Friday, September 27, 2013

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We had a nice dinner Sat. nite at Kim & Lar's.  Kim served turkey loin & it was very good.  It was too chilly to eat outside.  Later we sat in front of the fire & that was fun.  Lar & Kim gave me a birdhouse for the porch & a gift certificate from Penney's.  Dale gave ma a hanging planter, like last years, & Barb & I bo't mine when we were in Erie.  A frying pant that is deeper & has a cover.  I wanted one from watching Food Channel.  Thanks you for the silk flower arrangement.  It is very pretty with 2 butterflies, ivy at the bottom & flowers.  Hard to describe.

Summer has returned again & it's nice.  The flowering trees are beautiful.  There is one in Frank's yard across the st. & it's pretty to look at.

We're having steak & baked potatoes for Lar's birthday.  Carrot cake for dessert.  Salad, etc. I got him the shirt he picked out & some golf balls.  He & Kim play during the summer.

I'll warn you -- I'm sending money for your anniversary.  Maybe you want something for the yard or your July party.

And don't count on me being at Andy's graduation.  It's too far to travel for an old lady.

I finished the last library book & enjoyed it.

Barb gave me a puzzle & I started putting it together.  It has a lot of flowers & that makes it harder, but it's coming.  I enjoy doing puzzles.

If Scott passes 6th grade it will be because Barb does homework with him.  He doesn't like to write the answers so Barb says "I'm going home" & then he will because he knows he'll be in trouble with his Mom.  He is a very stubborn kid.

Thurs. evening.

We had a nice birthday dinner for Lar.  The steaks were delicious & Larry liked his gifts. Dale gave him something like an electric gun to make it easier to take of the lug nuts when changing a tire.  Barb gave him a lamp for the camp.  She got it at L. L. Bean.  It lights for 6 hours & then you can plug it in to be used again.  Did I make myself clear?

It really cooled off today.  Good I didn't take the electric blanket from my bed.  I did change to a lighter nightie.

Alice Nasman called me.  She can't be at church this Sun. (15th) when we have a meeting concerning the organ.  You must be present to vote so I can't vote for her.   The pastor thinks it will be accepted to spend money to fix the organ.  She mentioned Wayne finished his training in York (motorcycles).  This week he is in Arizona for further education.  He works in Erie so he must have gotten a job.

Not much news this week.  All is well with us.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Tuesday, May 5, 2005

Last week I got a letter from John & it surprised me.  Told me about Fe (pronounced Fay) his Philipino girlfriend & sent pictures of their trip to Aruba.  John looks very happy.  He wears glasses now & in one picture you could be brothers, except he carries more weight & has a fuller face.  He took Gen to a day care center but she didn't like it.  He is still keeping the farm up & 2 of his buddies help him.  He has planted 2000 Christmas trees in back of the house that was his grandparents.  It will be several years before they are grown.  Gen would have a git if she knew they were together in Aruba.  Now John has freedom & is better off.

I called Millie east Sat.  That was the day of the family birthday party.  She is feeling fine again.  Allan, knowing she had lost her appetite,lbro't her chicken soup, turkey soup, spag. & meat balls & chili -- he had made them all.  He is 63 & retired.  Is pres. of the "Friends of the Library" (they live in Westfield) & has sponsored several parties to make money.  One in their backyard & it was a beer tasting party & Allan had made finger food to go with it.

I finally got 3 boxes of Schwans chicken thru Sheila.  He said he would stop at the house last Sat. but he didn't.  Hope he does sometime.

We went to Erie & I thin kit will be my last trip.  Too much walking & I like to stay near Barb so it is hard to shop for what is on my list.  Jamestown is better for me.  We wish a Target would come in the area somewhere.

I was ironing last week & my iron quit.  Dale looked at it & fixed it so I won't need to get a new one.

My 2nd blueberry pie came out better -- the crust around the edge wasn't as thick.  I cut it away as I should have done with the 1st one.  Now I have to get the cut out in the top crust centered so it looks better.  It is a good recipe & taste good.

We are looking forward to tomorrow.  Why?  Warmer weather & sunshine are on the way!  Oh happy day.  The furnace has been running to keep us warm when it's in the 30's outside.

The doorbell rang this A.M. & it was the new Schwan man -- they got someone to take the route.  He'll come every other Tues.

