’s son Stacy & wife had twins, a boy & a girl. Jane visits her kids during the winter months.

Lar has the sink & cabinet in & it looks so nice. He’s on the home stretch.

It’s warming up so there will be a melting. Hope we’ve had all our snow.

The outfit I got Eddie – size 4 – will be sent soon, as there weren’t any size 5 left. It should be OK for awhile. It’s so cute, I didn’t want to exchange it.

Want to get this in the mail so will quit. We go grocery shopping t his A.M.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, January 11, 1992

Received your letter & info, Paul.  Dad took it to the paper & a small item ensued.   A picture would have been nice -- evidentally they couldn't use the one in the info.

Signe & Geo. called Thurs nite to tell us a cousin -in-law died.  Robert Holmberg's wife.  He died last Fall - was 93 & she was 88.  She was Eva's sister-in-law.  Someone likes S & G's house but nothing definite yet.  The retirement house is still waiting.  2 other couples are in the same fix - wanting to move to the retirement center.

Last nite the 6 of us went out to dinner (family).  Mineral Well has reopened & is doing well, served good food & is getting a good crowd.  We all enjoyed ourselves.  Dad & Dale had steaks & enjoyed them.  Lar had shish-kabobs & said they were really good.

Barb & I have been checking the sales & we found 2 cute outfits for the boys.  We'll send them for a Valentine - will send it to the library.

I'm getting over a cold. Didn't go to church last Sun (5th) nor to L.C.W. Mon. nite.  Feel fine now.

Lots of excitement in the Buffalo area & it spills over to surrounding areas.  We're rooting for Buffalo, but not Dale who says people weren't for them when they were losing so why now.  He's a Steeler fan only.  He roots for Denver.  Boo! Boo!  Buffalo all the way.

I received a colored folder from the Mets with a large picture of Jeff Torborg & a smaller inset of Bonilla in the corner.  Inside more pictures of Eddie Murray, HoJo, Doc Gooden, .Vince Coleman.  Plus their schedule & info on tickets.  It's nice!!!!  A keepsake.

Signe & Geo. also said Charles' eyesight is very bad & can hardly see.  Might need an operation.

Still no snow to speak of but cold weather is forecast to come Tues. aft.  We've had very mild weather for Jan.

Barb had her hair colored this past week & liked the results.  Looks nice.