Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Today we voted.  The main issue on the ballot was to elect a judge.  Man vs. woman.  We voted for the woman.  She came in 2nd in the nominating election, beating at least 3 other men.  We hope she can do it but it's a man's world.  The newspaper backed the man.

This aft. I walked over to see Rose.  I thought she might be sitting in a chair but she was in bed.  You could see she has gained weight.  A diaper on a chair by her.  No teeth in her mouth so she was hard to understand.  I feel so bad for her.  It made me want to cry.  She asked about dad & I told her he died.  She repeated the question several times.  She couldn't believe it & said why don't I know this.  Her hands were trembling like Parkinson's.  S he did recognize me.  Violet is in the same room.  She looked good but no teeth.  But I wouldn't have recognized if I hadn't known Violet was in the same room.  So sad.

All I did today was 1 load of wash.  I did a little ironing, not much.  A day off so I'll have to make up for my idleness tomorrow.  The kitchen floor says' "Wash me".

Dale admitted last nite "I must be a perfectionist".  He worked late on his white car putting in a new top for the interior roof.  I'm not sure of the exact term.  He had sent away for material & finally got it to fit in to his satisfaction.

I really got the picture of those two couples at the concert.  Do you think they realized the fools they made of themselves?

Now it's Thurs the 10th

The week is soon over -- I don't do that much on Friday.  In 2 weeks we'll have celebrated Thanksgiving.  We're still waiting for suggestions from the boys.  Remember we want to send the package in time for JoAnna's birthday.

Kim had a reunion meeting tonite so she left early.  Lar walks Torey home.  I don't know why Torey has to be walked so much.  They have socks for him to wear to protect his paws. He's getting old & slow so he doesn't need as much exercise as a younger dog.  But that's not my business.  I just feel sorry for Torey.

My puzzle is soon finished.  Barb picked up 3 pieces from the floor.  With our patterned rug they are hard for me to see.

The girl scouts are collecting food.  They left bags at houses & they will be picked up the 21st.  I'll put some cans of food & peanut butter in it.  They suggest soups & macaroni & cheese are always good.  The mail carriers collect food in May & I always contribute.

This is Dale's week to work Sat. A.M.  They will be taking inventory so they get Sat. off.  Dale thinks that is fine with him.

Do you get the USA Today at the library?  If so, some Wed read Craig Wilson's article on the 1st page of the purple section.  He is around your age & from the Buffalo area.  He writes the most interesting articles.  I'm sure you could write articles like that & people would find them interesting to read.  Lar & I always read his articles.  Wilson happens to be gay & admits it. He & his "mate" have a dog & sometimes he mentions him. He graduated from Syracuse U.

Nothing exciting is happening here.  I'm just very thankful I can take care of myself after seeing Rose.  Make meals & do a little cleaning & baking.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or treating started at 6 pm & by 7 we turned out the light.  The candy was gone.

Was up at 5 A.M. & as soon as Dale went to work (7AM) I finished rolls I started on Sun. Sheila & Sue always come by to show us their get-up.  They each got 5 rolls, Scott got 4, I ate one & 5 were left.  So I walked over to church & gave them to our pastor.  Her husband loves them.  Then I did my Mon. chores so I'd be ready for Sheila & Sue.  I waited all aft. & they didn't come.  Mon is our day to get groceries so when Barb came home a little after 4 we left to get groceries.  When we (Dale & I) were eating Sheila & Sue came.  Right into the kitchen & it was a mess with pans etc. around.  Barb had eaten earlier as she had volunteered to answer the door.  T hey won $150.000 for prizes for their costume.  They love Halloween & are very clever in their ideas.

Now I'm watching TV & relaxing.

The puzzle I chose is a brown building against white snow & tree branches.  Not much color.  Even Barb doubts my choice.  It is far from easy to put together & I wonk I wont' get it done.  It was a bad choice!

Frank, across the st, sold his house & has to be out in 3 weeks.  He's sorry he has to leave the neighborhood as he has enjoyed living here.  He's very friendly whereas we never see the new neighbors, (Carey's house).  He'll still be in Warren in a small apt. for the time being.

Maybe you'll see that Ethel Johnson died.  Chris's mother.  She was 90 last spring & was at the Rouse Home.

I'm watching Psychic Detective.  A murder takes place in Greenfield, Mass. before Halloween.  Greenfield isn't that far from Spfld.

Wed. aft.

Barb was telling me that Scott was doing thru his mother's jewelry to see if he could find something to give to a girl.  Lynn said "no way" is he to give away any of her jewelry.  These kids have to "go steady" with someone to be a "jock".

We gave up on the brown & white puzzle, so I'm working on an old one with lots of color.

Tonite I'm having pork chops, succotash, rice, applesauce & banana cream pie.  Sounds good to me.

We're enjoying Indian summer & it is so nice.

I ordered Barb's Christmas present, a Danskin toning system, from Penney's.  Her choice. And a sweater set for me.

BiLo had Food Club flour, Heinz ketchup, Swanson's broths, each 5 for $5.00.  I always get cheese there & our favorite lunch meat, Sahlens ham, was on sale.

Yesterday UPS came to the door with a large envelope for Dale.  Good he was home as the Co. wanted proof.  Had to see his driver's license.  It was a check for $250.00 to buy tools thru their distributor.  Trouble is, one hasn't called at Shutls for some time & Dale knows what he's like.  He thinks they might have a catalogue he could order form.

We had a nice dinner & visit with Lar & Kim.  I can't get any Christmas gift ideas from Kim.

The other A.M. I happened to look out the kitchen.  It was 5:30 A.M. & I saw a couple out walking.  It reminded me of you two walking in the early A.M.

I'm enjoying putting pieces of the puzzle together.  Much nicer than staring at the pieces to see if I can find some that go together.

The yawns are beginning to tell me it is bedtime.  When it gets close to 10 pm I'm ready for bed esp. Dale's early week.  So I will say good night.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's a damp, sometimes rainy Sat.  I'm not baking today -- have banana bread in the freezer.

They (Russell school) are taking down the newer playground equipment at Jefferson School. It is a big project & several men are there.  I'm sure it is a time free job by PTA volunteers.

I copies 2 recipes from Bon Appetit.  One a choc. cake & frosting that sounds delicious. The other Schmaltz balls for thickening gravy.  Don't' know if I'll have the chicken fat to make them.  Article by Alton Brown from the Food Channel & fun to watch if you can take his humor.  Sometimes I can't.  Dale watches it at times.

Watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN last nite, 3 of the 4 announcers pick the White Sox to win. One stock with the Astros.  I'm having a hard time deciding.  I'm an N.L. booster but -- ! One has to lose.

This past week I've been up at 5 AM.  Work up this A.M. at 5 AM, went to the bathroom & back to sleep til after 7 A.M.  It's a lazy day for me & that is why I started a letter.

Barb is still in her p.j.'s on the laptop.  Dale slept in & is taking it easy.  He got what he needed to automatically open the car doors so we should so be able to use the keys for that.

Yesterday we went to Jamestown.  Ate lunch at Red Lobster.  Did some shopping.  Found a top I liked.  Tried it on & bought it.  A Kathy Daniels red zippered top with a black scroll design stitched on.  The "stitched" should have gone before "scroll" -- or something like that.

Later.  We're watching the Wi-Purdue game.  As of the half they are tied.  Go Wisconsin!

I'm making "Almost Homemade Chicken Soup' using canned chicken broth, veggies & noodles & of course cubed chicken.  Barb wondered if I made a pie.  Tho't of it but we have leftover apple crisp to finish.  Next time I'll plan a soup & pie supper.

Wed, 8 A.M.

I'll write some more before I get dressed.  Last Sun. as I made my bed I turned the wrong way & felt a twinge in my back.  I've applied heat & exercise.  It's not bad enough to go to the chiropractor, but it is a little bothersome.

Millie called to tell me that John, Fe (Fay) & Gen went to see Millie last Sun. They gave her a wedding invitation, 3 pages telling about sponsors, attendants, etc.  Done in pink & white. Her father is dead & was mayor of their city.  Mother an M.D.  Large group of attendants. Following the ceremony the reception & it said dance, dance, dance so it must be an all nite affair.  John & Fe leave tomorrow the 27th & it's a 24 ur trip.  Gen thinks John is going on vacation.  Gen doesn't believe John is her son.  Millie can see how that can happen because he is so much like Ed.  And when he called me, he sounded like Ed.  They also went to Larry's cottage & Gen told Larry she planned to divorce Ed.

Sun. in church the pastor announced Rose Seeley's family wished members would visit Rose, esp. old friends.  That hit home as I've tho't I should visit Rose but haven't.  But I will. She is at the home on Water St. so I can walk over there.  But it's been a rainy week so I'll wait for a nicer day but I have to do this.  No more putting it off.

