Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 1982

Guess I'd better quit being lazy and writer and letter.

Much has happened here.  Skip Herrington, pastor at First Luth. shocked everyone by resigning as pastor -- forced out.  He has other women - in fact he went off with one of them.  A young mother with 2 kids.  Nancy Jackson Phillips, Lar's age.  He has had at least 5 women and all from the congregation.  What a shock to everyone.  He had to demit the ministry.  (Haven't typed for such a long time that I can't find the letters.)  We were invited to a congregational dinner at First a week ago tonite and all Luth. pastors in Warren were invited for encouragement.  One lady said we worshiped the man too much and we had to find out the hard way.  They thot they had the world's best and to have this happen is really something.  But they will come out the better for it.

We also had a murder and I'm enclosing the front page of the paper.

Last Sun. nite our pastor was installed and the Benson's from Mt. Jewett and the Schaffers from Bradford came for supper and we had a good time together.  But Fri. at school I got sick, the end of the day, and had the flu.    It took me longer to get over it but by Sun. noon I was feeling better and I had things all planned so I didn't have to call it off and I was able to go to church, too.  It took a lot out of me.  Going around but I hope Dad or Dale won't get it.  I did lose a couple of pounds and am trying to keep it off.

The high school put on Oklahoma and it was wonderful.  This Fri. nite we will see Carousel at the old church.

Dad's Methodist pastor friend retires in June and I think I told you they had a dining room set to sell and we looked at it and bot it and what a buy.  It has the oval table with 2 leaves, 6 chairs, 2 with arms and the buffet and hutch -- Colonial American style and it looks so nice in our dining room.  The boys think it is a good buy, too.  We couldn't touch a new one for less than 1200.00 and we got this for 500.00, thanks to my savings in the credit union.  My dream list doesn't have much on it anymore.

Dad has been playing golf some and tomorrow goes to play with Warren in St. Marys.  They've changed their policy and pastors can only play on Mon. for free at Pineacres near Bradford so Dad decided to get a membership as the pastors can get on at a cheaper rate - 137.00.   He will enjoy that.

We are getting new windows in the bedrooms.  Side and rear.  Dad has 2 more to go and they will be nice.  Just as wide but not as long and it will be nice as you can have a better furniture arrangement.  Looks nice from the outside.  He gets the outside completed first and still has inside work to do.   Now he is working on Dale's.  Then the guest bedroom.  It will help next winter.  By Fall we hope to get windows for the font bedrooms.  We lose a lot of heat thru them.  The house really looks nice.

I think I'm going to take the job of union pres.  I don't do any church work now so it will be nice to have something to think about and it will be a big challenge.  I have a lot of encouragement to do it and they will help so I'm pretty sure I'll agree.  Dad says I should.

Lar's garden is looking good.  We've been having wonderful weather but we do need some showers.  All is well with us.

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