Sat. nite we are invited to Lar & Kim's camp to celebrate Mother's Day.  It should be in the hi 60's, so we can be outside.

We went to the library yesterday & I got 4 books.  2 by Fern Michaels, 1 by Karen Robards, 1 by Mary Baloch.

I got an invitation to Ted & Pat Benson's 50th wedding anniversary party in June.  I think it is the 50th of his ordination as well.  In June sometime.

Thurs. May 4

Yesterday I decided to try to finish my second book.  So at 7 A.M. (Dale's early week) I started reading for an hour.  When I looked at the clock it was close to 8:15.  I shut the book & did dishes & then got dressed, etc.  Read some more & finished the book.  Started dinner rolls & finished them after lunch.  Baked a pie shell for the banana cream pie I made this A.M.  A new recipe I got in the Sun. paper.  You fold whipping cream into the custard.  It looks good.

Barb was up early yesterday so she could be at Lynn's at 11:30 to help Scott (who didn't go to school) write a book report on Tom Sawyer which is due tomorrow.  She had to go to Bert's first.  Lynn said she'd see that Scott read the book, but she never did.  She tanked Barb many times for helping Scott.  I asked her if she will be helping him thru the high school years.  They are pushing the kids so they'll do well on the 8th grade tests.  My high school subjects must seem like pap in regard to what they learn today.

Yesterday aft. I started the 3rd book & finished it this A.M.  No TV last night.  I really admire authors who can write books that make one want to read til it's finished.  I just wish I could spread my reading time out.  One more book to go.  I'll have to try to save it for a couple of days.

It warmed up today & was so nice.

Lar tilled the garden for Barb.

Will enclose John's letter & a picture.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Paul had a -- where's my head.  I mean Barb had a nice birthday.  Dale gave Barb money, Lar & Kim gave her a gift card to Walden Books & they both also had little gifts.  I gave her a swim suit from L. L. Bean.  The blueberry pie was delicious.  PLan to make another one for this weekend.

Barb heard a noise in the car she didn't like.  It turned out to be the sway bar which Dale fixed.  If it had been done at the shop it could cost around $150.00.  Lucky me to have Dale to fix things.

In Jan. I saw the Dr. & he wanted me to have some blood tests.  The office called & said he wanted me to have another one in 2 months.  So I had one & the office called again & wanted to change my meds.  I take 2 pills instead of one.  It is my thyroid acting up.  Maybe that's why I lost some weight.  Now I'll have to be careful so I won't gain weight.  It was affecting me in small ways & already I feel better.

Last Fri we went to Jamestown - -Bon Ton had a sale & both Barb & I found tops we liked & bot.  This Fri we are going to Erie (no school) & maybe we'll have more success.  (Enclosed cartoon.)

Good for JoAnna making a speech.  That brings back memories.  In Great Falls I took a public speaking course at the Y.W.  It was fun.  We had to give speeches & then be graded by the group.  There were good things bout Gt. Falls.  2 children born there.

What is taught in the student enrichment time?

Both boys did well in their grades.

Barb recommends the movie "Band of Angels", a movie she got at the library.  Clark Gable & Yvonne De Carlo & it is a Civil War movie.  She really enjoyed it. She bo't a D.V.D, V.C.R. as the old V.C.R. wasn't that good.  In putting it in place she hfound the remote for the L.R. TV.

Jessie Franberry who sits with us in church -- I've mentioned her before -- was upset last Sun. as they won't let her drive anymore because of her medication.  She is heartbroken but that day comes for everyone.  Then we were told the organ needs repairs to the tune of $3500.00  W'll have a congregational mtg. in May to decide.  We finally have a talented organist so I hope it can get done.  I'm willing to give toward it.

We didn't get snow last weekend but it was cold.  40's.  Showers thru the wee & the grass is so green & needs mowing.  This is Dale's late Tues. & the weather is nice.  Maybe toward the end of the week he can now.

Sun. nite I watched Oakland at the L.A. Angels.  If I was an A.L. fan I'd be for the Angels. They won 1-0.

Last nite the Braves were at the Mets.  Mets won but it was dicey until the last out.  5-4 Mets.  Tye are much improved & finally have a new 1st baseman whose name I find hard to remember.  This is how I do it, can't spell his name either.   Mc-Tave-itch.  That is what it sounds like when the announcers say it.  Mientkiewicz.  He is a good first basement.

