Wednesday, September 29, 2010

March 1983

No school today - our last "snow day" so I think we will be going to Bradford.  We got up early and went to the hosp. as I had seen the Dr. a couple of weeks ago and he wanted me to have a blood test to see if I have enough potassium in my system.  Was glad to get that over with.  Guess I can be thankful that I have a Dr. who is concerned and thoro.

Dad has preached 2 Sun. at Ludlow-Sheffield now.  Next Sun. we go to the Valley [Hessel Valley Lutheran Church in Chandlers Valley].  Maybe he won't be preaching too long at L-S. as they will have a senior seminarian with them next Sun. and will extend a call if all goes well.  He would take over in June, most likely, but we will have "made" our vacation money.  It is nice going there as the people are gracious and friendly, and appreciate, to quote some, "a good sermon".

Not too much going on around here.  A couple of Fri. ago we were to Mel and Levina's for dinner.  I had given her a new recipe for a casserole and she tried it on us and her brother Wally and wife Millie.  It was good.  Made with sauerkraut and corned beef.  And Wally gave them homemade sauerkraut.  We had an enjoyable evening.

Dad has been washing the car as some cat had walked on it with dirty paws.  We are looking forward to the new car -- it will come the end of the month.

Karen S.'s husband Rick was here for a test and interview for a boro job.  [A job with the 'borough' of Warren.]  They would like to get out of the big city (Phile) and to a small town.  Rose [Karen's mother and a good friend of Mom's] would be happy, too.

Larry has been enjoying the company of a twiced [sic] divorced gal with 2 kids!!!  He was there for dinner yesterday as one of the ex's had the children.  He and Bob Moran Jr. went to the big fish smorgasbord at the Holiday Inn a couple weeks ago and Lar said he planned to take this gal to the next one.  15.95 each.   I asked him when he was going to bring her home to meet us.  She works at Loringer's.  She stopped by his place for lunch one day last week and Lar was lucky to have received some of a casserole made at Crary's so she shared that.  He isn't serious tho to quote Lar.

This Sat. nite we will go to the Valley as they are having a soup social that nite.  I will bring cookies for dessert.  It will be homemade soup.

I got a soup bone and decided to make soup for supper tonite so it is simmering on the stove and already smells good.  We have made use of the soup tureen and bowls you gave me and we like them a lot.

We are counting down the days left at school and it is under 60 now.  The end of Mar. will be Easter vacation then just April and May.  In Apr. 22-24 I will be going to a union convention at the Pittsburgh Airport Motel. There will be 11 of us going.  They have all the officers for the May election with the exception of Pres. and I don't care to run again but in a way I feel obligated if no one will take it.  Maybe at the last moment someone will change their minds and accept.  I don't care to be pres.  Too close to retirement and I don't have the drive I should have for the office.

All is well with us.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 1982

Guess I'd better quit being lazy and writer and letter.

Much has happened here.  Skip Herrington, pastor at First Luth. shocked everyone by resigning as pastor -- forced out.  He has other women - in fact he went off with one of them.  A young mother with 2 kids.  Nancy Jackson Phillips, Lar's age.  He has had at least 5 women and all from the congregation.  What a shock to everyone.  He had to demit the ministry.  (Haven't typed for such a long time that I can't find the letters.)  We were invited to a congregational dinner at First a week ago tonite and all Luth. pastors in Warren were invited for encouragement.  One lady said we worshiped the man too much and we had to find out the hard way.  They thot they had the world's best and to have this happen is really something.  But they will come out the better for it.

We also had a murder and I'm enclosing the front page of the paper.

Last Sun. nite our pastor was installed and the Benson's from Mt. Jewett and the Schaffers from Bradford came for supper and we had a good time together.  But Fri. at school I got sick, the end of the day, and had the flu.    It took me longer to get over it but by Sun. noon I was feeling better and I had things all planned so I didn't have to call it off and I was able to go to church, too.  It took a lot out of me.  Going around but I hope Dad or Dale won't get it.  I did lose a couple of pounds and am trying to keep it off.

The high school put on Oklahoma and it was wonderful.  This Fri. nite we will see Carousel at the old church.

