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Sunday, October 2, 2005

It's is 7:07 pm & it is getting dark.  Dale is outside waxing one side of his car.

The Keeneys are working on the little house across the st.  Dale thinks the man working with him could be his brother.  I don't know which one bought the house.  This weekend they put in new steps for the front entrance.  Barb thinks they plan to paint it.

When I went to church this A.M. Frank (across the st.) was outside so we talked a bit.  I asked about the house & he said he has a bid but it is too low.  He can't give it away & hopes they'll up the bid.  It is going on 3 years, trying to sell it.  There is a lot of outside upkeep & he doesn't seem to do too much to improve the yard.

I really enjoyed reading your article on Rockford.  I never went to the library the year I was there.  Don't think I really went to the library until we moved to Warren.  Are you collecting this information to write a novel with a Rkfd. background?

We're still having wonderful weather, but by Thurs. it's suppose to get cold so I'll have to turn on the furnace.  In setting up the church's budget, they plan to double the heating money. That really will be a budget buster.  My pen goes fast than my thought & I leave words out.

It was interesting to hear about Ed's classes -- what you learned at Open House.  They get a long lunch period.

Barb rode 25 miles on her bike this aft.  She reached 800 miles this spring, summer & now fall.

Today decided who plays who in baseball's playoffs.  I was happy Boston beat the Yankees this aft. so the Yankees don't get home field.  They go to L.A.A.  I'll start a puzzle to do & watch during the games.  Barb was rooting for the Phillies but Houston won the prize.  The Mets ended the season better than they stated it.  I'm all ready looking forward to next spring -- a long way off.

The library called & said someone found my card at the Mall & bro't it in.  I don't keep it with my charge cards, so I can't figure how it fell out.  It was nice of that person to turn it in.  I picked it up along with 3 books written by my favorite authors.  Usually I check to see if the book is familiar but I missed this time.  Looking again at home it is one I've already read. Enjoyed it but don't think I'll reread it this time.

Mon. Oct 3

I fixed an easy meal tonite.  A baked omelet with frozen hash browns, ham & cheese & eggs.  Dale came home with a headache & he doesn't want a big meal so it worked out fine. Also fixed a tossed salad.  Even Barb decided to have some.  She had gone on a bike ride & preferred a meal she didn't have to fix.

Sometime after I go to the bathroom during the nite, I have trouble going back to sleep.  That happened last nite.  This is Dale's early week so after he left I sat in my chair & had a 1/2 hr. nap.  Late aft. I did the same thing -- had another brief nap.  So tonite I can watch my Mon. nite program.

Thurs, Oct 6  9:45 A.M.

I'm ready to sit awhile.  Made biscuits for supper -- we're having chicken & biscuits.

It is another beautiful, warm day.  But tomorrow the weather changes.  Dale mowed the lawn last nite & you could hear others mowing their lawns.  Maybe the last time.

I started my puzzle, a pumpkin scene & watched the playoffs.  I'm rooting for Chicago to win. Don't think Boston has "it" this year.  Was happy to see Houston beat the Braves 10-5. Hope they keep it up. Think St. Louis will be in the World Series.  Mike Piazza is one of the announcers on ESPN & he's doing a nice job.  He won't be a Met next year.  I'm sure he'll go to the A.L. & be a D.H.  He still has some homers left in him.

Did I mention I called Gen.  (Senior moment.)  She wants to get a job because she doesn't have any money.  I'm sure John takes care of her banking.  And she is looking for Ed so they can decide what is going to happen.  You know she thinks he is around with another woman. When I talked to her she sounds O.K. except for these wild ideas.

I picked the last 2 rose buds.  They are so pretty & are the kind I wanted.  This is one Lar planted & a pretty lavendar-pink color.

Barb rides her bike twice a day now.  She wants to reach the 1000 mile goal.

The kids have Fri. & Mom. off from school.  Teachers meeting.

A new Mexican restaurant opened in Warren.  In the vicinity of the old Salvation Army.  It's not a favorite of mine but I'm sure Lar & Kim will visit it.

And the new parking garage will soon open.  And Leroy Schneck sold the radio station & is retired.  You'll read about it in the paper.

Fri A.M.  A few words before I get my hair done.  When Dale was on vacation I suggested he take the porch chairs to the attic.  Yesterday he washed them & put them away.  He even washed the porch.  I've learned, once I made a suggestion, to wait until he is ready.  I know he'll do it, but on his time.  Barb will ask him & wants it done immediately.  If not she'll do the job & grumble.  She hasn't learned he'll do it -- when he wants to.  Each one of us is different.

It warmed up during the nite from 61 to 69.  The rain hasn't come yet.  I had to turn the blanket aisde during the early A.M. hours.

We are all fine.

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