John is either 41 or will be in Nov.  That means my mother died 41 years ago.  She died in Jan & John was born in Nov.  Millie figures Fe is in her middle 30s.  She is an emergency room nurse.  Works 4 10 hr. days & has 3 days off.

I made lasagna last nite, using "no cook" noodles & it was very good.  Veggie lasagna with spinach.  When I had to cook the noodles they would always split on me & I didn't like that.

Better get going.

Thurs nite.

My back is OK & I'm thankful for that.

I was sorry that the Astros couldn't even win one game, but it is nice the White Sox finally won a World Series.  I didn't think it was a very interesting World Series.

Have you noticed how well Penn State & the Steelers are doing.  I guess "Papa Joe" as he is affectionately called still has "it" along with the help of a few good freshmen.  He doesn't usually use freshman.  I'm sure Cyndi is happy.  Is that how she spells her name.  Seems to be it was a different spelling.  We're hoping that we see the sun soon. Maybe this weekend.

Barb finished her puzzle & I started one.  A winter scene.  Barb's was a hard one.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sunday, October 16, 2005

I was talking to Dick Hause after church.  They are football & baseball fans & Dick said Oct. is the best month for sports.  World Series& football.  We just watched Pittsburgh get beat (good grammar?) & now Buffalo is on the screen.  I'll also turn to baseball.

I had a nice birthday.  We enjoyed our dinner at Chiodo's.  They have a no smoking section & it was full.  Ed O'Neill was there with his wife celebrating an older couple's anniversary.  He is a big guy. It always amazes me how many people Lar & Kim know when we are out.

Barb gave me a black purse; Kim & Lar gave me lottery tickets but I didn't win much.  Dale gave me automatic car door openers but first he has to put in a part to make them work.  2 of them so Barb & I will appreciate that.  I mentioned I tho't that was a nice thing to have & now we'll have it.  Lar & Kim have it on their car.

Because of siring heating prices Dale doubled what he gives me every payday.  I have been using that money as a Christmas club.  I have envelopes for my budget so I know what I'm doing.

After church today I put the electric blanket on my bed.  I'll be warmer now when I get into bed.

We plan to go to Jamestown this week -- most likely on Fri.

I finished my puzzle & Barb started one today.  She said I can work on it.

Barb ordered a cake for my birthday but she ordered 1/2 sheet cake instead of 1/4.  So I put half of it in the freezer & we still have plenty to eat.  She'll take some for Scott & Bob.  It is a good tasting cake.

Mon A.M. Oct 17

Barb cut out & instructed me to enclose the clippings from the Buff. Sun. paper.

I saw the Dr. last Fri.  Blood pressure very good & all else is fine. Got a flu shot.

Yesterday Dale put the "thing" that helps close the front screen door.  Barb had taken it off for painting.  He also planed the top of the door as it stuck a bit.  Dad installed the screen door & it didn't please Dale.  Something was in the way to make it perfect. People who get their cars worked on by Dale get an A-One job performed.

Tues. Oct 18

This A.M. Alice Nasman called me & she talked for an hour.  She wasn't in church Sun. as she wasn't feeling good.  At the end of 1 hour she said thanks for talking to me -- I don't have anyone to talk to.  She has a sister but she isn't well & doesn't want to burden her. Think I wrote that Wayne went to school to work on motorcycles & got a job in Erie.  They aren't busy during the winter so he was laid of.  Alice has to be careful because of her heart.  If I can hep by listening so be it.

This A.M., I washed the kitchen floor with a new mop.  It is a wider sponge & so easy to use.  I'm glad I got it.l

I ordered, from L. L. Bean, 2 pr. pants & a shirt for Lar.  One pr. of pants is flannel lined he likes for colder weather.  They were Kim's suggestion.  I showed the jeans (twill) to Dale & he likes them, color & all.  Olive color.  I saw a sweater at L. L. Bean I like & plan to order it as well as pants for Dale.  Sat. nite getting ready to go out to eat, Dale said "I guess I'll have to get some new clothes."  Was surprised to hear him say that.  Usually he receives clothes for gifts.  He needs to weed some clothes he never wears from his closet & give them to Goodwill.  But he hates to party with anything.

Thurs. Oct 20

Tonite I fixed oven fried chicken.  I had gotten 2 acorn squash, sliced them.  Put the slices in a dish & poured melted butter & maple syrup over them.  It was very good -- Larry loved the veggie. I did too.  Of course I baked them.  Apple crisp for dessert.

Wed. Bon Ton had a 2 day sale -- Wed & Thurs -- so we went to the Mall & did more Christmas shopping.  When I call for your birthday I'll want some suggestions for Christmas ideas!  I'll still send money for Christmas.

I'll mail this when we go to Jamestown tomorrow.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

When the pkg. came, I just knew it was Andy's picture & couldn't wait to open it -- ahead of my birthday.  Saved the cards for the 15th.  It is such a nice picture of Andy.  Thank you so much.  How grown up he is & such a nice-looking guy.  In 2009, I'll see (I hope) Ed's graduation picture & how much he will change.

Last nite I stayed up til 11 pm & the game was 5-2, the Angels.  The first thing I did this A.M. was to check the scores.  Happily the Yankees lost.  Wonder who will be mgr. next year.  will Torre be in George's favor anymore.  Also noticed that the Steelers won over S.D. Dale stayed up til it was over & glad he did as the Steelers won in the last seconds.

You were happy that the Packers showed up & won big.  Not happy Wis. Badgers lost. Albert & (his wife's name won't come to mind) had to be happy Penn State finally have a winning team.  I couldn't watch as my eyes were glued to TV watching Houston beat the Braves.  What a game -- over 5 hours, 2 grand slams & a winning homer by a rookie giving Roger Clemens a save.  It was so exciting & of course the right team won!!!  Hi Andy!  18 innings -- both sides must have been exhausted.  Phil Garner said he wouldn't sleep that nite.  Too charged up.  I'm still rooting for St. Louis vs. Chicago, Chicago to win.

After I got myself ready for the day I started my rolls.  This is Dale's late day so I figured I might be able to bake them later in the day.  Wed. I should set dinner rolls & bake them Thurs a.m.  Then I started veg. beef soup.  They had the meat I like for swiss steak buy one, get 1 free.  Froze one & used the other for soup.  Bot Dale beef on sale so we'll have roast beef sandwiches & soup for supper.

Will try a new recipe Thurs nite.  Slit pork tenderloin down the center 3/4 of the way.  Stuff it with bread stuffing after pounding it thinner.  Tie it around & bake.  Will make applesauce, baked pot. and a veggie.  Pecan pie for dessert.  Sounds good to me.

Sun. A.M. I turned the furnace on to heat up the house a bit.  It warmed up some.  Mon & today the temps were that low.  Usually the furnace stays on by now.  Lucky when gas is so high.  This month I should find out how much highers my gas bill will be.

Yesterday I got a perm & afterwards we went grocery shopping.  When you own your own beauty shop you make concessions to your clients or they will go elsewhere.  Yesterday Sheila's first appt. was at 8:30 A.M. & she figured it would be 10 pm before she left for home. Many shops are closed on Mon. but her Mon. & Tues. are busy ones.  Wed. is her day off. Sat. they'll work just to noon (have a wedding party to do) & then will go to Buffalo for a Sat-Sun hair show.

Time for my A.M. coffee.

Now it's 7 pm & I'm watching TV.  Baked my rolls & they are in the freezer.  Barb said the soup was good & I agreed.

Yesterday when the weather was cool, Barb decided to pain the front & back door jambs. Think that is what you call them. The front door still had yellow paint in the jamb.  Dad must not have painted it when the new door was put in.  And the back door jamb had gotten dirty. She will put a 2nd coat on.  A big improvement.

Will watch some of the playoff game but when 10 pm comes, I'll be ready for bed.

Forgot one thing I wanted to tell you.  Last week Fri. at work 9911 was called for Randy Swanson.  He thought he was having a heart attack but after tests were taken they found he has sugar.  He'll have to change his lifestyle.  His wife cooks at the Cornerstone & works until 2 A.M.  Randy goes over to wait to drive her home as she doesn't drive.  He also has asthma & the smoky atmosphere isn't good for him. as well as the late hours.  And he has gotten fat -- big belly hangs over his belt.  Dale says he look 10 years older than you.  I'm glad you take care of your body.

Fri A.M.

Just had my hair done & now we'll go get my meds.  This aft. I see the Dr. at 1 pm, for a checkup.  I go three times a year.

More cloudy damp weather but little rain.  Am glad of that when I hear about all the flooding & continuous rain in the N.E.