Dad's Methodist pastor friend retires in June and I think I told you they had a dining room set to sell and we looked at it and bot it and what a buy.  It has the oval table with 2 leaves, 6 chairs, 2 with arms and the buffet and hutch -- Colonial American style and it looks so nice in our dining room.  The boys think it is a good buy, too.  We couldn't touch a new one for less than 1200.00 and we got this for 500.00, thanks to my savings in the credit union.  My dream list doesn't have much on it anymore.

Dad has been playing golf some and tomorrow goes to play with Warren in St. Marys.  They've changed their policy and pastors can only play on Mon. for free at Pineacres near Bradford so Dad decided to get a membership as the pastors can get on at a cheaper rate - 137.00.   He will enjoy that.

We are getting new windows in the bedrooms.  Side and rear.  Dad has 2 more to go and they will be nice.  Just as wide but not as long and it will be nice as you can have a better furniture arrangement.  Looks nice from the outside.  He gets the outside completed first and still has inside work to do.   Now he is working on Dale's.  Then the guest bedroom.  It will help next winter.  By Fall we hope to get windows for the font bedrooms.  We lose a lot of heat thru them.  The house really looks nice.

I think I'm going to take the job of union pres.  I don't do any church work now so it will be nice to have something to think about and it will be a big challenge.  I have a lot of encouragement to do it and they will help so I'm pretty sure I'll agree.  Dad says I should.

Lar's garden is looking good.  We've been having wonderful weather but we do need some showers.  All is well with us.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 1982

Just completed a letter to Edna [Mom's oldest sister] and I still feel like writing so you will get a letter.  Toward the end of the week I'll write to Barb as her birthday is coming up.

Dale had a nice birthday yesterday.  We had the lamb for dinner - the one we got for you when you'd be home.  We enjoyed it.  Apple pie instead of cake.  We gave him a sleeping bag as soon they will be camping again near the Dam.  He was pleased.  Also got him a shirt but the sleeves are too short so will have to exchange it.

We were at the Valley today for church.  Didn't mind missing Easter here as it was communion and we are of the old school and don't think you need to have it so often.  (Palm Sun, Holy Thurs.)  The children of the S.s. [Sunday school] has their program as part of the service and Dad had a baptism and the sermon.  It was a nice Easter Sun.  Afterwards we went to Jamestown and the Steak House for a special Easter dinner of baked ham and it was delicious.  Crowded, too.  Next Sat. nite at the Valley they are having slides by an exchange student from Sweden followed by a Sugar Party.  Atkins have maple trees and will provide the syrup.  It should be fun.  It's nice as they seem to want us to be there for the activities.

Arlene Mullin's grandmother died, 95 and someone suggested Dad have a part in the funeral so the pastor called.  But Dad said no he didn't want to start that as when the next old member died they'd want it again so Dad said no and I think the pastor was glad.  After all Dad had his day and just because we are around doesn't mean he has to be in on these things.  Cindy Brader would like Dad to marry them but realizes she has to have the present pastor but we will be invited to the wedding and that is how it should be.

After the service Thurs. nite Bill and Gen Brader came over for coffee and they couldn't believe all the things that Dad has done to the house.  They were amazed at the things he can do.  So many people put up paneling because it is easier than papering.  We might put paneling in the little bedroom when we get to that next fall.  Dad got 5 replacement windows (on sale) for the bedrooms.  The single ones.  They are smaller so Dad will have to do some filling in..they are double pane windows and they open out for easy cleaning.  I hope we can get new windows before next winter for the windows in our and Dale's rooms facing the st. as so much cold breeze comes in.  I read in an article that if your windows are more than 25 years old they should be replaced.  We're working toward that.

I'll have to do some bragging.  Last Mon. the menu called for sweet rolls for dessert so I made about 600 cinnamon rolls from scratch and that was a big job.  But they were appreciated and I got many compliments so that helped.  But I wouldn't care to do that again as it is too much for one person is such a short period.  I am appreciating the long weekend we have over Easter.  Fri. and Mon.  Fri. aft. we went to Erie and tomorrow we'll probably to go for lunch.  Have to make hay while the sunshines on my days off.

How did the election come out for Mary?  I was thinking of her last Tues.

