Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunday, September 4, 2005

Sun. again & I'm watching the Mets against Marlins.  Soon baseball will be in the past.  It's fun to watch football.  Yesterday I watched Wisconsin win the game.  Sure was a sea of red in the stands.  Number 2 Brian Calhoun sure can run. (I like the word "sure"!)

Yesterday we received the Penneys Christmas catalogue & you know what that means. Suggestions!  Barb's E mail is.....I'll enclose the slip so you can E mail us ideas.  I'll still send money but like ideas for something to open on Christmas Eve or Day.  So put on your thinking caps -- you know we like to start early.

The gas project on our street is completed & grass is planted.  I suggested Dale water it but he hasn't followed thru.  He did once & Barb did as well.

We had a guest organist today -- a Barry Keller.  The pastor didn't make any comments so we don't know if he is temporary.  He did OK.

Dale's El Camino is in a rented garage & mice got into it & smelled up the car.  So he's been cleaning it until it is fine with him.  Smells gone.  He wants new wheels & tires for it & then it will be complete.  He just got new tires for the white car.  Names of cars don't stick in my mind.

It was 52 this A.M. but it has warmed up.  It is nice to be able to wear fall clothes again.

I watched a little volleyball yesterday on TV.  We played volleyball in high school & it was fun.  I'm sure it is a faster game today.

Barb keeps track of mileage when she rides her bike.  Her dream is 1000 miles but she only has 600 miles sol far.  Last year she couldn't ride at all, so she is happy with what she's dong (so far).  She'll still be able to ride before it gets cold.

The little house across the st. might have sold.  A man & woman have cut down a tree & removed all the weeds in front of the house.  All the stuff is piled up -- wonder if the city will take it away.  It's way past the time alloted for pick up.  Time will tell.

Dale went up to our Mall & brought me home a pkg. of Oreos and 3 dish cloths & I haven't bought any for ages.  He got them at Big Lots.

Labor Day

The Mets were on the NYC TV channel but Dave O'Brien who also works for ESPN wasn't available.  And the announcer talked all the time (not Tom) so I had to mute the broadcast so I missed the usual color of the game.   Tom & David are great together.  And they lost.  They never can get the hits when they need them.  Carlos Beltran is a "bust" this year for the Mets.  Maybe it takes a while to get used to playing in NYC.  I hope he's better next year.

I don't know if I have an allergy or a cold but I'm sure using the Kleenex.

Wed. the 8th

We have a chipmunk that is eating the sunflower seeds.  They are big one 10"-12" in diameter & he's just about finished it.  We try to scare him but we don't always see him. Barb cut them down to dry.

Barb says Andy should be happy that the Braves are on top in their division.  But my question is "Can they win the Big One?"  They've only won 1 World Series, haven't they?

I have a recipe for banana blueberry bread.  Dale likes them separately but isn't sure of the combination.  So I'll try it as I have 2 ripe bananas I want to use.  I'm sure it will get eaten.

Fri. the 9th

Just got home from getting my hair done.  Started a load of wash & will finish my letter.

Kim & Lar are fine.  Next week Thurs. Kim & friends will help Betsy Moran celebrate her 50th birthday.  so it will be a short visit here for supper.

The other Betsy (your classmate) doesn't know if she can take 2 more years of teaching. She bot an old house next to her property, had it torn down so she'd like to get that loan paid off.  At the new elem. school she teaches 2 subjects & they have to follow a schedule -- they change from room to room.  Teacher teaches same subjects to all her classes.  If they run behind there is no time to make it up.  It has been hard getting started in a new school where all kids are bussed but it should get smoother & easier as time goes by.

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