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Monday, October 31, 2005

Trick or treating started at 6 pm & by 7 we turned out the light.  The candy was gone.

Was up at 5 A.M. & as soon as Dale went to work (7AM) I finished rolls I started on Sun. Sheila & Sue always come by to show us their get-up.  They each got 5 rolls, Scott got 4, I ate one & 5 were left.  So I walked over to church & gave them to our pastor.  Her husband loves them.  Then I did my Mon. chores so I'd be ready for Sheila & Sue.  I waited all aft. & they didn't come.  Mon is our day to get groceries so when Barb came home a little after 4 we left to get groceries.  When we (Dale & I) were eating Sheila & Sue came.  Right into the kitchen & it was a mess with pans etc. around.  Barb had eaten earlier as she had volunteered to answer the door.  T hey won $150.000 for prizes for their costume.  They love Halloween & are very clever in their ideas.

Now I'm watching TV & relaxing.

The puzzle I chose is a brown building against white snow & tree branches.  Not much color.  Even Barb doubts my choice.  It is far from easy to put together & I wonk I wont' get it done.  It was a bad choice!

Frank, across the st, sold his house & has to be out in 3 weeks.  He's sorry he has to leave the neighborhood as he has enjoyed living here.  He's very friendly whereas we never see the new neighbors, (Carey's house).  He'll still be in Warren in a small apt. for the time being.

Maybe you'll see that Ethel Johnson died.  Chris's mother.  She was 90 last spring & was at the Rouse Home.

I'm watching Psychic Detective.  A murder takes place in Greenfield, Mass. before Halloween.  Greenfield isn't that far from Spfld.

Wed. aft.

Barb was telling me that Scott was doing thru his mother's jewelry to see if he could find something to give to a girl.  Lynn said "no way" is he to give away any of her jewelry.  These kids have to "go steady" with someone to be a "jock".

We gave up on the brown & white puzzle, so I'm working on an old one with lots of color.

Tonite I'm having pork chops, succotash, rice, applesauce & banana cream pie.  Sounds good to me.

We're enjoying Indian summer & it is so nice.

I ordered Barb's Christmas present, a Danskin toning system, from Penney's.  Her choice. And a sweater set for me.

BiLo had Food Club flour, Heinz ketchup, Swanson's broths, each 5 for $5.00.  I always get cheese there & our favorite lunch meat, Sahlens ham, was on sale.

Yesterday UPS came to the door with a large envelope for Dale.  Good he was home as the Co. wanted proof.  Had to see his driver's license.  It was a check for $250.00 to buy tools thru their distributor.  Trouble is, one hasn't called at Shutls for some time & Dale knows what he's like.  He thinks they might have a catalogue he could order form.

We had a nice dinner & visit with Lar & Kim.  I can't get any Christmas gift ideas from Kim.

The other A.M. I happened to look out the kitchen.  It was 5:30 A.M. & I saw a couple out walking.  It reminded me of you two walking in the early A.M.

I'm enjoying putting pieces of the puzzle together.  Much nicer than staring at the pieces to see if I can find some that go together.

The yawns are beginning to tell me it is bedtime.  When it gets close to 10 pm I'm ready for bed esp. Dale's early week.  So I will say good night.

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