Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 1990

It is a rainy AM.  We hoped it would hold off a bit so we could walk at 9 AM but it didn't happen so I'll write a note and send pictures.

Nothing much is happening here.  Since my Bible Study is over I went to the library so I have a book to read this dreary day.  I'm reading mysteries - Dell Shannon, Ruth Rendell, etc.  We've been enjoying mysteries on A&E Channel.  Christie & Rendell.

Signe mentioned they all would have to come out here to celebrate Dad's 75th birthday.  We think that would be hard to do, so we are wondering if we should postpone our trip & be in Rkfd for Oct 10th.  Would you mind if we missed the dedication.  Nothing is definite yet - just in the thinking & wondering stage.

Mon. Dad had a funeral service as there was no school & Gary had plans to be in Pittsburgh.  Wed he had a committal service at Chandlers Valley cemetery for Esther Green.  She had been living in Fla but wanted Dad.  Vi Lilja was a good friend of Esther's so she rode with Dad.  Esther was Della King's grandmother & she was there.  She was Lar's Jr Hi or was it Hi school "love".  Do Dad was busier than he cared to be.

Time for my second cup of coffee.

Sunday, January 28, 1990

Have on my list of things to do "write letters" & that's what I'm doing.

Wrote a letter to Sig & Geo as they sent us money for our Anniv.

We're having a touch of spring & went to Erie today.  Mostly window shopping - I bot a blouse & navy purse & Dad bot a belt.  Ate at the Brown Derby.  In one of the stores we saw Sylvia Yosten & they are going to N. Carolina to Visit Max & meet her boyfriend.  She expects a diamond on Valentine's.  Max is very happy & can't believe she'd meet such a nice man.  He is a Baptist pastor's son.  Max works in a V.A. Hosp. & so does he & he also teaches nights.  Both Barb & I wondered how much she told him about her stay in Calif.  I'm glad for Max - she's a nice person.

With the money from Sig & Geo we got blinds for the eating area as we wanted more privacy from the school yard & now we can keep the sun out & still have the light.

We got groceries today & when we got home I found a pkg of "Little Debbie" cookies & I didn't buy them.  So someone was short of their "Little Debbie's"  They taste pretty good.

Has a definite date been set yet for the dedication of the library.  I'd like to know as I like to plan ahead.

Barb is baby sitting tonite.  A couple who are taking ski lessons at Peak N Peak.

We had a nice anniversary & were really completely surprised with the gift.  Nothing nicer could have been chosen as we really enjoy the front porch in the summer.  And it is such comfortable furniture.  We will enjoy it for a long time.

For our anniversary we got a new toaster oven & the thermal coffee maker & I really like ti.  And the new toaster oven works much better than the old one.

I sure do hope that spring training will start on time & that they won't have a strike.  I'm baseball starved & need a fix!!!  The Mets will do it!  Ha!Ha!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monday, December 25, 1989

Forgot a couple of things -- Jerry died Tues. the 19th & was buried on Fri. the 22nd.  Millie had been to see him & his breathing was so labored she prayed he wouldn't last the nite.  He'd had another stroke & there was no hope.

And the centerpiece from you is so beautiful - greens, chrysanthemums & Christmas decorations.  Very pretty.  It adds so much to our Christmas.

We are all pleased with our gifts - Dale likes all his clothes - he said he was set for another year.  Shultz's had their Christmas party last Sat. nite at Conewango Valley Country Club - Prime Rib.  Said it was good.  I made Danish rolls for him & everyone at work last Tues or Wed - had the flue - aches, etc.  Kim was also sick those days & was weak on Thurs when they left but she made it O.K.  We took them to airport & will pick them up this coming Thurs. at 2 pm.  Weather was bad & Dad was glad he had front wheel drive.

I have my sweater on & it's nice.  Barb & I like our scarves, Andy.  Dad likes his discs & will enjoy them all year.  I like the Christmas one a lot.

