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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Last week Dale worked on the Blazer, got it fixed, so it works good again (drives is the word).  That cheered him up so he won't take the Monte Carlo out if we have snow.

Last week Blanche Jenkins (1st Lutheran) called me up.  She had seen Rose, who was alert that day.  She asked Blanch if she knew how I was.  The reason for the call as she makes calls every week.  But Rose did wonder if Jim was still living.  And she was back in the Alzheimer's ward, which is kept locked.  Kim said she heard Karen is back in Warren. Yesterday Blanche called again to say she couldn't see Rose because too many had the flu & they were limiting visitation . She also said a Pastor David Blank, who served Sheffield & Ludlow as his first call, accepted a call to First Luth.  6 votes against him. It will be 2 yrs in June since the former pastor left, so they are happy.  She think he will work out OK.  I guess a couple of wives nixed their husbands from coming to smalltown Warren.

One of the recent local papers told about the library's website on old time Warren -- its beginnings.  Maybe you read the article & learned about it.

Thank you so much for the photo album of Andy's playing days.  It was fun looking thru it. Hard to imagine him 6'3" & 230 lbs.

The picture of the Forest Park library brought back pleasant memories.  That is where I got my first library card.  Near Forest Park Jr Hi where we went to school.

I know Millie was glad to leave Spfld because of its decline, etc.  I always read about Mass. in the USA Today state section & recently it told of the petty destruction of schools.  It used to be a nice city to live in.  The "X" was very familiar as we walked to the movie theater lots of Sat Aft.  Millie got her hair "done" at a shop in that are.  Can't remember the name of the theater.

Last week Barb saw a suit at Bon Ton she tho't I would like.  Mon. we went to the Mall & I tried it on but I didn't like how it looked on me.  Another disappointment.

When we walked (Spfld. again), first it was the tracks (train) we crossed, then White St. area, then the "X", then the library or the school.  We weren't quite far enough in mileage to ride the school bus.  One year we got a ride with a friend.  Otherwise we walked.  In high school we rode the city buss & got discount tickets.  You kids were lucky we were close to Jefferson & Beaty.  You rode with friends or Dad drove you.  Now all grad school kids are bussed to the new school.

Yesterday the most piercing sound, sounded in our house.  We remembered Dale put a device under the kitchen sink to alert one to leaking water.  We couldn't find it so I called Dale at work &^ he told me where it was & we stopped the noise.  What a relief.  It is battery operated so it isn't attached to anything.  It happened once before when Dale was home & it took him a few minutes to remember what it was.

In the Apr. 18th Family Circle, I copied 3 recipes that appealed to me.  New potatoes & spinach bake, a strawberry rhubarb cheese cake, & blueberry-maple syrup for pancakes.   Perkins has a blueberry syrup I like when I order pancakes or waffles -- if we eat there.  You mix blueberries & maple syrup, heat til the berries popped open, then strain.  Barb makes a similar one but doesn't strain them..  Like blueberries on top of the pancakes.

The weather channel keeps telling us "Welcome to Spring".  I just wish it would arrive here. Next week sounds more promising.  Barb likes to drink blueberry tea.  Back to above paragraph!

This week I got the halibut from Schwans & we had it Tues nite & it was so good.  I'll be getting it from now on.  As long as it doesn't have bones, Dale will like it.  Another addition to our dinner menu.  I had scalloped pot. & cabbage with it.  It was so good.

Sometimes there is nothing worth watching on TV.  This aft. I have 3 choices:  pre-season baseball watching Baltimore vs. Minn, golf, or my soaps.  At 2 pm it will be the soaps as "As the World Turns" is exciting in its story line.

I'm watching Boston Red Sox vs. Minn. Twins & I'm surprised at the number of people in the stands with a cell phone glued to their ear.  At the Mall, I heard a lady saying "I couldn't live without my cell phone."  We're behind times -- both Hollertz & Benson have cell phones. When they visit their kids, they alert them as to how close they are when they travel.  That is nice when you wonder how close they are.

Fri. A.M.  I'm not sure if this will get mailed today or Sat. but I'll have it ready to go.

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