Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday, October 5, 1986

Nice to get your letter.  Thanks JoAnna for having Paul write.

Finally we've seen a little blue sky & sunshine after a long spell of clouds & rain.  Last Fri. they thot the pool at the top of the Dam that supplies electricity to Cleveland had a crack & they expected a sheet of water to come down.  It turned out to be a false alarm - a sensor was faulty & triggered the alarm - caused by excessive rains.

Lar was saying they are thinking of having a dinner at the Holiday Inn after the reception.  For the wedding party & out of town relatives.  I hope those plans work out.  Her aunt, who is a waitress at H.I. is looking into it. 

Last weekend Kim was housesitting & she was thru earlier than expected so she called here to see if she could locate Lar.  Said she had washing to do, etc.  So Mon nite I asked Lar if Kim got her washing done (she was out with a girlfirend) & he said yes - at his place.  So I asked him, kiddingly, if he charged her and he said no!  I said how come as he has teased her & said she could wash at this place if she paid him - he replied she is living with me now to save rent.  It happened the 1st of Sept.  Somehow I always seem to find out what's going on & this is all innocence.

I got my autographed Gary Carter baseball card.  His mother died in '66 of M.S. & that is the reason he is doing this - to make money for M.S. research, etc.

Guess what Dad got from the Nat. G.O.P. party - a picture of our pres. & wife - Ron & Nancy.  Tho't I might send it to JoAnna - Ha, Ha - but maybe Paul would use it for dart practice.

We called Beloit today & talked to Svea.  She sounds good & is doing well.  It takes time.  Roger comes on Wed. & she is happy.

Last Fri. we bought a rug for the Den - a gray textured & it will be installed this week.  We should be getting our new love seat soon.  Should be in Oct. 7th.

Play offs this week & I hope the Mets can do it.  They are really beating the Pirates this aft. 

A busy week ahead.  L.C.W. Mon. nite.  Tues. our day out.  Wed. we meet Hollertzs for dinner - we go to Ridgway - Thurs. a retirement party for Sara Lyle who retired last summer - out for fish Fri & Sat nite Alice & Jim Greenlund invited us for dinner.  Will miss some  ball games but we can tape them.

We noticed a restaurant The Grainery advertised in the Jamestown paper 6 mi. E. of Sinclairville across from Cockaigne ski area & it sounds interesting.  Today they advertised Seafood Royale consisting of crabmeat, scallops & shrimp, broiled with a wine & caper sauce.  Includes salad or soup, potatoes, veggie & a selection of home baked rolls & muffins.  $11.50.  But dinners start at $7.25.  We plan to try it sometime.

Dale asked to work 6 days a week & he is allowed to & Schultz needs the help so that is good for Dale.  Adelaide W. told me today that their truck needed a muffler & Dale did the job & Bill said he knows what he is doing.  Good he knows his job or maybe Schultz would have let him go.

We might take a walk so I'll bring this to a close.  Did Pat get the directorship.  How come Oshkosh L. is having such a turnover.  We watched Wis. v. Mich. a little while last nite but turned to The Golden Girls at 9 pm.  They were more interesting.

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