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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Yesterday Lynn called Barb.  They had a bad weekend.  Bob's heart acted up & spent a nite in the hospital.  He has to take high blood pressure meds.  During the nite, their phone rang. Lynn wondered if something happened to her parents.  It was Scott calling from his room saying he didn't feel good.  She got him to the bathroom but he upchucked on the bathroom floor.  They had to remove the rug & clean the floor but it still smelled.  He did go to school even tho he still didn't feel good.  So he skipped track practice.  Lynn told him Marisa could pick him up after school.  "No, said Scott."  I ant Barb to take me home."  So she helped him study for a test.  Today there is an away track meet but he didn't go -- he is afraid to ride a bus.

Dale said by fixing his Monte Carlo, he gave himself a birthday present.  I'm making a sweet German choc. cake, his choice, for his birthday.

Enjoyed reading your letter & hearing all about Disney World. I know it isn't the place for me -- too much walking, too many people.  It is for younger people.  I'm content where I am.

This A.M. I  washed the kitchen floor & dusted downstairs.  After lunch we got groceries.

The Mets play at Wash. & it is an aft. game.  I'm trying to see the score but the commercials interfere.  Mets 7, wn. 1, final.  The Mets are winning!

Today the new neighbors (Carey) started in on fixing up the landscaping.  All the trees (shrubbery) have been taken out.  They are starting from scratch.  By our property, it will be lawn.  It looks nice with those hemlocks taken down.  We're anxious to see how they'll landscape it.  Bet it will cost plenty.  He has a 6 figure salary, I'm sure.

I got a turkey breast for Easter.  Lar & Kim will be here.  Might try a cheesecake recipe for dessert.

Last Sun. I called Gen.  She said she saw me in church a few Sun. ago.  I said it must be someone who looks like me.  Then she wondered why I didn't come over.  I said I"m too far away for a drop in visit.  She thought I was in the area.

Barb got her bicycle "tuned up".  So now she is ready to start bike riding.  Lately she has been walking outside.  Yesterday we had blue, blue skies & warm temps.  Even warmer today but cloudy skies.  Nice.

Larry has started his "2nd job", working for himself.  He usually has a couple of big jobs he plans for over the winter.  He does OK as he has regular customers for trimming, etc.

Thurs. evening the 13th

WE had a nice birthday dinner.  He likes the pants & knit shirt I got him.  He tried them on & they fit perfectly.  I asked him not to wait too long to try them on in case I had to return them. Barb gave him a CD & a Dale Earnhardt shirt.  Kim & Lar gave him an auto washing kit.  Lar got one for himself & tho't Dale would like it as much as Lar does.  I'm sure he thanked you for your gift when you called him on Mon.  Next birthday Barb -- she told me I could give her money -- then she can get what she likes.

No school Wed-Mon -- 12th-17th.  East vacation.

Yesterday Kim, Betsy, & Michelle went to the Indian Casino.  Michelle won $1000.00 on the 5 cent machine.  They always divide their winnings.  Kim gave some of hers to the Cancer Society.  Today they went to Erie & Kim spent her Christmas gift card from you folks.

Mets won again today.  WOW!!  Now they go to Milwaukee.  Barb went online & got the Mets TV schedule for 2006 on SB11.  Channel 15 for us.

Collins' house has a "sold" sign on the For Sale sign.   On Conewango between 3rd & Verbeck.  Lar said Patterson's house up the st. will be going up for sale.  He is the funeral director.  They will be moving to one of the Carolinas, to be closer to their 2 daughters.

Marisa's "naughty" boyfriend stole $35,000 so he is really in trouble now.  She still doesn't want to let go of him but Lynn hopes this will be the end of it.  She will never change him.

Sheila & Sue added another girl to their salon, so now there are 4 gals plus 1 part time. They don't want to get too big but if they have a following that will make it nice.

I'm watching Phillies at Atlanta.  Phillies won last nite (so did the Pirates who came from behind vs. L.A.) & are ahead tonite.  I'm sure they miss their pitcher coach Leo Muscilli (sp) who went to Baltimore.  Mets to go Atlanta Sat & Sun Apr 29 &30.  The Mets should do better (I hope) this year.  Atlanta just has "regular" pitching now.

Soon my bedtime.

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