Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thursday, November 12, 1992

It is a windy, rainy evening.  It is to turn colder & then that 4 letter work SNOW.

2 weeks & Thanksgiving will be about over.  Have our turkey in the freezer.

I'm writing a note as I want to send the article of the enlarged K-Mart.

Holiday Market, upper Conewango Ave, was sold to Linda Dies & now it is a Dance Studio.  Naturally a lot of remodeling went on.  Many in that area miss the store & rumor has it the elder Mrs. Loringer would have bot it, if she had known, & kept it for a store.

Next Sun-Tues Lar will drive Mike Brindis's car to Philadelphia while Mike drives a U Haul truck.  His folks died within a short time of each other & his sister wants some of the furniture.  Mike lives in the family home.

Next week Lar & Kim will have an "addition" to the family.  A dag, part Labrador part ?  One of Bob & Claudia Thelin's dogs (they have 3, plus 2 cats) was in heat & one nite it kept Claudia awake so she let it out.  It came home 3 days later & in time gave birth to 10 or 11 puppies.  Claudia is trying to get rid of them so they chose a male & Lar named it Taurus (his birth), Tory for short.  Another friend is taking one for her 4 girls.

This fall I got the Penney's catalog & have used it a lot - also the Sears catalog.  We don't even get to Jamestown - hardly at all anyway.  Last Sat Barb & I drove in as she wanted yarn for a sweater.  She just finished one for herself & it's beautiful.  Now she's making another one for herself.

Earlier today it was beautiful, up to 67, so I returned a book to the library & got more to read.  Next Tues. I'm Circle leader but I have the lesson well in hand.

Katherine Peterson has been working part time for the counseling office - she went to the file for something & the bottom drawer stuck & then after a hard tug, it came opened & threw her on the floor.  She was cut in the head & couldn't get up.  No one heard her but after an hour, she was found.  An ambulance was called & she ended up having 2 pins put in a broken hip.  So she will be laid up for awhile & I bet she'll have to go to a nursing home while she heals as she can't be alone.  Tough luck & she's had other health problems, too.

Oh Denise Johnson Winslow had her baby 3 months early.  Another girl & the baby is up in Buffalo & I suppose will be there awhile.  She had to have a Caesarian delivery - her blood pressure was very high & kidneys bad.  She also had her tubes tied.  Last Sun. 8th, he dad took her to Buffalo to see the baby.

Better end this.


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