Thurs A.M. the 28th

I'm taking a coffee break.  Most of my Thurs chores are done.  Made a spice cake for dessert & it smells so good.  We're having pork & applesauce. Will make a corn pudding for a veggie.

Tues nite Dale got home a little after 8 pm & it was still a little light left so Dale mowed the lawn.  We have had so many "showery" days it is hard for Dale to find a dry spell.  Good we don't have much to mow.

Barb borrowed a video catalog from Lynn.  She found movies she'd like to order but they aren't available anymore.  Her first choice "Band of Angels". Lynn said maybe it is available on the internet.  She found it & it cost $70.00!  Barb said to get it & take it out of her pay. She ordered a set of "Bonanza" but returned them as they were so bad.  Hard to look at.

Break time is over -- must clean the sink in the laundry room.

Every year the Kiwanis sponsors a blood testing clinic at Beaty.  Kim & Lar go every other year.  Lar hates needles & the one he got had trouble taking the blood.  Kim said Larry got green & just about passed out.  This happens every time he has to have a blood test.

Kim & her girlfriends are going to the Indian Casino tomorrow.  It's a snow day.  Everyone talks about the food there, that it is wonderful.  I said we should go up there when Dale is on vacation.  He said eh would.  It would be fun to see it & maybe spend a few quarters & then have dinner.  I think it would be fun.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sunday, April 20, 2005

Another Sun. & another Mets game on TV.  They are really hot after 5 losses.  Full house yesterday when Pedro M. pitched.  Hope they keep it up.

Our nice weather continues.  I washed & pressed a dress I've had for ages -- when Dad was living -- but it was too big.  So I wore another dress that is at least 3 yrs. old.  When Barb saw it, she said "where did you get that dress."  She was with me when I bo't it.  It is dressier & I don't wear it that much.  I've looked for a new dress but ones for old ladies are hard to find.

When I get my hair done Sheila & I talk about our families.  I said Millie would be 90 & she wondered if he hair was white.  I took the picture Millie sent to show her.  Sue, the other gal, was doing one customer & her next lady was there.  Sheila couldn't believe she is 90 & neither could the other 3.

Fri. we went to the Mall & I was looking for a top to go with  skirt I got a couple of years ago in Erie.  The skirt has a light tan background with various shades of lilac & deep red.  I like the skirt a lot but haven't found a top to go with it.  I'm looking for a light lilac & Barb found one.  Very pretty but too dressy.  I bo't it regardless as it will go with slacks.  Also on sale. I'll look for a cotton knit.  We might go to Jamestown this coming Fri.

The grade schools that will be closed are having open house for former students.  Jefferson had theirs last Fri from 3:30-8:30 pm.  They had a live D.J. playing music & all we could hear was the boom, boom, boom! Barb was beside herself.  Sat. she went up to Lynn's as she had forgotten something &U told Lynn about it.  She didn't get any sympathy as Lynn had her own story.  The Sat. before the boys were riding their motorcycles (Scott has one) behind their house.  It was noisy U& another house had loud music.  Lynn said she would have called the police, only her son was one of them.

She also heard that Anne Smith has osteoporosis (can't find the spelling in my small dictionary) & when she was in a store in Syracuse she fell &  broke her hip.  After the operation she was in a wheelchair, now she's using a walker.  Tough to have that happen away from home.

I'm "jelling".  Got some shoe inserts & they are wonderful.

I told Barb your favorite movie of all time is "North by Northwest".  She got that at the library & enjoyed it.  She watched it several time.  It's one of her favorites.

Mon the 21 of April

I got a perm this aft & I really needed one.  It was getting long & no curl.  We usually get groceries on Mon. so Barb said we could get them later.  She didn't get home early so I fixed leftovers.  Last Sat. I made a penne casserole (like lasagna) & I've learned how to make so it taste good.  I make the 12 x 9 dish so there are leftovers.  An easy meal & no one objected. Then we got groceries & it wasn't as busy.

Now I'm watching the Braves at Houston.  Last night I watched the Braves at Philly.  After 9 innings it was 0-0 & I went to bed.  This is Dale's early week.  I was pleased to see Philly won 2-1 in the 11th.  The paper also mentioned that "George" is steaming because the Yankees are 4-8 as of this A.M.  He thinks the players are better than that.  But some of them are showing their age.  Having the Mets filling Shea Stadium twice doesn't help & maybe he wishes he had gotten Pedro M.  Some young guys are showing promise.

