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Friday, April 1, 2005

I'm starting early this week -- I have something to write about.

Millie's birthday is Apr. 17 & she will be 90.  I think it would be nice for you to send her a card.

We went to the Mall today & I was successful.  Seeing Millie will be 90, I want to get her a gift.  I got pearl earrings with gold trim & a necklace.  It has a small pearl bead, a 1 1/2" of gold chain.  Tried them on & I like them a lot & I'm sure she will.  Then I got Dale a darker tan pants & a nice shirt to go with them.  It is a flax & cotton materiel (light green).  All purchases on sale plus 15% coupon.

Last nite Barb was showing Kim the swim suit she wants from the L.L. Bean catalog.  Lar said there's a shirt I like & I was glad to know that.  Barb called the order in so my shopping is just about complete.

Then I stopped at Arby's for our supper.  2 for Dale & 1 for me.  Barb doesn't eat them.  I'm fixing oven fries for Dale & a salad.  He was late coming home so I ate early.  Still have the dishes to do.

I sure enjoy the pictures you add to your letters.  It's surprising how much houses are getting in your area.  And they are small.  How do people do it.  I've heard about the Macaroni Grill but I don't think there are any around here.

Sat. A.M. Apr 2

I've had a busy A.M.  After reading the paper I made choc. chip, peanut butter & oats dough. Put it in the fridge & started banana bread.  While it was baking I washed dishes, then went upstairs to get dressed & make my bed.  When the ban. bread was almost done, I put the cookie dough on baking sheets.  Made only 1/2 recipe, about 2 doz.  I don't like them after 2 days & Barb & Dale don't think to eat them altho they are in plain sight.  Then I tho't a pumpkin pie would taste good.  After I cleaned up, a cup of coffee & 2 cookies tasted good.

Barb is up & making blueberry pancakes for her breakfast.

Barb's treadmill sounded funny to her eats so a repair man from Sears came yesterday aft. He said nothing was wrong.  He calibrated it, etc.  Barb wanted it looked at while under warranty.

In Wegman's Sat. ads they have a recipe that sounds interesting to me.  Chicken Parmasan with broccoli.  Brown chicken.  Put in dish.  Drizzle with marinara sauce & sprinkle with shredded mozzarella.  Bake in 350 oven 10 min til cheese melts & sauce is heated.  Serve with penne pasta & broccoli florets.  Cook them & then combine olive oil, butter & garlic. Heat on low to melt butter.  Cook garlic 1 min stirring.  Add broc & cooked pasta.  Keep warm while preparing chicken.  I'll try it on a Thurs. nite when Lar & Kim come.  It will be a change from potatoes.  I might even use garlic, keeping some broc. & pasta out for me. Others like garlic.

Later in the aft.  Had myself a little nap.

Have to catch up because we lose an hour tonite.  DST.

Baseball starts this week & there will be many games to watch thanks to ESPN & II.  I'm ready to watch.

I have the same feeling that it would be nice to be closer so we could get together more often.  But that's life.

Was going to watch Busch racing but it's raining in Bristol, Tenn.  Then gold will be on & they've missed 2 days because of rain.  Today is suppose to be very windy.  Next week is the big one, The Masters, in Atlanta.  It is a beautiful golf course.

Sun. pm

Dale looked out the window & said "it's insanity", meaning the snow coming down.  Erie has 12" of snow & some areas have no electricity.  Heavy snow on the lines.

I wore boots this AM as I walked to church & was surprised to see more people in church than I thought would be there.  Buffalo area has a foot of snow.

Barb wonders if you'll see the movie "The Upside of Anger" with Kevin Costner.  She read a review of it & knows Kevin C. is one of JoAnna's favorites.  A good review.

Dale had a headache on Sat.  I woke up at 2:30 AM to go to the bathroom & noticed the hall light was still on.  I had to check & found Dale on the davenport holding a bag of ice on his head.  Now I could go back to bed & sleep, altho it took awhile to fall asleep.  A mother is always or should I say parent, is always concerned for their children regardless of age. What I don't know doesn't hurt me, but with Barb & Dale at home I get concerned.  I don't like the word "worry".  It's not part of my vocabulary.

Tues. the 4th

Barb & I went to Jamestown this aft.  Barb got pj's & a birthday shirt for Dale.  I didn't get anything except groceries at Wegman's.  We'll celebrate Dale's birthday on Thurs. & he chose teak & choc. birthday cake.  I asked about potatoes & he said pot. salad would be OK.  We had baked pot. last week & mostly we have mashed pot. so I tho't a change would be good.

The Braves played at the Marlins this aft. & was I happy.  The Marlins were leading 9-0 the last I saw & it's over so I didn't get the final score.  Smoltz started & lasted 1 2/3 innings. They got a grand slam off of him in the 1st inning.  The Marlins are my 2nd team if the Mets fail.  Yesterday Pedro pitched so good after the 1st inning & had 11 strikeouts, I think.  But the closer gave up 2 home runs & they lost.  I was so disappointed.  The Mets are at Atlanta this Fri. nite.  Barb said I shouldn't be so happy when the Braves get beat because the Braves are Andy's team.  That doesn't count.  He has his team & I have mine & may the best team win.  They talked today how many division titles the Braves have won & of course I can't remember the number.  I think they only won the World Series once & that's the important one.

Wed. the 6th

Gen called last Sat.  She had called Millie & found out she had been in the hospital.  I called the first of the week & there was no answer.  I tried tonite & got her.  She has low thyroid & potassium & not enough salt.  She was back in the hosp & had intravenous feeding.  She is better now.  She wasn't taking her thyroid meds, & she said she learned her lesson.  She still has a poor appetite but it's improving.   I've taken potassium pills for a long time.  With some meds you need it as they can drain your system.  If the Dr. prescribes meds I take them.  He knows more than I do.  Millie will be OK for her birthday.  Due to conflicts the family won't celebrate it until the 30th.  There will be 14 of them to help her celebrate.  All 4 of us had or have thyroid problems.  Only mine is overactive.

Thurs. the 7th

We had a nice dinner & Dale enjoyed an early birthday.

John called tonite to tell us about Millie.  I told him I had talked to her last nite.  I heard he had a girlfriend so I asked about it.  Is it serious?  Is there a wedding in the future?  He didn't commit himself.  But they took a trip to Aruba so that sounds serious.  I told him I was happy for him.  He has a lot of responsibility on his plate with Gen.

I'm watching the Braves vs. the Marlins.  The Mets go to Atlanta tomorrow.  Sure hope they start winning.  A bad start for Willie Randolph.  He's a good guy.

They said we reached 80 yesterday.  Different today, but the next 5 days should be sunny.

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