Larry & Kim like Andy's picture.  What a heartthrob!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sunday, October 2, 2005

It's is 7:07 pm & it is getting dark.  Dale is outside waxing one side of his car.

The Keeneys are working on the little house across the st.  Dale thinks the man working with him could be his brother.  I don't know which one bought the house.  This weekend they put in new steps for the front entrance.  Barb thinks they plan to paint it.

When I went to church this A.M. Frank (across the st.) was outside so we talked a bit.  I asked about the house & he said he has a bid but it is too low.  He can't give it away & hopes they'll up the bid.  It is going on 3 years, trying to sell it.  There is a lot of outside upkeep & he doesn't seem to do too much to improve the yard.

I really enjoyed reading your article on Rockford.  I never went to the library the year I was there.  Don't think I really went to the library until we moved to Warren.  Are you collecting this information to write a novel with a Rkfd. background?

We're still having wonderful weather, but by Thurs. it's suppose to get cold so I'll have to turn on the furnace.  In setting up the church's budget, they plan to double the heating money. That really will be a budget buster.  My pen goes fast than my thought & I leave words out.

It was interesting to hear about Ed's classes -- what you learned at Open House.  They get a long lunch period.

Barb rode 25 miles on her bike this aft.  She reached 800 miles this spring, summer & now fall.

Today decided who plays who in baseball's playoffs.  I was happy Boston beat the Yankees this aft. so the Yankees don't get home field.  They go to L.A.A.  I'll start a puzzle to do & watch during the games.  Barb was rooting for the Phillies but Houston won the prize.  The Mets ended the season better than they stated it.  I'm all ready looking forward to next spring -- a long way off.

The library called & said someone found my card at the Mall & bro't it in.  I don't keep it with my charge cards, so I can't figure how it fell out.  It was nice of that person to turn it in.  I picked it up along with 3 books written by my favorite authors.  Usually I check to see if the book is familiar but I missed this time.  Looking again at home it is one I've already read. Enjoyed it but don't think I'll reread it this time.

Mon. Oct 3

I fixed an easy meal tonite.  A baked omelet with frozen hash browns, ham & cheese & eggs.  Dale came home with a headache & he doesn't want a big meal so it worked out fine. Also fixed a tossed salad.  Even Barb decided to have some.  She had gone on a bike ride & preferred a meal she didn't have to fix.

Sometime after I go to the bathroom during the nite, I have trouble going back to sleep.  That happened last nite.  This is Dale's early week so after he left I sat in my chair & had a 1/2 hr. nap.  Late aft. I did the same thing -- had another brief nap.  So tonite I can watch my Mon. nite program.

Thurs, Oct 6  9:45 A.M.

I'm ready to sit awhile.  Made biscuits for supper -- we're having chicken & biscuits.

It is another beautiful, warm day.  But tomorrow the weather changes.  Dale mowed the lawn last nite & you could hear others mowing their lawns.  Maybe the last time.

I started my puzzle, a pumpkin scene & watched the playoffs.  I'm rooting for Chicago to win. Don't think Boston has "it" this year.  Was happy to see Houston beat the Braves 10-5. Hope they keep it up. Think St. Louis will be in the World Series.  Mike Piazza is one of the announcers on ESPN & he's doing a nice job.  He won't be a Met next year.  I'm sure he'll go to the A.L. & be a D.H.  He still has some homers left in him.

Did I mention I called Gen.  (Senior moment.)  She wants to get a job because she doesn't have any money.  I'm sure John takes care of her banking.  And she is looking for Ed so they can decide what is going to happen.  You know she thinks he is around with another woman. When I talked to her she sounds O.K. except for these wild ideas.

I picked the last 2 rose buds.  They are so pretty & are the kind I wanted.  This is one Lar planted & a pretty lavendar-pink color.

Barb rides her bike twice a day now.  She wants to reach the 1000 mile goal.

The kids have Fri. & Mom. off from school.  Teachers meeting.

A new Mexican restaurant opened in Warren.  In the vicinity of the old Salvation Army.  It's not a favorite of mine but I'm sure Lar & Kim will visit it.

And the new parking garage will soon open.  And Leroy Schneck sold the radio station & is retired.  You'll read about it in the paper.

Fri A.M.  A few words before I get my hair done.  When Dale was on vacation I suggested he take the porch chairs to the attic.  Yesterday he washed them & put them away.  He even washed the porch.  I've learned, once I made a suggestion, to wait until he is ready.  I know he'll do it, but on his time.  Barb will ask him & wants it done immediately.  If not she'll do the job & grumble.  She hasn't learned he'll do it -- when he wants to.  Each one of us is different.

It warmed up during the nite from 61 to 69.  The rain hasn't come yet.  I had to turn the blanket aisde during the early A.M. hours.

We are all fine.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Saturday, September 24, 2005

I thought it would be nice to go out to eat tonite, being it is Dale's last nite of vacation.  It didn't work out.  I gave Dale a choice of leftover Swiss steak from Wed nite or chicken & rice form Thurs nite.  Or spaghetti.  He chose the chicken-rice, I had the Sw steak & Barb fixed herself a Mexican meal.  So I still didn't have to fix a meal, just a salad.  We've been watching the President's Cup golf between U.S. players & international players.  Very interesting.  Tied at 11-11.  Partners against partners & if they win they get 1 point.  Fun to watch.

I guess library work can be interesting when some "nut" stats in on your library.  How could she pass a mental test?  How come she is in Wi. when she had problems in Cal.  Is she from Wi?

I'm watching the Mich-Wis game.  Go Wisconsin!

Will Andy be going to the homecoming dance this year.

You mentioned Elsa Redding's picture being in the paper a lot.  Remember Nelson & Mary Helen Johnson from church.  She is their daughter & she had a twin brother.  She is divorced from her husband -- they have a couple of children, grown children.

I've also been glued to the Weather Channel watching Rita hit Texas.

Can you believe that it will be Oct. by the end of next week.  Time to go to the bank again for monthly expenses.

Sept 27 - Tues.

Yesterday it rained most of the day.  1.8" & we got a little water in the basement.  We got groceries this A.M. & then went to the Mall for a few things.  I get my paper goods at the Dollar Store, then to look around Big Lots, to KMart & home.  It is Dale's late day so I fix a bigger lunch.  Usually pancakes, sausage & eggs.  His dessert is yogurt.  And a snack for later.

In the aft. I put some summer clothes in the attic & took winter or fall clothes down to my room.

On Discovery Health Channel, I just watched emergency ambulance & it was in New York City & it was very interesting.  No one stops for the siren.  Must be an interesting job.

Barb helps Scott with his homework.  They are working on the transitive & intransitive.  He has to find out which sentences are transitive or intransitive.  Barb tries to explain it to me & I'm glad I'm an old lady & don't have to go thru that.  Scott will put anything down just to get it finished.  Same in math so she checks his homework to make sure he knows what he is doing.  If he gets thru school it will be because of Barb working with him.  Bob & Lynn are too tired at nite to help him.   You need a lot of patience working with Scott.

We watch the Weather Channel a lot & get to know the announcers.  Jim Cantori is in when there are hurricanes, blizzards, etc.  He has always worn a wedding ring.  I was surprised when Dale mentioned "Jim C isn't wearing a wedding ring anymore."  I didn't think he'd notice anything like that.

Fri A.M. the 30th

Brr, it's cold this A.M.  39.  It is suppose to warm up so I didn't turn the heat on.  So far the gas bill hasn't gone up.

Kim gets a little disgusted with Betsy Moran.  She complains a lot.  Said she'll have to keep the heat at 58.  Her husband works at United & he plans to retire in a year.  His car & gas are provided by United so Kim said wait til you husband is retired.  No more free car & gas & with gas as high as it is, that will be a shocker.  Betsy has an inherited income which must be good, as that is what bro. Jim lives on plus no children, a husband with a good job, etc. etc.  One of the teachers they walk with lives from paycheck to paycheck, paying for a house.  Some people are never happy.  Betsy hates the house they live in -- it was his parents' home.  But they remodeled & Kim says it is a lovely home.

We're going to the bank, CVS, etc. after I get my hair done.  Until next time.

P.S.  Will comment on the Rockford epistle next letter.  It is wonderful.  Will you share it with cousins?  Bet they like to read it.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I was finally happy after the Mets game last nite. The Mets beat the Braves 4-0 & Pedro M pitched the entire game.  Except the last inning was scary -- bases loaded & Pedro got both Chipper Jones & Andrew Jones out -- the home run hitters.

Sun. is sure a busy TV day.  The Mets last game on NY channel to be on TV so I have to watch that, Nascar & the Steelers at Houston & the Steelers are good!  Even Penn State has improved.