Gen called last Sun. and when Bob was home after basic training they took him out to eat.  He looks good and likes the service.  He is getting further training in office work and will go to Germany for a year.  She also said Johnny is making friends and doing good in school.  I hope he can find some friends as he is too dependent on his parents and Edith.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 1982

The Yankees are playing the Mets in a pre-season game so I have to write a letter & stay by the T.V.  It's good to be watching a game again.  Will you be going to the Brewers opening game?

Fri we had more snow but it melted.  Yesterday was clear, cold & windy.  It broke the temp records in Pittsburgh & Erie airports.  But it is suppose to warm up this week.

We were at Chandlers Valley today.  One boy was confirmed.  After church we went to Brandywine for dinner & had one of their Sun specials & enjoyed our dinner.

From Touring Swedish America:  What to see and what to do

We called Stella & Svea [Dad's two oldest sisters] this aft & all is well with them.  Dan & Barbara [Stella's youngest son and his wife] had twin boys -- children 7 & 8.  Boy they have a large family to care for.  She had a Cesarean so probably they won't have any more children.  They wanted 7 children.

Signe [the middle of Dad's five sisters] called last Sun. & Geo. [her husband] had fallen & broke his shoulder & a hairline fracture by the leg.  In the hosp. 2 weeks.  Was to go home yesterday.  They were taking care of Paul & he had some string that Geo. tho't he cleared but didn't.

Tomorrow Ken [Signe & George's son-in-law, Paul's dad] starts a new job in an insurance agency as an underwriter.  He's been out of work since last fall, as the job he had first didn't work out.  He quit as a teacher last fall.

Sig & Geo. plan to be at the Lake in Aug. for Ford's birthday [Ford, Dad's brother, is the oldest of the 7 Herman & Anna Nelson children] & are looking for a cottage.  The ones we tho't of are all filled but they will look at Edgewater (log cabins) where we stayed before & they are nice.  We'll get a 2 bedroom cottage so we have room for company.  They will reserve for us too.  It will be fun to be up there again.  Aug 7-21.  Carolyn & Ken will be up most likely.

How are things with your - busy at work.  Be interesting to hear how things are going.

We ordered new drapery rods for the living room - the kind that have the rings on them & the round rod in brass.  We got them from Sears as they are cheaper but just as nice looking.  I'm getting anxious for the draperies to come.

The next big job for Dad & Dale is to put in the garage door opener.  We got it before Christmas but put the job off til spring & warmer weather.  It will be nice to have.

Have a library book to read so will bring this to an end for this time. 

(From the Other Side) August 4, 1980

With an unfortunate two-and-a-half year gap between letters from Mom in the archives, I've decided to share a few letters I wrote to Mom and Dad during this period.

Instead of the quiet weekend I had been envisioning, I decide to ride up north with Dave and Lynn to attend the 5th annual Great Northern Bluegrass festival at Mole Lake, Wisconsin.  We met some other Oshkosh friends of our in a scenic little park in the center of Crandon and then proceeded to the festival grounds together.  By the time we arrived, most of the campsites inside the main fenced-off area appeared to be taken.  That observation didn't deter us from taking a closer look ourselves.  Lucky for us that we were curious.  We located the prime spot to set up our camp: directly behind the concessions, in a straight line from the speakers set up on a huge stage, and within easy walking distance to the portable johns.

At first, I began to wonder how sensible my change of mind was.  I didn't make a final decision until late Tuesday evening, a few beers into our softball victory celebration.  The previous Sunday I had been almost so sure that I'd be passing up Mole Lake this year.  I remembered last year how much Susie and I cursed the crush of the Saturday night crowd of music lovers and assorted drunken fools.  There seemed to be more fools than lovers.  I felt then that the festival was becoming too big.

Shortly after our arrival early Friday afternoon, we heard estimates of crowd size approaching 40,000.  Last year's crowd at its peak was estimated at 20,000.  If the figures are correct, the festival doubled in size in one year.  Suddenly I expected a not-so-delightful time.  What save the weekend was the group of people I camped with.  After the fiasco of attempting to find a comfortable place to watch the bands and listen to the music, we realized that the only way we could assure ourselves of a good time would be to stay in the immediate area of our tents.  The sound was just as clear and nearly as loud and we didn't have to deal with the constantly milling crowds.

