Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sunday, June 17, 1984

This has been a busy weekend.  Fri. nite we were in Oil City for the wedding rehearsal of Lisa Thelin, who wanted Dad to marry her.  She married a real nice fellow.  Sat the wedding was at 4 p.m. followed by the reception at 6 p.m. at the Cross Creek Country Club at Titusville.  All very nice but it was a lot of going back and forth.  Beverly Peterson from Wrrn. played the organ.  She rode with us Fri. nite and Mel and Levina rode with us on Sat.  Lisa was a lovely bride, and all the attendants looked so nice, both male and female.  And Ruth looked so nice in a pale pink dress.  It was nice to be included and they think a lot of Dad.  The rehearsal dinner was at the Wanango County Club and what a lovely place that is - the greens were beautiful.  And the weather both days was just perfect - no humidity.

Today is much different - rain and it is really raining.  We were at church at the Valley - their 130th anniversary and Dr. Lowe of Buffalo, retired, preached the sermon and he was great.  He is very well known, but down to earth.  Has been chaplain at Chautauqua summers.  A real inspiration.  Then a potluck dinner afterwards.  Dr. and Mrs. Galbraith from synod headquarters were there and they are fun to be with.  We had hoped to go to Toronto for the big convention but decided it was more than we wanted to spend and Barbara G. was disappointed as she said we could have done things together.  There will be other times.

Enjoyed synod and there were some fireworks.  Union pickets as we went into the first meeting yelling, etc.  But the police came, a couple were arrested and they were told to stay 60 ft. away and nothing more happened after that.  But there is some disagreement in the Pittsburgh area that spills over into synod and there were some disagreeing minutes but as a whole it was a good synod.  It was hot but we stayed in a motel this yr and had air conditioning and the hall is air conditioned, except for the first session because someone put skunk oil in the air con. machinery and it had to be shut off and cleaned.  After that was accomplished, all was fine.

Dad didn't see a car stop stop in front of him in Greenville and back ended the car.  Only the tailpipe was bent on that car but close to 400.00 damage to the front of our car.  But it was fixed this week.  Let his attention stray a minute and a bang.  We had seat belts on and it wasn't that bad a hit.

July 5th is the date for Dale.  He thinks he will get a fine and have to go to DUI school 6 mo. or a yr. and I hope that is all.  Hope the past doesn't enter into it.  And he did another crazy thing.  One nite they must have been fooling around and he hit a door with his hand and it must have been some hit as he has 2 little breaks in his hand.  After a day he went to the emergency room and it was too swollen to set but he had it wrapped and took Vit. C and Bone Meal and when he went back it didn't have to be in a cast and he is to soak it and squeeze a ball to exercise it.  He has been out of work about 2 weeks and I don't know if he can use his hand enuf to work tomorrow.  Another crazy thing...will he never learn.

Today Aunt Esther is 85 and the relatives are having a party at Millie and Jerry's.  15 of them will be there.  That is when it would be nice to be closer.

Mel and Levina don't think there is any chance for a reconciliation between Bob and Sandy.  Bob has an apt but no job and twice they have lent him money for his share of the mortgage pyt. and rent.  He came home with one of the boys this weekend.  It must be hard to lose your job and family at the same time.  Who wants their kids to get married.!!!!!!???????

Dad made a birdie last week when he played golf.  He was thrilled.

Dad says thanks for the meaningful Father's Day card.


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