To answer your questions -- it was just the Lavelles, Lundgren & Nelson's who picnicked together.  I remember Janet L. made the best macaroni & cheese.  Oil City was their first church, I think.

Dale is on vacation this next week.

Yesterday Barb & I went to our Mall & we were looking around & I bo't my 1st Christmas gift.  Mentioned we start early!  Barb also bo't her first gift.

Sun. aft. the 18th

Last nite I watched the Wisc/UNC game & it sure was an exciting game.  I was rooting for Wisc.  Boy those guys took some hard tackles.  I bet the Carolina QB was sure sore today. How do the bodies take that punishment?

Today I'm watching the Mets.  Dare I think they could win the game.  They are in the lead as of the 7th inning.

Dale is always changing my dish cloths.  This A.m. I decided to beat him at his own game & took a clean one.  At noon there wasn't the blue one I put out but another one.  He just took it for granted I left the old one there.  Usually he smells if they are sour.  I let him know I didn't like it.

Then I asked him what we could have for supper other than chicken.  He suggested pizza & I liked that.  Win a few, lose a few.

In church this A.M. Patty W. Phillips' boyfriend held the baby during church.  He was a little fussy & they took him out for a little bit.  He is so cute & a good one, that baby, that is.

The Mets did it - they beat the Braves 4-1.  Glavine had a complete game.  Chipper, Andruw, Francouer, who is young & a good hitter.  Just 6 pitches to get those 3 out.  Wow!!!  They took 2 games to 1.  That is a miracle.

Thurs. Sept 22

Kim was fine tonite.  Talkative & in a good mood.  Everyone has problems at one time or another.

Barb tried to cover some spots on the car.  Dale got the color from work but she didn't do a good job -- even she admitted that.  So today Dale redid the job; waxed the car & it looks so nice.  You had to do an A+ job to please Dale.

Yesterday Barb & I went to the Lakewood Mall & I did some more gift shopping.  Also got gift ideas from Kim for Larry.  We went grocery shopping at Wegman's.

We didn't get to the casino.  Guess we lost interest & Dale didn't really care to go.

He has enjoyed his vacation just lazing around.  That's what vacations are for.  This week was Sam B's last day at Shults.  They are moving to N. Carolina.  He has a job in a garage down there.

The weather has been perfect for Dale.  He has spent time in the sun.

Can you believe Hurricane Rita.  I'm glad I'm a Northern & away from the storms.

It is dark before 8pm now so you know summer is over.  Next week, even tomorrow, will show a change in the temps.

We are all in good spirits here.  Glad we are a family that cares for one another.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

This is Dale's Tues. to work til 8 so Barb & I went to Perkins for supper.  Will fix tacos for Dale later.

I'll try to answer some quick questions.  You mentioned greetings from Janet Lavelle.  The other pastor who picnicked with us was Russell & Mildred Lundgren from Titusville.  He was older than Dad & we lost contact with them.  He moved a lot.

I enjoyed reading about JoAnna's aunts and uncles.  I hope her mother is feeling better.

Sun. Gen called.  She asked about the girls & wondered how they are -- are they in school, etc.  I went along with her.  She must be living in the past.  The only girls I can think of is the 4 of us girls growing up.

I should write notes for letters.  I know there is something else I want to write about but it won't come forth.

I got 5 more books & have read 3 of them.  All very good.  Nora Robers Northern Lights set in Alaska.  Sandra Brown's Above & Beyond set in Texas & Shattered Silk by Barbara Michaels set in D.C.  I'm so glad I love to read & enjoyed these books so much.  (Finished the 4th.  New Orleans setting.  5th a repeat I won't read.)

There is another house on 3rd Ave. E up for sale.  The very last house up the st. on our side. Someone is working on the little house across the st.  Barb thinks they are getting ready to paint it.

Fall is budget time at church -- pledges, etc.  In her column in the church's newsletter, our pastor talked about sacrificial giving.  She wrote her husband likes to buy videos & she likes to eat out once in awhile but they don't -- they practice sacrifice giving.  The first yr. they went on a cruise for vacation & this year they planned a trip to Hawaii but cancelled due to the baby.  Now all of a sudden they can't afford a few small pleasures of life.  It left me with a bad feeling.  Their housing expenses, gas allowance, hosp. insurance, plus is given them so if they budgeted they should be able to do a few things.  I don't know how other people felt.  I know when you kids were little we didn't eat out a lot & still gave a good amount to the church.  Just a little gripe & it won't stop me from doing my part.

Wed. the 14th

The Warren radio said the 5th Ave. bridge won't be started until next March.

We're still having perfect weather.  When Dale left yesterday after lunch, he commented when he gets home after 8 pm, it will be dark.  Sure enough it was & I put the back door light on to welcome him home.

I picked 2 red roses yesterday & they are so lovely.  A few more buds on coming along.

Fri. A.M.

Just got back from having my hair done.  Barb didn't sleep much last nite so she went back to bed.  After I finish this letter I plan to think about meal planning.  Have my recipes out & grocery list so we'll see what happens.

Dale likes to watch TV when he eats.  He's like a little kid -- he gets so involved his food gets cold.  And besides, he is a slow eater, compared to the rest of us.

I don't know if you knew Rick Schomer, one of Dale's friends.  He is involved with the Mercy Ship that goes to different poor areas & helps out.  Rick & his wife stopped by work to see Sam & Dale.  Later in the aft. he came here & we had a nice visit.  He builds & his wife is an M.D.  Very nice. They leave Oct. 1 for Guatemala & they have to raise money for them to live while there.  They were on their way to Boston.  They didn't ask me for support just to remember them in my prayers.

It was very nice to talk to Andy last night.  He said he had a nice birthday.  Next one will be yours.  That means fall is here & the holidays are ahead & all that goes with them.  I look forward to it all.

Better get to my menu planning.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Sun. again & I'm watching the Mets against Marlins.  Soon baseball will be in the past.  It's fun to watch football.  Yesterday I watched Wisconsin win the game.  Sure was a sea of red in the stands.  Number 2 Brian Calhoun sure can run. (I like the word "sure"!)

Yesterday we received the Penneys Christmas catalogue & you know what that means. Suggestions!  Barb's E mail is.....I'll enclose the slip so you can E mail us ideas.  I'll still send money but like ideas for something to open on Christmas Eve or Day.  So put on your thinking caps -- you know we like to start early.

The gas project on our street is completed & grass is planted.  I suggested Dale water it but he hasn't followed thru.  He did once & Barb did as well.

We had a guest organist today -- a Barry Keller.  The pastor didn't make any comments so we don't know if he is temporary.  He did OK.

Dale's El Camino is in a rented garage & mice got into it & smelled up the car.  So he's been cleaning it until it is fine with him.  Smells gone.  He wants new wheels & tires for it & then it will be complete.  He just got new tires for the white car.  Names of cars don't stick in my mind.

It was 52 this A.M. but it has warmed up.  It is nice to be able to wear fall clothes again.

I watched a little volleyball yesterday on TV.  We played volleyball in high school & it was fun.  I'm sure it is a faster game today.

Barb keeps track of mileage when she rides her bike.  Her dream is 1000 miles but she only has 600 miles sol far.  Last year she couldn't ride at all, so she is happy with what she's dong (so far).  She'll still be able to ride before it gets cold.

The little house across the st. might have sold.  A man & woman have cut down a tree & removed all the weeds in front of the house.  All the stuff is piled up -- wonder if the city will take it away.  It's way past the time alloted for pick up.  Time will tell.

Dale went up to our Mall & brought me home a pkg. of Oreos and 3 dish cloths & I haven't bought any for ages.  He got them at Big Lots.

Labor Day

The Mets were on the NYC TV channel but Dave O'Brien who also works for ESPN wasn't available.  And the announcer talked all the time (not Tom) so I had to mute the broadcast so I missed the usual color of the game.   Tom & David are great together.  And they lost.  They never can get the hits when they need them.  Carlos Beltran is a "bust" this year for the Mets.  Maybe it takes a while to get used to playing in NYC.  I hope he's better next year.

I don't know if I have an allergy or a cold but I'm sure using the Kleenex.

Wed. the 8th

We have a chipmunk that is eating the sunflower seeds.  They are big one 10"-12" in diameter & he's just about finished it.  We try to scare him but we don't always see him. Barb cut them down to dry.

Barb says Andy should be happy that the Braves are on top in their division.  But my question is "Can they win the Big One?"  They've only won 1 World Series, haven't they?

I have a recipe for banana blueberry bread.  Dale likes them separately but isn't sure of the combination.  So I'll try it as I have 2 ripe bananas I want to use.  I'm sure it will get eaten.

Fri. the 9th

Just got home from getting my hair done.  Started a load of wash & will finish my letter.