We were isolated from the festival's more lurid and depressing moments: a rampaging motorcycle gang on Friday night, rapes, beatings, drug overdoses (very few in number, actually).  Considering the number and the age group of the people there, the bummer incidents were kept to a minimum.  Still, though, it's unfortunate  that such craziness can't be avoided.  One major cause:  a mind-boggling consumption of booze and drugs.  Some folks just don't know how to pace themselves.  Others just to out of control.  Most of the Mole Lake partiers (from my vantage point, anyway) were content to weave and occasionally stagger.

To cool ourselves off and also to revive ourselves for the evening's festivities, we took some time off in the late afternoon to walk to a nearby lake and swim.  That provided us with a needed break from the dust, hot sun, and bluegrass music overload.  (I can stand only so many versions of "Orange Blossom Special", a classic fiddler's showpiece.

Once Sunday afternoon rolled around, we were all somewhat hesitant to leave.  The friendly interaction of our group, rather than the opportunity to hear fifteen or twenty bluegrass bands, provided the high point of the weekend.  Next year we'll just have to find ourselves a more secluded campsite and forget the music.

Ken and Carolyn [cousin and husband] visited with us on Wednesday evening.  They left Paul behind in Green Lake so we had to settle with pictures taken of him during his first haircut -- a progression of tears to smiles.  He certainly has grown since last summer.

Their money-making idea is conducted through the Amway Corporation.  It involves selling a variety of products -- vitamins, appliances, household cleaners, cosmetics -- on a rather complicated commission basis. Ken went into great detail during his explanation, but I never paid too much attention to what he was saying.  I knew immediately it was something Barb and I would not be interesting in doing.  Out of politeness, we allowed him to deliver his spiel.  Afterwards we went to Down to Earth for pizza.  Ken used the dinner as a business expense so Barb and I ended up with a free meal.

We enjoyed the visit immensely.  Ken and Carolyn are an infectiously friendly and likable couple.  Of course I had to ask about Roland and Linda [Carolyn's brother and his wife].  Not much to relate, actually.  They are seeing a marriage counselor and appear to be working things out.

From the information that Carolyn relayed to us, it sounds as though there won't be much of a trek to Spread Eagle this summer.  Just Ford and June and family.  Barb and I haven't finalized any plans for a visit later in the month.  In order to visit with the relatives as a group, we'll have to plan a trip to Beloit or Rockford for Thanksgiving.

Last Tuesday, Barb came home with a giveaway grin on her face.  By that I mean she had some news that she couldn't keep to herself.  After much deliberation and a few too many emotional crises, she has decided to leave Down to Earth.  Dave Belongie, a good friend and owner of the Kitchen Korner health food store, offered Barb a part-time job, which will fit into Barb's schedule quite nicely when she returns to school in September.  The following day Barb comes home with the news that Down to Earth will be closing on August 16th.  The destructive effects of two inept managers have finally taken their toll.  All I can say is that I will certainly miss their pizza.  There is still the remote chance that someone will come to the rescue with the necessary financial backing once the word spread that DTE is sinking.  No one is holding his breath.  The situation at the restaurant has reached the point where money is not available to pay the employees.

Copy of first page of letter.

Friday, September 24, 2010

January 1, 1979

What a disappointment - Penn State lost but they beat themselves.

Guess I'd better get back to my schedule of writing letters and I'll try not to make too many mistakes.  I have a list of things to write about so here goes.

We had a real nice Christmas and like your gifts.  We got the usual gifts and I like the hamper I got and a clothes basket.  The dirty clothes go in the hamper and then I use the basket to carry them downstairs.  Also lie the dresser set I got and Dale gave me a lovely cut glass vase made in W. Germany.  Lar gave me a Tote umbrella that folds.  We didn't have turkey for dinner this year - had a beef roast.   I used the pretty place mats and I like them a lot.  Dad loves his gift and he is doing the sunflower pattern first and it looks so nice.  He has his eye on a rug he'd like to make sometime.  In the Women's Day magazine there is instructions to make a hooklatch rug.  In 18" squares that you sew together so it is easier to handle.  Using the granny pattern popular in afghans.  I cut out the instructions as I would like to try that.

