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Saturday, March 10, 2006

I'll start a letter before lunch.  I made a loaf of blueberry bread, took a few things I won't be wearing up to the attic & brought down some cotton shirts.  They need to be washed but that can wait.  It is a nice spring day.

Dale will go to get a blood test at the hosp. lab.  He said his Blazer is acting up, needs a new engine, so he should get rid of it.  Also talks about selling the Monte Carol & just driving the El Camino.  It hasn't been driven for a number of years as he has been working on it. With just 1 car, it can be kept in the garage all the time.  Save on insurance money as well.

When we were at the Lakewood Mall last Thurs, I was wishing I was 50 years younger. Why?  One of the shops had the cutest outfit in their window.  A pretty pink top with the popular tiered skirt in a pretty print to match the top. It is really a pretty outfit.  Guess you know I tho't it was "pretty". by the use of that word!

Also on the way home, we saw a v-shaped flock of geese flying north.  A sign of spring, but I haven't seen a robin yet.  I'm ready for spring.  I have to pull the shades over the kitchen sink windows down a bit as the sun shines in my eyes.

The new family across the st. have someone clearing & raking up.  I heard they want to do some new landscaping.

Once in awhile the Shopping Guide is delivered to our door.  It included a section of houses for sale.  I noticed it said sale pending for Collins house.  The cost is $124,900.  They have 4 bedrooms & a big backyard, double garage so that is not too bad.  Ryberg's house hasn't been sold.  Mail just came so I'll read your letter.

Mar. 17.  Happy St. Patrick's Day

I have really enjoyed the Baseball World Classic.  And I think the announcing team of Gary Thorne, Arestes Destrada & Orel H. are tops.  None are overbearing, or hogs the mike.  I hope they announce a log of the games.

Last nite Lar said he'll soon have a hi-intensity (hope that's the correct word) TV.  He wants it to watch the World Soccer games coming up soon.  Something new in TVs.

When I got up yesterday there wasn't any snow but about 6 AM, it started to snow hard.  Kim said driving to school was really tough.  The neighbor shoveled his walk but by aft. all sidewalks were clear from the sun.  It is clear & cold this A.M.  25.

Yesterday I was busy so today I'm taking it easy.  Our dinner is in the crockpot.  W hen we shopped on Mon. I got some meat whose date was soon to expire.  I got 2 pkg. & froze them & used one today. Nice to get a bargain once in awhile.

Just watched a crazy movie.  TCM, of course.  Of course I didn't see it from the beginning.

Scott is going out for track this spring.  Barb & Lynn wonder how long he'll last.  He wants to go out for sports as the girls go for those guys!  He wants to be "cool".  Marisa arrived home last nite from Fla.  She enjoyed her time there.  Lynn said to Barb things are easier when Marisa is gone.  Scott can't do anything right & Marisa constantly yells & swears at him. She has a filthy mouth & that is not good.

Sheila & Sue are raising their rates because of the increase of gas & elec.  2.00 for shampoo & set & $1.00 for perms.  That's not much.  Starts Apr. 1.

Finally saw 2 robins in our driveway this A.M.

Dale wondered if he got a bad batch of oil for his Blazer.  He changed the oil & that has helped, but there is a noise that bothers him.  So he'll look for the reason for that.  He's not quite ready to give up on the Blazer.

Last nite Lar figured out my state tax & it is ready to mail.  Dale has finished & sent in his taxes.  He'll get a refund.  Barb hasn't figured her out yet.  Last yr. it was finished in Jan.

I've only seen the U.S. team place once & that was against Japan & they should have lost that game. 3rd base "rhubarb" went against Japan & the player didn't leave early.  They aren't very good representatives for the u.S.  I bet some team's gen. manager's mouths are "watering" when they watch some of the Cuban players.  They are good.  I'm anxious for regular baseball to start.  Pittsburgh is doing pretty good in spring training games.  I should root for them, but I don't' know if I can give up being a Met fan.

Apr. 17th is Millie's birthday.  You are constantly in my thoughts & prayers and I know you'll come thru with flying colors!  We all are praying for you.

It's only Thurs. so I'm a day early for St. Pat's.  It has been that way since Lar & Kim come on Wed. Next Wed. is that last time so we'll get back to Thurs. again.

The crockpot dinner was good.  Dale isn't home yet (6pm) so I didn't wait for him.  Most likely he's working on the Blazer.

I pulled another boo boo today.  The crockpot was ready by 9 A.M.  At 11 A.M. I couldn't smell it cooking.  I forgot to turn it on -- another senior moment!!!

USA Today had a story on "the other third baseman in NYC", meaning the Mets David Wright.  They think he'll be an All Star for a long time.  He is really a nice kid, down to earth, & wanting to please. And he's been a Met fan growing up.  He has 3 brothers & his father is a police captain in Va.

There was also an article on the increase of the number of college grads living at home.  Various reasons, debts, cost of apt. or buying one.  They come home so they can save money to get a start.  Some parents like the idea, some don't.

Tomorrow I have to get more meds & will probably go to the Mall.  I need to geet a few things.

Remember we are with you all in thoughts & prayers.

P.S.  John just called to tell us they are going to have a son.  All is well with Fe & the baby. You can tell that John is very excited with this news.

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