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Saturday, October 22, 2005

It's a damp, sometimes rainy Sat.  I'm not baking today -- have banana bread in the freezer.

They (Russell school) are taking down the newer playground equipment at Jefferson School. It is a big project & several men are there.  I'm sure it is a time free job by PTA volunteers.

I copies 2 recipes from Bon Appetit.  One a choc. cake & frosting that sounds delicious. The other Schmaltz balls for thickening gravy.  Don't' know if I'll have the chicken fat to make them.  Article by Alton Brown from the Food Channel & fun to watch if you can take his humor.  Sometimes I can't.  Dale watches it at times.

Watching Baseball Tonight on ESPN last nite, 3 of the 4 announcers pick the White Sox to win. One stock with the Astros.  I'm having a hard time deciding.  I'm an N.L. booster but -- ! One has to lose.

This past week I've been up at 5 AM.  Work up this A.M. at 5 AM, went to the bathroom & back to sleep til after 7 A.M.  It's a lazy day for me & that is why I started a letter.

Barb is still in her p.j.'s on the laptop.  Dale slept in & is taking it easy.  He got what he needed to automatically open the car doors so we should so be able to use the keys for that.

Yesterday we went to Jamestown.  Ate lunch at Red Lobster.  Did some shopping.  Found a top I liked.  Tried it on & bought it.  A Kathy Daniels red zippered top with a black scroll design stitched on.  The "stitched" should have gone before "scroll" -- or something like that.

Later.  We're watching the Wi-Purdue game.  As of the half they are tied.  Go Wisconsin!

I'm making "Almost Homemade Chicken Soup' using canned chicken broth, veggies & noodles & of course cubed chicken.  Barb wondered if I made a pie.  Tho't of it but we have leftover apple crisp to finish.  Next time I'll plan a soup & pie supper.

Wed, 8 A.M.

I'll write some more before I get dressed.  Last Sun. as I made my bed I turned the wrong way & felt a twinge in my back.  I've applied heat & exercise.  It's not bad enough to go to the chiropractor, but it is a little bothersome.

Millie called to tell me that John, Fe (Fay) & Gen went to see Millie last Sun. They gave her a wedding invitation, 3 pages telling about sponsors, attendants, etc.  Done in pink & white. Her father is dead & was mayor of their city.  Mother an M.D.  Large group of attendants. Following the ceremony the reception & it said dance, dance, dance so it must be an all nite affair.  John & Fe leave tomorrow the 27th & it's a 24 ur trip.  Gen thinks John is going on vacation.  Gen doesn't believe John is her son.  Millie can see how that can happen because he is so much like Ed.  And when he called me, he sounded like Ed.  They also went to Larry's cottage & Gen told Larry she planned to divorce Ed.

Sun. in church the pastor announced Rose Seeley's family wished members would visit Rose, esp. old friends.  That hit home as I've tho't I should visit Rose but haven't.  But I will. She is at the home on Water St. so I can walk over there.  But it's been a rainy week so I'll wait for a nicer day but I have to do this.  No more putting it off.

John is either 41 or will be in Nov.  That means my mother died 41 years ago.  She died in Jan & John was born in Nov.  Millie figures Fe is in her middle 30s.  She is an emergency room nurse.  Works 4 10 hr. days & has 3 days off.

I made lasagna last nite, using "no cook" noodles & it was very good.  Veggie lasagna with spinach.  When I had to cook the noodles they would always split on me & I didn't like that.

Better get going.

Thurs nite.

My back is OK & I'm thankful for that.

I was sorry that the Astros couldn't even win one game, but it is nice the White Sox finally won a World Series.  I didn't think it was a very interesting World Series.

Have you noticed how well Penn State & the Steelers are doing.  I guess "Papa Joe" as he is affectionately called still has "it" along with the help of a few good freshmen.  He doesn't usually use freshman.  I'm sure Cyndi is happy.  Is that how she spells her name.  Seems to be it was a different spelling.  We're hoping that we see the sun soon. Maybe this weekend.

Barb finished her puzzle & I started one.  A winter scene.  Barb's was a hard one.

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