The bowl in the package arrived broken - Dale said you didn't pack it good enough.  Judy went to Washington, DC for Christmas and I don't know if she is back yet.  She hopes to go home to Chile.  I didn't get a chance to give her or Alexandra a gift.  She stopped by with a gift for me when I wasn't home and it is 4 nice bowls for dessert or such.

We had 11 inches of snow for Christmas and the roads were bad so I didn't get out from Sun. til Thurs. when we went to Jamestown in the a.m. and I had my hair appt. in the aft.   We got a few after-Christmas bargains - wrapping paper and more lites for the tree.  Fri. we wanted to go to Erie but the mail was slow and I was waiting for my check and we didn't want to drive back in the dark so we didn't get to go so went to again.

Max [Barb's best friend going back to grade school] stopped by the Sat. before Christmas and Sylvia, too.  I had made bread and rolls and knowing how Max loves the bread I called and asked if she would be home and she said they just talked about stopping in.  We had a nice visit and she looks so good.  Gained 15 lbs.  Her "old man" gave her a pretty ring with 2 diamond chips and 2 pearls - and a gold chain plus the trip and money to spend.  He is writing his memoirs this year.  The fire in Calif. was close to where they live.  It was fun to see her again.  She kissed both of us - Dad and me.

I'm starting a "retirement chest" which is the opposite of a hope chest.  Have some towel sets in it, new corelle dishes and serving dishes, canister set and each payday plan to get little things I want like more dish towels and another paring knife, etc.

We are enjoying our stereo a lot.  Dale has his in the bedroom.  He did a nice job on his speakers and they really sound good.

It was nice to talk to both of you today.  Have a good 1979 even tho it doesn't seem possible we are starting another year.  Guess this is all of the news.  Am starting to think about work tomorrow - really enjoyed the vacation and I know I will also enjoy retirement.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

December 18, 1978

By the time you read this Barb should be gone to Fla.  We have a snowy Sun. and it is a wet snow that is accumulating.  Looks pretty.  We had a good group in church.  Judy Welsh had her baby baptized and Dad used the service from the new hymnal and it is very nice.  Patty and her husband were the sponsors.  After church we had a potluck dinner and it was very well attended.  Afterwards we had a carol sing and the affair was enjoyed by all.  Now we're home and after this letter I plan to make one batch of cookies and even do a load of wash as Mon. nite we put the dinner on for the faculty Christmas party.  So it will be a long day.  Tues. nite is circle and each one brings something towards the refreshment and they wanted me to bring rye bread and Rose will bring cheese for it.  Others will bring cookies, etc.  This way it isn't hard on one person.  Then on Wed. we bring cookies for the teachers and Tues. I want to try a new recipe that sounds good.  Not hard to make and it is a bar cooky so that won't be bad.  The last day of school is Thurs. and we go back the 2nd of Jan.

Fri. we went to Erie after work and Lar went with us.  No special shopping but I like the excitement of it.  I did look for some clothes but didn't see anything I wanted so didn't spend my money.  Will wait for after Christmas sales.  Saw a darling suit in Betty Lee window and looked at them but they just had 2 left and they were sizes 10 and 12.  Didn't try them on as it was a cold day and I had a heavy sweater on and didn't want to take all that off.  So guess I didn't want it that much.

Dale is working on his speakers.  Has them glued together.  He says they will be good when completed.  The ones Dad ordered should come this week.  The receiver Dale got is really nice and we will enjoys ours a lot.  I encouraged Dad to get it now when he is earning - in retirement we won't be able to afford it.

The children's choir sang today and they were good.  15 in it and one of the girls accompanied one number on the flute.  Sounded good.

Dad just made a fire in the fireplace - a nice day for one.  I can hear the crackle and snap of it.

The Pittsburgh-Denver game yesterday was a good one.  Went down to the wire but Pittsburgh managed to stay on top.  Pittsburgh has home field for the play off.

We are all set for Christmas - just have to get the Christmas food.  We haven't had herring yet so have to make that but we have had sylta and korv a couple of times.  Lar is waiting for the herring.  My other fruitcakes came out good.  One with bananas and one with applesauce.  They are my favorites now.

