Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday, September 1, 1986

We arrived in Warren at 9:30 pm after a good trip.  Good to arrive home safe & sound.  We stopped at Toledo & had a good meal at The Red Lobster.  We had to wait about 15 min. for a table but it was well worth it.

Thanks for a nice visit with you.  We enjoyed our visit - the farmer's market, seeing parts of the University, the library, your apt etc.  You have many reasons to be thankful & happy.

We brought in all the luggage last nite & dropped it, washed our faces & fell into bed & dreamland.  I was really tired.

Today we got things put away & I washed clothes, did some pressing & now I'm lazy.  Watched the Mets beat San Francisco this aft. & either the Yankees or Braves will be on tonite.  Tomorrow nite Bensons etc. & we'll miss Gooden pitching.  Thurs. nite the Mets play Boston in a special game & it will be on N.Y. T.V.  Should be good.

There were lots of tomatoes to pick & also cucumbers.  Will have to pick yellow beans as well.

I enjoyed looking at the recipes in the library cookbook.  Saw several I'd like to try.

Just wanted to let you know we arrived home safe & sound.

Your picture looks very nice in the living room!

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