Sheila was telling me today that her husband's folks have a camp in the Tidioute area.  It was broken into & damaged.  Broken glass -- damage to everything they could break.  They left no beer to be taken but there was a little liquor.  It can be seen from the road & there is a house close by.  The lady never locked her doors but now she does.  It scared her.

Dale mowed the lawn tonite.  The seeds Barb started have started to sprout.  Even you can see a little green coming on the trees.  A nice time of the year.

I finally memorized the Nicene Creed.

Tues. the 19th

This A.M. I had a blood test.  Came home & made my breakfast -- scrambled eggs, slice of apple bread & one of my rolls.  Made potato salad to go with hamburgers for supper tonite. Washed my kitchen rugs & hung them outside & they dried fast in our "summer weather". It will change & get colder by week end.  Washed the floor -- didn't want to put clean rugs on a dirty floor.  Then I quit & took it easy.

 I see the Catholic church has a new Pope.

Barb rode her bike today for the first time.  For her birthday Barb choose chicken from BiLo -- already baked.  Mashed pot, peas & carrots, fruit salad & blueberry pie.  Double crust.  I have frozen blueberries.   I made the pie crust this A.M. so my biggest job will be to make the pie.  Bert gets these chicken often & Barb wanted to try them & I didn't object.

There are 4 candidates for judge.  3 men & a woman.  Sheila talks to her customers (for lack of a better word as she has both men & women) & asks them about those running.  One is a woman that many favor.  They say she is very fair & has experience with women & children. So I guess I'll vote for her in May.

The gas co. will be putting a new line in on 3rd Ave.  The fellow came for the owner's signature. In our case all 4 of you.  You probably have received a call by now.  It will go thru our lawn -=- about a foot from the sidewalk & they will be responsible if anything goes wrong.

Thurs.  Barb had a nice birthday dinner.  The chicken from BiLo was delicious.  Torey enjoyed it too.  As soon as he came in the house he smelled it.  I reheated it in the oven. The blueberry pie was delicious.  The crust around the edge was a little too thick.  I didn't roll it thin enough. It was just the right texture.   I used 1/4 c. tapioca & 1 T. cornstarch with 4 c. of frozen blueberries.  I plan to make another blueberry pie sometime.

Larry has started his "2nd job" & keeps busy.  He has a good following.  Torey doesn't like the new truck.  He can't get into it -- Lar has to lift him up into it.

Last Sun. our pastor said "it looks like spring has arrived."  Wonder what she'll say this Sun when it's in the 40's & a chance of snow flurries.

Think I've covered our happenings.  One more birthday to go.  Lar's & he wants steak & carrot cake.  We still get the L. L. Bean catalog & Lar saw a shirt he liked.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

This A.M. I got my ironing done.  Then I dusted downstairs & washed the living room windows, inside & out.  The easiest windows to wash.  Now they shine.

Got a call from Millie at noon.  I told you I got her earrings & a necklace & she called to thank me.  I'm the only one of the 4 girls to have pierced ears.  I like to live dangerously!  She told me about the outfit she will wear for her birthday dinner.  She  will look real nice all dressed up.  She likes clothes & knows how to look nice, even at 90.  She still tires easily but is feeling much better.

I'm glad Ed did well at the geography bee.  You mentioned where you ate, at "Ella's Deli", a place for young children.  And you wrote "based on this visit, I think it will be another 7 or 8 years before we return."  My question is this.  "Will that be when you are grandparents & taking the "babies" there?  You left yourself open for that one.  Andy will be out of college by then & Ed in college.  Old enough to be married.  I better quit while I'm ahead!  I couldn't help myself!

Dale told me he really liked the German choc. cake I made for his birthday.  That's nice to know & I'll make one again.

Barb has started flowers & veggies from seeds.  She puts them out each day & because the nights are cold, she puts them in the garage overnite.   Seeds aren't cheap but we spend more if we have to buy the flowers later on.  I hope she is successful.

Dale liked the shirt & pants I gave him. Kim asked if we were going out to eat for the birthdays.  Nothing was planned yet, but we will go out to eat.

