Saturday, May 14, 2011

Friday, February 10, 1992

Time for another letter. The storm missed us this time & we’re happy. N.Y.C & Boston sure have been hit as well as many other areas. We watch N.Y. news & they are at a standstill & don’t know where to put all the snow.

Had an eye exam last week, needed a change so got new glasses. Should have them next week. Dad had an exam today & he’ll be getting new glasses. He doesn’t blink his eyes enough & that causes the eyes to dry out & give him trouble.

We love our new R.C.A. 26” T.V. Got it in time for the Super Bowl & now for the Olympics.

The tub & surround are in the bathroom, otherwise it’s bare as Lar is putting in a new floor. Next will be sizing the walls, paint the ceiling, wallpapering so it shouldn’t be too much longer. Lar is doing a wonderful job.

When I exercise I like to read, etc. as time passes faster. Decided to memorize the Nicene Creed & surprised myself by getting it done in a week. When I was at A.I.C. I was suppose to memorize a Psalm as Bible was a course you had to take & I didn’t do a very good job. So I decided to prove to myself that I can do it.

Lar & Dad are carrying up to the bathroom the new cabinet. It’s going to be so nice. Not quite as big as the one we had & won’t hold as much. I’ll have to go over my towels, etc. & get rid of worn ones.

Tori has been here quite often & I let him up on the davenport (cloth over it) & he likes to stand up & look out the window. When he goes upstairs to see Lar he also like to jump on our bed (watching T.V. also).

Tues A.M. Breakfast time.

Heard from June – she is in Texas. Anita’s son Stacy & wife had twins, a boy & a girl. Jane visits her kids during the winter months.

Lar has the sink & cabinet in & it looks so nice. He’s on the home stretch.

It’s warming up so there will be a melting. Hope we’ve had all our snow.

The outfit I got Eddie – size 4 – will be sent soon, as there weren’t any size 5 left. It should be OK for awhile. It’s so cute, I didn’t want to exchange it.

Want to get this in the mail so will quit. We go grocery shopping t his A.M.

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