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Sunday, April 20, 2005

Another Sun. & another Mets game on TV.  They are really hot after 5 losses.  Full house yesterday when Pedro M. pitched.  Hope they keep it up.

Our nice weather continues.  I washed & pressed a dress I've had for ages -- when Dad was living -- but it was too big.  So I wore another dress that is at least 3 yrs. old.  When Barb saw it, she said "where did you get that dress."  She was with me when I bo't it.  It is dressier & I don't wear it that much.  I've looked for a new dress but ones for old ladies are hard to find.

When I get my hair done Sheila & I talk about our families.  I said Millie would be 90 & she wondered if he hair was white.  I took the picture Millie sent to show her.  Sue, the other gal, was doing one customer & her next lady was there.  Sheila couldn't believe she is 90 & neither could the other 3.

Fri. we went to the Mall & I was looking for a top to go with  skirt I got a couple of years ago in Erie.  The skirt has a light tan background with various shades of lilac & deep red.  I like the skirt a lot but haven't found a top to go with it.  I'm looking for a light lilac & Barb found one.  Very pretty but too dressy.  I bo't it regardless as it will go with slacks.  Also on sale. I'll look for a cotton knit.  We might go to Jamestown this coming Fri.

The grade schools that will be closed are having open house for former students.  Jefferson had theirs last Fri from 3:30-8:30 pm.  They had a live D.J. playing music & all we could hear was the boom, boom, boom! Barb was beside herself.  Sat. she went up to Lynn's as she had forgotten something &U told Lynn about it.  She didn't get any sympathy as Lynn had her own story.  The Sat. before the boys were riding their motorcycles (Scott has one) behind their house.  It was noisy U& another house had loud music.  Lynn said she would have called the police, only her son was one of them.

She also heard that Anne Smith has osteoporosis (can't find the spelling in my small dictionary) & when she was in a store in Syracuse she fell &  broke her hip.  After the operation she was in a wheelchair, now she's using a walker.  Tough to have that happen away from home.

I'm "jelling".  Got some shoe inserts & they are wonderful.

I told Barb your favorite movie of all time is "North by Northwest".  She got that at the library & enjoyed it.  She watched it several time.  It's one of her favorites.

Mon the 21 of April

I got a perm this aft & I really needed one.  It was getting long & no curl.  We usually get groceries on Mon. so Barb said we could get them later.  She didn't get home early so I fixed leftovers.  Last Sat. I made a penne casserole (like lasagna) & I've learned how to make so it taste good.  I make the 12 x 9 dish so there are leftovers.  An easy meal & no one objected. Then we got groceries & it wasn't as busy.

Now I'm watching the Braves at Houston.  Last night I watched the Braves at Philly.  After 9 innings it was 0-0 & I went to bed.  This is Dale's early week.  I was pleased to see Philly won 2-1 in the 11th.  The paper also mentioned that "George" is steaming because the Yankees are 4-8 as of this A.M.  He thinks the players are better than that.  But some of them are showing their age.  Having the Mets filling Shea Stadium twice doesn't help & maybe he wishes he had gotten Pedro M.  Some young guys are showing promise.

Sheila was telling me today that her husband's folks have a camp in the Tidioute area.  It was broken into & damaged.  Broken glass -- damage to everything they could break.  They left no beer to be taken but there was a little liquor.  It can be seen from the road & there is a house close by.  The lady never locked her doors but now she does.  It scared her.

Dale mowed the lawn tonite.  The seeds Barb started have started to sprout.  Even you can see a little green coming on the trees.  A nice time of the year.

I finally memorized the Nicene Creed.

Tues. the 19th

This A.M. I had a blood test.  Came home & made my breakfast -- scrambled eggs, slice of apple bread & one of my rolls.  Made potato salad to go with hamburgers for supper tonite. Washed my kitchen rugs & hung them outside & they dried fast in our "summer weather". It will change & get colder by week end.  Washed the floor -- didn't want to put clean rugs on a dirty floor.  Then I quit & took it easy.

 I see the Catholic church has a new Pope.

Barb rode her bike today for the first time.  For her birthday Barb choose chicken from BiLo -- already baked.  Mashed pot, peas & carrots, fruit salad & blueberry pie.  Double crust.  I have frozen blueberries.   I made the pie crust this A.M. so my biggest job will be to make the pie.  Bert gets these chicken often & Barb wanted to try them & I didn't object.

There are 4 candidates for judge.  3 men & a woman.  Sheila talks to her customers (for lack of a better word as she has both men & women) & asks them about those running.  One is a woman that many favor.  They say she is very fair & has experience with women & children. So I guess I'll vote for her in May.

The gas co. will be putting a new line in on 3rd Ave.  The fellow came for the owner's signature. In our case all 4 of you.  You probably have received a call by now.  It will go thru our lawn -=- about a foot from the sidewalk & they will be responsible if anything goes wrong.

Thurs.  Barb had a nice birthday dinner.  The chicken from BiLo was delicious.  Torey enjoyed it too.  As soon as he came in the house he smelled it.  I reheated it in the oven. The blueberry pie was delicious.  The crust around the edge was a little too thick.  I didn't roll it thin enough. It was just the right texture.   I used 1/4 c. tapioca & 1 T. cornstarch with 4 c. of frozen blueberries.  I plan to make another blueberry pie sometime.

Larry has started his "2nd job" & keeps busy.  He has a good following.  Torey doesn't like the new truck.  He can't get into it -- Lar has to lift him up into it.

Last Sun. our pastor said "it looks like spring has arrived."  Wonder what she'll say this Sun when it's in the 40's & a chance of snow flurries.

Think I've covered our happenings.  One more birthday to go.  Lar's & he wants steak & carrot cake.  We still get the L. L. Bean catalog & Lar saw a shirt he liked.

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