Friday, September 27, 2013

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

We had a nice dinner Sat. nite at Kim & Lar's.  Kim served turkey loin & it was very good.  It was too chilly to eat outside.  Later we sat in front of the fire & that was fun.  Lar & Kim gave me a birdhouse for the porch & a gift certificate from Penney's.  Dale gave ma a hanging planter, like last years, & Barb & I bo't mine when we were in Erie.  A frying pant that is deeper & has a cover.  I wanted one from watching Food Channel.  Thanks you for the silk flower arrangement.  It is very pretty with 2 butterflies, ivy at the bottom & flowers.  Hard to describe.

Summer has returned again & it's nice.  The flowering trees are beautiful.  There is one in Frank's yard across the st. & it's pretty to look at.

We're having steak & baked potatoes for Lar's birthday.  Carrot cake for dessert.  Salad, etc. I got him the shirt he picked out & some golf balls.  He & Kim play during the summer.

I'll warn you -- I'm sending money for your anniversary.  Maybe you want something for the yard or your July party.

And don't count on me being at Andy's graduation.  It's too far to travel for an old lady.

I finished the last library book & enjoyed it.

Barb gave me a puzzle & I started putting it together.  It has a lot of flowers & that makes it harder, but it's coming.  I enjoy doing puzzles.

If Scott passes 6th grade it will be because Barb does homework with him.  He doesn't like to write the answers so Barb says "I'm going home" & then he will because he knows he'll be in trouble with his Mom.  He is a very stubborn kid.

Thurs. evening.

We had a nice birthday dinner for Lar.  The steaks were delicious & Larry liked his gifts. Dale gave him something like an electric gun to make it easier to take of the lug nuts when changing a tire.  Barb gave him a lamp for the camp.  She got it at L. L. Bean.  It lights for 6 hours & then you can plug it in to be used again.  Did I make myself clear?

It really cooled off today.  Good I didn't take the electric blanket from my bed.  I did change to a lighter nightie.

Alice Nasman called me.  She can't be at church this Sun. (15th) when we have a meeting concerning the organ.  You must be present to vote so I can't vote for her.   The pastor thinks it will be accepted to spend money to fix the organ.  She mentioned Wayne finished his training in York (motorcycles).  This week he is in Arizona for further education.  He works in Erie so he must have gotten a job.

Not much news this week.  All is well with us.

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