Kim & Lar are fine.  Next week Thurs. Kim & friends will help Betsy Moran celebrate her 50th birthday.  so it will be a short visit here for supper.

The other Betsy (your classmate) doesn't know if she can take 2 more years of teaching. She bot an old house next to her property, had it torn down so she'd like to get that loan paid off.  At the new elem. school she teaches 2 subjects & they have to follow a schedule -- they change from room to room.  Teacher teaches same subjects to all her classes.  If they run behind there is no time to make it up.  It has been hard getting started in a new school where all kids are bussed but it should get smoother & easier as time goes by.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Not Ryberg's house.
Another of the homes for sale on East Third Ave.

After church I sat on the porch reading the Sun. paper.  The 2nd Sun. t he weather has been accommodating.

Now I'm watching the Braves at Milwaukee.  You know whom I rooting against!  The Mets come on at 4:05.

Talked to Denise Johnson today & she sends greetings.  She wasn't so negative so maybe things are better for her.

Do you remember Harriet Johnson?  (Carlson, her married name.)  Anyway they had one son & they kept him close to them.  Never learned to drive, etc.  Both parents died.  Now he has a girlfriend & she is teaching him to drive.  There is always hope.

Ryberg's house went up for sale this past week.  That makes 4 homes for sale in our area & there could be a 5th if Ed Africa would decide to stay here or go back to Arizona.

Barb is riding her bike & Dale is out in the sun.

Starting the 30th, no tax on clothing in New York, so we'll be going to the Mall one day. Hope I can find something.  In church today, Betty Casey said "it's impossible to find a dress."  I agree, that's why I wear slacks a lot.

I've been watching the Weather Channel a lot because of the hurricane.  Glad I don't live there.

Wed. Last day of Aug!

Yesterday we went to Lakewood to take advantage of N.Y.'s tax free week on clothing. What did I get?  NOTHING.  It is very hard to shop when you are an old lady!  I was looking for a suit.  Tried one on at our Bon Ton but I didn't like the fit & the sleeves are too long. Barb said I'll have to try the catalogues we get.  We just shopped at Wegman's for groceries.  I was very disappointed.

We've been getting rain from Katrina but not in amounts predicted -- 2"-4".  Still the grass is getting greener.  Dale hasn't had to mow much in July & Aug.

I clean the bathroom today but Barb isn't up yet.  My duties are get meals, wash, clean bathroom & my room, change Dale & my sheets,  iron (every other week or so), wash kit. floor & dust.  Baking isn't a chore -- that's fun. So I have spare time to watch TV & take things easy.  I watched a lot of the Weather Channel when Katrina was at its height.  What a loss & I feel for all those people.  An elderly relative from Biloxi is staying at Lake Chautauqua with Lynn's parents who came for the summer.  They have a home in Fla.  It must be terrible with no electricity & the humid heat, plus the rest.  I wondered if a baby would be born during the storm & this A.M.'s paper showed a newborn & mother in Miss. But it was in yesterday's USA Today which I just read this A.M.  When I was home Tues. a good book kept me reading.  The last of the 5 library books.

Scott doesn't read & understand what he reads.  Too impatient to be still.  So he is in a special reading class & that bothers him.  Most of the encouragement he gets comes from Barb.  Marissa yells at him all the time & Lynn & Bob don't take time to help him in reading. It's all up to Barb.

Fri A.M. Sept. 2

Will bring this to a close as after I get my hair done, we will go to CVS & the Mall.  Now I mail letters at the Mall because the mailbox is by the front entrance.

Lar & Kim are fine.  School is OK.  Kim  is able to drive with 3 other teachers.  With gas high she is glad this happened.  I'm sure they are also.

A beautiful weekend ahead.  Sun & not too hot.

Made a pumpkin pie for dessert last nite.  Fall is on the way.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Hope you are feeling yourself again, Paul.  Do you take vitamins -- think they would help?

We are having a taste of fall & it is nice.  Barb is at Lynn's so I'm watching TV & decided to start a letter.

Got a card yesterday to send to Mim & it was mailed this A.M. so it won't be too late.

Barb's hair looks nice.  She wondered if the front was too light but I think it looks nice.  She had to pick Scott up this A.M.  H e was having his hair highlighted.  I was surprised at that.  Barb stuck up for him making excuses.  Like in Dear Abby this A.M.  A 7th grade girl bemoaned the fact that she' didn't have a boyfriend when all the other girls do.  She has plenty of time for dating.  You aren't popular if you don't have a B.F.

Kim's friend Nancy is having problems with her 2 youngest daughters.  They are dating & sleeping with losers & boys who are bad.  Kim knows them from Sheffield & knows their records but Nancy doesn't believe her girls would do anything like that.  Drugs included.  They can have the car anytime & she knows they stay out all nite.

Kim starts school this Thurs & Fri. & school opens Mon. the 28th.  Kane schools start tomorrow the 24th.

I think New York will have tax free sales for clothing starting Aug. 30th.  Maybe I can find a new fall outfit.  Barb finally got her email working.  She called for help & they walked her thru the process.  She spends a lot of time on the computer.  Really happy to have one.

Soon you'll be busy with Sunday openings of the library.  I'm sure a lot of people will be happy to have it available on Sundays again.

When Lar & Kim come on Thurs, we'll have our last summer meal.  Hamburgers, potato salad, corn on the cob, tomatoes from the garden & they are so good & apple pie for dessert.

I like the phrase in your letter when telling how you felt when you were sick. "Oh, please don't let this happen," I silently prayed, lifting my eyes heavenward.  How pious you sound!!  What a laugh!  Just rereading it makes me laugh.

Fri. the 26th

Wed. Barb & I went out to lunch overtown.  Then to Blair's but saw nothing.  We looked on the fairly new dress shop at the former Kresky -- how do you spell it -- K Marts, but they cater to a younger look &^ are expensive.  Th en the library where I got 5 books:  by Debbie Macomber, set in the Seattle area; Luanne Rice, Jane Feather, Nora Roberts & Barbara Delinsky.  Types of books I like to read.  So you know what I'm doing in my spare time.  Barb got a cookbook I want to look thru.  Feather & Macomber are new authors to me.

Kim is set for school.  Are Andy & Ed ready to go back to school.  Nothing special going on here.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'll start a letter as I can't wait to tell you how great Andy's pictures are. I really like the one of the front view in shirt & tie.  I love the shirt & tie colors & it looks so good on him.  They are all so good & I especially like the close up view of him in the brown & tan shirt.  Has he chosen one -- it must be hard to make a choice.

And your evaluation was certainly a glowing report.  I'm very proud of you.  You take after your Dad.  He was good in his work ethics and attitude, if that is the right word.  I remember when he was thinking of retiring he said to the Council "maybe I'll stay one more year," & one of the members said let's say yes before he changes his mind.

Your library really has an active attendance -- we have nothing like that.  How was it to be "king".  Did you take pictures?

Last Thurs. Kim said you might see my name in the paper for golf.  She had one of her best days & was first in group.  I don't know if you check golf scores when you read the Wrrn. paper.  I saw it in the paper.

Tues. Barb & I are going to the Indian casino in Salamanca with Kim.  We'll leave at 10:30 & they have a nice buffet luncheon.  Last time Kim, Betsy & Dani went they each spent $60.00 gambling.  My limit will be 10.00 plus lunch.

We finally had rain on Sat. but it didn't cool things down.  This week should be cooler -- I hope so as I need to do some baking.

I'm watching golf but it isn't Tiger's weekend.  It could be between Phil M. & Davis Love.

Forgot to mention in the last letter that Barb likes to sleep in a dark room.  The school yard has 3 lights in the play area &^ 2 are very bright.  Before we changed rooms she covered the windows to keep it dark.  I sleep with a nite light, the light from the lock, & the light that seeps thru from the school.  No problem.  Most nites I have no problem getting to sleep.  The nites I have trouble are few & far between.

It was hot in church today.  Nothing is cool enough for this weather.

We are eating tomatoes from the garden.  How are Ed's coming?

Wed. the 17th

We had a great time at the Casino.  We got there at 11 A.M. & the place was busy at that early hour.   We were there about 1 1/2 hrs.  I was the stingy one spending $13.00 -- no gain.  Kim did the best but kept playing till all the money was gone.  Barb had no luck either. We enjoyed lunch at a place on the way home.  Eating at the casino is on the expensive side & it's in the middle of nowhere, practically so they can charge high prices.  They are building a new larger casino & it looks like they will have a hotel on the upper floors.  Dale has 1 more week of vacation & the 3 of us are making plans to visit the casino.  Dale thinks it would be nice to eat at the casino.