We went to the library last Fri & I got 4 books.  "Plain Jane" by Fern Michaels & I enjoyed it a lot.  3 new authors, 2 of which are authors I read about in the newspaper concerning mystery authors.  The other I found in the Oldie & Goodie section.  Diana Palmer's "Renegade" & I liked it.  Started Barbara Neely's "Blanche Cleans Up".  I started it but it was taking so long to get to the point I gave up.  And not because she is a black author.  Just couldn't get into it.  The last was wacky but I finished it.  "Maggody in Manhattan" by Joan Hess.  Don't think I'll get any others of hers.

Wed. the 13th

Can't remember if I've asked this but it's been in my mind.  Has Andy applied for a summer job?  Can he work at the same job as last summer?

I smiled to myself when you said you stayed up til Andy came home.  The only times I couldn't sleep was when Dale went out & didn't get home til the early morning hours.  I'd go to bed but found it hard to sleep until I heard his car drive in.  Then all was OK until the next time.  Thank goodness those days are gone forever.

Tomorrow I'm making a strawberry rhubarb pie.  Found some frozen rhubarb.  It's Larry's favorite.  I really like the recipe that uses eggs so it's more of a creamy filling.  Next time I'll make it how I like it.  Found a recipe for rhubarb apple pie & that sounded good.

I've been watching D.C. at the Braves & I love it.  The Braves are losing -- 2 outs in the 9th. Braves mgr. got thrown out in the 1st inning.  They got whipped 11-4.

I've been lazy today -- not doing much.  Guess that's not too unusual.  I'm a lazy old lady & I don't push myself.

Fri A.M.

I'm set to get my hair done but it's too early to go.

My strawberry rhubarb pie was OK.  The sugar & flower mixture didn't melt & that spoiled it. It tasted good.  I'm not sure if I'll try it again.

You get the news from the paper but the Conewango Motel has been sold & will open by summer.  I hope it will be successful.

Things dry out fast.  They now have a county wide burning ban.

The closing grade schools will have an open house so past students can have a last look. Dale said he still remembers what it looks like.

We love our beautiful spring weather.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Friday, April 1, 2005

I'm starting early this week -- I have something to write about.

Millie's birthday is Apr. 17 & she will be 90.  I think it would be nice for you to send her a card.

We went to the Mall today & I was successful.  Seeing Millie will be 90, I want to get her a gift.  I got pearl earrings with gold trim & a necklace.  It has a small pearl bead, a 1 1/2" of gold chain.  Tried them on & I like them a lot & I'm sure she will.  Then I got Dale a darker tan pants & a nice shirt to go with them.  It is a flax & cotton materiel (light green).  All purchases on sale plus 15% coupon.

Last nite Barb was showing Kim the swim suit she wants from the L.L. Bean catalog.  Lar said there's a shirt I like & I was glad to know that.  Barb called the order in so my shopping is just about complete.

Then I stopped at Arby's for our supper.  2 for Dale & 1 for me.  Barb doesn't eat them.  I'm fixing oven fries for Dale & a salad.  He was late coming home so I ate early.  Still have the dishes to do.

I sure enjoy the pictures you add to your letters.  It's surprising how much houses are getting in your area.  And they are small.  How do people do it.  I've heard about the Macaroni Grill but I don't think there are any around here.

Sat. A.M. Apr 2

I've had a busy A.M.  After reading the paper I made choc. chip, peanut butter & oats dough. Put it in the fridge & started banana bread.  While it was baking I washed dishes, then went upstairs to get dressed & make my bed.  When the ban. bread was almost done, I put the cookie dough on baking sheets.  Made only 1/2 recipe, about 2 doz.  I don't like them after 2 days & Barb & Dale don't think to eat them altho they are in plain sight.  Then I tho't a pumpkin pie would taste good.  After I cleaned up, a cup of coffee & 2 cookies tasted good.

Barb is up & making blueberry pancakes for her breakfast.

Barb's treadmill sounded funny to her eats so a repair man from Sears came yesterday aft. He said nothing was wrong.  He calibrated it, etc.  Barb wanted it looked at while under warranty.

In Wegman's Sat. ads they have a recipe that sounds interesting to me.  Chicken Parmasan with broccoli.  Brown chicken.  Put in dish.  Drizzle with marinara sauce & sprinkle with shredded mozzarella.  Bake in 350 oven 10 min til cheese melts & sauce is heated.  Serve with penne pasta & broccoli florets.  Cook them & then combine olive oil, butter & garlic. Heat on low to melt butter.  Cook garlic 1 min stirring.  Add broc & cooked pasta.  Keep warm while preparing chicken.  I'll try it on a Thurs. nite when Lar & Kim come.  It will be a change from potatoes.  I might even use garlic, keeping some broc. & pasta out for me. Others like garlic.

