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Saturday, June 30, 2002

Today has been a lovely day & I took advantage & did some baking.  Coffee cake, Danish rolls, & banana bread that will go in the freezer.  I was down to 3 Danish in the freezer.  Also made brownies.

Paul, I didn't forget!  Don't you remember before Lar & Kim's 15th wedding anniv. you called & wondered if I'd get them a 30.00 gift certificate from The Cafe & I did.  That is the $50.00 I was talking about.  You promised to send a check to me when you wrote!

Warren had a big fire you'll be reading about when you get the Wrrn. paper.  Conewango Club.  Started in the early A.M. hours -- roof fell in & parts of the porches came down.  Main parking lot was closed off as well as 2nd Ave. so parking was at a premium.  The library got some smoke but they don't it think it did any damage.  It was closed yesterday.

Too many distractions trying to write a letter on the porch.  So I'm inside now.

Mon. July 1.

This was the day I went to the dentist & I hope nothing happens before May 2003, my next checkup.   This aft. we went to the Mall & then grocery shopping.  Wanted to go today rather than tomorrow as it was will be more crowed crowded then.  (I'm watching TV again.)  And it is suppose to be hotter so I can stay inside.  Bad enough today.

Barb picked 8 qts of strawberries.  She froze 2 qt. for smoothies.  I used 2 qt. & made jam this aft.  Looks nice.  And we have berries for shortcake & maybe a pie.

Did I already write -- Lar & Kim will be at a friend's house on the 4th so they will come for Sun. dinner.  The following Wed. Kim will fly to visit her sister & family in Fla. for almost a week. Lar didn't care to take vacation then.

Tonite I made tossed salads with strips of chicken & rolls.  Mine was smaller than Dale's & it was tasty.  We also have left over pizza from last nite.  Dale said the heat doesn't make him that hungry so he prefers lighter meals & he likes salads.

Wed. the 3rd

Just wrote a note to Ruth.  Got ambitious.

Barb helped me finish the puzzle. I'll probably start another one.  In this hot weather I need a puzzle to work on.

The rabbits have been eating the beans Barb planted so she'll use a wire fence to protect them.

She says the bifocals work great for knitting & watching TV.  Wish I liked to knit.  She does such nice work.

Kim stopped over yesterday -- she drove.  Too hot for Torey to walk.  She walks AM's when it's cooler & not as long walks -- Torey is getting older, too.

When I saw the Dr. my blood pressure & thyroid were fine.  And I don't need a blood test before my next appt.  And the tooth that broke off is fixed so I'm fine for awhile.

The freezer we have isn't frost free & the frost accumulates & builds up on the food.  So next winter when it is cold I'd like to get a new one & it has to be frost free!  In fact, Sears has them on sale now but there is no way to store the frozen food.  I told Dale of my idea, thinking he would say you don't need another one, but he agreed with me.  You have to be careful or the door doesn't completely close & then things melt & that isn't good.  So when the temp is 0, we'll get one, store the food on the porch & wait for the delivery.

Nothing special happening for us on the 4th.  We'll have a cook out & enjoy the day.

Fri. Ted & Pat Benson will pick me up & we go out to lunch at 5 Forks Restaurant on the way to Tionesta.  It is buffet & salad bar with good desserts.  On rt. 62  It will be nice to see everyone as I missed the last get-together.

We've been watching tennis from Wimbledon -- it's been interesting.

July 4th

We were awakened at 6 A.M> with 6 "BOOMS" going off to signal the start of the Fourth.  They Jaycees are still in charge but like everything else the manpower is slim & how much longer they'[ll be in charge is a question.

I made a potato salad this A.M. & we'll have hamburgers.

It's too hot to sit on the porch so I'm inside.  Dale is tanning outside.  My rose bushes are blooming.  I love them.

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