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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

Today we voted.  The main issue on the ballot was to elect a judge.  Man vs. woman.  We voted for the woman.  She came in 2nd in the nominating election, beating at least 3 other men.  We hope she can do it but it's a man's world.  The newspaper backed the man.

This aft. I walked over to see Rose.  I thought she might be sitting in a chair but she was in bed.  You could see she has gained weight.  A diaper on a chair by her.  No teeth in her mouth so she was hard to understand.  I feel so bad for her.  It made me want to cry.  She asked about dad & I told her he died.  She repeated the question several times.  She couldn't believe it & said why don't I know this.  Her hands were trembling like Parkinson's.  S he did recognize me.  Violet is in the same room.  She looked good but no teeth.  But I wouldn't have recognized if I hadn't known Violet was in the same room.  So sad.

All I did today was 1 load of wash.  I did a little ironing, not much.  A day off so I'll have to make up for my idleness tomorrow.  The kitchen floor says' "Wash me".

Dale admitted last nite "I must be a perfectionist".  He worked late on his white car putting in a new top for the interior roof.  I'm not sure of the exact term.  He had sent away for material & finally got it to fit in to his satisfaction.

I really got the picture of those two couples at the concert.  Do you think they realized the fools they made of themselves?

Now it's Thurs the 10th

The week is soon over -- I don't do that much on Friday.  In 2 weeks we'll have celebrated Thanksgiving.  We're still waiting for suggestions from the boys.  Remember we want to send the package in time for JoAnna's birthday.

Kim had a reunion meeting tonite so she left early.  Lar walks Torey home.  I don't know why Torey has to be walked so much.  They have socks for him to wear to protect his paws. He's getting old & slow so he doesn't need as much exercise as a younger dog.  But that's not my business.  I just feel sorry for Torey.

My puzzle is soon finished.  Barb picked up 3 pieces from the floor.  With our patterned rug they are hard for me to see.

The girl scouts are collecting food.  They left bags at houses & they will be picked up the 21st.  I'll put some cans of food & peanut butter in it.  They suggest soups & macaroni & cheese are always good.  The mail carriers collect food in May & I always contribute.

This is Dale's week to work Sat. A.M.  They will be taking inventory so they get Sat. off.  Dale thinks that is fine with him.

Do you get the USA Today at the library?  If so, some Wed read Craig Wilson's article on the 1st page of the purple section.  He is around your age & from the Buffalo area.  He writes the most interesting articles.  I'm sure you could write articles like that & people would find them interesting to read.  Lar & I always read his articles.  Wilson happens to be gay & admits it. He & his "mate" have a dog & sometimes he mentions him. He graduated from Syracuse U.

Nothing exciting is happening here.  I'm just very thankful I can take care of myself after seeing Rose.  Make meals & do a little cleaning & baking.

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