This a.m. the choir sang at the State Hosp. chapel service at 9 a.m.  About 15 inmates there - they said it was a good experience, and the inmates enjoyed it.  They'd like to do it again.

I was holding Judy's baby during the potluck so she could eat.  She is such a little doll and goes to anyone.  Smiles and never seems to fuss.  Her husband and the stepson were there.  He is a soph. and prefers to live with his dad and Judy.

What happened to your letter writing schedule.  Seems like we haven't had a letter for ages!!!!

Guess this is all for this time.  All is well with us.


Sunday, September 17, 1978

We are having a rainy Sun. and football is on TV.  Watching Atlanta vs Cleveland.  Pittsburgh isn't on but they tell the scores and last time they mentioned it they were ahead of Cinn. 14-0.  But in baseball Boston is doing awful and N.Y. can't seem to make a mistake.  Wonder how it will all turn out - I won't root for the Yankees.  Guess L.A. will be my team as I don't think the Pirates will make it.

Dad had 2 baptisms at the service, Diane Hime's little girl and Rod Seymour's son.  He married the Bjorkquist girl and I can't think of her name.  After the service 4 of the youth were baptized.  Alice Greenlund's 2 sons.  They used to go to the Nazarene church and they just have dedication there.  And Lori and Brian Scarpo - their grandmother is Violet Seaquist.  At 1 p.m. another new baby was baptized.  There have been a number of baptisms this year.  So dad has a busy a.m.

We got your letter yesterday and the map.  They should have no trouble finding your place.  They hope to leave at 5 p.m. and I suppose they will have to plan on 12 hours at least.  It will be cooler driving and 3 drivers will help.  Barb put a deposit on the Uhaul and they will get it on Mon. and start packing.  Barb is getting excited about her move.

From left to right:  Donald Carlson, Carl Nelson, Stella (Nelson) Carlson, 
Carolyn (Swanson) Weller holding son Paul, Ken Weller, 
Signe (Nelson) Swanson, Marion Nelson, George Swanson, Paul Nelson

Barb got the pictures she took at the lake, not the slides.  They look so nice.  Some darling ones of Marie and the group the last nite is good.  You should see the one of you with Marie.  You make a nice looking daddy!!!!!!!  The ones of you and Carolyn's baby didn't come out and neither did the ones of Carolyn, Ken and Paul.  Not enuf light according to Barb.

We got the Christmas catalogue from Sears as well as the one from Dahlkemper so I have some dreaming to do but haven't had time.  Had to work on my lesson for Bible class this a.m. and Tues. nite I'm leader for circle study.  But I did manage to read a darling book:  ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL by James Herriot.  He is an English Vet and it tells of his experiences with the animals and it is really good.

We got paid Fri. for only 2 days and was I disappointed when my paycheck was only $7.09 as they took $30.00 out for Credit Union.  Usually they don't take it until the end of Sept. when the check is so small.  Oh well it is good to save and my next paycheck will be a good one as it will cover 11 days.

Barb got more material during Sidewalk sales so is busy sewing.  She doesn't have a machine so she has to use mine and get the stitching parts completed.  She will want to get her own machine I'm sure.  She has some darling outfits.  I told Judy (Chile) about Barb's sewing so Thurs. nite when she takes me home after our lesson I'm going to ask her to come in and see Barb's outfits.  She is interested in the sewing.  Everytime she takes me home Alexandra wants to come in.

I'm trying to get my poinsettia plant to bloom and to do that you have to cover it so it is away from the light.  I cover it and then forget to uncover it before I go to work so it stays covered.  I'll let you known if I'm getting it to bloom.  Guess I'll inherit Barb's plants.  We just switched the channels and will watch Boston - N.Y. games.

Work is fine but we have a busy week coming up.  I go to the dentist on Tues. for a check up.  All is well with us.  It was nice to talk to you and to read your letter.

(Bonus Round: Letter from Barb) September 14, 1978

I'm sitting here listening to Robin Trower with Dracula on the tube.  I don't usually watch TV with the stereo on, but I get annoyed with commercials.

I wish I had black and white film in my camera because I'd like to shoot a few exposures.  The movie is in black and white and the acting is stage acting, which is better for a shot.  This must be the original Dracula movie with  Boris Karloff.  Tomorrow night the Wolfman will be on.  (Missed the morning.)

