Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wednesday, June 18, 1986

After all our rain, it turned cool so I baked cookies.  It's almost too cool now - like Two Rivers!  It's nice to see the clear skies, tho.

Carl thanks you for the cheese & beef stick package.  It is tasty & we are enjoying it.

We tired T.V. pop corn (Lar gave us a package) & it is very good.  Only takes about 3 min. on hi & very tasty.

Sat. is Kim's birthday & she & Lar will be here for dinner on Sun.  It is also Edna & Wally's wedding anniversary.

We call Sig & Geo. last Sun. as it was their 40th anniversary.  Linda & Rol & family were down & they all, Carolyn, Ken & Paul, too celebrated.  When we called, Geo. was experiencing a lot of pain.  Outings are hard for him.

Gen also celebrated a birthday.  Johnny got her a beautiful blouse but it was a size 38, much too large for Gen.;  Guess he went by the looks & not size.  Ed gave her money for a microwave.  This is Gen's last month of work & she is looking forward to retirement.

Kim told us about a new restaurant in the area - it has changed hands & they have added onto the eating area.  Gamecock Inn, beyond Jackson Valley Country Club.  Looks nice from the outside & Kim's grandmother went there & said the Prime Rib is delicious & they serve it Thurs.-Sun. 9.95.  We plan to try it soon.  We're always open for a new eating place.  Last Sun. we went to Nic L Inn & enjoyed a nice dinner.

Sat A.M. we met Benson's, Hollertz's, & Shaffer's at Clarion & ate at the Clarion Clipper & it is really nice.  Our next outing will be at Peek N Peak.

We're been getting wine coolers & they are thirst quenching.

How's the new job.  Am anxious to hear about it.

Tomorrow we plan to pick strawberries.  .We've bought some & they've been good.

Have you noticed how well the Mets are doing.  Maybe it will be the Mets & Boston in the World Series.

Dad sends you his thanks.  He leaves the letter writing to me.  Things are as usual here.

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