I keep looking at Andy's pictures & they are all so great, it is hard to have a favorite.

Pittsburgh is at the Mets Tues, Wed. Thurs & all Pirate games are on TV so I get to watch the games.  Pitts. has a great new young pitcher so Thurs. nite's game should be special. He is 5-0 with a low percentage.

Last pm I set dinner rolls.  They are easier to handle if refrigerated overnite.  Finish them this A.M. & tried a new recipe.  Zucchini-carrot bars & they are good & very easy to make.

Lar & Kim enjoyed their weekend.  Fri. nite Lar chose the special which are usually not high priced.  It was shrimp & lobster Y& when the bill came it cost $45.00 so it was an expensive meal.  Lunch the next day added up to $100 so it was an expensive weekend.  But Larry said this is our vacation.  They stayed at a bed & breakfast in the U.S.  All filled up on the Canadian side.

Thurs. the 18th

At noon today Dale said some of the guys at work went drinking last nite & got drunk.  One of them was suppose to take his girlfriend out to dinner & never showed.  She was furious. Dale said he doesn't miss that.  It was pay day so maybe that had something to do with it. Dale just saves his money.  He has more than enough for a substantial down payment on a house.  But he is content here for the time being.

Youngsville made the USA Aug 17th business section.  About a former chimney Steve Sivak going to become a pharmacist & has 10 months left.  Classes in Erie.  Interesting story.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Another beautiful weekend.  I'm watching a Judy Garland music on TCM.  The Mets are on ESPN tonite.

Dale is on vacation this coming week.  Nothing special planned.

The sunflowers are beginning to bloom & the bees loves them, as well as the zinneas & marigolds.  I've never seen so many bees & have to be careful when watering the pots.

Fri the ones working for the gas co. left their "digger" on our front lawn as the work isn't completed.  Bright orange in color.  What an addition to our landscape!!!

Last Sat I made blueberry bread & it is so good.  Barb wanted a blueberry pie & she wanted me to make the crust with oil instead of Crisco.  I have a recipe so I tired it, but I don't like the results.  The filling is good but from now on I'll use my favorite crust recipe, the regular one.  This pie had the cream cheese layer & blueberries on top.  Then I made a blueberry sauce for on top of all & it is really flavorful.

Back to the movie -- Fred Astaire is in the movie.  I really enjoyed seeing a musical again.

Mon. A.M. the 9th

Our red rose bush has roses similar to American beauties.  I cut some & put them in bud vases & enjoy their beauty in the house.  Can look out at them thru the kitchen window. They have a little blight but Barb sprays them.  I might have been overwatering them.

Lar said he planted the single flower rose as they don't get the blight  But once they open they don't last.  It is not hard to care for them.

I never realized bees feeding on the sunflower could be so fascinating.  So much fund to watch them cluster around the flower.  We have 4 more to bloom.

Dale turned his mattress & I washed the matt. pad & sheets.  Now his bed is made & I have a load of towels to wash.  3 loads this A.M.  How much easier today than in my mother's day.  At least when we were kids she had the wringer washer.  No driers then.  Clothes lines.  I don't hang clothes out anymore.  Just rugs, etc. which I want to do this week when I wash the floor.

Barb is at Lynn's & Dale has gone to Jamestown.  Barb thinks Dale isn't doing enough trimming outside.  But this is his vacation & if he cares to do nothing that is fine with me. Tomorrow he will help me turn my mattress as I can't do it alone anymore.  That doesn't take any time.  As to working outside, the grass is all brown & you can't do much with the work the gas co. is doing.  That should soon be finished.  They are working on Dan Niezmik's property today.  Can't do any lawn work until the fall rains come.  The co. is suppose to see, etc. what they dug up.

Fri. A.M. the 12th

I'm home from having my hair done, took a load from the washer to the drier & put towels to wash.

Yesterday Dale washed the outside of the house.  Get the dust off after digging, etc.  The new gas meter is on the outside of the house -- in plain sight to Barb and Dale's dismay.

This is the weekend Lar & Kim are going to Niagara on the Lake with another couple.  They'll leave after lunch.  Betsy (your age) will have Torey for the weekend.  Torey loves to make the rounds of the neighbor hood, begging for food & it's always welcomed for him.  But he got "the runs" -- probably spoiled food.   So last nite Torey couldn't have "people food" as Kim wants it cleared up so Betsy won't have a problem.  The vet said to feed him ground beef & rice.  Kim said I could put a little chicken on top so he was satisfied.  He couldn't have ice cream but kept looking for it.  A couple of Beggin strips helped.  She spent $90.00 on Torey for flea medicine & something else.

Barb is experimenting with her laptop  She got onto TIME & showed me a page she copied. She's had trouble with her password for some sites.

Time for A.M. coffee.  I did smile when you told me about Andy's latest adventure.  Oh the thrill of being parents!  I'm still hearing things that happened like holding your breath to get a reaction.  Courtesy of Larry.  Do you remember!!!

I just read an article on the laptop about the Mets' Beltran & Cameron's collision on S.D. outfield.  Very interesting what the laptop, etc. can do.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Larry gave himself a "buzz" haircut.  He likes it -- easy to wash & easy to comb, meaning he doesn't have to comb it.

The bridge is opened but not completely finished.  The sidewalks have to be finished.  We haven't driven over it yet --I don't' go to the Dr. until Oct.

Last Fri. we went to Jamestown.  I only got groceries at Wegman's.

This A.M. I was ambitious.  Washed the counters, moving everything.  Washed the windows, even tried to do the outside but didn't do a good job.  I'm getting too old to climb by the sink & try to get the outside & not get it streaked.  Afraid I'll fall.  Anyway when Barb came downstairs my work inspired her to start cleaning the kitchen. She washed the walls by the sink & the cupboard woodwork.  Cleaned the lower cupboards & they look nice.  She's cleaning in sections as she went to Lynn's in the aft.

When I read your letter about the dinner -- I had to look in the dictionary to see what kind of sauce you had with the lamb.  I found out it is made with egg yolks, lemon, rice & chicken broth.  I thought I had memorized the spelling but I can't recall how it starts.

Gen called me last Fri.  Ed built a little place for swimmer to change.  Gen said 2 girls are sleeping there & won't leave & she didn't know what to do.  I was sure that wasn't true & I told her to lock the doors & forget about it.  Called Millie on Sat.  She said when she lived in Spfld. a neighbor had Alzheimer's & she was always saying someone is in her garage.  Gen also says Ed isn't dead -- he has a girlfriend.  Millie thinks Gen thinks John is Ed, because she never talks about John.  Just says the boys help her.

Larry & Kim had a busy weekend last Fri-Sun.  On Fri they went to a wedding in the Pittsburgh area -- a former student.  Sat. & Sun. they went to Niagara on the Lake with another couple who are older.  We'll hear about their weekend on Thurs.  Niagara on the Lake is near St. Catherine, Canada.

Our pastor is back.  Elaine Jacobson Crandall, Barb's age, was the "grandma" to be in charge of the baby.  Different ones will help out during the service.  Elaine's oldest daughter is expecting so she will get getting some practice.

Last weekend Sheila (hair) & her husband were going to Pittsburgh for the weekend.  One nite they were going on a 3 hr. cruise featuring a fish buffet -- all kinds of fish.  Sounds interesting.

Last nite there wasn't much on TV so I turned to TCM & there was a good movie:  Key Largo with Lauren Bacall, Claire Trevor, Humphrey Bogart, Ed. G. Robinson & Lionel Barrymore.  It meant I had to stay up longer but I couldn't leave it.  It was so good.  And all those stars.  It was great.

Thurs the 4th

I was up at 5AM -- you say "why when she is retired & could sleep in?"  I wanted to get a carrot cake in the oven & pot. salad made before it got too hot.  I don't turn on the AC til later.  I open the doors & windows to cool off & put the dining room fan on.  Then I got dressed, etc., watered the plants, rose bushes, pot & all.  Decided to pick some ripe blueberries off our bush & now I'm resting.  Soon I'll have a cup of coffee & sample the carrot cake.  We're having steaks, pot. salad, green beans, & broccoli salad & carrot cake for our Thurs nite dinner.  Barb does the grilling & the rest of the meal is in the fridge.  Just the beans to fix.  I'll sit in my chair & watch my favorite TV programs.

The last week of July there was Vacation Bible School.  The last Sun. of July some of the children sang the new song in church & 2 older ones had the sermon on the Bible verses used.  Denise Johnson Windlow's oldest daughter had a part & she speaks so well, loud enough & with expression.  Will be a soph. at Wrrn. Hi.  She has lectored & does a great job.  Nice to see the youth take a part in the service.