I will be renting a 5'x8' U-haul.  It will cost me about 80.00 for the fees.  I will be paying for the tolls & gas for Dad.  I figure that he is doing me a big favor by driving me out to Oshkosh.

Damn!  I'm so pissed because I don't have any film  The maid just fainted.  Now the crazy man is crawling on the floor ready to attack the maid.

I have been taping.  I am taking the best songs and putting a different artist on each tape.  I did a tape of Moody Blues Greatest Hits.  It's a good mellow tape.

These few weeks since I came back from  Bermuda have just dragged on for me.  I have many feelings I am experiencing now.  I feel very closed in now and I am thoroughly dissatisfied.  I'm ready to leave.  I'm also a little bit frightened.  I didn't feel frightened when I left for boot camp.  (I've been back in the nest too long.)

The only thing that is giving me pleasure is my sewing.  I have found a few sales & I've been sewing like mad.  I've made 5 blouses, 1 dress, 1 skirt, & 1 vest.  I plan to be busy all week with sewing.

I bought a jogging outfit today on sale.  Warren is having its big sidewalk days downtown.  I don't like spending too much money since I don't have an incoming cash flow, but it was only $11.00.

I am framing two posters that I got in Florence.  Both posters have a bright yellow background & the frames are black.  They are copies of photographs, one is of a WWI French soldier holding his girl and the other is an Italian coffee advertisement.

I really am not in the mood for letter writing.

I'm sure I'll have plenty to say when I see you.  It's funny that we should end up as roommates and not taken the typical roles.  A few people asked if you were married.

Take care of yourself and I'll be seeing you real soon!

P.S.  Did you hear that Dale got a new car.  It's nice for $1000.00.  Dale is still partying like crazy.  I think he should get out of Warren.  But I'm only his sister and I don't run his life.

September 17
I want to add a note.

I got my pictures back from the lake.  A few turned out really good.  I'm sending you the picture of you holding Marie.  It is the best shot that I have taken of you.  I like the picture that you took of me sitting in the Chris Craft.  I still have yet to receive the slides I took.

It will be an interesting experience being roommates.  I am very happy with the arrangement because I feel we will enjoy each other's company.  We both have similar interests and we are both flexible.  I think sharing an intellectual friendship is very stimulating.  I know what it is like not having a person to relate to.  So overlooking a few minor conflicts we will undoubtedly run into, I think it will be a pretty satisfactory arrangement. 

Mary (she went to Bermuda with me...a Navy friend from Norfolk) lives in Champaign, Ill.  She has a cousin who lives outside of Chicago.  We plan to meet in Chicago, that is after I'm settled and hopefully have found a job.

Before I get too long and involved in this letter I will close here.

This will be my last letter to you for some time.  (You might think I'm crazy mailing you letters from the apartment!)


P.S.  When mom saw the enclosed picture of you she beamed and said, "Wouldn't Paul look nice as a father."  I should have told her that maybe you were.  (Just kidding, of course.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunday, September 10, 1978

It's Sun. aft. & I'm just sending a note.  I'm Bible Class teacher & have to study.  We had 25 in class today - all glad to be back.

Work is fine - I love it & it's not hard getting up & get going.  Hope winter won't be too bad - I've made cookies & they came out excellent.

Dale sold the van for $150 & we think he was fortunate.  He bot a 73 or 74 Nova Hatchback.  From Valones.  A dark blue - more navy than yours.  He's washed, polished, flushed motor or whatever & is very happy with it. Paid $1000.  Has some rust but hopes to fix it.  So his evenings at home are ended now that he has a car again.

Barb is busy sewing & she does a wonderful job.  She is getting excited about her move.  Check on U-haul.  Has everything out of the attic.  Now it's just her clothes & stuff in room to pack.

Victor Hornstrom died.  Thurs A.M. just after getting to work at Forge.  Buried on Sat.  Such a shock when it happens so unexpectedly.  Arlene [Victor's wife] has a lot of friends & will keep going O.K.  Beth [Victor and Arlene's daughter, youngest of 3 children] & Tim [Beth's husband] got home & Beth will stay a week or so & Julie [Beth's older sister] has a few days off.

