Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday, January 6, 2002

It's trying to snow but so far it's not succeeding. Lar & Kim want snow so they can cross country ski. Their friends Nancy and Dr. Andress got snow shoes for Christmas.Barb got a hair cut -- out of necessity.  She's been trimming it herself & one side got shorter than the other so she called for an appt.  She chose where Scott gets his hair cut.  It is short & looks so nice.  In 2 weeks she has an appt. for a perm on the top.  I'm so glad she got it cut by a pro as it looks so good.

I'm getting a perm on Tues. & really need one.

Dale put up some new shelving in the basement.  Just as you go down by the stairs near the bathroom.  It faces east.  He moved the telephone to by the window facing Carey's.

Your little bathroom sounds nice.  Naturally, I like the colors!

I got a small rolled lamb roast for us & we had it last nite.  It wasn't as good as a leg of lamb but they usually are too large.  I was disappointed.

Andy is really growing.  Size 13 shoe that is large.  He can't wear your shoes.  Dale wears Dad's shoes when we go out to eat & he doesn't care to wear sneakers or whatever they are called today.  Is Eddie happy with his new jacket.  Wonder who ended up with his old one.

I'm watching the Steelers vs. Cleveland play in the snow & they are tied.  Steelers better win this Sun.  Noticed Green Bay is leading.

I've been putting my 1000 pc. puzzle together & it's just about completed.  Will finish it today.  A couple of pieces are missing & I can't seem to find them on the rug.  They blend in too much.

Fri. we went to the Mall & got Christmas warp & bows half price.  KMart had a lot of leftover wrap.  Otherwise we didn't see much that interested us.  Nothing at Bon Ton.

Barb will have less hours for Lynn.  Lynn will be picking up Scott for lunch.  Barb will pick him up after school.  She will still do some cleaning.  Bert finally got home on Sat. from Atlanta.  She hopes to be in Warren for awhile.  She did cancel a Dr. appt. in NYC as she didn't want to have to travel again.

Mon. Jan 7th

Bert got home Sat. nite but Barb didn't see her until today.  And Bert said friends call her but no call from Barb.  She was disappointed because Barb is "family".  Barb was surprised.

We have snow and enough to shovel.  Dan, next door neighbor, does our walk with this blower.  It's nice as Dale doesn't get up early enough to shovel before work.

Just talked to Millie.  Linda has been after her to get a check up.  Her blood pressure was high.  Medication has bro't it down.  Linda started in on Millie during Thanksgiving break.  After Millie tho't about it she got an appt.

Jerry's brother & wife always go to Fla. after after the holidays.  They drove down & he got sick during the trip.  When they reached Fla he went to the hosp. & died.  He was 85.  His wife didn't want to go back to Mass. so he was cremated & when she returns they will have a memorial service.  Now Millie is thinking about cremation & so is Linda.  They have graves where my folks, Edna & Jerry are buried & one for Millie.  Ed & Gen have theirs also.

Gen is in the early stages of Alzheimer's.  It's sad for me to think of that.  She has a hard time getting meals or getting anything done.  Ed doesn't want her to drive & that makes her mad.  One time she was going to drive to the store & couldn't remember how to start the car.  My dad's youngest brother Wilfred & his wife Myrtle both had Alzheimer's disease.

Plan to mail this tomorrow when I get my permanent at 12:30 pm.

All is well with us.  We send our love.

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