Later in the aft.  Had myself a little nap.

Have to catch up because we lose an hour tonite.  DST.

Baseball starts this week & there will be many games to watch thanks to ESPN & II.  I'm ready to watch.

I have the same feeling that it would be nice to be closer so we could get together more often.  But that's life.

Was going to watch Busch racing but it's raining in Bristol, Tenn.  Then gold will be on & they've missed 2 days because of rain.  Today is suppose to be very windy.  Next week is the big one, The Masters, in Atlanta.  It is a beautiful golf course.

Sun. pm

Dale looked out the window & said "it's insanity", meaning the snow coming down.  Erie has 12" of snow & some areas have no electricity.  Heavy snow on the lines.

I wore boots this AM as I walked to church & was surprised to see more people in church than I thought would be there.  Buffalo area has a foot of snow.

Barb wonders if you'll see the movie "The Upside of Anger" with Kevin Costner.  She read a review of it & knows Kevin C. is one of JoAnna's favorites.  A good review.

Dale had a headache on Sat.  I woke up at 2:30 AM to go to the bathroom & noticed the hall light was still on.  I had to check & found Dale on the davenport holding a bag of ice on his head.  Now I could go back to bed & sleep, altho it took awhile to fall asleep.  A mother is always or should I say parent, is always concerned for their children regardless of age. What I don't know doesn't hurt me, but with Barb & Dale at home I get concerned.  I don't like the word "worry".  It's not part of my vocabulary.

Tues. the 4th

Barb & I went to Jamestown this aft.  Barb got pj's & a birthday shirt for Dale.  I didn't get anything except groceries at Wegman's.  We'll celebrate Dale's birthday on Thurs. & he chose teak & choc. birthday cake.  I asked about potatoes & he said pot. salad would be OK.  We had baked pot. last week & mostly we have mashed pot. so I tho't a change would be good.

The Braves played at the Marlins this aft. & was I happy.  The Marlins were leading 9-0 the last I saw & it's over so I didn't get the final score.  Smoltz started & lasted 1 2/3 innings. They got a grand slam off of him in the 1st inning.  The Marlins are my 2nd team if the Mets fail.  Yesterday Pedro pitched so good after the 1st inning & had 11 strikeouts, I think.  But the closer gave up 2 home runs & they lost.  I was so disappointed.  The Mets are at Atlanta this Fri. nite.  Barb said I shouldn't be so happy when the Braves get beat because the Braves are Andy's team.  That doesn't count.  He has his team & I have mine & may the best team win.  They talked today how many division titles the Braves have won & of course I can't remember the number.  I think they only won the World Series once & that's the important one.

Wed. the 6th

Gen called last Sat.  She had called Millie & found out she had been in the hospital.  I called the first of the week & there was no answer.  I tried tonite & got her.  She has low thyroid & potassium & not enough salt.  She was back in the hosp & had intravenous feeding.  She is better now.  She wasn't taking her thyroid meds, & she said she learned her lesson.  She still has a poor appetite but it's improving.   I've taken potassium pills for a long time.  With some meds you need it as they can drain your system.  If the Dr. prescribes meds I take them.  He knows more than I do.  Millie will be OK for her birthday.  Due to conflicts the family won't celebrate it until the 30th.  There will be 14 of them to help her celebrate.  All 4 of us had or have thyroid problems.  Only mine is overactive.

Thurs. the 7th

We had a nice dinner & Dale enjoyed an early birthday.

John called tonite to tell us about Millie.  I told him I had talked to her last nite.  I heard he had a girlfriend so I asked about it.  Is it serious?  Is there a wedding in the future?  He didn't commit himself.  But they took a trip to Aruba so that sounds serious.  I told him I was happy for him.  He has a lot of responsibility on his plate with Gen.

I'm watching the Braves vs. the Marlins.  The Mets go to Atlanta tomorrow.  Sure hope they start winning.  A bad start for Willie Randolph.  He's a good guy.

They said we reached 80 yesterday.  Different today, but the next 5 days should be sunny.