I paid the tax bill on the house & also the insurance on the house.  Also in Aug. I play for the newspaper for a year plus a tip for the paperboy.  And I still have money in my checking acct.  I'm very fortunate.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Saturday, July 23, 200

How was the bike ride.  Did you have sore butts?

Welcome to the club.  What club?  Why the club that makes parents anxious when their kids aren't home by curfew time!  I went thru that a few times!

When I got my Verizon telephone bill there was a charge of 40.00 for 2 min.  I called to find out & it had something to do with Dale's computer.  Someone got into it, or something.  Dale will pay the 40.00.  But I ended up getting Verizon online.  199.99 for 3 months, then $29.99. Computer comes on faster & one will be able to use the telephone etc. when Dale uses his computer, email, etc.  They will also block 900 numbers.  I don't know if I'm an easy mark but you can opt out of it after 3 months.  Barb is happy to have it.  What's one more bill. Ha!ha!  Dale says he has service thru a local co.  He has an email number but has never used it.  Thurs. nite Lar tried to show him how it works but he didn't succeed.

Bert left today for Atlanta.  She kept wondering why but she really can't be alone.  Barb is only suppose to be there 2-3 hours, 5 days a week.  Barb is kind of glad to have some time off.  She's riding her bike now, & Dale is lying in the sun.  I'm watching Seattle at Cleveland. The Mets aren't on this aft.  Will be on Sun. aft.  Barbs wants to go to Chapman's Dam.

You'll notice from the paper that the new bridge opens Aug 1st.  And work is suppose to start on the Walmart - Lowe's stores in N. Warren.  Some dispute about water run off might stall it.

I think the Chicago White Sox are the best team & could go all the way, even winning the World Series.  Not a good thing from a Nat. leaguer fan!

I've had to change my seat when watching TV, so I can see the print.  When I'm closer I can tell what is going on.  Probably should have my eyes examined again but I see OK otherwise.  It's a little over a year since I had an eye exam.

Millie sent pictures of her 90's birthday.  Allan & Larry have changed so much.  Heavier. Millie wrote Larry is after Debbie to watch her weight, but it's OK for him to have a tummy. Barb said it is nice to see pictures of cousins we never see.  There were pictures of the wives, Linda who looks very good, & Larry & Debbie's 3 children.  I've never met Allan's wife Liane.

USA Today had an interesting article about the rookie QB for Buffalo.  It was very interesting. He was at Jim Kelly's football camp for boys - spent a day there -- & the kids loved him. "Played" football with them & praised the young boy if he caught a pass.   That part was on a Buff. Bills TV program & you could see the adulation on the faces of the boys.  Hope he does as well as the Pittsburgh QB did last year in his rookie year.  It will be fun to see football again.  Shows how fast the time goes.

The Mets were on last nite & in the beginning have signed a 16 year old they expect to be a great player.  He can't start til he's 17.  And they have another future player, a 6'5" pitcher from Venezuela.  Barb said I'll have to take good care of myself so I can see them play. They have an excellent s.s & 3rd base players -- young ones.  So there is hope for the future.

Mon A.M. the 25th

Last Sat. we had another 900 call from Nova Scotia, & it scared me.  Didn't answer.  This A.M. Barb called Verizon about it.  I guess they don't block phone calls, only computer calls. Anyway they call it Modem Hijacking & said they won't pay the bill.  It might be too late to take it out.  If so, it will appear on the Aug. bill.  I have the bill deducted from by bank acct.  I'm glad Barb called as some of this goes over my head.  Now I'll give Dale back his $40.00.

We finally had some rain during the nite, but I slept thru it.  Barb said it filled the plastic water barrel 1/2 full.  We could use more rain.

This will be another A.C. day.  It's not already.  Lot my 3rd load of laundry in the washer. Barb is riding her bike.

Wed. A.M. the 26th

We had a big storm last nite & filled the rain barrel.  I haven't done much this A.M., except clean the bathroom.  We can't go to the Mall this A.M. as we are hemmed in by trucks. The gas co. has started work on replacing the lines, & putting the meter outside.  They had to drill thru the basement wall & it has been noisy.  Now they are out front.

We have "egg on our face" as they started with Cary's house Tues. & had to dig thru where the rhododendrons were planted.  That's why the neighbor has done nothing with it.

We've had 2 small tomatoes from the garden & we should have a good crop if they all ripen. Some big ones.  Barb has given beans to the neighbors (Conaway house) -- can't remember how to spell their names & too lazy to get up.  Also Lar & Kim have received some & we've eaten a lot of them.

I iguess the Mets like "home cooking" because they have a hard time winning on the road.

Dale likes sunflower plants & we planted them from seed.  Now they are 6' high.  There are 5 of them.

Yesterday I watched 3 movies from TCM -- in black & white & enjoyed them.  If you think that's all I did you could be right.  I did change my bed, washed a load & made meals.  And I washed the floor!  Spots came too fast to suit me.

Later.  Barb & Dale aren't too pleased with the new gas meter & will talk to Larry to see how they could cover it.  I think they are thru on our property but the final hook up won't be til next week.

Barb is now on the Internet.  She finally got it all together.

It seems to me, when you lived awhile with Gen & Ed, you stayed out late & Ed went looking after you.  Something your parents never did!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Glad to hear that the party was a success but I expected you to say something about the Gov.  Maybe he couldn't make it due to a last minute appointment.

This aft. I got a perm & did I ever need one.  I can't go 3 months because my hair grows too fast.  It feels so much better now.

Last Fri. nite & Sat. Barb housecleaned her bedroom.  She has started in the little room. Plans to clean the house this summer.  I didn't take all my stuff when we changed rooms.  I have your "baby book" & a couple of letters & that picture someone drew of you.  Barb likes it & thinks you should have it.

I'm watching the Yankees at Texas.  Texas has really improved & I hope they can beat the Yankees.  Texas 1-0 so far.  Just 1st inning.

Our hot weather continues but a cool wave is suppose to come Wed & Thurs.  I hope so as I need to make some dinner rolls.

Bert's niece & daughter are still here.  Tina wants to take Bert back to Atlanta with her.  Bert said she didn't want to go but Tina won't take no for an answer.  Bert said yes but now she doesn't want to go.

There was an interesting article in the Buff. paper about the libraries in the area.  Will send it to you so you can see what is going on.

We had some rain on Sat. so that helped.  It filled the water barrel we have to collect the rain.  But most lawns are brown.

Kim says her golf isn't that good so I won't see her name in the paper with results of Tuesday A.M. play.  Last year I saw it a couple of times.

Tues the 19th

Last Fri on our way to CVS I said to Barb "That looks like Jack Carey."  We parked the car & talked to him.  They were here to go to the dentist.  They were staying with  friend.  Mary Ann was in CVS & we found her & talked.  They had lunch with Bonace's so they saw their old house.  Were disappointed the rhododendrons were gone & not replaced.  Bonaces also said they aren't friendly neighbors.  They are in Buffalo for the summer, Fla, in the winter. She showed us pictures of Lisa's 2 girls, Susan's girl & Paula's 2 sons.  The one they adopted from Russia is 3 & a blondie & the baby boy is 17 months.  Mary Ann misses Warren but is happy to be close to 3 of the grandchildren.  Susan lives in Buff. now.  It was good to talk to them again.  They were good neighbors.

Now Bert is going to Atlanta -- they leave Sat.

Late -- Less humid weather has arrived.  This is Dale's late Tues. so I set the dinner rolls & put them in the fridge overnite.  The first thing in the A.M., after breakfast, I can form them. That way I can get thru using the oven earlier.

Thurs.  Had a letter from Millie & pictures of her 90th birthday & pictures of the family.  Allan & Larry have changed so much.  Pictures of Larry's children.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I thought about you all last week being so busy preparing for your party.  Almost called last Sun. but then decided to wait for the letter.  Didn't know if you'd be napping or taking it easy after a busy week.

Last Sun. Jr. Himes looked so nice in his yellow pants & yellow paid shirt, I had to compliment him after church.  Then he gave me a hug.  I teased him & said the women would be after him.

Betty Casey told me Sandy is working at the Watson Home.  She said when the ladies want something, they want it in a hurry.  Don't have the patience to wait.  Barb finds that with Bert.

Thurs. Dale has to go to Pittsburgh for schooling.  Just one day.  Fri. nite he's going to car racing in Erie with Randy Swanson.  Randy's wife got some free passes & asked if Dale wanted to go.

I made blueberry bread last Sat. for Dale's snack.  He said "it is excellent".  Kim made strawberry bread & gave a loaf to Bert.  Bert loved it & as I still had a box of strawberries left, Barb suggested I make some.  So I did & it is good.  It makes 2 leaves so I froze one.