It's been so hot, esp. at work but it cooled off & doors & windows are closed today.  We've had some rain but could use a lot more as it's so dry.

I meet the county librarian at a Laubach mtg.  He is nice - naturally I mentioned you & your new job.  He said Wisc has a good library system & money to support it.  Lar might not be able to come along to Oshkosh as Mrs. Crary [Larry's employerhas planned an art showing that week.  But sometimes she isn't ready so Lar hopes it works that way this time so he can come.  But he has to be at work for this.  He'll be disappointed to miss the trip if it happens.

Dad is still playing golf & loving it.  Dad had his eyes examined & will be getting new glasses.  A little change in one lens.  All is fine here.

Sunday, September 3, 1978

Mom & Dad
Summer 1978

The first letter I received after moving from Springfield, Massachusetts, to Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

It was good to get your call and to hear that have a place to live  By now you are moved in and enjoying it...and the job, too.  [As Head of Extension Services at the Oshkosh Public Library.]  Barb [my sister] was thrilled to hear you want her to come out and has already started to pack.  Dad will take her out and Lar [brother] will ride along.  The last week of the month is the best for Dad so the dates are 26-28.  They will leave the 26th, a Tues., stay a day and come back on Thurs.  Barb looked over her things in the  attic and got them packed better and some are waiting for the date.  They will rent a U-haul.  She will take her dresser, the old desk of yours and the nite table and a single bed mattress.  She wonders about the colors as she has the rug she wants to take.  She wants you to call so she can ask you questions.  She is hoping you call today - if you don't call when you receive the letter.  She is busy sewing - will have completed 5 blouses and has material for 2 dresses and has a jacket to finish.  Fri. we stopped at ShopRite material store and they had smoke damaged material and we got some good buys.  Cotton materials only 79 cents yd.

Last Mon. nite we had our union mtg. and we passed the contract.  [Mom worked in the cafeteria of Beaty Junior High School in Warren, PA.]  We get a 35-cent hr. raise this year and 30-cent next year.  School opened on Tues. so I've worked 4 days and all is going well.  The desserts have been easy - fruit or ice cream.  Made cookies one day and put them in the freezer for Silver B [student award] doings later on in Sept.  So I'm sure all will go just fine and I like the job and the hours will be all right.  I have to get up early for Dale [the youngest of the 4 Nelson children] regardless and it is only about 1/2 hr. earlier.

Yesterday was a beautiful day and today it is raining but we need it and tomorrow is supposed to be nice again.  Fri. was a lovely day and after work Barb and Lar went with us to Jamestown.   We ate at the Muskie Lounge in Lakewood and we had the nicest meal and not that expensive.  We all had fish but Lar and Barb had the broiled fish and mixed fresh vegetable.  They really liked it and the atmosphere is nice, too.  Then we stopped at the Mall and Barb did some shopping.  We just got toothpaste at the Health store.

Meetings start this week and I have one Thurs. nite.  The Literacy council.  But I teach at Judy's that nite so I'm out already so that isn't too bad.  And after work I get my hair done so I feel good.

Dad wrote to Dickinson Homes with a few questions and we are waiting for the answers.  The time this figure (cost) will be in effect, etc.  So he is thinking if he would have to, he could drive to I.M. [Iron Mountain, Michigan] that Wed. he brings Barb out in case there would be anything to sign.  We are definitely hoping we can swing the deal, even if it has to be built for next summer.  If so it would save us the cottage rent and we could spend a month up there.  If you come up, it will still be easy to get to the lake for a swim and sunning.

[Mom and Dad considered retiring in Iron Mountain, where two of Dad's sisters, Stella and Signe, and their husbands had relocated.]

Lar is leaving - they watched an Abbott and Costello movie.  Now he is going to get ready to play soccer.

Will write a letter to Gen.  [Mom's younger sister.  She and her husband Ed and 16-year-old son John live in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts].  She called Mon. nite while I was at the union mtg.  She asked about you, etc.  They were painting the house and not going anywhere on vacation.  Maybe they went somewhere during this weekend.  I hope so for her sake.  All is well here and I know things are great for you.

Copy of original typewritten letter,, Mom's most common method of writing into the late 1980s.