Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wednesday, November 4, 1992

I know you are happy today after last nite's elections, esp. when Feingold defeated Kasten.  Pa. had some close elections, esp. for the state house.  Bowley the Dem. was defeated this time by the Rep. candidate.  But it took them 3 elections to defeat him.  We voted for Bowley.  Election day was beautiful weatherwise.  At 9 AM we were #239 + 240 for our ward.

Can you believe that Dale dressed up for a Halloween party.  He has a new "friend" but we don't know her name yet.  33 yrs. old, divorced with a 6 yr. old daughter.

You should see our bedroom - boxes are piling up as a good share of my Christmas shopping is completed.  Got my Christmas Club check last week & put it to good use.  But my list has no suggestions for Paul or JoAnna.  Take that back, 1 idea from Paul.  Do you want a family gift or personal.  Think it over - we'll call some time to find out.

Today was so nice with no irritating election commercials.  Some were terrible.  I watched the news again.

Barb really enjoys her job & likes the family a lot.  She knows Lynn from hi school.  They have a nice home on Quaker Hill.  The 6 yr old daughter is still a little jealous of Scott & they have to watch so she won't get too rough with him.

Dale is getting his "winter car" ready for the road.  No snow or salt can touch his summer car.

Not much new here.  All is fine.


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