I told you Dick Hause had a heart attack.  He was back in church last Sun. He was helicoptered to Erie.  He had a shunt put in & feels good.  The dr's in Erie said the Warren Dr. treated him in the right way so I guess our MDs know what to do.

Last Fri. we went to Erie.  Ate lunch at Ruby Tuesday.  Jamestown had rain but it never reached Warren.

Kids are funny -- even grown ones.  When Barb irons, she slams the iron down & it bothers Dale.  He called her on it.  Barb comes to me & tells me of the incident.  She said, "I don't complain when Dale takes so long to vacuum rugs. That's a lot of noise."  I just let them rant & keep my mouth shut.  But they both agree about the neighbor (Carey's former home).  He took down the rhododendrons by the side of the house facing up, leaving the tree that has no lower branches.  He did that last fall & still hasn't done anything more.  Hasn't taken the winter mulch off their roses.  Both can't understand that, but not everyone is as fussy as Barb & Dale.

Barb is fighting the rabbits who want to eat her garden's produce.  They get in under the wire fence the school put up.  She'd placed stones there but they still got in so she's trying something different.

The new Bon Appetit has an interesting banana & blueberry muffin recipe, that I'd like to try.  Copied the recipe to be sure I have it.

I'll watch some of the All Star baseball game.  It starts later so I can't stay up to see the end of it.  Maybe the N.L. can win for a change.

Today when I put clean sheets on my bed, I didn't put the blanket back on.  With our summer heat I just need a sheet so why make the extra work with a blanket.  Anything to make things easier.  Or am I lazy?

It's 8:36 & they still haven't started the ball game.  I don't listen to the announcers -- they talk too much. More fun just to watch the action.

Barb had to go to BiLo's for Bert & she always calls to see if I need anything.  She tried & tried & Lynn also tried to call & no results.  When I mentioned it to Dale, he went upstairs & checked his computer. He was the culprit.  He didn't turn something off.  Telephone restored.

Wed. 8:25 A.M.

I'm sitting on the front porch enjoying a cup of coffee.  When I got up this A.M. it was already 70 so we're in for another hot one.  The grass is turning brown.  No rain.

Barb is still in bed but I got the pots & roses watered.  Today I clean the bathroom & wash a load of towels.  And wash the kitchen floor.  When I hear that Barb is up, I'll start my work.

The N.L. didn't have it last nite.  Told Barb they wouldn't win.  Maybe the best N.L. players weren't there, but the fans pick the ones they want to see.

We'll be watching the men's golf on the British Isles -- Scotland I think.  Jack Nicklaus farewell.  With Michelle Wie playing some golf it is fun to watch the women's tour.  She is something else.  And so beautiful & shapely.  Like a model.  And such poise for one so young.  She'll be a winner.

One of Dale's magazines, Chevy Motor I think, offered tickets to buy in a raffle.  Prize a Corvette.  I think the tickets were about 20.00 or 25.00.  He decided to give it a try & hopes for the best.  Do you think he might be driving a Corvette?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Did you notice the Boston baseball team sold tickets at $10.00 each & the prize was the World Series ring.  Three were offered.  Worth $15,000.00.  They made close to two million for their charities.  Imagine it wasn't hard to sell those tickets.

Thurs A.M. the 14th

Dale left at 5:30 this AM so I was up early to make him a lunch.  Nothing close by.  I'm resting now & watching golf from St. Andrews course in Scotland.  Why am I resting?  After Dale left, I made potato salad for tonite and blond brownies.  Then I showered, made my bed, got dressed & watered the flowers.  So that's why I'm taking it easy & might even sneak in a little nap.  One thing I'm good at.  Also got the garbage out.

On our way to the Mall.  Fri aft.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Monday, July 4, 2005

I'm sitting on the front porch enjoying the cool breezes before it warms up.

I'm up early every A.M.  Rolled out & baked a crust & made a strawberry pie.  Cleaned up the dishes, got dressed & watered the flower pots. 

Dale is taking a shower & Barb is still in bed.

At 6 AM, the "booms" went off at Beaty Field to announce the 4th of July.  Parade at 10.

To me it is just another day.  I'll change Dale's bed & do a couple of loads of wash.  I'm sure you both are busy with party preparations.

Sat. was such a nice day.  Fri. I set Danish & when I looked around 8 pm the dough was to the top of the pan.  So I decided to finish them Fri nite.  Sat. A.M. I made a coffee cake & chocolate cake.  We have plenty of desserts.  The cones we like are on sale this week so Barb got 2 pkg yesterday.  Am I getting fat?  Oh yes when Courtney came for dinner she brought a box of my favorite chocolates.  Russell Stover hard centers.  I will get fat.

We went to the Mall on Fri & went into the shoe store where shoes are cheaper.  Barb bo't a pair of light tan mules.  Naturalizer 39.99.  She like them so much she went back & bo't a pair of brown ones.  Her favorite phrase "I don't need anything".  BUT!

Congratulations to Ed for making the honor roll.  You can see now why we wanted you to make it.  I think Andy did every well, except one, on his grades. 

Watched baseball Sun. & will today but the results aren't very satisfying.  The result of the players for the All Star game will make some fans & players unhappy, while others are very happy.  I'm not sure the Mets centerfielder should have been chosen after the season he's having.  They're choosing on past experiences. 

What a thrill having the Gov. at your party.  JoAnna has "earned it" with her dedication.  What Nelson relatives will be there, if any.

Guess I'll go have a 2nd cup of coffee.  We had steak yesterday & will have burgers tonite.

Later in the day

My afternoon ended with joy -- the Mets beat the Wn. Nationals 503.  Finally a win for the Mets & a loos, finally, for the Nats.  Now I'll watch the Cubs at the Braves. 

We haven't been to the library for awhile, so I asked Barb if she had any books I might like to read.  I'm reading "Young Patriots" by Charles Cerami about the starting of uniting the colonies under one gov't & very interesting.  About Alexander Hamilton & James Madison.  I can't skim on this book & I'm enjoying it.

Barb is riding her bicycle for the 2nd time today.

Yesterday I also made 6 jars of strawberry jam using Surejell.  I used up all the jam I made last year.

There was an interesting article in the Sun. Buffalo paper concerning Niagara Falls, U.S.  Niagara Falls, Ont. is going full steam ahead with hotels, casinos, etc. & attracting the visitors.  Buff. & N. Falls, U.S. fight each other about who gets the money, fame etc. instead of working together to make the Falls a better place to visit.  When we visited there, we always preferred the Canadian side.  We'd see even more sights if we visited now.

We have a lot of blueberries on our bush.  That makes Dale happy as he likes them on his cereal.  They are 2 for $4.00 at BiLo, pints.  Barb got some for me & they are very good.

Thurs A.M. July 7

I'm on the porch enjoying  the nice morning & will finish this letter.  Tomorrow we hope to go to Jamestown & I'll mail it there.

This A.M., I made a pecan pie.  When I made the strawberry pie, I did what Barb wanted -- made the crust using butter substitute & used it in the crust.  Didn't like it at all.  This A.M., I went the complete opposite & used Pillsbury pie crust.  It's faster.

Then I got the garbage out & watered all the pots of flowers.

Dale tho't he could wear his work uniform twice but last nite he said it got too dirty, so he did a load of his dark clothes.  He knows I don't like to work after supper.  Good experience for him.

The Mets beat the Nats last nite & took the series.  Tonite they are in Pittsburgh so I can watch the game on the Pitts. channel we get.  I was happy that Jeter (Yankees) didn't get the last spot.  A Chicago White Sox was chosen.  Nasty, aren't I.  I'm referring to the All Star game -- I'm sure you realize that.

Tonite I'm using a new recipe.  It calls for penne, broccoli, zucchini which you cook the last 5 minutes in  the penne mixture.  Saute onion, garlic in olive oil.  Add some (tom) spaghetti sauce, add shrimp & finally mix it all together.  Barb thought it sounded good.  Time will tell.

I better go inside.  Something is making my nose run.  Developed an allergy or something in my old age!  And it's coffee time.


The kitchen is cleaned up so I'll finish this letter.  They liked my penne-shrimp dinner.  They think I could increase the veggies & I agree.  Barb thought the shrimp "tasted real good".  It's a dinner I can make again.  Always nice to have a little variety in the menu. Very easy to make.

Now Torey's front paws are cracked & sore.  He limps around & still he has to go on long walks.  He will be 13 in the fall.  He wears socks on his front paws now.

Kim said she noticed in The Guide, which is seldom delivered to us -- no one to do it, that a house in the 300 block on Conewango was sold.  She doesn't know if it is Frank's or Collins's.  We should soon know -- see evidence of a move. 

Now your party is over.  It is a lot of work but I'msure it brings a lot of happy memories.