Tonite Cincy plays Minn.  Barb hopes for a Cincy win so Green Bay will advance.  Dale hopes for a Minn. win as he is a Steeler fan.  I can't believe Barb's interest in sports.  A nice change.

We love the picture of Andy.  It is so good.  He looks older.  He's a sweetie.

The Christmas programs or services at church were excellent.  Sun A.M. they had the S.S. program.  Tom Morelli's wife was in charge of the program & she did a wonderful job.  They have 2 boys & a girl.  Christmas Eve was nice - the bell choir adds so much - we have a new choir/bell director & an organist & both are a great addition.

Tomorrow will be a busy day at the Mall & I hope to join the crowds looking for bargains.  I forgot to say that I had Marie Mathis knit Christmas stockings for Lar & Kim & put in an order for Barb & Dale for next Christmas.

We plan to go out to eat t his week as part of the Christmas celebration.  Barb said we should go to the Gristmill - we like that one.

Things are exciting in our world - we are seeing history in the making.  A new decade coming up & it will be interesting to see it develop.

Happy New Year & many, many thanks from all of us.

We are enjoying a fire in the fireplace.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Thursday, December 14, 1989

Just finished cleaning downstairs & Dad is off to a ministerial meeting & I feel like writing to you to thank you for the pkg. that arrived yesterday.  We haven't tasted it yet but the cheeses & meat stick will be enjoyed - you can count on that.  Thanks.

We are having cold weather & have about 4" of snow.  We have been able to see the full moon & it is always beautiful.

We are enjoying our Christmas tree - we have more red bows on it this year & they make it even prettier.  Have made cookies but decided just to make the ones we like best -- molasses, Spritz, tea cakes & the 2 regulars Choc. chip & Oatmeal raisin.  Got fruit for a fruit cake - figs, prunes & apricots but we are eating them plain rather than in a cake.

Lar & Kim leave Thurs. the 21st from Jamestown & we'll bring them in - will have to get up early.  We'll pick them up a week later & that nite they'll come for dinner & we'll have the exchange of gifts with them.  This Sat nite - 16th - they are having a party.  Barb & Dale are invited but I doubt if they'll go.  They expect 100 & that will be a big crowd - of course some won't be able to make it.

This aft. we have to go to the funerl home.  Don Lyle died of cancer.  His wife Sara & I worked together at Beaty.  Not the Lyle's from our church.  He was 65 & had been sick several years.  Many operations, etc.  One son is Lar's age & they were in Scouting together.

3 schools were closed & they are up for sale.  Irvendale school bids were opened and a church had the high bid but no final decision yet.  A church of God outside of Wrrn. wants it.

Yesterday bids were opened for Lacy & Anderson's Mkt. wanted it as they have no place to enlarge their present bldg.  It means rezoning so I'm sure they'll be opposition.  That's usual for Wrrn, it seems.

Fri. nite we were suppose to go out with the regular pastor friends but it was postponed due to conflicts.  So we are able to go out with the Warren Luth. pastors & wives (1st group takes precedence).  We'll go to Jefferson House for dinner.

We've been getting cards from friends we hear from once a year & we enjoy their greetings & the picture cards.  We keep saying we should send a picture greeting but we don't seem to get to it.

Even heard from Stacy's wife (Anita's son) & they have a baby David.  We didn't get an announcement for the birth.  He was married at 18.

Stella is very happy with her move.  Sounds like it's cold up there but she says they only have 2" of snow - the big amts. missed I.M.

I have to wrap our gifts - plan to do it on Fri.  That's a do nothing much day.

The library starts the Computer system tomorrow the 15th.  We have our new cards.  I've been reading more mystery-detective stories lately.

Fri. the 22nd Warren & Anna Hollertz plan to be in Wrrn. so we'll meet them for lunch.  Think we'll go to the Jefferson House.

We are all fine here & we send you our love.